Tyler1 Plays Welcome to the Game II [07/09/2019]

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Tyler1 Plays Welcome to the Game II [07/09/2019]

what I said we didn't even beat the first one and I hate this fucking game so [Applause] wait I just make you guys miss some lorem hold on let me reload it it's actually a pot I'm gonna take it to myself right now we didn't even beat the first one we are never gonna get out of this game whatever I got a fucking hour in ten minutes left over thirty minutes we'll see how far we can we'll see probably that sub utility grids what's up red at carbide in [Applause] it's flex studios I know that guy I knows first name help me I'm waiting for the beat drop these lies about a banger oh my the nudity it's very bad actually let me get this straight for you to the last one normal I know I'm nobody's first thing Adam I didn't beat the first one you're a cleaner it's an investigative reporter one of the leading online news sites you're investigating the mysteries its emergence relate to the Deep Web you are deep in your case about to make a breakthrough but then you get a call from someone at least expect wait up the Deb Adam do you put yourself in this game get the fuck I'll answer it I heard you were looking for me check this out it might help you on your case this site here just went live and his trainee instead channels I've been monitoring for the past hour and every so often if different girl shows up asking for help they think they are streaming to their phase page but it seems that people holding them are rerouting their stream to this platform they might be cutting off all cellular data except for their face page at least that's what I think they are doing seem to be some sort of voting platform the viewers seem to be taking votes for something I guess it's not good oh wait here comes a new girl my name is Amelia Lewis someone has kidnapped peach at arts not dark and not easy trying to find her family he's so fucking awesome or a shower head in with a hammer what the fuck I was just researching something she did I like that I'm about to come Gideon on the shadow web is a task on its own the shadow web is a hole or bubble of the Deep Web requires special soccer which is not easy to get residentsleeper pray see mostly operate in the moment deep web maybe feeling that she might have stumbled across something more sinister and they're using the prey as a front so later on let me look into this a little bit further I know who she that ass-fuck boy I don't know it's definitely them the same they did coming please hurry my battery's dying fucking boring her already ordered just like you she might have dug a little too deep and caught the attention of some twisted individuals she keeps on mentioning men in masks well she reminds me of a document a read a while back they're more of a cult no one really knows their official name but online we refer them to as Noir I'll send you that document to your desktop Emilia seems to have a great deal of information it could be huge resource your investigation let me see if I get source said the shadow web tunnels you stumbled across harder up it's 4 to 30 people telling her to kill her cut off her fucking tits I want to buy her panties once you are done with her we'll pay top dollar for them make sure you leave all stains and I fuck it but after she is dead like is happening well this bitch is so fucking bitch okay facility I don't know her fucking maniacs here please they haven't gotten to me yet but they do tell my parents I love them I'm sorry okay it managed to source up the tunnel she used li unlocking this should reveal the location of where she's being held the sleigh seems to have a cut-off time at 4 a.m. tonight after that I'm afraid what will happen to her the tunnels locked using a shadow web encryption key the key will be broken down to eight different hashes scattered across the depot okay so that's this part of the Deep Web and find these hashes the hidden hash will look like this yeah so the third thing is Laskin hash will have an index value associated with it you must keep this in mind while you compile the master key so if you were to find a cache so hard did one so fucking hard the first sequence the master key I think the most gosh could be hidden anywhere on a page even in plain sight so be sure to check the page thoroughly off your mouse over everything a thief will activate a hidden hot zone I wouldn't even check the pages source code if I were you son of a bitch you really added that to another tricky thing about the Deep Web it says some pages will only be available during a certain time window so if you come across the page that is down be sure to check back later upon your search you may come across threats I think the most we got last time desktop more information on that all right I wonder if this actually pauses the game like I wonder if time passes when it's pause alright so basically what you're gonna do is is you gotta find eight codes through all the fucking websites wall you're evading Polly while you put you're gonna listen to the sounds in the background and it will fucking sucks is it's goddamn trial and error so I'm gonna get jumpscared about fifty times before I figured out what the sounds are or where to hide or