whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool talk show

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whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool talk show

what’s up everybody
how’s every doing this is what’s up in Pro Wrestling mr. cool how’s everybody
doing today hope everybody’s doing okay this late
right now I’m a school and I’m saying let’s not bad we’ll start laughing see
how I was now we’re gonna lease last ring in about
one o’clock Oh James Williams how you doing that not
light not you’re not so bad thing so I’m eating tortillas is it one more you a change yes but after that I asked pretty good is it how were you at James you and okay it is snowing here moral code
here in Virginia we are going somewhere in Canada last of
all those sorry that was too much information I
was so mad ways so mad about well about 25 minutes of livestream well
20 24 minutes left I’m all shut her down but one know whatever happened to you
has that ever happened to me why were you talking about James exactly a Jesco white how you doing welcome to
what’s up in pro wrestling these people show Sagi Bogart ran coucher tanky appreciate
that welcome welcome to my lab string you
don’t all right well y’all will y’all in here yo I had a chance uh sub up and sub
down waiter in here such squatches in the house what’s up
Bob how are you this morning thank you our Bogart brand about the
coucher appreciate that thank you well ciao forget to sub up and sub down
and don’t forget to push the like button folks for you lead and now this man body
slam that like button your chance well that’s good that’s good so Squatch
oh so you had a pretty good day today huh well that’s good to just go what and
as a shout-out just alright you got a shout out let me write your name down
we’ll give you a shout out tomorrow for a shout out for tomorrow’s mr. ku top
tea and yeah now do you run down behind drunk folks but I might drink water one that’s always named jumpers shouts more hey Carlos Weiner danger has a shout-out
I’ll write you down to bub I’ll try to help out small youtubers
people underneath me I try to help out so I’ll do anything I can try to help
special they YouTube change things hey welcome
mr. Duchy Dutch as a shout out out to you man tree she ate you come to the room folks
and I do in and folks up up sub down and folks and I learn a thing too is if you
do have super chat if you happen to donate and stuff that’s up to you I
don’t ask nobody but it’s totally up to you
appreciate it yeah okay I shout out to John I’ll go Gobert bunny I’m sorry if I
say Ronco go bunny I’ll already write your name down for a shout out for
tomorrow’s shout outs go bunny hello who takes a slob Julie Hughes’s in the
hi also shut up for her thank you for coming appreciate you girl Julie are
always open I told you I was starting a mr. cools network thing they helped you
youtubers especially in these times the way it changed rules again just let me
know if you want to join the network Harry Wang welcome there’s a shout out
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Morrow and it’s a shout out tomorrow to everybody say hi to Julia Hughes that’s
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definitely need help each other the way they changed the rules again special as
1000 subs and you gotta have at least 4,000 hours or minutes or whatever watch
time so definitely need to help each other everybody say hi to Harry Wang hey Harry
how you doing you gotta shout out for me bub everybody that come in this room in
this chat tonight will get a shout out for tomorrow watching everybody I’ve
been in this room tonight will get a shout out and mr. cool shout outs
tomorrow too so I’ll give it a shout-out tonight and I shout out the Marty can’t
beat that love you Julie yep John Gould bunny a bang jaw was dragging three how you doin well well I’m getting ready to say
goodbye the him because I don’t like what he’s saying but reviewed I don’t
know so bye sorry folks i Julie used to in here Julie I’m wager as a mod okay well what no oh shoot yeah yes James
well you don’t hang out a sasquatch make sure that person of that religion person
that one yeah Julie take Julie and stuff like that crazy person talking about
Christ and Jesus on stuff make sure he is deleted out here my mods make sure
that he’s taken care of I don’t want him in here okay
okay James what’s going on James sorry about that we had some problems yeah okay then fine Thank You Julie thank you
so squash take care of that problem for me do you need it here Tom at Christ’s
like the I don’t like that it’s just horrible James what would you need the gangs how long you been on YouTube
James Williams we are John now Julie Julie she’s uh she’s pretty good so that
I mean they’re Louise perfect yeah you had you know how you Raja you have to
give him a chance and if they start running their mouth and start doing the
hater and everything then that’s when you get envious us you’ve done a good
job he’s not his disturbing the peace or just certain things I do appreciate my
moms and like I said it’s this is like no
drama and this live stream or you know like I said I’ll get rid of it real
quick or I don’t do it a thumbs up a and we say w kzz our
productions in the house Oh mr. cook cook cook erson yeah then
you got a shout out yeah Bogart but yeah I like Reba McEntire
songs with my favorite chair I toured tortillas hello
busy low Elms Ino I hope I said right welcome to to livestream yeah mr. Clark boy a little bit just go what let me calm it
down how are you I’m doing pretty good lanes
Oh yeah yeah James adieu playing torpedos
adieu Thank You Julie calm down okay calm down game porn this
for gay people yo I don’t like that exit in place where that is I don’t like that adios well it is bye-bye whoever it is don’t like
Oh sometimes I dare James let’s cool celebrate your cat’s fourth birthday you
know it’s cool ah what’s up man I’m doing pretty good
Alonzo how you how are you doing Bonzo family happy great have a go
Saucebox I don’t sometimes I eat dear James and
sometimes don’t just Gordon Irene Irene repeat that that it was so scratch cat
let’s get this scream sorry don’t forget to sub up and sub down
folks well I mean you’re the ones aren’t still
in here let me ask you a question give me an answer
what do y’all think about the new changes YouTube is done with the 1000
subs and the 4000 hours or minutes give me your own opinion a bit naughty okay so Alonso family so you think it’s
good Jiang do you think it’s ka keiki okay they sell lock I love pepperoni cheese
that’s a antler sometimes I like these rings sometimes okay Julia I understand
it but if you just thought you might enjoy and do a network line just let me
know definitely you know I quickly help help you if that’s up to you and I welcome everybody
it’s champions of love stream we appreciate it means a lot to me and well
welcome everybody to come here knows well you like Julie said there James Bohemians
details what’s what’s your channel about and everything if folks go check out
James Williams channel we have some love well you’re not making a channel okay I thought she’s making a channel
okay so we’re what exactly you’re doing cannot make a channel make sure y’all
sub up sub down when you’re give some low preciate everybody’s up I love y’all and
appreciate y’all and like I said before if you’re in this chatroom
anytime and if you do have super chat if you want to donate it donate to my
content be welcome to that’s up to you I don’t take your last dime they put it on
me but if you could forward it that’s fine if you can it’s fine oh they wrestler mine’s Nature Boy Ric
Flair well the raw was 25 years celebrations
coming up this coming Monday so let’s go via two different locations and at once
gonna be at the original or Rose actually started oh yeah the idea see that on ESPN about
Riddler yeah yeah buddies laughing faint I say I walk back I might actually watch
that it was pretty good send our a c-stand or sh
