What is a COMPETITIVE SAT Score for College?

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What is a COMPETITIVE SAT Score for College?

what’s going on guys I’m back with in
the lab what’s going on guys I’m back with the video and this video I’m going
to be talking about what is good as a sat score for college t-score and what SOT Scott you should be
aiming for depending on the type of University you want to go – whether it
be a Ivy League university a private sat score for college university of public university a state
school etc and this is a big topic that I’ve never discussed on my channel which
is actually crazy because this is a topic that many students wonder about
since every student wants to know what SAT score they should be aiming for to
make themselves competitive would Chestatee school edition
aim for to differentiate themselves from the pack so that will boost the chance
of gains in college they wants you so are we talking about all this in this
video so please stay tuned throughout sat score for college this video I’m going to be referring to
my notes cuz I did some research on this topic to make sure I give you guys the
best information you can possibly get so start off I’ll talk about the Ivy League
colleges since everyone wants the highest SAT score best colleges to go to
so the 25th percentile for most of Ivy League’s ranges from 700 to 730 so
that’s a bottom 25% of applicants in terms of the SAT score for math so if
you’re not getting at least a 700 in that section then the chances of you
going to Ivy League we’re giving us a t-score do fall down a bit now likewise
the average SAT score for these same Ivy colleges is the 752 760 so again a very
high math score okay and then you can of course expect the same for percentile to
be anywhere from 7 800 I know based on this chart at Yale and Harvard the 75th
percentile so that means 75% our test sat score for college takers who got in 800 so already you
know that if you’re not getting from a 750 to 800 the chances of you getting
into that Ivy League have been hit because you have 50% of applicants
getting at least a 750 so if you’re not even at that average standing then
they’re gonna be not as competitive as other applicants so now let’s talk about
more generally what a good st score can be considered well the average SAT score
in America is 1068 okay this is the average and a lot of you guys may be
thinking whoa kind of low house this average well
actually this is not low because a lot of people are prepared for the SAT in
such a way that they think a 1200 is more the average and if you’re doing
good in getting a 1400 Plus that’s just because people are competitive by heart
but if you actually look at the United States of America from a global
perspective the average score for the United States is a 1068 so if we get you
a 1300 you’re well above the average so over here you can see its percentile
chart and this percentile chart basically tells you the percentile you
are a debate on the score you get so if you can see that if you got a 1400 plus
either 94 to 90% tells them you’re doing better than 94 / 96 percent of test
takers so you’re the top 5% top 6% sat score for college that’s where you want to be right that’s
why people always say ain’t that 1400 Plus cuz that’s like a really strong
competitive score that gets you into most universities aside from like
Stanford MIT and those big name Ivy League’s / not Ivy Lee’s but should be
should be Ivy League such as Stanford thing is just to let you guys know my
sister got a 1400 SAT but she got under Stanford so it’s not all SAT I know you
guys are always stressing about the SAT UST anxiety it’s not all about the test
there’s other stuff that goes in for example my sister was a beast writer so
her essays were phenomenal and she got in even though her SAT score was well
below the 20% top for Stanford now going back to the chart you can see a 1010 50
is a 42 49 % ow so basically average you’re getting a 1068 so how can you be
above the average say you get a 1200 which is some people do aim for the
damage you’re studying 4 to 8 percent out again
that’s good that’s a good for like sat score for college regular State University of public
university but when it comes to the big-name Ivy League colleges or even the
competitive private universities such as Hopkins
they require a high score ok so they require you should be aiming for the 90
person 9 4 percentile 1352 for 1350 to 1600 of course 1600 you’re you’re
amazing right 99 plus percent top so personally for me the year I took it I
managed to get the 99th percentile but I still didn’t get to like Stanford or MIT
because like I said sot is not everything but that’s just a general
gist of what you can expect so if you want to go to any simple public
university like a regular public university like
University of Maryland for example when I go to a good score to a poor alright
the good score that isn’t a that’s not sixteen hundred but it’s not like a one
thousand write a good score that hits the sweet spot is a fourteen hundred
okay and this is of course is on the higher end going back to the chart it’s
a nine person nine four percent uh and I say a fourteen hundred is because you
want to aim high sat score for college alright and also you should aim for a
fifteen hundred because if you miss you get at least like a fourteen fifty right
if you aim this high you may hit over here over here
but the aim this high you may hit over here over here and it’s based on like
imagine a scale you want to expect that if you get if you aim for fifteen
hundred you can pass together fourteen sixty but if you’re only aim for a for
three hundred you may end up gay in thirteen sixty right so you want to aim
high guys but like I said a sweet spot score will be a fourteen hundred that
score not only is good as it makes you competitive since you’re the top ten
percent of test takers but it’s also very achievable given a good amount of
practice you don’t have to study your brains out to get a fourteen hundred but
you have to put in the work and you have to study you can expect to get a good
SAT score with a bit more studying okay with minimal study you can probably
expect to score in the top 50% percent of test takers because usually the this
teaching a teacher in school is enough to get to you to a thousand or a 1050
but when you have to study for SAT like he’s like for SAT math which is
different from regular math and he studied for setr questions then that’s
when you can actually push the score to 1,400 1,300 and get in the top 8% 9%
tough then that’s where you want to be when you want to stretch your depression
yourself from the competition okay so again if you’re a pro public
university or the state school a for 1400 that’s like almost guaranteed
completion if a university were to have a threshold for does this person have a
good as a t-score this would be a check to get for 300 – most universities but
aside from the very top universities okay so aim for the 1400 now
realistically a school that can still make you very competitive but it won’t
have that guaranteed check mark by it’s like a 1313 50 most this is only for
public universities public universities would like to see a 1313 50 because that
show that’s a student is very capable or smart but at the same time some pub
universities may not use that as a sat score for college depression differentiating factor but if
you get a 1,400 that’s what really sets you apart from the pack so I hope this
video helps you guys understand what a good SAT score is what it means how
percentiles work as well as what you sat score for college should really aim for depending on if
you want to attend Ivy League a public university etc so let me know what you
guys are planning to do please like share comment subscribe