shit like that odd I don't know anything so it's gonna be such a pain in the ass wait i'ma please give a lot of time it's a pause like actually impossible I know it is the first one was a kind of a I think it a scene yeah I can skip it no the first one actually was as well wasn't completely impossible well I mean kind of like record off your phone got a screen cap yet Apple open Notepad outside of the game was always like it's actually all right there we go fucking christ I hate this stupid bastard game and the shitty fucking dev so we need to eight codes gonna be very quiet cuz you gotta hear shit in the back well let me get out of this first all right let's see what we got to do I don't know I'm gonna get jumpscared so much man I'm pretty sure there's something to do with the lights and this window opens temeka I've seen somebody playing I've seen like force implant or something once I'm pretty sure if there's pull yeah and there's a hallway – I think and and there's stairs do that this actually pop you don't want to play this I don't to play it I'm gonna play it I'm just gonna play the first one instead it beat the first one first I'm gonna play this shit man this is stupid I'm never gonna beat this I'm wasting an hour on my life right now is to play this stupid piece of shit for no reason there isn't a jump-scare door to make no progress I'm gonna rage quit an hour and I'm never gonna come back open the door whatever you guys gonna get jumpscared with me so enjoy it sit in the fucking chair you piece of shit she's scared ya stupid fucking jump scared I don't get scared to watch resi you pussy you probably sitting you're I can't talk I gotta listen where we going please but there's no pre-existing web sites I forgot to mention about das coin – coin is a cryptocurrency used in a deep web you will need to ask approaches upgrades and items to help you on your way there's the items if you look at the top left corner of your screen this is how much das coin you currently have 10 to help you out a little bit a remote VPN is a device that generates you toss coin during a certain period of time hackers will run through these devices for me to do their deeds depending on the location you place it at will determine the amount of das coin you generate so be sure to place it at a good location in your apartment complex you can see what it generates under the dots coin menu by clicking on the das coin logo now any hardware item you purchase from the shadow that's about it so I gotta go pick up the fucking item outside of course I do this is impossible breathe air please responded to a call reporting wait maybe this is his hint the breather was the main guy the last one the quesadilla reports Robert tried to escape hiding in the building's back entryway but interested or clears out the struggle inside the building suggest attacker managed to kick in the door Roberts so if the breather comes I can't go into the back entryway or does that mean the dude I just hate this cuz you I gotta turn my mic and if I hear any sound you got to react wait maybe that's what these are maybe there's hints oh yeah so this is how to play the puzzles puzzle this is for police okay so the okay okay we're getting somewhere so the police come for us and the breather comes for us so we got two people trying to get us kind of like last time I bet there's more what's this one what's Lucas he's a killer too so there's three Lucas police breather what's noir that's what we're gonna get right all right well there's three people it's trial and error let's go Adams Twitter you actually put your Twitter tell me it's a troll this is actual Twitter wait can I login come on wait [Applause] hey there we fuckin are baby we don't tweet much but well hard this one's to put in okay YouTube works he's looking at bitch shut up kind of bad screen this shit hey where am I at hey there we are yeah what up guys wait but it isn't do you not play the video hey where's better TV what the fuck is this let's go dude alright seriously let stop trolling something okay let's get to work so we go to any website and no websites help us so maybe that's what we're supposed to do let's try going home okay this Sugata go home and then on the old water we would click these links go to a porno I'm not going to pornhub relax what's wrong with you guys well you think I could if I tried it you think it'll work so now what my hack I don't have any VPNs okay I on the old one I used that okay so if you got hacked on old one wait if I turn around I might get jumpscared by the way that happens sometimes I'm not looking at about fucking looking for this break the doors open the door open wait it's dolphin I can't play this man I really can't play this I can't holy shit dude it's just there's too much I gotta pause it real quick holy shit they almost killed me dude it's dude it's just I can play the first one because I understand what's gonna happen but I don't even have a chance of beating this pro I'm literally just setting myself up to be jump scared for an hour guys my fucking god i missclicked where I act wait who cares dude how fucking stupid as that there's an exit to main menu it has a quit button why do you have both of them amazing ice is not the point just so much shit they gotta learn all game yeah