What Mask Am I Wearing? (GAME)

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What Mask Am I Wearing? (GAME)

– Today, we mask the hard questions. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning! – Today, we’re hanging out with actor, creator of the streetwear line Death Saves and delightful man about town, it’s Joe Manganiello! (applause) – Thank you. – Welcome to the show, man. – Give us one of these. – Like. – Yeah, there it is. (grunting) – Okay, when was the last time you wore a mask? – It was probably on the
set of Justice League, in Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco Bay, as Deathstroke. Probably, I haven’t dressed up for
Halloween the past few years, I’ve been working.
– Okay, well, that’s a cool mask. I think today’s masks are gonna get kinda weird. – Yeah, they’re definitely gonna be weird. – It’s time for What’s the Mask Around Your Head? – [Link] Guess it Right or You’ll Be Dead! – [Joe] Wait, what? – So, in each round, one of us will have a bizarre-o mask, and the object is to guess your own mask by asking yes or no questions. Whoever takes the longest to
figure out their mask loses and must hear a burn from
a modern masked vigilante, which is an internet commenter. Basically, you’re gonna have to hear a mean comment written
about yourself online. (heroic music) Hey, Rhett, let’s see your mask. (laughing) Good Gosh. (laughing) Wow. – It’s hideous. – Hmm. What will be my first question? What kind of voice do
I need for this mask? – Not that one. – What kind of voice do
I need for this mask? – I don’t wanna give a hint too soon but there is definitely a voice. – Is my mask food? – Yes.
– Yes. – Oh. – I would say partially.
– Partially, partially. – Is it food being used in a certain way, as something that isn’t typical of food? – No. – It’s food adjacent. – Oh. Is it food packaging? – Yeah. – No. (laughing) – Well, it is packaged, Joe. – [Joe] Yeah, well, you know. – I’ll give a hint. You don’t just need to guess the food. There’s another component of this thing that’s really important. – Is the other component a person? – Yes.
– Yes. (laughing) – So, we’re like, talking like, sausage man, or something like that. (laughing) – Abe Froman, The Sausage King of Chicago? Yes. – Yeah, I don’t– – Like a food and a man. – Yes, yes.
– Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I guess you could say that. – So, the mask isn’t a man because it’s on a man. It’s a man because the mask is a man. – It’s not made of human flesh. – Yeah, was there a question in there? – Like, the mask is a man? – The mask– – What are you, about size 14? (laughing) I put the lotion in the basket. (laughing) I made you this mask. (laughing) – Stop freaking me out. – Do I know the person? – Yes. Personally? Or… – I wouldn’t know this. – [Link] You don’t know– – Is the person a celebrity? – Yes. – Is the celebrity a singer? – No.
– No. – Is the celebrity an actor? – Yes. (laughing) Joe! (laughing) Joe’s not a, I’m a fan, man. – Really? Okay, so. – Sure, we can say that. – I think he’s been in movies. – But Joe questions his acting ability. – Let’s not put words in Joe’s mouth. (laughing) – He’s definitely done
some killer voice acting, in my opinion.
– Okay, fair enough, fair enough. There we go, yeah, yeah, yeah. – He’s done some incredible voice acting? – Don’t get hung up on that. What do you know? – I know that it’s a person, but there’s, who’s food adjacent. – [Joe] Yeah. – Is it like, this famous person with
chicken on their face! (laughing)
– No, no. It makes sense together. It’s a cohesive– – Is it a pun? – No. (laughing) – Go back to the guy, like, ask him more about the specifics. You didn’t learn enough about the person. – Is he currently acting in movies? – Probably not. (laughing) No, I don’t know. – He was acting in
movies, in say, the 80s? – Not that I know of.
– The aughts? – Yes, the aughts.
– Would you say the aughts? – But he’s not really in the game anymore. – Well, he’s in some kinda game. (laughing) Clearly. – Yeah. – Games I had no idea about. – Written all over your mask. – I’m learning a lot. – I’m really at a loss. – I mean, frankly, so are we. – If I knew what the food was, would I know who the person was? Or do I have to know– – No.
– No. – Is his name a food? Like, Kevin Bacon. – His name is an occupation. – Bill Worker. – Bill Worker. (laughing) – Close, close, I’ll give you a clue. – That is close. – Is he a tennis player? – No. – Is he a plumber? – No. – No. – Is he in the service industry? – The character he plays is, but he’s professionally in the entertainment industry.
– He’s someone you might call to come to your house. – Paul Blart, Mall Cop. (laughing) – Why would you call a
mall cop to your house? – Is he a cop though? – No. – Is he a repairman of some kind? – [Link] Yes. – Could be, could be. – Something specific has to go wrong. – So, you’ve got a problem at your house, and you call him in. An exterminator? – No.
