Top 10 Video Game Sequels We’ll Never See

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Top 10 Video Game Sequels We’ll Never See

Welcome back gamers to Top 10 Gaming. My name is Johnny Rogers and for today’s video
we will be wishing upon a shooting star for all of the best video games that unfortunately
we may never see a sequel to. If you happen to be new here we put up daily
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your favorite video game sequel is and while you ponder that lets hop right into our list
of the Top 10 Video Game Sequels Well Never See #10 The Thing 2
(show photo This sequel well never see was planned to
be a third person survival horror game and the follow up to their 2002 release. It was being developed by Computer Artworks
the following year after the first game had been released but was ultimately cancelled. It was cancelled due to the company entering
into a receivership which means that another company was placed under the responsibility. Which implies that Computer Artworks may have
been experiencing some financial obligations. The frustrating part about this was that pre-production
concept art had already begun and man did the monsters for this game look amazing. The game would have followed the plight of
protagonists Blake and MacReady as they fought their way out of a small snowy refinery town. #9 Legacy of Kain Dead Sun
This cancelled action-adventure video game developed by Climax Studios was supposed to
be the sixth entry in the Legacy of Kain series. It had entered into production but was cancelled
in 2012 after their team had already worked on the project for 3 years. It was a story-based game inspired by the
previous title Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. It was an open world combined with cinematic
and violent combat. The company kept the cancellation private
from the public as well which really attracted criticism from the video game press. Austin Wood from Cheat Code Central wrote
about the games cancellation saying – it came as a letdown to many. #8 Time Splitters 4
This tentative title for the next sequel in the TimeSplitters series was originally announced
in an article for the Official PlayStation Magazine. Come June of 2007 they even said that Timesplitters
4 would be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Only one character had been confirmed for
the game during all of these press coverage articles, but apparently a lot of other concept
art pieces had also been finished, but never officially confirmed. Unfortunately though the game was delayed
because Free Radical Development had gone into administration. They were soon bought out by Crytek but the
hope for this game being released by that point was already long gone. #7 Fez 2
At the end of June of 2013 Fez 2 was announced at the Horizon indie game press conference
during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was a unique concept, it was a puzzle-platform
video game developed by Polytron Corporation and published by Trapdoor. The game was often referred to as an underdog
darling of the indie game scene and Polytron founder Phil Fish even gained some celebrity
status. Although that turned out to be more of a curse
than a blessing. When Phil started engaging in a Twitter argument
with video game journalist Marcus Beer everything around the sequel began to fall apart. Phil certainly got the final word in the argument
though tweeting out – Im done, Fez 2 is cancelled. Goodbye. – Now imagine being this guys employee and
finding out via a Twitter argument that the project youve been working on is cancelled. #6 Halo Chronicles
This one was a big heartbreak for fans of the Halo series, but thankfully they were
able to at least redirect their efforts into creating ODST. In 2006 Microsoft had announced an episodic
game developed by the great Peter Jackson and his Wingnut Interactive. After dubbing it Halo Chronicles they confirmed
the development in 2007. It was a unique way to create this interactive
storytelling within the Halo universe and something that fans really wanted. However during an interview with gaming blog
Joystiq in 2009 Jackson told them that the project was no longer in development. Not too much was said about the exact reasoning
for cancelling this project but Peter Jacksons manager said that it was due to budget cuts
tied to job layoffs. #5 Battlefront 3
Its always a huge let down when a game gets cancelled due to fights over who owns the
rights, but whats even more frustrating is when the owner of said rights kills the project. In September of 2006 word got around that
company Free Radical Design was developing the third installment of the Star Wars Battlefront
franchise. In June of 2008 we got some more information
that the creation process had begun. However in that same month Free Radical Design
announced that they had lost the rights to develop the game. The game at that point was pretty much done
and several years later we would find out that it wasn’t just losing the rights that
cancelled the sequel. Apparently the project was canned because
Lucas Arts didnt want to commit to spending big money on marketing. #4 Gotham by Gaslight
This video game was meant to be based on the original DC one shot that was an alternate-reality
story about the antics that Batman would get up to except in Gothic fashion. It was a unique concept that could stand alone
from their Arkham series and one that had comic book roots. Primed to be developed by Day 1 Studios it
all came to an end when THQ had failed to secure the rights to the property, thus cancelling
the game. At this point they had already created some
great concept illustrations showing this sort of steampunk feel and placing Batman in a
Victorian setting. To tease us even more they also released test
footage for the game. Overall the reception was positive to all
of this and the fans appreciated what they were trying to go for in creating the game. Its really unfortunate that ownership rights
have so much power though when it comes down to delivering a great game to the fans. #3 Sleeping Dogs 2
The first Sleeping Dogs game was a smash hit and perhaps one of the most underrated open
world games out there. It was developed by a Canadian-based company
called United Front Games and was perhaps one of their biggest titles in the companys
nine year history. The sequel was in development as well. Not just in development but they had put together
a full pitch for the game that included everything from how they wanted the co-op design, right
down to every reward and incentive the game would have. Apparently the first game took several years
of just hellish work just to ship and a lot of the team that worked on that game just
couldn’t bare to go through it all over again. With the loss of some key people it changed
the entire dynamic of the workplace and made the next game virtually impossible. Then come 2016 the company just shut down
all together. #2 Saints Row Money Shot
Its always a strange and sad day when a game as big as the Saints Row series gets a new
installment cancelled. The overview of the game was that you are
this deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row that hunts down the most elusive of targets. The unfortunate thing was that this was the
second sequel attempt by the company that was cancelled. First it was Saints Row Drive by and then
when THQ announced that they were shutting down their development team in Phoenix this
also meant production on Saints Row Money shot would also be scrapped. They insisted that the game would not be cancelled
and that it would be a free to play exclusive for the Playstation Store, but with THQ shutting
down all together it just never happened. Despite them promising it would. #1 Silent Hills
Not to be confused with the first Silent Hill this game was planned to be developed by Kojima
Productions for the PS4. It was the ninth installment of the Silent
Hill series and had an all star team behind it. They had both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del
Toro. Initially they had announced it as a playable
teaser and it had quickly become a critically acclaimed demo. Although come March of 2015 sources had been
reporting that due to conflicts with Konami wanting to also complete the Metal Gear Solid
5 game production had stopped. Then at a San Francisco Film Society event,
directed del Toro told the audience that the project had been cancelled. Thankfully we will still get to play as Norman
Reedus in the game Death Stranding. And that has been the Top 10 Video Game Sequels
Well Never See. Thank you so much for watching and if you
enjoyed this video then show us some love by tapping that like and subscribe button. Plus leave us a comment down below with your
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the screen. From Top 10 Gaming, I’m Johnny Rogers and
until next time, take care.


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Mclain wolfe · November 16, 2019 at 8:53 pm

My favorite sequel to a game is Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 yet the third was cancelled. RIP all the games without sequels. Especially since some end with cliff hangers yet they won’t be fulfilled.

DrewZILLA 0828 · November 16, 2019 at 8:55 pm

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Creepy Waffles · November 16, 2019 at 8:57 pm

Probably uhhh… idk I’ve never really played a sequel but maybe Pokémon black 2 but it’s too expensive so I’ve never played so I’m not sure if it’s good or not but since Pokémon games are collectible I’ve only ever gotten x sun and mystery doungeon

OH WAIT I started luigis mansion dark moon! But only mission 2 😂 but it seems like a sequel so 😐 I just got into gaming so I can’t play much because of school

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