there's weight and there's excellent mainstream anyway what I was saying is when you get hacked you got to reset your VPN I thought on the old one you did if you failed the hack what's this what's this always a call at 10:00 p.m. through VIP the night of incidence multiple calls for unknown caller so your network heavy breathing only it's a breather oh that helps a little bit breather so maybe I get warned first dude where the fuck is reflect that why isn't he helping was that sure the home bro I've no Wi-Fi it is my Wi-Fi out why's my Wi-Fi working hi Julia saying these are all locked flashlights I don't I you people don't understand the fucking game works you fucking retards it doesn't matter the flashlight doesn't matter I'm gonna get scared 50 times period no matter what have I scared I mean shocked how my fucking Wi-Fi work you piece of shit I'm never gonna find this I am you'll reflect what's up you piece of shit reflect this is never gonna happen bro reflect what did you do hold on he's here the desert Adam you fucking moron piece of shit bastard why the fuck did you make this 20 times harder the first one was hot was the first the first one was perfectly hard enough perfectly you had to use elements outside of the game to even beat it yet and memorize those jump scares why the fuck did you amplify it 20 times now I gotta buy equipment I have to look at the window I have to get in the bathtub I have to run down 15 sets of stairs I have to make sure this I have to do this I have to do that there's 8 things that can catch you are you stupid now so get down impossible I don't know where to begin bro you didn't give me hardly any explanation I knew right now I know starting out I'm gonna get scared least five times and I'm not okay with that I frankly shocked excuse me I'm not okay with that this is this too much man too much what sick fuck even plays this game much much too much like to be fair this is honestly hacker group let's not go there kill for me no horny little bit yeah we're gonna sear be cool I'm scared to exit and turn around I haven't heard anything though I've heard footsteps I've heard a call the window no breeze I'm not 3 right though work man if you're beginning to call it 10 p.m. after tennis said did I'm gonna have a heart attack actually am I'm live gained too much weight for this honestly I've gained too much muscle my heart actually can't take it I promise I'm just never gonna close out I think that's what i'ma do are you thinking with your heart that's the problem you're so stupid you don't ever think that this game works just work man like you got to click the whole webpage it could be anywhere it could be anywhere you could be any of these letters it could be a code well you guys probably have never seen me or played this game before actually incredibly hard how long have I been in the browser 10 minutes or so fucked by the way we're so fun as soon as I yeah I bet if oh my god if you don't force me out of the game by the way oh my god my stomach's hurting it's such a piece of shit this game's name is scary just shocking give me an easy one man please bro check the URL wait wait wait drink wait your something wait dice here something but it's your sister's here something behind me is that me moving my chair in real-life gesture that was at me I think it's me moving my chair I might even me moving my chair I can't do this shit now I can't who tell us all these games also not giving you a fucking gun honestly how come here defenseless in every single scary game because us alpha fucking metals already know we won't be caught with our pants down so we fucking come prepared and they ain't ready for that get the flashlight oh nice a flashlight don't Kayla anyway what I was saying was that he used to be a on the old one if there was a code on the page this link stayed blue for a little bit longer right here not sure if it's like that on this one doctor I locked the door but I'm pretty sure they can come through the window so we're dead pretty much I'm pretty sure if I ex out this was gonna be a jump scare so I'm gonna stay here forever the streamer mode wait is there a streamer mode this was locking the door you're dead jizz restart reflects that he is fine it's only ten-thirty all right now I see that's that's the tips I need thank you all right with John hoof Jesus Christ give me a fucking heart attack you make the webpages load a little bit longer than next a little bit faster in the next game dude it's gonna have to fucking time seen if it's connected make sure you get the flashlight you will need that the fucking flashlight and then why even ads sprint in this fucking game nice i dice bros i got my fucking flashlight I'm pretty sure I'm safe from all danger now thanks yeah that'll help a lot I my fucking flashlight for sure not gonna work like breathing gets hurt breathing wait you guys you're breathing I'm cheating I don't care dude how's your breathing was it me you sure wasn't me I locked the door oh yes Sean or what I know Adam said it's only ten-thirty I'm fine reflect wouldn't lie wait this is even pause the game truly this might not even pause the fucking game maybe all of us get scared through the make sure you get the VPN oh oh there it is oh now yeah reflects uh wait oh what's that key one