– No. – This is something that, as more and more cords are cut,
less people know about this. – Cable guy. – Finally. – Okay, it’s the Cable Guy. – Cable pasta guy? (laughing) – Who’s the Cable Guy, Rhett? – Oh, Larry the Cable Guy. – So, what’s on your mask? – Oh it’s the, it’s his food. It’s Larry the Cable
Guy’s, like, he sells food. – Look at yourself. (applause) Whoa, that was painful. – Oh, he sells, okay, wow. He’s got seasonings. – [Link] He sells rubs. – We were gonna make you specifically say Larry the Cable Guy Roast
Beef Seasoning Hat, but– (laughing) – We lost hope.
– Wow. – This is our effort in mercy. (heroic music) – Okay, Joe. Let’s see what you got. (laughing) Oh, you’ve got… Now, does he have to keep his eyes closed? – I’m open, right? – [Producer] Yeah. – Okay.
– Okay, you can open. – Jesus, okay. – So, what– (laughing)
– This is like, A, B.
– Don’t touch it! – Don’t touch.
– Don’t touch it, don’t touch it. – About the same, smaller, darker, clearer, you’re having a, you’re having an eye exam.
– You’re thinking optometrist? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Does this have anything
to do with optometry? – No. – Does it have to do with the military? (laughing) – No.
– Nope. – Does it have to do with a celebrity? Is there a celebrity component? – No.
– No. – There are a lot of components, but none of them are celebrity. – [Joe] Okay. – And you know what? I’m gonna lower you to make sure that most of this mask can be seen. – Again? – There you go.
– Oh man, now I’m like a– – That’s as far as it goes. – I’m like Hobbit size all of a sudden. All right. – Well, not with that helmet. (laughing) You’re like huge! – Okay, you can, okay. Oh God. Does it have to do with food? – Nope.
– No. Does it have to do with books? – No. (laughs) – No, but maybe where books reside. – No, doesn’t have anything to do with books. (laughing) Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to him. – Does it have to do with a library? – No.
– No. – Does it have to do with a– – I mean, there could be… – There could be one of these at a library but there could be one of these in any, any building, anywhere. – Is it a table? (laughing)
– No. – Is it a shelf? – No.
– No. – Does it have to do with IKEA? – No. – But, only in the sense that IKEA– – Stop, you know what, Joe? Stop looking at him because when you, you ask questions and he gives misleading responses. – Fair enough. You know what it is? I think it’s just the Larry the Cable Guy
hat was so hideous to me that I’m now like, I can’t look over in
that direction anymore. – You’ve been trained to look away. – Okay, great. – I’m gonna look right through the holes. – Right in there, pal. – [Link] Yeah, your goggles. – Does it have to do with indoor plumbing? – No. – But there are pipes involved. Or tubing, I should say. – Okay, so no. Don’t listen to him is what you’re saying. – It’s not pipes. – This is like the angel and the devil on my shoulder right now.
(laughing) Like, I don’t know who to listen
to, to go with, it’s like, does it have to do with a kitchen? – No, but this is a good…
– No, but, you would take it into the kitchen. You would take it into any room. – Is it a bong? (laughing) – No. – No. – Not a bong. – I thought it was creatively, pipes. – Any room.
– You know, I’m wearing a, you know maybe
the (inhales), you know. (laughing) – Did I just– – No, it’s got tubing. – No, I can say that on the show, ’cause we’re on the internet. You can say anything you want. – It’s tubing, you can
take it into any room. I’d take it into every room. Once I take it into one room,
I take it into all of ’em. – Is it about something you clean with? – Yes! – Yes? – Yes. – Okay, then, is it a mop? – No. – Is it a vacuum cleaner? – Yes, more specific.
– A vacuum tube, a– – Yes. – A Swiffer, a, what do you put? You put the tube with the thing? – I believe that he’s all
over it at this point. – Take a look at yourself. – What do we call this thing? A hose attachment for a
vacuum cleaner, is that right? Oh, man. (applause) – You’re a vacuum cleaner
slash fighter pilot looking thing.
– Oh, dude. This is like post-apocalyptic, like– – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like Batman. (laughing) – It looks great. – Yes, I was born in the darkness. (laughing) (heroic music) – Okay, Link, turn around. Present yourself. – Hello. I’m wearing a mask. I can’t see basically anything. (laughing) I’m looking at, I’m looking at you guys.
(laughing) – Yeah, this is–
– Looking at me. – This is awesome.
– This is amazing. – This is awesome.
