Top 10 Most Anticipated Scary Games Of 2020

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Scary Games Of 2020

The editors have a lot of blackmail if I ever
go rogue. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming, im your host connor munro and oh boy it’s a new year. But you get the same me, because like why
would anyone wanna give this up. If youre new here or haven’t yet smash like
and subscribe to join the clan and ring that notification bell to level up! The new year has started, and that means we
get to look forward to all the game released this year. But what are some of the most hyped spoopy
games of 2020? That’s what we’re exploring with todays
list of the Top 10 Most Anticipated Scary Games of 2020, roll the intro. Chernobylite
The game is currently in early access but technically hasn’t been released yet, so
ill count it for number 10. Chernobylite is a science fiction survival
horror experience, missing freedom of exploration with challenging combat. Try to survive and reveal the twisted secrets
of Chernobyl in the 3d-scanned recreation of the real exclusion zone. Meaning they took a scan of Chernobyl and
converted that scan into the landscape in which you are playing. So you’ll be experiencing real Chernobyl
landscape and buildings while being terrified by monsters that aren’t really there, but
you get the point. The game is currently on for 36 dollars on
steam and like I said is in early access so if you’re looking forward to full release
get it before that and have some time playing it! Saturnalia
Saturnalia is a survival horror game were you play as a cast of characters exploring
an isolated village of ancient ritual. Your goal is to unmask the evil, or join the
ritual. The art style is like you’re in the pages
of a story book, with sketched characters come to life. Like Bendy and The Ink Machine, but rougher
and grittier. The animations may not be smooth, but they’re
not supposed to be. And I think that’s part of what makes this
game so interesting. The game is from the creators of Fotonica,
MirrorMoon EP, and Wheels of Aurelia. So you know it’s gonna be good. The art style is very reminiscent of borderlands
and reminds me a lot of those games with their cell shading and use of cross hatching for
shading as well. So be sure to catch this game coming again,
sometime this year. But no specific date. Dying Light 2
With a planned release in spring of 2020 Dying light 2 is a parkour action open world zombie
survival game. That’s a lot of genres. The last great human settlement exists within
an unforgiving infected world. Exceptional agility and combat skills make
you a powerful ally and valuable commodity. With your abilities you have the power to
change this world in ways you see fit. So use it wisely. This game is intended to have a dynamic world
that changes according to your choices. If you choose to provide free water to everyone
you’ll see the benefits and consequences of such, and the same with if you choose to have
guarded water that you provide to certain people. Different choices will cause different game
stories and no 2 player experiences will be the same. I am definitely playing this when it comes
out, even if the virus did tear us all apart. Some quite literally. Sons of The Forest
Sons of the forest is the sequel to The Forest. Where according to IGN you return to the island
from the original game. There is little known about the game. But let me get my theory gears going so we
can discuss what may come of this game. Let me know your theories in the comments
section. I think we’re playing as Timmy. The son from the original game, the one you
need to find and save, depending on the ending. We know the character we will play as has
a Fight Demons tattoo, and at the end of The Forest we see Timmy literally fighting off
the demons of his resurrection. Plus he has been researching the island and
even found a second island similar to it, which he called site 2. I also believe that Site 2 is where this game
will take place, rather than the original island because the monsters we see in this
game are very different from the cannibals, armsys and cowmen we know from The Forest. Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal takes all the gross creatures from hell and somehow makes you feel sorry
for them. I guess because they’re in hell. The scary aspect of this game is closer to
the gross side of horror. Where the monsters are so grotesque and horrific
that you’re scared. The game is going to have destructible demons,
adding more gore and grit to the already horrifying world. The fear elementals are by some of the most
terrifying things ive seen in a video game. And This slayer is supposed to be bigger and
badder than the last game, but I still don’t feel safe around these things. I cant wait to play it. Just take a one look at the world youre In
and youll see what I mean. Giant flesh towers and buildings destroyed
beyond repair. Youll be terrified too of your eternal doom. Im sorry that was bad. Unholy
Unholy is a Survival horror game that seems to be focusing on avoiding the monsters rather
than fighting them like our last game. Become Saidah, a mother in search of her child
who has been abducted. Travel through the morbid streets of the last
city on a dying planet. Challenge a repressive regine under which
your whole damn life has been determined by which social cast you belong to. Save your child, and escape. If possible. We are unsure when this year it will be releasing,
since at the time of recording this game only has the release date on steam as 2020 instead
of a date. However when it does come out im sure it will
be good. The trailer shows some like what looks like
a bone tentacle as the thing that took your baby. So maybe a bone Cthulu or maybe, someone was
controlling it and are controlling the monsters, and they took your baby. Sorry I have to guess because im a theory
guy. Carrion
you’re a monster. You may think im quoting the gingerbread man
there but no, I am in fact referring to Carrion, where you play as the monster. They call it a reverse horror experience and
I saw the word horror so it counts. You assume the role of an amorphous creature
of unknown origins, to stalk and consume those that imprisoned you. With no release date other than 2020, we have
no clue when this game may be released. Maybe around like anti Halloween, so valentines
