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Hey guys. Boom. Well, we’re here today amongst the bean fields in rural Indiana at what I like to call Krieger Field, the home of my
good friends, Greg Krieger. Come here, Greg. How’s it going, Robbie? Good. This is your wiffle ball park in your own backyard, right? That’s right. Did you play a lot of
whiffle ball growing up? Yeah I sure did. Played a lot in my mom and dad’s backyard, made rules, fencing, the whole nine yards. One of the things I love about these
wiffle ball fields is that they all have their own unique set of rules, and I’m
sure yours does, too. Would you mind showing us around and explaining how
things work at Krieger Field? Sure. Let’s take a tour. Let’s do it. So, Robbie, the rules are pretty simple here. Anything over the fence or anything over the tarp
in fair territory is a home run. If you get the gutters or the shingles, that is
a home run. Next, we have the siding and anything off
the siding that comes back into the field, is not a home run, with the
exception of the small triangular siding up there by the gutter. Next we have the
deck. Anything that lands on the deck on the fly is a home run. But beware. If the
ball rolls or bounces back into the field, it is not a home run. And we do
have a special grand slam rule. If you hit a ball on the fly into the pool, it
counts as a grand slam, which is four runs. Wow, what a beautiful field you’ve got
here, Greg. Now, what about the rules for today’s home run derby? Can you explain
those to us? Yeah, Robbie, we’re gonna keep it simple. You have four minutes to hit
as many home runs as possible. That’s pretty simple. But who’s competing today? What kind of competition do we have? Oh, we have a lineup. There’s Zach Grubbs. I’ll never forget last summer. I made it to the final round
and probably would have won the whole thing if I weren’t just coming off eye surgery from the day before. Should be a lot
easier to see the ball this year now that I’m not wearing that blindfold.
There’s Sadie Sodag. I’ve never played wiffle ball in my life. But all those years of all-star softball should make this look like a walk in the park. Of course – you. Well, I don’t want to brag
or anything, but I used to play this game all the time when I was a kid. May as well, give me the trophy now and save us all some time. Somebody toss me a ball. And then there’s me. I’ve been training for this event my whole life.
And now it’s time . . . to live that dream. Wow, it looks like a pretty good
lineup. I guess the only thing left to do is to get this show on the road. Let’s hit it. (hit) (hit) (hit) (hit) (hit) (whack, ding) (hit) (hit) (hit, ding) (hit, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (hit, ding) (whack, ding) (whack) (ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (whack, ding) (continuous whacks and dings) So there you have it. The unofficial
wiffle ball Home Run Derby champion 2019 Kreiger Field, Zack Grubbs! Just from looking at him, it”s obvious, he does steroids. But really what
do you have to say, Zack? Well, maybe next year we can have a prize
pool. (buzzer) Well I think we’re out of time. We will see you next time for another
installment of Manly Moments.

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