why do you have sunglasses on s mcgavock bub mr. cool I was in rust I was in pro
wrestling for about 12 years and this is my wrestling and manager glasses yeah why do you see why do you do you
have okay I said Lord I’ve wrestled for mwa wrestling Mountain wrestling
bluegrass Championship Wrestling I record champ ship rest I wrestle over
ten promotions but also I had yeah and I managed Nature Boy Ric Flair one time in
WCW oh my favorite made was that called the
cool drop I’ll get down for the second rope and do a DDT from the second rope
and those cool well that’s cool that’s cool uh Julie
that’s cool play round ranch hopefully SRAM ranch won the world’s at
I got actually I have a pictures of picture me my my videos of me was on the
VHS those of I was back in 1987-88 when I was in business and it would we were
known to DVDs and all the stuff that’s updated now did I break my bones Rob I
broke my neck no I landed wrong way the back rock hits square onto a neck and
that had to go by two weeks with neck brace off yeah they’re pretty cool I had my
accident my original a government I have an original busted up I had and I had a
second power to actually got destroyed by swell the first part Nautilus the
first program cracked by former WCW WWE star superstar bill Dendy hit me in I never heard of that Blagh Blagh talk
radio’s now I actually am I did do a podcast I podcast I did do a from how
much to start doing again what’s up 88 k 8 EA n a 600 as a shout
out to you welcome to the live stream usual because okay I’m out of the check
into that non the rest James I’m not a little Coco pretty American I don’t know
what you’re talking about they appreciate everybody showing up
appreciate everybody stand or shy don’t you know what that me free American okay now I have a wrestle in Africa now never
heard him well folks don’t forget to bodyslam that
live button while you’re in here I mean I’m actually I’m in Virginia you’re welcome so Squatch about that
you’re welcome everybody no I mean I have never had
that letter miss but I’ve had a what you call a bullwhip match okay but hey Mel
y’all give it give us I’m gonna shout out to mountain man jeremiah johnson’s
in the house so some love and subscribe to him he has a great channel there
check him out folks he’s in the house oh hey don’t bother me I just like the
video you don’t they don’t hurt me you know I learned what I’ve learned about
YouTube you don’t matter if they like or dislike you still get paid it doesn’t
matter you know you’re still doing your job you still doing what not your job
but you’re doing still what you love to do and that’s the thing about your channel
folks you gotta love what you do I mean if you don’t know what you do you’re in
the wrong your own platform here well that’s good like I said y’all my buddy
they’re known for wall mount mount man Jeremiah Johnson’s got some new videos
coming up soon and it’s got some live streams from his games and stuff check
him out boats yeah I wish I could yeah I wish I could
manage something WB yeah I manage some former stars but they’re
not there no more but you know they have left every me but now Heidi eight
Katrina Katrina I hope I said Ron good job on your 917 subs keep up the good
work I mean Jessica I’m in Virginia no other
WrestleMania friends with Kamala are you that’s good I hope you all do do
turn out some good content hey gray folks here was royalty
granny monster is in the house folks she’s in mr. Coons house sub up sub down
to her and she will sub to you and you stick with her see is that claimed of
plain she has got royalty and that is granny monster thank you for stopping by
granny appreciate it and also anything paranormal
investigations hello thank you for stopping by as a shout out to you while
you’re in here and folks my shoutouts tomorrow the peoples in here tonight and
in the love string will get a shout out for mr. cools shoutouts tomorrow you do know you doing all right great you’re welcome paranormal investigators there’s alligators in Virginia now I
don’t think so hope not contains no yeah don’t forget to smash that by slam that
button for you leave and love give some love sub up and sub down spray in here I am I decided just to do a live stream
what the heck you know be like a after-party light party you know I’m
saying mission – yes oh yeah granny I would love to anytime I
actually I get a interviewer my chance I have to be Joey supposed to post an
interview with him actually oh yeah and I would it would be honored
that I would love to have you on my channel livestream and me did an
interview with you that you are very very royalty and it would be very very
honored and also did I also I was on that angry grandpas sons Charlie I was
on his livestream or not and he sent a shout out for me about my bail on my
seat coming from a hard youtuber from young
like yourself coming up you know how youtuber like edits you know I feel
pretty good that they get that recognition somebody just have a shout
out for somebody like me Ben small okay Matt okay Gemma you have a you have
the alphabet you have a good involving be careful and it gets you some sleep what was he saying what happened y’all I
think it’s the other Stan I got called a moment sorry about that
what’s going on well a hostess on Tulane who was who who was it s true SS Khwaja I came
here silver Li okay that’s good thank you all mods take care of the
problem but nobody should say anything either way too grainy or Julie and if
they do do you mods you know what to do if just in if I just go God just if he’s
gonna be a problem in sysml way to her just just take a take him out of the
room I don’t want him back in the ring let’s
just get him out normally I’m coming in okay mods Michigan who’s the minister ladies I be
honest with you I say whole Kogan at one time he was one of the best in eighties
probably know Jane’s the reason the reason I say that I don’t want nobody
coming in here saying anybody anything no drama and even the ladies in here I
do not fit it with that I said home – oh yeah okay great that’s cool rush rush
rush well what a name and what ket ID I shout out to you thank you for support I
appreciate it I appreciate that paranormal
investigation I have a lot of respect for you too you know I’m here to help
everybody I mean I just you know I’m gonna be no pity pot I’m gonna be Jake
or Paula nose and big names but I’m me and you know I try to help everybody I
try to support everybody you know you know I know and I and I’m being myself
I’m not seem to be someone else and mr. cool is this again because I had four
years when I was in wrestling for 12 years and I figured bring the glasses
kind of makes it fit mr. cool you know okay but Tucker said I appreciate that
paranormal investigators and you all – I appreciate everybody in here grant any
monster I respect her uh-oh
granny um I was trying to figure out how can you see me can you actually see me a
your email or something where I can go ahead and add you and bring it in bring
you onto the panel you know because I try to bring you in before I know I had
a problem what happened but maybe I can try it again yeah we good job we can
exit right again Julie can you do can you delete two and once you pizza dinner
one side coffee place it and you delay it for me okay granny can you put you can you post
it in a room let me copy paste it and and Julia will delete it I’ll try it
again see see if I can get you on like thank you I do the interview now with
their mates here okay hang on hang on Julie hang out well let me copy it now well hang on hang on hang on
would he go where’d he go okay okay you can go ahead elite you can go ahead
delete Julie did you did you get it
very I had hung outs James hello handsome
oh hello hello I’m care for your stay down I’m still
new oh this is like a new toy thing I guess and Jesco if you email me trust
and believe I have no trouble blocking email so it’s what it is so of you
finally you finally got you finally got it figured out I’m so proud of you mr.
