What’s it Like Playing Sims with ALL the BAD Traits in The Sims 4?

Published by Jan Heaney on

What’s up guys. As you may know I just got done making one
of the best possible Sims, so today we’re going to fulfill a request and try to explore
the worst Sim possible. Yeah, this one is by request. Multiple people asked me how to make a bad
Sim, so I wanted to check that out and I do have a few things to share from the experience. I made this guy… with a townie’s sense of
style, plump bottom to go with a beer belly and cute little hoof loafers. I reckon it’s clear, if you want bad things,
he is your go to guy. He’s just not very good at being bad, but
he’s more likely to than other Sims. I guess it’s funny the worst sim has a hard
time living up to my negative expectations. Anyway, how did we get here. Well, if people wanted a guide to making bad
Sims, I was going to explore if it was even worth figuring out what traits to pick, so
I decided I’d just take all the bad ones. This was pretty hard to pull off. Why’s that? Well, the game won’t let you have more than
3 personality traits. Even with cheats! Traits.equip_trait will just do nothing if
you try to add a fourth personality trait. Discovering this was a let down, but I was
kind of amused by the fact that I hadn’t ever tried it in five years. So you can have all the negative character
values but can’t have more than 3 of the traits you see in CAS. I had to resort to modding to get more than
that. It took me 5 whole hours to manage to figure
out how to override the game’s own command for adding traits. See, I really only needed to modify the max
but I’m utterly incompetent in python. The best part is I found a working mod that
raises the cap after I was done making my own. At least I learned to do this and it was an
extremely cathartic experience. oh yeah, and this….. I’m sorry, I’ve derailed us, but yeah I had
a lot of fun with that. Well, anyway, eventually thanks to past posts
by people like the late and great scumbumbo, I did figure it out and now I could put on
as many negative traits as I wanted! I proceeded to load him up with crummy traits
– he’s argumentative, he’s a hothead and gloomy at the same time, something not normally possible. He is clumsy, jealous, irresponsible and he
hates your kids. Yep, he’s a real loser too as we pretended
he got deep in the red on character values and nabbed all 5 bad parenthood traits. So I got into the game and finally saw all
these traits didn’t disappear on me, so I was good to go. I decided I’d look at this two ways. I first played through and took control. I figured a romantic goal was a good idea,
given he’s noncommittal and has all these awful traits. Surely no one could love him. I found that sometimes there were bad reactions
to him, and you do have to pull the conversation out of a nose dive at those times. I feel like if I didn’t know that the context
matters on conversations, I might have a bad time. When the welcome wagon came, he got into an
awkward encounter but just because I was flirting I think. He chooses to cry his eyes out to relieve
the cringe I guess. Later he chews someone out, but that doesn’t
sting as much as I’d think it should. Before they leave, he chooses to rip a big
one in this tiny unventilated living room. I put on his Sunday best and take him to the
lounge, so he can try to pick up some women. After leaving my completely undecorated hovel
I realize we have a big problem when it comes to emotions here. See this spread of traits… the problem is,
they might impact him sometimes, but they all do different things and they all fire
at different times. You need the stars to align to have your traits
give you more than say +2 angry or tense, so in any public setting that is decorated,
there’s this instant push toward happiness.. Traits do steer behaviors, but see emotions
do too… so happy ends up way way over-represented, and you don’t get a pissed off Sim like you
want. You get the same candy flavored, cozy rainbows,
and sunshine. Not the darker experience you might be looking
for. He has over a few Sims for a visit in his
horrid home because of the happy problem, but then hits it off with this elderly gal
that he picked up at the lounge. I decide to see if having literally every
negative trait might push this Sim to have problems in the love department. I mean, he’s noncommittal and all these other
downer things and hates kids… so it should be hard right. Yeah, no. He manages to get that first kiss and into
the bed on the first day he knew her, just like any other Sim except with more gas. Because they did it one time, it’s clear he
will now have the momentum he needs to get married in the first day. I mean, to her credit, she turned him down