you don't have the VPN Oh huh I didn't know that bro huh I didn't know you gonna have the VPN oh yeah you can get scared before 2:30 now fuck is wrong with you people what do i do what do i do I can't play this I can't I can't I can't play this man I just play the first one I'd even beat the first one I don't have a VPN am I getting scared or not just let me know I might die on stream there'll be a it'll be my blood will be on your hands reflect if I did not have a VP ed can I get scared jump scared shocked yes yeah your name just real it say your name if I haven't had a VPN up until this point then disconnect from the internet okay well yep I'll do that right now how do I do that real quick something out of this day from booze had put me I am DC if not what did you stop here to beat the game man just tell me how to beat the fucking game I'm too old for this shit now dude – I play this game I was fuckin 22 21 a fucking I'm 24 years old I don't have this in me anymore I don't too old for this shit oh the whole apartments power went out where's my flashlight when I get out of this what's going on am i dead hello I think a bug I see something middle of screen Oh F I thought you guys were saying FS I was dead oh they got power though oh all the neighbors got power of course they do okay yo need another tip Adam real quick buddy at the port I am right now on my way to the whatever I had to go to am I gonna get jumpscared just hearin a real quick Ian a you want to give me a discord call either – nah hey that's all fine this doesn't pause the game for real does it he says no I can't get jumpscared okay who he opens the door oh shit I don't know where the box is look how he opens the door he opens it real fast he like puts his face in there come on why would I have the breaker box for my whole floor place door lock what do I do oh this one powers back on now we have a chance getting scared who shut it off though who shut it off brace yourselves open the door I'm so dead I can't man I can't I don't want to I want to play I don't have to play I don't have to play this game how you play whatever I want get the remote VPN from where I gotta buy that off the fucking door pretty sure you gotta fight a VPN with the coins and then you got to go downstairs and pick it up yeah that's that you do problem is I lost my coins get a free one the bathroom for what though what what y-yes spamming that for what I pause that's a cut why do you have the character open the door like that you stupid piece of shit you're so scummy man ah now you're so scummy what is wrong with you what is wrong with you you can't have him open the door regularly no he has to open the he has to open the door then all in one motion sliding to the screen yet my ass of the BPM where why am I in here oh you can lose this are you trolling wait why does he even give you this option wait well why didn't wait so you told me at some point somebody walks in here and I have to peek out the curtain then walk all the way into my house and I have to peek into the curtain into the other room oh there's no way we're totally beat in this game oh not a chance it's in the alley oh for sure for sure I go out onto the alley and pick it up real quick for sure let's go just open the door like that and just run just run fucking at this point just kill me yeah wait don't tell me I go all the way down the fucking stairs to floor one you are bullshitting Adam you're kidding wait what's that help somebody help me I'm in danger Oh help nobody's in the lobby nobody's here why is the front door here right here wide nothing here man what's that did it lose if you go back to the computer oh and buy it oh for sure ah just did it mention that before uh-huh yeah for sure okay nice are you sitting in my house fellas there's my pendant line I heard something in there for sure I did I see sort of locked so he in the bathroom what it lock the door behind me what you mean at hack shutters restart I got hacked so I lost money for my router I just restart and get my fucking coins back don't make me feel a lot better honestly yes restart out for sure thanks bro the dye the desktop we read them or I did read them three of them will are threats to us I know that most of its don't happen until you start getting these I forgot to mention about das okay Adam pretty get to the subs buddy Adam appreciate that listen it's not gonna make me play this game pass my fucking bedtime relax Adam okay this is I thank you so much that fifteenth I do appreciate it when task one is a cryptocurrency used in a deep web you will need to ask corn and purchase upgrades and items to help you on your way if you look at the top left corner of your screen this is how much das coin you currently have yeah that's it to help you out a little bit I went ahead and purchased you a remote VPN a remote VPN is a device that generates you toss coins I know what a VPN is now any hardware item you purchase from the shadow market will be delivered via Deep Web drone to your dead drop location this is where your remote people that's about it okay so this is a VPN I got by this the cracks with wife and over this is to allows you to crack them all no this isn't it hey who the VPN oh this is but where's the one that's free alright wait are you already have one okay