cool yeah you know it’s kind of different from what I’m used to
uh-huh yeah well livestreams are you know like I see a lot of people like you
know I see you gotta live quite a bit it makes me kind of really nervous I’m like
if you just you just talk you know just pretend you’re NPR so what what has you up at this late
hour are you there yeah right here okay
I’m trying to memorize my thing here too somebody told me how to do this chat on
the side where you can be able go side chat yeah where I can see the big mirror
your cursor over toward the left hand part of the screen you’ll see several
icons come up the very the very top one is chat and if you click that on and
side chat okay okay how do I get the people back in like this okay how get
all the people back into this more than I right now
well you can I can see the chat it’s in your live stream and then that what I
just sent to you is what only you and I can see okay because I was warned
because I know they somebody said you know I was trying because it keeps the
air going you put you know go back into the actually back in the room there it’s
like me game and two things going kind of echo and yeah some people forget to
what’s called the external in other words what’s actually playing on YouTube
because you’re actually on a weird my three second delay three to five second
delay and so what you’re saying they’re only going to hear maybe like three or
four seconds from now so how do I pull up where I can see the and I think in
the ring how can I do that well so we told you pull a block
I have the chat minimize your screen and I will show you what gives okay there’s
you and there’s the external chat going back and forth there’s you again and
that’s on the series so he told me other day they I pushed something on the left
here and it bring it a box where I could actually
see the whole room on this on the Google Hangouts and I suppose trying to figure
out how you do that well I just have the I just have the actual Google hangout
itself shrunk down to Proximus eyes the YouTube screen page then that way I can
see the side chat as against without trial when I was in the room will go
well I was actually I went to the homepage thing of YouTube you know what
it says live stream live at the one where I picked on it and it had all
everybody on there but it kept on e : that’s because somebody had the external
on for all the people in the chat please forgive me for just a minute if you have
headphones on turn them off because this is what it sounds like when
you keep the external moment there now I turn it back off I’m like I’m blown here
I can’t see what people call me look like I know I don’t like reveal myself
my eyes yeah well I’m like I’m like all hunkered
down in my PJs so the camera is not on okay not happening not happening so yeah you just have my icon right now
but I I mean there’s no like who has she ever done a face reveal trust my muds
been up on my channel only hangouts will pop out will show
oh yeah yeah well do that I checked yes and he has some nice mods by the way Julie seems like the sweetheart yeah
yeah and in and it is good to have mods because not only can they look for
something questionable in the chat but they can put links out if someone has
like a situation going on or something like that you can put their linked up so
there’s a lot of different things that your mods are able to do which is very
cool you
well James go get you some that ebuddy if you’re not hungry first thing he said
when I came into the room was a hungry he’s still hungry
good God go get you a snack now Chuck did you freeze on me did my screen
freeze yeah I think mine did too can you guys still hear me at all I don’t know
Julie can you hear me not cool all right well then it is waiting for people to
join this call sure this link I think we definitely lost him so you strange goings and trying to come back this isn’t strange nope happens to young
Tom chill chill chill
he’s newly so yes I’ve procured Pro Wrestling and the mister fool live
stream that’s right me here at the Green Monster gin we have taken over Pro
Wrestling and I’m here to tell you snap into a slim jim that’s right
Google and its subsidiaries do suggest you snap into a slim jim that’s about as
much as I know about Pro Wrestling yeah yep yep so there’s that I got
kicked out battens I got booted off darlin
I try I tried to hold down the fort there man appreciate again survivor you
did not get voted off the island I had no I actually had a bad connection
my internet gets shut down for some reason on the water something happen but
you so cool there’s a uncle ham sorry oh that’s all right as the street in the
chin yeah a little box I’m Jeffrey at boxing that they show me one day and I’m
kind of funny right now but hang on it oh it’s gonna hang out – box that yeah
if you if you use the tool box you can put a bar like it at the bottom of your
name and it’ll you can type like you know live with mr. cool or whatever you
want to put up in there I know there’s somebody I don’t know was my mine here
but they told me after the horse you lost your mind you have a monster on
your channel what’s wrong with you no I actually got a legit on my no actually I
was I was saying earlier I was on the I was on angry Rand Paul’s son Charlie yeah and I was
just in a slump streaming I was a sinner you know because I know he says shout
outs to some people on there and and out of the blue I mean I never feed him say
anything about me but I’ll beliefs it I want to say shout out to what’s up in
protesting mr. cool I thought Paul mature I said oh my god I come from him
right well I guess he’s writing the top 20 or 10 whatever I guess as a youtuber
and I probably some runner that rain sore and oh my god I can’t believe that
be like peppy by saying hi to me PewDiePie PewDiePie yeah but it’s a
southern Kentucky thing we can’t see I’m old and easily confused you can’t be
doing that I mean it’s bad enough when I go to the frickin dollar tree and
there’s Mardi Gras friggin shamrock forgetting Easter eggs and stuff on
Christmas mark now I’m easily confused as it is don’t do that it’s a Kentucky
thing that’s where I was raised I was born in Kentucky and it moves in
Virginia oh yeah I’m like crossing over from Kentucky to Virginia and I’m still
a big Wildcat family big blue so and I’ll never change that but I went to
Campbellsville College in Campbellsville Kentucky oh did you sure did that’s cool
yeah I did small houses born outside a place called Hazzard Kentucky
and it was a place a place called Letcher County it was a place called
Weisberg yes did you ever meet the Duke Duke
oh the Duke of Paducah producer Kentucky yeah he’ll be there bro yeah I have to say when you’re in a professional
wrestling like I was for 12 years I travel over the place I’ve been told we
had States then from the east coast of the West Coast and I’m a hell of a place
so you know Eastern Kentucky believe it or not I mean there’s some
place that can tell you a story and being and I lived him to tell you must
fall off so it’s yes Western Ellen Bowman Green Kentucky and the West
parking in downtown Louisville Kentucky and in a passionate Lexington Kentucky I
know you’re from Kentucky I know you are you were not even your if you’re lying
you’re dying you’re not lie because my first move to Kentucky
somebody said I’m like she says where you found my said Zanesville Ohio she’s
Oh hiya yeah ready from she said little I said
