Thomas and Friends Huge World’s Strongest Engine Train Competition

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who’s ready for world’s strongest engine?
for Valentine’s Day we’re gonna have boys versus girls as they come
face-to-face news engine roll call team boys hyper glue Thomas hyper glue salty
Henry Gordon Charlie Connor Merlin Rheneas Porter Stafford and
chocolate-covered Percy let’s meet the girl engines Nia Belle
Emily Kaitlyn Lexi Rebecca hyper glue Ashima Molly
Rosie flora hyper glow Nia and paint splattered Emily which engine do you
want to start off with Rebecca I know who to take her up Rebecca versus
Charlie let’s get these two on and see how they’re gonna do this is gonna be a
great competition on your marks get set go off for your gums Charlie down the
line we’re back and we’ll be over the halfway point
oh it’s getting aggressive she was fighting with Charlie but looks like
Charlie has a little bit of an advantage now we’ve got her throat wheels off
track completely he’s going on he’s pushing a pretzel Emma gasps happy
Valentine’s Day Rebecca one of the more powerful members
of the steam team but Charlie ultimately comes through it takes her out second
competition Leon pick your lady yeah well I know how to take her out another
Valentine’s Day train competition Mia and Gordon were little dia we’ll see how
you do in this competition on your marks get set here they come down the line fastest and
best but you lost the Express Gordon Nia Wow pushes him over lots of really
strong girl engines here they’re gonna do very well
oh wow hmm I think let’s go all the way over here Belle and staffer go together
like water and electricity this is going to be very shocking for us I’m a
Valentine’s Day on your marks get set I think you’re right great competition
lots of aggression from Belle but ultimately Stafford it’s just to
electrify and it takes out the big blue engine
oh look Molly a very large powerful engine and Porter who uses that sad to
give himself some grip on your marks get set coming down the line here comes
Molly she will oh they won’t meet you almost at the halfway mark whoa very
good competition looks like Molly I think that he’s turned over him oh he’s
upright her tender so much keep going Wow that was a great battle it was short
and sweet Porter getting turned over and Molly even though she did get off track
I think her tendrá wanted to keep going that’s right you got this one we have paint splattered Emily or paint
splattered Gloria we have salty the dockside diesel let’s get these two you
ready to go on your marks get set go salty coming on down the line here comes
Emily being pushed by her tender and she’s a first across the line oh she’s
dug underneath another great Valentine’s Day battle salty actually knocked Emily
off she was doing really good Yeti underhand or actually lifted a mop but
salty proved to be a big winner there lots more engines to race Liam who do
you want to see next ah I know who we can use to take out
Caitlin curse Caitlin big strong and streamlined in her Valentine will be
chocolate-covered Percy who looks like he had a terrible Valentine’s Day on
your marks get set okay but she’s streamlined I took me the
first about the Frog Layla she gets underneath it she says I’m real you know what let’s see how
this plays out look at Percy here he’s gonna chocolate covered and he’s
purchased attended on Caitlin and he keeps moving he’s going Wow dear some
great battles were having most of this is old track mastered an old track
master track and I mean these battles are great halfway through the first
round dad’s gonna pick first and I’m gonna go with this engine Rosie is pink and Henry is green and
Valentine’s Day they will meet in between on your marks get set go
they’re off here comes Henry our new track master track and Rose you an old
track master track and they’ll meet about at the halfway point
oh wow look at this Henry was getting the upper half ropes like Rosie says I
want you to be my Valentine Henry let’s kiss I’ll kiss you Wow Rosie unreal
Henry was getting at the upper hand but Rosie ultimately shows us why she is the
most determined engine on sodor I know that I’m gonna go with an engine that is there’s a journey beyond Sodor battle as
Lexi the experimental engine takes on Merlin the completely visible on your
marks get set don’t they’re off Merlin coming on down
here comes Lexi they’re gonna move out to halfway point and they say I love you
it looks like Merlin loves Lexi a little bit harder than she loves it Wow
experimentally look up motion as he is ready to kiss him he’s got that Cal
counter underneath and lifting his front wheels up slightly that cowcatcher is a
big advantage for these engines not real look at that it’s coming back
this little wheels are still off and he’s going out for years let’s see how
she’s going this is a mom this is a crazy it’s like no glad that’s getting
sucked back and forth what a crazy Cooper race will be enough for let’s go