– You’re really, you’re really taking it in. – My mind is blown right now. – [Link] Oh, really? – Yeah. – Your eyebrows are raised. – Ask some questions, Link. – Is there food on my mask? – In some cultures. – Yeah. Indirectly. – Is there a animal on my mask? – [Rhett] Yes! – Is my mask, itself, an animal? – No.
– No. The mask is not an animal. – Is there stuff I could buy at Walmart on my mask? (laughing) – Joe, the reason he’s
asking this question is because when Link plays
a yes or no question game, he likes to go to the Walmart in his mind and then begin to ask
what section of Walmart– – It’s like walking down aisles. (laughing) Is it found in aisle 16? – Hey, I don’t know. You tell me, man. – The answer is, I do not
believe you can buy… – I don’t think so, but
they’re definitely at Walmart. – No, you can, yeah, you’d– – Yeah! – You know what? You could get this at Walmart. – You could get this
at a Walmart somewhere. – I’m sure.
– I’m sure. – Definitely Walmart or like, online. – I mean, well, you could find them at a Walmart somewhere. I’m not saying you could, like, buy one but you could find ’em. – [Rhett] Yeah. – Shoot, okay. Shall I go down the aisles? (laughing) – Why not?
– Definitely. – Is there taxidermy involved? – No.
– No. – Is it dangerous? – I guess it depends on… I don’t think you’re
actually in danger, but– – You wouldn’t be in danger, specifically, but I would say that adjacently, you would be. Like there’s, there are situations where
you should be afraid. – Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah. – But just not this one. – Yeah, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’ve forgot what y’all
were talking about. (laughing) What are you saying? – Nothing is directly
dangerous on your head. – Is there anything, is it all animal? Or is there some other
components on my mask? – There’s other components. – Oh, yeah.
– I would say mostly other components. – [Joe] Yeah. – I need to find an approach here. I need to find a line of
questioning to get at something. – If we wait long enough, the answer may present itself to you. – Is it breakable? – Anything’s breakable. – If I slammed my head on the table, would you be scared? Is it alive? – Yes. (laughing) – Is it contained? – No.
– No. (laughing) – Oh, crap. Should I be more still? – I don’t think it matters. (laughing) – It doesn’t matter? – Not at this point. – Oh, gosh. Should I not yell? – I don’t think they care. – They. So, these living things
that are on my mask, oh crap. Are they, are they gonna remember me? (laughing) Like is it that, is it an animal that’s
evolved to the point that it could remember me? – No. – Is it an insect? – Yes.
– Yes. – Oh, shoot. So, my mask is made of a
certain type of insect? – It’s where these insects can be found? – It’s a housing unit for the insects. – [Rhett] By a hobbyist. – Is my head an anthill? (laughing) – More specific. – Is my head a fire anthill? – No, no, no. Not more specific about the ants, more specific about what the thing is. – Is my head a ant farm? (applause) Oh my God. – And there are ants, they’ve been crawling all over. – Yeah, they’re out. – But, I don’t know how they
haven’t crawled on your face. – They’re up towards the farm on top. – There was a bunch around
the rim of your mask up there. – Yeah, they were all in this area. – Oh my goodness. – I think they’ve all gone somewhere. I think they’re on the inside of the mask at this point. – Yep. – [Stevie] Surprisingly though, Link, Rhett is the loser here, so, (laughing)
(applause) he has to read the internet hate comment. – Okay, here we go, this is
what somebody said about me. This is from Honey Crisp. Why Rhett look like he smokin’ meth? Ha ha ha ha ha. (laughing) The ha ha ha was part of the comment. I don’t know, I’m getting old and I’m not
cutting my hair anymore. That’s why. (laughs) – You don’t have to
answer the haters, man. – Congratulations to the two of you. Link, you can feel free to take the farm home with you.
– Hold on. An ant’s going in my ear. We gotta take this thing off. – [Joe] It is, I see it, yes. – There it is, finally!
– There’s an ant in my ear! – Finally. You know what? Hold on, just sit with
that for a second because we wanna thank Joe for joining us today. (laughing) Make sure to check out Death Saves and get you some of that rad streetwear, and thanks for liking, subscribing
and clicking that bell. Now you say you know what time it is, Joe. – You know what time it is? – Yeah, now get this ant out of my ear! – Wait, no, that was a question. You know what time it is! – Hi, I’m Emily. – And I’m Caleb. – And this is Rhett Cooper, and he is two and a half hours old. – [Both] And it’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality! – They got a newborn making a video, and they named it after you? No. – Cooper’s my real name. (laughing) Click the top link to
watch us play a game of Real or Fake with Dungeons
& Dragons monsters in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where The Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – They’re hormonally fueled and driven by testosterone, so what
does that sound like? Sounds like the male of the species! – Sounds like a frat boy! – I wanna party with that ostrich, dude.


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