what was that Louisville nice come again Louisville I said is that with an L u VV
I ll know lovel I said Oh Louis still she said no Louisville all right some
people says a Louisville and uh what I look I’m saying what you to say is it
Lizzie bill I said no Louisville if I collect some ton and we got likes and
done yeah don’t don’t make that mistake more than once
if you’re in teacher okay you don’t worry I’ll be I love I mean I love the
mountains and stuff there and everything but the co business is real
went down a lot there and it’s really heard it a lot you know it’s a sad a lot
of people lost her mind jobs and stuff there yeah and Ana County I live that is
it’s horrible I mean it is because when I first I was in rest business not done
now I’ve been on TV on CBS I’ve been in an even being a movie before
– Katie PBS I was like a little stories and it kind of gave a little bit I do by
Eastern Kentucky outlets went from a busy town and a nurse went down you know
count went down a little bit and it’s just I couldn’t believe the places that
it was blooming in one time I mean it had bowling alleys movie theaters now
they don’t have they don’t they turned the movie Cedar the last movie center
they have there they turn into a church Wow yeah that’s it that just nothing
there I mean what they raised she gets the father tickets to go to the moon
place I’m like in the water business they jacked it up so high I can’t afford
it be good movies yeah that’s just me no gamer I’m not kicking against Church
house but you know there’s a there’s a but now you know then they they actually
build something actually they’re actually doing good right now it’s the
recreation center and anyhow you know the calming wall have a bowling alley
saying it’s out there now they got a kid’s place they play no ball vines and
stuff so it’s and they got a basketball court sir and exercise place and you
know a walking track thing indoor it’s actually I’m grateful for they actually
did that but you know I take the Ducote acts and stuff money and spend it to
build that up for them because because they get the drugs so bad they’re in
that County they have to have something for them
kids together my father yeah because you’ll pardon me just one second mr.
cool okay ice is back baby is in your chat and I just gave him I
just gave him a shout-out in my latest okay yeah tell me I’m on time figure
this out I’m trying to get back in right but if I go back to the homepage then
keep Zeppelin again how much that’s because you have to you have to mute the
speaker on the YouTube page Cole that’s the external when someone says mute your
external that’s what they’re loitering about okay let me do that now I’m glad
you told me that I’ll learn digits down are you familiar with a channel called
handy camper mr. cool no huh handy camper
I was on Dark Matters stream just in the chat and I was there when he hit the
thousand subscriber mark and he has one of the best tutorials one how to run
Google Hangouts for a live stream but I’ve seen and trust I watched a bunch of
them before I started actually trying to do this stuff on my own and they’re actually nursing that
arthritis am handy H a nd I camper two words H a nd i camper very talented
young man I have once no Dark Matters some histo is he’s got some good stuff
to those yeah and then we’re not first actually actually when I first got into
it you know transfer from the be on TV and everything and bring me into YouTube
and I’ve been YouTube them for about two years now and so you know it’s kind of
little bit difference and you know yeah I don’t let trolls I don’t let all them
haters I don’t think it’s me because I I love what I love to do you know it’s not
job to me it’s something I love to do and I have a compassion for that you
know and that’s what you know bugs me a man for example that you probably heard
that Christian Jannetty aventures I guess is his name Christian Janicki yeah
sometimes he talks about quitting all the time so you don’t need to do that
you know if you don’t have the heart desire to do this then you don’t need be
doing it right well you have to realize to you that every time you do the I’m
quitting YouTube thing there’s going to be some people that have been kneeling
and praying that you will and some people have been kneeling and praying
that you won’t at the end of the day it’s does it still add to your happiness
if it still has to your happiness and keep doing it if not then oh yeah you
know because you have just when you ever you quit a youtube channel you just
taken yourself one out of a bevy of competition because every six seconds a
youtube channel opens you know I I don’t like his you know I don’t like the new
thing they cannot really do this this recently that new stuff come out with
1000 subs and 4000 hours or minutes whatever for you know YouTube especially
the ones are starting out and then you know start at the bottom and it’s gonna
make it even harder for the put content out Sony’s people do able give to that
yeah you know and I’m making it harder for the upcoming eaters you know well I
guess there are several ways to look at it and dark and I was speaking this
morning about it you know and I kind of liked his perspective and that was
considerate not so much a this is impossible so much as it is a great
challenge because it is going to weed out I think a lot of the I just I don’t
want to do this anymore people and if that’s all it takes for
you to say I don’t want to do this anymore and it didn’t take a lot that’s
true you know you know I think it what’s really gonna hurt – a little bit is
these people that is emanations and stuff you know there’s certain channels
no I don’t think it’s gonna hear everybody at once but I think you’d like
the emanations people like added as that stuff thanks nor hurt them a little bit
you know as far as that because a lot of voices work for animation is talking
about you know because these ones couldn’t video about you know the
changes and I was like I think he said you know it could very well he said he
could hurt me to you so I said he they can’t hurt me because I do a lot I’m a
nation sound like oh dear you know and well in radio on and off since I was 16
and I’ve done character work and theater I started in theater actually my first
theater role was when I was three so I do a bevy of different voiceovers so I’m
hoping that the need for good voice-over work doesn’t go away you know I mean
it’s I mean that’s not me I mean believe it or not this is weird cuz you know I
do talk about frescoes as something I did and some conversations I have I you
know I’ll talk about different things you know and actually I can do you know
some of the characters mobile with some stuff dude if you’ve been in wrestling
trust believe you have to know how to do character well this is the first time hey you remember ahora Cosell oh yeah I
can do dances hop like yourself but how much don’t leave while I match is gonna
be and Israel be a good one that’s on you and you can see she’s on TV she but
you know somebody that did a little bit of voice training with me said that if
you if you build up so many base voices then you just change them here and there
and they become different voices you know like um
actually you know who Mercedes McCambridge is upper living Mercedes
McCambridge did a lot of the voices that you hear in the movie The Exorcist and I