but now what now do I go downstairs to pick it up wait oh so the reason it wasn't there last time was because I just didn't get that phone call okay I see I see I see I see all right so just started the game so I know I'm good to go just fucking chill three I know but you started go pick it up don't like how it does I did drop it or what did I get in that pick it up see Wow alright now I don't know anything make it happen I should still be able to scared cuz I just started so we should be fine on the wall on the path away see that's all you need get me let me let me do my fucking hacking let me find my fucking codes you don't have to do all this man this to goddamn hard 8008 o8 oh no you don't you little shit there it is oh well here it is hey now where am I take I put this outside of the hallway on the wall the wine rack does it has to be fucking green some wine rack and oh probably outside the door really bullshit oh excuse seat viewers leave me alone oh I see how I enable it and then we play right then I can finally play the game right or is it already enabled all right so at this point am I do am i listening for sound cues now and a phone call that's it now I just play the game as I played welcome to the game one nice fun paced game a lot of fun a little bit challenging but not oh my god and what the fuck kind of challenging you know the docks already did that scared to Rita out loud because if I read out loud and I talk I won't hear I make sense I don't miss anything yes this is trying to kill me I get it then this is the girl if you find yourself over your shoulder do not linger in the dark they will find you you poach you man or a ghostly mass run and hide I heard if you turn them away from them and show your back count they disappear I hope I'm right what I heard if you turned your early from them show your back so there's four things you got to run from police Lukas Moyer and breathers click in the bottom row is all like how to hack I'm correct three put the keys stack pusher stack pusher and recent new addition to the 80 operating system is a security tool to prevent stack overflow attacks developed by computer science major Tyler Draven in 2015 and has rose to the top as one of the leading security tools hey hey there is that's all today every fuck it is that's me that's me in the video game that's me hey fucking wish it what which it wasn't because the Thai kids put tile whatever alright anyway so okay two more questions reflect question number one when I pause the game like this does it actually pause second question do I just play the game normally now that I have the UH thank you like I buy it if I have to upgrade I know it's a different game for the first one god I know it's a fucking new game I know you gotta buy a lot of shit I know I got shit instead of two ways to die there's four fucking ways to die it started how to force and play this game what the fuck just fucked up it's allowed on Twitch I'm gonna get banned oh you can get faster internet speed if you hack it oh so when I was bitching earlier about these loading slow you can actually fix it vacation lol what's so funny a headset you I wonder I wonder if like I said earlier if you were on FPS with a key that the URL bar would be light blue for a little bit longer still do that on this one no it does not lovely god forbid you do anything that fucking helps us out of it you asshole great so we got to look through all Cueto I see something now I've read River this sign of that you don't want to click these men buy a key finder zero-day that expensive slap Tarzan stay on the internet too long you will restart well I don't want to I'm scared to exit out the fucking browser remember supposed to the browser he would be behind you so now that I got okay so if I got hacked this is I just got a hat do I got a on the old one used how to restart your Wi-Fi do I have to do that again here the toriel there was barely any tutorial barely any you might get a virus you can purchase the virus skin in zero day market I mean I'm fine with the fucking virus honestly so I'll take that let me see some dank memes folder is empty look at some random stuff remote I put on I didn't see a stream remote but I seen a no nudity no uh something else okay I go by a I left my door I think I did I gotta go buy a what's the McCall a virus something he said oh yeah okay so the game becomes II okay okay I got it I got it I got it I got it so you fuckin so you farmed the coins and it makes the game easier so the game isn't always hard if you farm the coins and you for instance farm 150 coins and you buy a police scanner the game isn't as hard okay there we go okay so then you get this skit save you finally get 150 coins you buy the police scanner you don't have to worry so much about the police I wonder if there's things for like the breather whatever that's judge such as one threat motion sensor that would help for if the breather comes around you would see before he gets to your door right I don't know what this one it I those are these are only two I know the police and the breather I've never experienced Lucas or nor a rota fuck that is now I need to buy something for my computer oh this white I'll buy that later I think after if I mess up skite it's called sky break so I need a farm 