Top 10 Worst Sports Jerseys – EVER MADE! (Bad Uniforms)

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Top 10 Worst Sports Jerseys - EVER MADE! (Bad Uniforms)

Ninh explains the top 10 worst sports jerseys ever made sports merchandise is big business but sometimes you have to wonder if these manufacturers or marketing departments are all on crack because there's just no way that normal people would come up with designs like these before I start shaving people hit that subscribe button and click the notifications tab to see my new videos before anyone else yada yada yada number 10 anything new made by the NBA for some reason the NBA has a paunch shot from making that seams where four or five different uniforms per season to add to that they've released their earned jerseys supposedly to reward teams that made the playoffs last year but we all know the real reason why and whilst I dogs have a problem with teams trying to make money that all badly designed the Miami Heat generally look like this so let's make them play in these Cleveland's colors are wine and gold I know let's make them play in navy and sky blue instead apart from possibly Houston and Boston the rest are all awful number 990s goalkeeper kits if you're a football fan that's born before 1990 you might actually remember these this was the era of loud goalkeeper kits goalies and football have to wear a different Jersey to the rest of the players but how much LSD did they take before they designed these the scientific reason behind all this is to wear busy patterns confuse or distract the opposing striker but all they did is actually make everyone laugh at them and every team followed this trend every single one of them number eight the New York Islanders the Islanders have the iconic look of a winning ice hockey team so the best thing to do is not mess with that stick with what works so adding colors that aren't part of the color scheme and trying to make them look bush league is probably a bad idea sadly they went with it anyway this abomination was released onto the public with fans instantly calling it's the worst Jersey in franchise history a few years later they scrapped its and released a different one but made the same mistake this season they've changed again and at least they got the color rights albeit it still sucks number seven the Pittsburgh Steelers hello mr. Roethlisberger how would you like to look like a bumblebee from the 1950s yes I'd like that very much that's pretty much how this monstrosity came about yes it's another retro Jersey that has no place being in the modern game who honestly thought this was a good idea on furthermore who actually bought it oh wait yeah those guys Oh number six baseball in the 1990s baseball was also sadly affected by the 90s design disease several major league teams decided hey you know what let's take our team logo and just plaster it across the entire Jersey who gives it down if it looks good on us and to make it more unattractive let's put the numbers and letters vertically and sideways so that people can't actually read them what were they thinking number five the Colombian women's national cycling team how do you draw attention to your country's best female cyclists make them wear this yep you're seeing correctly partially nude colored uniforms from the site it doesn't look too bad but from the front it's definitely suggestive and doesn't leave much to the imagination they became world famous just for wearing these so I suppose it kind of worked number four stad francais that famous French rugby union C you know the one with a pink badge and the lightning bolts on their logo no still don't know who they are well you will now because these are the guys that wear this pink lots and lots of pink somewhere in every stat francais Jersey our pink line impulse and every iteration of their kiss makes their manly rugby players look extremely soft every one of their jerseys is very bad and very pink and sadly this is a trend that isn't going away anytime soon number three Deportivo palencia most of it clothing is becoming very popular these days but how about actual muscles on clothing these belong to Deportivo per anthea and no it's not just the jerseys the shorts up pad to do these guys have some sorts of sponsorship deal with Gunther von Hagens and his body world museum or Watts and if you don't like the realistic flesh colored version you can also have the same thing in purple just in case you're a weirdo who likes purple muscles number two these three NHL teams the 90s have struck again and it's these three teams that's released these three powers of garbage the LA Kings who had this weird sash thing and had clearly stolen the logo from another kind of famous King the Anaheim Mighty Ducks with this car to think of their mascot who's wearing the actual Jersey and really really hard to read numbers and most infamous one of all the st. Louis Blues trumpet Jersey this Jersey was so bad that the team actually refused to wear it they actually refused ironically if you could find any of these three jerseys that actually worth some considerable amounts of money number one Manchester United the most famous football team in the world has come up with some amazing kits over the years and more recently they've come up with some of the worst but so long as you stick to the club's calls of red white and black it should be a winner so what the hell were they smoking when they came up with these oh dear god what have you guys done this is this season's fourth kit if you haven't already noticed its luminous leopard prints luminous leopard print this was inspired by EA Sports and I think it's officially called the digital kit as it's available on competes games as a digital download the team won't actually wear it in real life thank God for that but you can actually buy it yes it's available right now for the price Li sum of 65 pounds so if you're a rich person with absolutely no taste whatsoever this would be perfect for you now you might be asking me Henan what about the Islanders fishermen Jersey or the Raptors cartoon dinosaur 1 or the rugby kits where they're all dressed like superheroes well I actually like all of these so yeah I probably wasn't the best card to describe the worst jerseys ever given my bad taste in clothing but if you have enjoyed this video please be sure to like share and subscribe and if you can think of a Jersey that's worse than all of these please write it in the comment section below you