got a chance to study with her a little while and she’s wonderful and it’s like
if you just you know there’s supposed to be a great you know that supposed to be
a huge explosion in the space modulator that makes me so angry right so you have
Marvin the Martian and then if you take that and then you can make it appealing
Herman just by taking it like half and off devoutly take a picture it’ll last
longer you know and then that can become criminal fraud and you just keep doing
different ones and even Frank Oz the gentleman that worked with Jim Henson
for years and years and years did the same thing if you listen to a lot of the
voices gonzo Fozzie Yoda they’re all the same voice oh no yes first thing you are
mr. cool you know and it’s Fozzie and escanso can you do can you do I think
you mean his name on Star Wars yoga yogi or yoga where everything you know yeah
that’s what I just said yes gorrister yes you will I thought you had
a focus with you oh here you go here you if you are and if you are able to do
voices like this some channel that you might want to check out I don’t know if
you’re familiar with already or not this one called jid lid
of her late ji d li D and he is a huge supporter of the community he gets
everyone involved with doing voices he actually does characters of the of the
people he puts them in a series and yeah he’s awesome he’s an amazing person and somebody that I I just have like
huge respect for you well I have respect for anybody that puts out their first
video to me is it’s breaking through also they get my respect right off the
bat just for that you know but him he has gave a lot of my respect
yeah I don’t know well well you know I have a no channel I really worked on
much less eschew that but it’s uh it’s the old burn show and and that’s where I
get a burn now go a out on sanity so plan how you doing there sweetie hey
there now anyway nobody not from Eastern Kentucky
hey I got a story to tell you I had a screen name
pursuit we went down there in Florida was down on the boat and uh you know she
got kind of homesick a little bit in I mean there’s a little like a little net
there on side of the boat there so she said honey I’m ready go home go pick up
you know the pan everything I packed it up new thing and used I was taken off
and everything good up there and no says the man was living at line I couldn’t
you know someone right in that I said a Claire’s here come here sweetie I said
then I got a phone call he said are you idiot you left something I said Oh what
did I eat she said you left me in Florida I said oh really
Oh words you a thought using the band I thought you came to the door she said no
I fell over the boat and I got powned into the net of the boat and I said oh
he’s all tied up I said why don’t you you know I’m in now
burn when I get home you gonna be in a dog house eating crackers and then ain’t
know what crazy ain’t never day what you do I’ll time anyways to me a little
protoman nowhere nice well then you know the the hope since I
am in Texas I’ve been watching a little bit of oh the one family actually the
character evolved from beavis and butthead propane and propane accessories
dude but yeah he has one character one on his show and all he does is
mumble so I’m gonna tell you what it is that’s what season that Sookie or Abram
did you use it in whatever the pro reason and say you know last week I was
watching it and I actually had to put the closed caption on to find out what
he was saying I was reading a comment this now Julie she’s she’s arena I was
very nervous he’s as well as well know mr. Cooper ago in a way that I felt he
amber were to I guess we’re two people I have to I have to tell you something
very funny because the other day I took a screencap of you and I said I emailed
it to somebody I’m like you know you gotta check this channel out when you
get a chance because I think he’s very funny and I swear to God I got this
email back what is he you see Stevie Wonder albino or what’s going on here
sick because when I tell you you had your head back and you’re grinning real
big just when I scream capped it I said you know you gotta check this guy out
and I still laugh at that I actually look at that email like I looked at it
twice today and got a giggle and I thought okay I gotta see if this guy
wants to come up with my channel is something weak because this is too funny
okay what happened to me other day I was sometimes cuz I was doing you know glass
dreams and I was doing my blog I was doing there a bunch of stuff on one time
and I guess so tard I’m an El Mirage dream I fell asleep I’m like oh you know
how about those dolphin any our name said are you alright
I’ve just taken snooze for a little bit yeah hashtag teen no sleep welcome to
YouTube doesn’t work yet sometimes he does oh yeah oh yeah and then there’s
some of course you know I’m part of the whole monster clan and that’s pet
monster monster chick Angie monster you know and then it seemed like he seems
like there for a minute every day there was somebody new coming to my channel
what any monster in and I’m like yeah I mean dirt cause between a granny of all
monsters and I’m like oh no do you know because I know see they they I don’t I
don’t own the copyright on the word monster you could name yourself mr. cool
monster you know nothing I can do about that and
so yeah there was there was probably I think at one point like 30-plus monsters
and you feel sort of like you have an obligation like if there was if there
was something like Pro Wrestling something something huh you know chances
are you would feel a certain social obligation to go and check that she in a
while right oh yeah so yes so you can imagine with 30-plus monster channels and some tomatoes I slightly he time any
time I last year I looking for kool-aid coming into my room or
something mastering baby be harder Mesa da
excuse me I’m mister kool-aid Larry now women must oversee hello ale not Kol oh
that’s that’s silly the I probably messed that up thank you some
grain can they hear us aye so evenly hope so because if not
this is you’re just talking amongst each other and really cared nothing for what
we’re saying right do because I’m entertained and that’s really what’s up okay it’s still Julie I’m so sorry but
they are to me different characters but one person okay which one is the job of
anger but which one is the doppelganger he’s more relaxed wrestling thing and
then you know oh I’m knowing that again other characters I get about ten
channels nice that’s a sticky well for me a secretary just keep going hmm
minute I I deem myself a YouTube self-appointed secretary to our little
session of them interwebs because he would be like hey where’s dark matter
how do I know how do I know I mean I’m in Texas he’s in Michigan how do I know
where he is oh he hates me he embarrass me therefore
go earlier I I said like I always do I say mr. Cruise in the house and when I
do there and Darden he said sup funny like you know he
talked that sexual thing talking thing now like oh my god yeah I’ll go back
Ellering hey Johnny’s funnies gabay yeah I love Devon yeah take this the right
way but I think if we are all honest there’s there’s like our little inner
group and then there’s like rings on a tree trunk you know I mean you kind of
go outward you know and I’ve got to say it’s pet monster monster chick giblet by
route dark matter and cab 7 that would be what I call my sensational six you