day? Or Christmas? No matter what this 2d 16 bit side scrolling
reverse horror game will have you screaming along with the tortured souls of the people
you are crushing to death with your many eyes and long blood tentacles. I don’t know how else to describe this thing. It’s a mass of muscle without flesh and
it leaves blood everywhere, like a really messed up SCP. Imagine this thing loose in the SCP 3008 game. Oh my lord, I’d want to play it even more. Just a massive wall of flesh coming at you,
wait no that’s terraria. Rainbow 6 Quarantine
The rainbow 6 siege’s outbreak even was the spark that ignited the passion within
the fans and developers to make this game happen. Quarantine is a tactical 3 person co-op fps
with the goal of extracting an individual from a containment procedure gone array. Or at least that looks like the story. The Rainbow operators will face off against
a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite, infecting human hosts and their surroundings. This new enemy is more lethal and challenging
than ever before. Do you think you can handle the funk? Or do you need roxy to whip up a pot of anti-funk? You may think this game will be easy but NO. It wont be, especially since you’ll only
have 2 other operatives with you. You’ll end up being up alien bile creek
without a paddle. I’ll try this game if my PC can ever actually
run Rainbow 6. Honestly though even Siege ended up breaking
my computer and I had to send it in for repairs. The Last of Us Part 2
The long awaited sequel to the last of us game from 2013. Set 5 years after the events of the first
game, the player controls a 19 year old Ellie. Who comes into conflict with a mysterious
cult in the post-apocalyptic united states. The game is supposedly set to release on may
29th 2020, I say supposedly because I got this off of Wikipedia and sometimes game developers
just say a day to get the public and press of their backs. This could be moved to sooner in the year
or late. But the most likely scenario is that it gets
moved back. The game will also release in four editions. Standard, Special, Collectors and Ellie Edition. The different editions come with various collectors’
items and unlocked special abilities in the game as well as a bonus for pre ordering the
game. I played some of the first game, but got stuck
on a level with my girlfriend and we weren’t able to get past. So we kinda just stopped. Have you played The Last of Us? And what did you think? Let me know below! Blair Witch
Blair Witch was a movie that was a hit due to a brilliant marketing scheme which made
the person who came up with it a lot of money. It tricked movie goers into thinking that
they were going to watch a real tragic event unfold on the silver screen. This is kind of screwed up. You’d be watching actual people die but
you wanted to see it anyway. But at least the atmosphere was chilling;
the Blair Witch game is being developed by Blooper Team, the studio responsible for layers
of fear. This game will be a first person psychological
horror. Where you step into the shoes of Ellis, a
former police officer investigating the disappearance of a boy in the black hills forest, with some
help from your dog bullet. The game looks scary and based on the trailer
it can really mess with your head. While originally being released last year,
the game is set for another release on major consoles set to release this year as well. And it will supposedly have new features and
improved mechanics. This may all be total bull, since i only saw
it like twice, but I mean the thrill of the chase right? There we have it friends the Top 10 most anticipated
games of 2020. I tried to stay away from re-releases because
that seems like cheating. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like and subscribe
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from previous videos. Jacob Carbino
this would be a pretty cool gameplay series I know! I wanna get like an actual series of something
going. So if you guys have a game you’d like to
see me play or have a series for let us know in the comments and like the comments if you
see a game you like! Piggydoesyoutube the pig that could
When you said “this is better than spookys jumpscare mansion” I got a question, do
you like that game? Cause I love it. Did I say that one of those exes was better
than jumpscare mansion? I meant to say worse. Because yes I like that game and those exes
aren’t better than anything. Thunder Playz
Are you planning on making a top 10 best exe games video? heheh saw right through us eh? Kola Akinbola
Why gumball? Why Shrek? WHY ANY OF THOSE! I don’t know why they did gumball but they
did shrek because like, come on its shrek. You know, somebody once told me, the world
is gonna roll me. Now I aint the sharpest tool in the shed,
but she was looking kinda dumb, with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her
forehead. Well that’s all we have time for today. Thank you all so much for watching I have
been and shall remain connor munro and ill see you in another video.


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The fnaf game is on my list

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Top 10 Gaming · January 6, 2020 at 8:10 pm

What horror game are you most looking forward to?

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When your laptop is crap…

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Blair witch already came out though as Ellis, I'm confused, re-release?

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I’d love to be the monster!!!

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I thought this was a gaming channel not a horror Channel.

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Did anyone know that GLaDOS calls you a monster in Portal 2?

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umm Blair Witch shouldn't be in the list because it already came out for Xbox and PC.

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I’m looking forward to The Last Of Us Part 2!!! The first one was awesome!!

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Resident evil 3 remake

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When is chernobylite released?

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Last of us is one of the best games I have ever played in my life

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