one time but I was able to fix that in another hour or two. Negative emotions in Sims 4 – the moodlets
that will bring them up anyway – are extremely weak, to the point that you have no trouble
overriding those little +1 angry you get. If you are in a place with some mild decorations,
it doesn’t matter someone told you off or you hate kids and a flock of 5 are nearby. in this tripped out world you will be happy
even in the middle of an argument, surrounded by a herd of kids. The only discomforts are physical as those
can actually knock you down a peg. But yes, this directly connects to a big problem
with Traits in Sims 4 and their lack of impact. If you doubted it, this should help you understand
why others complain. Having every bad trait still doesn’t make
your Sim feel unique. It’s all RNG and only lightly impacted by
traits, so you get a negative there, but emotions are too weak on the negative side and you
end up with a bonus to social that wipes out any penalties. That’s what’s up here. So even bad Sims can’t be truly bad or original. They fart a lot, and do things like throw
tantrums, but they aren’t really offering up a new playstyle in any way. They just do one or two animations over and
over like the 8 or more tantrums I recorded him throwing. It’s the same every time. I’d rather see him provoke arguments. There are a lot of socials with unique animations
but he’s not taking advantage of them, which is a shame. For the second phase, playing with Autonomy
on was excruciating, watching him do really nothing of substance no matter where I took
him. He wouldn’t really get into a meaningful conversation
with someone that lasted. I enjoyed some of the farts burps and tantrums
he put out, but honestly those all come from Character Values and not Personality Traits. And yeah, after a while the novelty wore off. Some strange things came up, like he’d go
rummage in the trash but being squeamish he’d instantly get uncomfortable from being around
gross stuff. Having multiple traits interacting in that
way was kind of interesting. But, after a lot of watching with autonomy
on, he just wasn’t doing anything unique or causing any trouble. Being bad. My feelings changed watching him. I started this Sim out making him silly looking
but what I saw when watching was a pitiable man who is mentally unwell as he’d end up
throwing tantrums and talking to himself a lot. The issue with happy bonuses or weak negatives,
however you’d like to phrase it, it came up here, too. I’d have multiple negatives, but they don’t
stack see. A sad and angry do not compete with +2 happy,
they could combine to make you feel not quite so good wouldn’t you think? In fact I think that’s exactly the solution
for some of this. It’s also similar to how older titles handled
emotion. Make it so 2 weak negatives of different kinds
can combine. That sounds like it’d have interesting implications
on how often Sims are bubbly. But regardless, as soon as a player with knowledge
of emotions makes the decisions for a Sim, it’s happy forever from there on out. Otherwise, you’re just choosing to be a troll
and be mean to Sims, which is perfectly justified to be honest. It’s not always fun to play the good guy after
all. I think people can use my list just fine to
ensure a child or teen gets negative character values. Keep parenting low so you don’t get good options
and skip on homework but keep the Sim attending so they don’t get promoted. See, ultimately the Sims on their own make
more frequent bad choices, but not constant. They don’t use those bad interactions as much
as you might like.. and if you’re in control, you’re going to have to pick them yourself. An extension of my I don’t want to be God
of all Sims complaint. But if you still want to do this, there are
a lot of things that boost character values so you have to farm negatives a lot to get
a kid into the red. I think it may actually be harder than good. I think all have some bearing on how well
Sims will socialize, but argumentative, bad manners and insensitive are most interesting. I’ll link to this in the description and there
are multiple ways to lower each of them listed on my site. Even if i Had a bit of boredom set in from
the autonomy stuff, I did have some fun and learned a lot by doing this video. I can trigger certain interactions now to
get death animations with ease for future content. I’m going to figure out how I can get others,
because someday I’d like to do one of those all deaths videos to up my editing game. You’ve got to keep trying to improve if you
want to do this, that’s for sure. I’ll be interested to hear what you all have
to say about this in the comments. It’s kind of a shame to me that even a bad
Sim doesn’t feel unique. But, thanks for watching and have a great