know if there’s just something crazy like
maybe I haven’t had enough coffee and I’ve just watched something on YouTube
and I’m about to blast you know I mean I gotta get in touch with one of my
sensational six or I might jolly well pull the chin hairs out of my own face like for example for me you know if I
get depressed or I’m looking you know get down or something I always go to cap
said does he can lift you okay sure it’s like you you know you’re comical and
running in the inner of thing and so if I get down you know they’ll laugh it up
reason so I can come to I definitely come to you and Green Bay
wacky you want you to you know I’m saying I can go do to comes that wacky I
don’t want you saying I’m passed out by her I mean thirty minutes probably I did
last term’s he does all right honey he may be a little whiskey or something
in there maybe he’s a good guy he’s a very I think he’s very genuine and he’s
very organic and I like him I like I like his humor and I like the fact that
he acknowledges that he’s inspired from Saturday Night Live
oh yeah well he even tells me here to my community said y’all give some love to
Mister cool because he’s a great supporter because he supports everybody
he just don’t support this itself but he does go round and he does watch videos
when he gets chants and stuff he does comment stuff and he is a good you know
good supporter things he you don’t need to check him out and they’re giving him
some love and you know he’ll give me love right back and and I already means
a lot to me you know ya have somebody say about me you know numb you know I
had been along for two years but still you know there’s people whole lot longer
and you know that’s been in longer me you know sure you know I ain’t know
anything I mean I made friends with wacky and I made friends just like you
and you know it’s just not only you know you know
that people want to get on here they think we’re gonna get rich
let’s joke that’s a big deal they are my slide no really it’s we’re almost like
we’re working for free okay well I’m gonna tell you now if we if we were
making shoes in a foreign country we would still be making slave wages the
same amount that we make for YouTube well you don’t say oh yeah I can be I
could probably make take four rolls of toilet paper sell in South Stream a more
funky hey hey man hey when I lived in Ohio
they used to have the Grateful Dead go through and I am not even kidding you
I would I would pay like eighteen dollars to go see the Grateful Dead I
cared nothing for the band I will tell you very honest I cared nothing for the
band I would go there I would set up a little quilt and I’d sell toilet paper
and water made of killing me to kill it so you’re right you can make more money
selling toilet paper than you do on YouTube
you are absolutely that’s a tree I mean cuz you know bedtime you look at page
between Google X and between YouTube and you know everybody takes two shuts out
ba ba ba and you go down to there only like $100 and imitation thing hundred
dollar thing whatever Danny cash out to go to your bank whatever my BA you know
sometimes in if you don’t have the views and you don’t have the subs sometimes it
takes a while it’s not like you’re gonna go well you know okay for but you’re
gonna probably say this after I say this is Kentucky talk to I’m talking here say
hey you say it again hey you say paper or I am cutie pie okay
cutie pie let me get a cutie pie for example a
pupa you know I seen one his that what he made it on the blade thing there
summer kids assigned it how much to each one of the
you know they make percentage they make the big youtubers and I seen it the
social blade that’s what was social blade and I say no there and he said to
puke cute I had made almost fifty seven million dollars one year mmm
and you know you know pupae to me I think he’d love these guys forgiven
where they come from they were small too one time you know they just didn’t
well everybody starts out with one subscriber yeah I mean when you think
about yeah except people gets lucky and so people don’t you know jump people has
to work overnight sensation there’s at least 10 to 20 years yeah you know you
know I I mean plus I do agree with some things anyway I watched some his content
we were all but now when he goes when he started talking about the Jews like he
did that time and they took his so many sponsors away from him but how does that
situation you know yeah I mean really I mean seriously I don’t think you’d
really heard much because he made all had the money already right over but you
know those was the local Paul deal that was well I’ll tell you this much I don’t
foresee a time when he and Mel Brooks will collab
well I just don’t see I seen that you know partial of the video when they came
out first came out I was like oh my god are you kidding me left somebody go down
that low that was just that he could put that camera down he could call the
police he could cause get some y’all even even don’t the guy was dead he
should had wait a minute you tell that Logan Paul now yeah a local post yeah
Logan Paul well what he did with you know the hang of it to Japanese force
nights that would be Logan Paul and I got a taste I got it this is how behind
the times I am I’m seeing these thumbnails everywhere I’m seeing them
everywhere like who’s this Logan Paul and why should I care
yeah he’s right you know what it is though he’s ranked fifth he’s ranked
this on YouTube’s ranking system as the fifth big youtuber and I just don’t you
know anybody got 6 million it’s hard it’s 6 million views over that and he’s
a young guy he works I think he’s got some kind of deal with Disney I believe
Disney I think taken and he lost his youtube prior premiere thing he lost it
kind of hurt a little bit because of the he doesn’t actually done a video today
because he he’s been out of the public much even really done no videos and
stuff since that time and so they interviewed him and he wasn’t hardly
talk he’s like you know he’s like sad and everything and he apologized and he
was they said he was the one I actually took it down but you know it’s against
YouTube’s policy he did anyways and you know it’s gonna hurt him and you know
he’s gonna be backlash but to me ain’t that this would enough to take a picture
of a dead person okay well you know if I can’t get it the right way then I don’t
hear at all I’m saying well my my former REME take young men took I think the
higher ground and didn’t really put anything out about wasn’t all but rather
showed images of back in the day when when it was a thing to actually take
pictures for posterity of people that passed away and her family no money and
instead of referencing him he said you know we took these images as a people to
preserve something in a part of our family and a part of our history and
each one of these people they were a human they they had you know they
mattered just someone they had care in love and I decided to have the high
ground on that and you know so did my buddy mr. deep web and these are people
that have gotten the the silver play button you know and stuff like that and
for me it’s not just like oh well he only has 11 subscribers I better support
him when he has you know 100,000 subscribers I better go and check his
channel I genuinely support as many channels as I can in the time that I a
lot for my viewing of YouTube you know what I mean and so it’s not hinging on
