What a vegan Rugby player eats in a day [CC ENG] ماذا يأكل لاعب رغبي خضري

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What a vegan Rugby player eats in a day [CC ENG] ماذا يأكل لاعب رغبي خضري

Hello everyone, my name is Malek and welcome to a new video I want to show today what I will eat the whole day Usually when I do this kind of videos I plan beforehand what I am cooking and what I am eating But this time I haven’t prepared anything And I don’t have lots of things in the fridge We’ll see what I’ll get at the end As usual when I wake up in the morning I have lots of water Especially with the view I have from my window in the new place Drinking water is becoming so much fun now I prepared breakfast yesterday I have overnight oats I put oats, with peanut butter I cut some chocolate and put it in as well I put raisins in there What else?…nothing I mixed it with some soy milk and put it in the frindge for the whole night And I’m going to enjoy it now I just came back from the rugby training with the Munich Monks I’m still in my sportswear I am cooking some food right over there I have here some cauliflower, red pepper and green onion that I am sauteeing with a little bit of oil And I have here some potatos that I am boiling I will steam some asparagus on top of them I don’t really know how it’s called in arabic We don’t have them in Tunisia anyways But the idea is that I am living in bavaria And here they frow lots of asparagus, that’s why it’s affordable and pretty cheap SO the idea behind veganism is to eat all the vegetables you have on hand in the region you live in without buying all the things that you see on Instagram or YouTube from people that eat things that are not available in your country This is the idea I wanted to share with you Untill the potatoes and the rest of the meal is done I am drinking a protein shake Of course 100% vegan We have a bad weather today it’s rainy.. And it’s supposed to be spring, but no..no…The weather doesn’t like to! This is the final result For the vegetables I put some garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper and you can put whatever spices you like As for the potato salad I made a dressing out of avocado, mustard, lemon juice, what else… Soy sauce… And I put peas and lots of herbs I am going to drizzle some tabasco on top of thi one of the best things on this world After almost 1 year and a half on YouTube I reached finally 1k subscribers Well it’s just a number that doesn’t mean a lot But it’s a pleasure to see that the number of subscribers is groing Although the number of views on each video isn’t that high But there are some people on this planet that watch my videos There are some people on this world who are interested in veganism And there are some people on this world that follow a person called Malek on the other side of the world who does YouTube videos This is absolutely good If you want you could follow me on instagram as well I am trying to make more professional pictures than I would normally do I am still trying and looking for my style that I want to bring into my pictures I have here some strawberries and some grapes And I was drinking a coffee earlier that I forgot to film, but it’s just a coffee! If you think I should do a special video about the 1k subs If you have any suggestion to celebrate the 1000 subs Well they are 1027 subs and the 27 are more important than the 1000! If you have any suggestion maybe for a challenge or Q&A or sthg similar just leave a comment down below this video Hopefully we’ll get to the 2k! maybe after one other year and a half This is the last meal for today I have a salad with quinoa, tomato, beans and some nuts with a simple lemon juice salt dressing If you don’t have quinoa you may use couscous, bulgur or anything else These are as usual only some ideas and you don’t have to eat the way I do That was it for today I hope you liked the video, if you liked it don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button If you didn’t you may give it a thumbs down but tell me why you didn’t like it Untill now there’s no one that put a thumbs down and told my why they didn’t like the video+ Follow me on my social media. If you have some suggestions, questions or whatever you may leave them in the comment section what else? I’ll see you in the next video, Bye!


يوجا · April 16, 2017 at 10:07 am

مرحبا يا صديقى .. فيديو جميل كالعادة

Nour · April 16, 2017 at 11:43 am

Malheur à ceux qui n'entendent que d'une seule oreille (Nouragneau RPZ), dommage pour le mono mais excellente vidéo 😀

kaori-flora · April 16, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Congrats on 1K subs! I hope you will continue to reach more people. Are there any vegan youtubers in your area to collab with? All this food looked very good. I like overnight oats too with those same ingredients you used and sometimes I put cacao powder in it.

Matthew T · April 16, 2017 at 11:00 pm

immer so schön bei dir!  sehr schöner mann!  konratuliere

hassan Arab · April 22, 2017 at 4:20 am

انا مش vegan ولكن أنا حبيت أعمل تجربة كون نباتي لمدة شهر
بنهاية الشهر حسيت بصحة أحسن
ولكن لقيت أنو الأستمرار صعب لهيك وقفت التجربة بعد شهر ويوميين
ما بقدر اتخلى عن البيض الحليب و اللبن والجبنة
واما التخلي عن اللحمة مش مشكلة عندي
بحترم الشي يلي بتسوي

Toutouu 15 · September 11, 2018 at 8:14 am

at least you're a healthy vegan you didn't eat gluten or sweets most of vegan espacially the bigenners eat a lot of pasta , fried potatoes or bread for every meal ! keep up this healthy diet 😊

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