45 first so how about this could I just sit in the bathroom or about an hour okay sit in the bathroom in the shower curtains for like an hour oh four eight okay okay where's my money Oh stall time horse shit gave us a time limit what time oh yeah the pre story what's it what's the time limit move your wall VP entire income I know so beyond this is it download it now yep should be fine we should be okay last time he said that nothing would happen the first time this happens so we should be okay we should be okay she hasn't typed I can't do this rose my heart hurts so bad right oh shit it's like throwing up did this game internet what else wasn't even doing oh yeah watch this let me show you what a computer science major does in a fucking command prop I'm back dooring that the fuck is control panel in the game too easy just fucking beat it what am i doing I don't know when I would like to use like I don't have WEP so the VP I need the BBB says it comes with a uep now what the VP graduation libraries so are we good it's enabled outside help oh [Applause] yeah yeah I cannot stand okay so I'm using this too okay if I I'm using this to get on these Wi-Fi networks that's what I'm doing so I got a I got a try and crack one of these but I think I have to read like one of these manuals know how to hack it got type skin reading chat no shit lead off this game is fucking or what happened what happened was it my spit module stop stop rabbit what happened I don't even hear a door about here spam door stop that shit stop I'm done stop is truly or what stop no it's my bedtime seriously it's 11:00 I can't plus plus I'm my fucking I got a stop I got me a call here for the day my Adrenaline's pumpin I got a beat I got a I eat my bedtimes at 11:00 I got my tunes pump it on my fucking chest I'm not go to bed till 2:00 a.m. so I better get fucking laying down now honestly I'm not fucking kidding I'm not kidding I'm kidding I'm not kidding it's not beta I always go to bed at 11:00 miss Vinick beta I literally every stream I go to bed at Allah in strim at the same exact time seriously I do every stream number one so I'm not telling me like I'm quitting some scared it's 200 scared of nothing look up big I look yeah I wish somebody fucking trying come to me yeah you fucking make your shitty little scary games that's the only thing they can fucking do against me I'm a fucking freight train I'm a talking truck I'm a baller all right day one dude this is gonna take us all week actually so four or less we might do welcome to the game all week because it's gonna take us all week honestly really is yeah there's nothing I I see myself playing it tomorrow and us we may find one two key today I see this play it tomorrow we might find a one two key that's it then Wednesday we find one key Thursday one key well see did let's see it's not Tarrant where have you been jump scared by anybody yet so it's gonna be so fucking bad but you're afraid of the game I'm not afraid of nothing am i startled by the game yes but the good news is from what I've cam across it gets easier as the game goes on because if you get the coins you can buy equipment so that you don't get so that you can see wouldn't they're coming the only question I have about that is can you only use one at a time or can use multiple so could I use the police scanner and could I use them radar can I use both of those at the same time if the answer is yes is that it becomes easy as fuck you got to get past the fucking hard part sorry that was a little bit of fucking rambling whatever not bad rocky John gongsan Nick out guys in a sub be stroke i canõt subs Jeremy Laurent or a chief Casey Daniel the Rye young big he won't kid you boy x0 says so let's say you bought your lamb bone pig virus game sponsorship ah we played we met Adam because we were playing the first welcome to the game without him what do you want woman I'm wrapping my stream up over to an office fuck you know that you bitch I don't get scared over saying his real plane was play that game and reflect was one of the only deaths that helps the player so and he's been we finally fucking got around to playing welcome to the game too after two fucking years try silent sparked up a pilot muy no subs new shoes do do you swear to me to lose way it's not the door shit you idiots every fire one I'm gonna have to do somebody gives you do this stupid shit there on 45 once I'm at a good away I'm gonna lift like you having a day every day are you too buddy keep fucking killing out alright I'm fucking done I'm out of here I got fucking squat day tomorrow hoping to hit some fucking PRS trying to fucking trying to PR up squat last thing we did 405 for tin I'm trying for 55 for 10 for 55 for 10 that's the play pretty front stream they had a lot of fun actually surprisingly had fun in league had fun playing welcome to get fun play welcome to the game was it bad hey that's quite what's out alright a difference.i preview of the DS the subs through foes follow me in Instagram follow me on Twitter recent fall minutes again I'm looking biggest fuck though for real and I got a tan so my skin colors looking plead will be live again tomorrow 3 to 4 p.m. ich is it from us a squad we out in this bitch mutha fuckas fight


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