Askar B · January 5, 2020 at 7:29 pm

Keep it up !!!

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Umer Amer · January 5, 2020 at 7:38 pm

What do you think about Purdue University ?

Om Patel · January 5, 2020 at 7:41 pm

Clean video. I never understood the difference between the SAT and the ACT besides the grading scale?

trashbucket · January 5, 2020 at 8:05 pm

mine was 2780

Harshita Bhardwaj · January 5, 2020 at 9:05 pm

Is the Khan Academy SAT practice a good resource?

Darth Vader · January 5, 2020 at 9:07 pm

Can you do interview with your sister?

navya vadlamudi · January 5, 2020 at 9:12 pm

My math score is ok but my reading score is the reason I can’t make it over 1350.How can I best improve my reading score so it can hit atleast a 650

Bruno Segnori · January 5, 2020 at 10:30 pm

i got 1170 in my first sat without studying, is that good?

Aishwarya Thadiparthi · January 6, 2020 at 12:25 am

I got 1380 and I want to go to UCI for computer science major but there’s a lot of competition for that major

Nodles Pvp · January 6, 2020 at 2:35 am

Bro looking sharp!!

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Ayodeji Ogunsanya · January 6, 2020 at 5:02 am

Do you think I can get into the university of Maryland with a 1460 780- math 680- ebrw. And how important are extra curriculars?

Carter White · January 6, 2020 at 6:21 am

I took the sat for the first time in October with a sizable amount of prep and got a 1520. 780 Math 740 Reading. Should I retake the sat? I haven’t done the essay yet. I’m worried that my score could go down.

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please review yale university, is it good for computer engineering. please make a video on it

Anton Xia · January 7, 2020 at 2:16 am

What was your study plan when you were about to take the SAT? For example: hrs spent on reading, writing & math, etc.

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