the greater good for my channel or the greater good for for my my brand or
whatever it’s that I genuinely try to support people that I think are good
youtubers and it’s also one of the reasons why I wanted to be have you be
on my channel because I thought you would want whatever you to become a
legend that’s pretty good yeah well I mean I do but I’m saying they coming
from you that means a lot to me I’m like it’s when Charlie shoutout for me
being one of the top youtubers as he is and I like yourself I mean it gets me
been a young youtuber and the gives me confidence amor myself done I’m doing
something right I’m saying I think that I think any time the person puts out did
one they have taken themselves out of what they’ve already considered to be a
comfort zone you know I mean and put out a slideshow or a game or or a viewpoint
or you know their political aspirations or whatever the case may be making
yourself out of that comfort zone you break you’ve broken that fourth law and
you’re like Here I am world so I don’t think that we should just reserve the
play button for like you know a hundred thousand subscribes I think that friggin
Google ought to send you a postcard for when you put your first video I’ll go
yeah you that’s true you know he’s just like the advertisers you know they
advertise and since you know they you know advertise now they’re again strict
on that because you know the only you know the came back so because it was one
youtuber he said I didn’t like what he said but he it’s all we all you know do
to young young youtubers down below with our small YouTube reason yeah we’re
think some of their you know there are ads and stuff that’s from I handed on to
mine you know and my big youtube i like once i said then i could tell me
appreciate the small youtubers at all he’s greedy greedy yeah you know and and
that is the thing I I don’t I don’t get that because you figured there are
people out there but before they ever put out bid one and you go out and they
buy an HD camera and they buy the snowball or the Yeti mic and they you
know what I mean they they buy the green screen they put a lot of thought
and Allah invests it into themselves before they ever put out the first video
and a year ago a year ago Christmas Eve my channel was hacked and I lost over
500 videos and I thought oh no the world as I know
it is ended you know what I mean but now I looked at it as kind of a saving grace
because I didn’t have an HD camera I didn’t have a Yeti microphone I didn’t
even have a laptop I was making videos with a netbook and three phones hello
and because they kind of in a way did me a weird favor because now nobody can see
my own cringe you know you know what I do you know what I use and you gonna be
surprised I don’t use you know the professional type cameras what I use is
an ATT phone turn sideways and that’s what I use I sure do
I don’t use degree I join use the green screen thing in the back I probably
don’t you know how to do that not you but I know there’s big youtubers you
know they do have that stuff but to me I still you know I still get views with I
have to have it all that good stuff you know
and I know some people has to have it you know do well ain’t I will never have
it understand and I get it at that point I will have it eventually but you know
it’s at when you have to like you say you gotta make some money freaking cute
up this style yeah yeah and I would pass out they ever see in my livestream I see
one of them what super Chad thing pops up said donate $1 I’m passed out I know
how to react to that under happiness so visit will you know eventually and like
I tell everybody that you know that if they can afford it it’s fun it’s a
candle and I don’t want against nobody yeah yeah what I do with my super chats
that I have gotten in the past is I actually tend to give them back to the
channels there you go pass out my phone and I think pictures see now this was
tough being a fan and I take a pictures you know that tells that there I just
took down a wrestler I am so bloody strong didn’t take one snap of a shot of
$2 knock me down okay see if I get close now watch my phone dial me that would be
great okay I’ll get closer and see you or some
snap at there it is you’re my first person ever to do
re preciate that thank you no worries mate okay now you’re the leader of
inside my last strain now Minnie made me fall behind
well maybe not but you know if you like you say if you put a good content get
people’s attention and you throw out a good thumbnail laughter to them to you
know show them you know that’s what I think all that going on with the quick
bite thing where they’ll make a you know something of the thumbnail Danny going
there it’s not actually what it is you know that’s crazy
yeah and I and and that’s one thing I give credit to Danny over mr. deep web
he has a hundred thousand subscribers I’ve known that kid for forever but feel
feels like and he’s not one of those people that’s like oh I’m not going to
talk to the people my chat list is super Jatin Eno he talks to everyone he’s
chatting he acknowledges everyone that comes in and out when he livestreams and
I think that he sets an example get other larger channels ought to
follow like I got a question to ask you Julie just said that she can’t see my
face you have your hand on my chair maybe she means your glasses
oh well I’ll tell you what you do you donate you don’t name me two more
dollars I might take the glasses off what’s – Julie I don’t know I don’t know
if they actually have supercharged and ourselves or not Julie if you all and
see me with all my glasses on if you can or get friend that’s on the friend and I
would actually take my glasses off everybody get ready to scream cap like a
marvel you know Fat Boy you know if you know him Fat Boy for 40 is it what is it
again Fat Boy for 40 doesn’t ring a bell but
he wears glasses to his livestream he plays his nothing but musicals a lot it
is and he wears glasses like my eye started saying way to do steal my
glasses the reason I don’t have my camera balling girl is because I I was
just about ready to crash out at my cell mr. fools live and I want to come talk
to him anyway but the face is not on I’m uh I’m not just a hot mess I’m just a
mess I’m not trying yeah okay guys if they
gather here she just said she’s a she’s a little bit amazed but not hot okay
yeah okay now right out there boys and speaking of mr. cool it is 12:30 and
I don’t get up at like 4 o’clock in the morning so that’s the time it is here
dear thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for having me on your
channel I’m really appreciate it I appreciate you and like I say you’re
just like to me you’re like I’ll tell you what you put my nose you put me in
mind of Lucille Ball remember her oh wow thank you Lucille Ball and you know
Carol Burnett the women that made entertainment the queen of entertainment
you know of calming stuff well to me you’re to me your alleged and that’s
what that’s to me and and you’re getting to be a high con man you really have a
lot of people well thank you thank you so much and
everybody in the chat and James for the love of God please go eat something okay
all right good night everyone god bless you and thank you for being on
Channel I appreciate great not hate bye bye
maybe next time again that maybe we’ll compare what I can’t say toward sciama
because yeah right whereabouts the c-word a break oh so calibrate whatever
it is well maybe we can do that sometime good night gonna thank you
you hey Susie oh how you doing Susie thank
you just watching Julie watching the rims and stuff I know you actually she’s
a Renee what you doing girl hey can everybody hear me in here give me a wipe you can hear me you okay James a James appreciate don’t
forget to y’all push that by slim that black button down to bottom and y’all
hear me okay this one make sure you can hear me this is nice a good kid
okay I wish everybody sub to Rene warden if you can step up and step down each
other the ones that being yeah I’m oh my god okay I was excited just bit James
granny monster is a legend in this YouTube and it’s you know he hit the
button have you too sweetie I appreciate you coming Bob thank you
I love okay Judy thank you guys for make sure Susie how you done okay but I just wanted to can y’all see
me I appreciate everybody oh I must ask the
ladies in here Susie and and Julie and whoever has ladies in here even Renee
don’t she left you do you all think B – yes or no do you don’t think I have a
sexy Bullis seriously I’ve heard this however I’ve been told this before
what what’s your opinion I’m coming to women not the men now
so what Charles opinion y’all think truth I mean give me yes or no do y’all
think I actually had a 64 yes or no oh thank you
he taught mr. cool okay Julie okay give me an opinion this y’all think
I’m handsome ugly pretty or whatever ain’t lig James James lordy mercy O Lord our mercy Jang the I am you know you would Nader James I don’t
think so I’m sorry buddy I’m all I’m all the way
and I don’t think so I’m all woman only no I don’t think so I
don’t go for gas thank you sweetie appreciate that love and no James you
ain’t taking me out called CEO really I ain’t go nowhere with you help somebody
help me I’m down Jane lordy mercy well thank you Julie
appreciate that and thank you to Renee that means a lot
and no James ain’t going out with you ain’t that I’m sorry I knew a woman and you take care yourself Thank You
Julie appreciate you love you if you have a good’n sweetie and thank you for
your help appreciate it thank you and thank you being in mr. goos house love
you know James know me and you know I don’t think so
I know you’re kidding but you’re funny man you cool hey y’all I know you kidding you know
it’s it’s good you know it’s not about wrestling’s it’s to join just to laugh
cut up have a good time you know and it was the honor to have grainy mustard on
my lab string folks come Sears my I was nervous conveyed for a little bit there having somebody like her getting you
know big like a big youtuber to yourself be on your live stream by Adso that’s an
honor and it makes you nervous and her smug name laughs oh so I was about
raised months later it good night sweetie
we love you you make sure y’all subs up and sub down
don’t forget to bodyslam that lot but share comm me it folks enjoy yourself in
here it’s uh you know I’m up late nights past my bedtime okay now you know why
folks is fun you know you know I’ve had fun and and be truthful with y’all this
is the most people I’ve had in my last long and very grateful and they think
you know I do I love you all Susie and your good friend Julie oh good
friend yes James your good friend to now so I can see you as a friend
and since why’s she definitely good friend man yeah we did a rehearsal stuff
oh my god I was nervous man seriously when you’re
talking to somebody you know Skyler’s and and you know and and you she has
people she knows nurse that’s good Susie and you know I do I started blogging I
actually started blogging a little bit more you know and I support a lot of
people and you know I try to go to everybody’s oh you you leave in Julie
well you you have a good night sweetie and God bless you and love you and
yeah I try I try to do my best suit I tried to you know go and try least watch
one or two videos because her buddies and I’m you know comment in there a lot
button and stuff too and I try to do that best as I can you know if I’m not
busy defecate out you know you know I trust support my friends you know and
young youtubers and people’s underneath me that I’d want them to go with you
know I don’t want to leave nobody behind I’m up I look down you know now now Susie that’s what now so
squatches is a different person now he’s he’s one of mods he’s a totally
different no we’re not same person now he’s a stiff person lazy hazy
they ain’t good print like your friend and you’re yes we there’s your
sweetheart Livia pains up anything I can ever do to
help your channel anything I can and I do have a mister cools um Network I do
have three people one I’m actually my friends that’s actually as a country
singer and she’s got upcoming working on her channel so I try to help him along
the way you know and what I do I don’t charge them upfront to join the network
but at the end that I won when they get all the views and get all their
subscribers then I ask in return if they were gonna get their secret chat if they
wanted o 19th you know many Conrad content and it’s directly up to him
that’s up to them yes or no ticket for that’s fine it’s fine too I don’t know
those Jews will win the Royal Rumble uh I’m thinking
Roman reigns yeah I think it’s Roman reigns thank you sweetie
yeah I think it’s um I think Rome rings no he’s gonna face brought listener hello ladies is it sister a it’s cool you know it’s
cool that they care about me well you always time for me to wrap it
up Caroline what’s up in pro wrestling and
those is too cool talk show I appreciate everybody where you have well I’ll give
you five minutes to sub up sub down or in here and don’t forget to buy slam my
lap but share lot so I’ll give you about five minutes your own dime on get out of
here I’m going to pay it so but I do appreciate everybody stopped by means a
lot always that’s cool so swatches so what’s your mom permit mod does that
belt is that okay with you you and Julie both when you’re all in and my last
drink is it okay with you Oh yeah I’m getting my lip but her name man
it hurt exactly yeah there you go girl tell them slam at that button
they don’t slam it to get clotheslined I’m joking thank you yeah that’s cool hey you’re
gonna be I want you to be my mom man okay you’re in it you know but I’m gonna
live strength you’re in man y’all might come be my mod you and you to go so just
to keep order in and make sure they know dramas or no you know bad people come in
here to start trouble appreciate your time thank you well folks I appreciate everybody thank
you for coming to my live stream and I will try have one tomorrow probably
might have one around 10 o’clock Eastern time so and uh so good night James be
cool so squash we cool I built in here and Counting you sweetie
and you forgot about you know top Suzy Q if you’re stewing here you have a good
night and everybody have a good night sub up sub down and mr. cool says I will
see you all next time you


SusieQ Avery · January 19, 2018 at 8:10 am

I enjoyed your livestream wish I would have made it earlier yall are great folks! Sorry I lost Internet and didn't get to tell yall goodnight and I hope y'all have a great and blessed Friday and Amazing Weekend 🤗😍

ElliotPlays · January 20, 2018 at 7:24 am

sorry i missed it, left the like and letting it run for WT 🙂

whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool · January 22, 2018 at 12:39 pm


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