over and keep going Wow we are just having great
competitions on today’s rule strongest engine Lexi and Merlin back and forth
forth and back what a great battle the length of the track Alan in the end it
looks like Lexi next race I think we’re gonna go with everyone’s favorite engine
battle the hyper glow engines Nia and Thomas on your marks get set go for off
and here comes Thomas yeah meeting I’m down looks like Thomas will
cause the halfway mark first but oh wow Nia has the opera cottage she is
confidently over on top of comments if she pushes them and she will go on it
with this whoa that was a great battle knee on the hyper glow version of her
odd Wow just take out some kicks out Tom it’s unbelievably my boys gonna do some
catching up here another hyper global hyper glow she ma hyper globe – Oh fun
on the hyper glow track whether a hyper hot blue hue on your marks get set off
and here they come whoa looks like your Sheba has a little bit of a package this
is the first to meet by here comes Percy aggressively pushing on it Sheba wow
this is a very one-sided fight we’re having some quick exciting battles here
today on kids toys play – go Percy quickly just gets rid of Ashima I think
we’re gonna continue the guys winning ways old school chalk monster battle flora
the tramway versus Connor the superfast express streamlined engine on your marks
get set so they’re off here comes Connor
speeding along here comes Florida try imagine they will meet about halfway Oh what happened what happened there
Honda’s back wheels are off by Lucius doc Hurtz taco together it looks like
floors in a normative position over Conor so we’re gonna give the win to the
Sodor travei flora we’re wondering if four wheels are working at all because
she had a little bit of difficulty there her back wheels weren’t working at the
end but she managed to get the upper hand over Connor and goes on for the win
and our last race in the first round of competition has MOA representing team
girls and Rheneas the narrow gauge engine on Team boys on your marks get
set Emily the counter plugs are giving me
about halfway Gabby’s edges are very easily much they said I love you looks
like that Lisa’s happy Valentine’s Day in this kitchen the buffers here Renee
is pushing at heroes out of you wins great match ultimately Rheneas comes out
of nowhere you know Wow yellow Linnaeus takes out Emily this is a really big
deal welcome to the second round of old track
master new track master girls versus boys 12 engines remain flora hyper glue
Mia Molly Rosie Lexi Nia for Team girls Charley hyper glowy stuff ‘red
chocolate-covered percy salty and yellow Renee as for team boys Oh flora well
let’s get her taken care of flora out a really interesting win last round let’s
see if salty can knock her out on your marks get set go
they’re off something coming on down the line here’s flora put her try imagine
they’re gonna meet what’s gonna happen looks like
Mootoo Rudy’s Wow toasty now it definitely has a little
bit more aggression I don’t know what it takes to win this competition sighs oh
we’re a hit first let’s let’s all think cut we’ll call so he’s aware that folks
salty ultimate great competition for the dockside diesel is taking out flora
right yes correct let’s stay with the theme hyper Globus
is hyper glow we have Nia versus Percy let’s figure out who that most hyper
globe s Tenjin is on your marks get set Percy is incredibly dominant he has
eliminated Nia and proven that he’s the most hyper of the hyper glow engines
whoo-ha moly versus Stafford this is going to be fun the old style track
master these guys have been having some great competitions on your marks get set
go there come staff and I think Molly might be a little bit more powerful she
is I’m not sure I think Stafford I flipped over I think Molly’s upright I
think that maybe Molly yeah I think staffers eliminated I think that these
old cell Trackmaster world strongest engines are the best six engines remain
we’re halfway through the second round boys picked first and I know who I want
to win Mike Rosie is having a great Valentine’s Day she wants some chocolate
for Valentine’s it looks like chocolate-covered Percy’s on the bill on
your mark get set go looks like it’s struggling to get along Percy has a
little bit of an advantage is he’s halfway mark Rosie not pushing hard
Percy nobody looks like Rosie is tasting the
chocolate a person boiler it looks like they’re a little off keister here Percy
might have a bit of a disadvantage neither wheel is really turning Rosie
whoa Percy and getting a little across I’ve been pushing and pushing up he
knows he wants to get back she pushes up folks this is the odd little turning
they’re not turning so much here Luzi lifted up and knocked off the cover
brushing off and out ship front tires off but she’s going on that celebration
sure chocolate-covered percy fought gallantly but ultimately rosie once
again proves washing the hardest-working engine on Sodor boys need to get some
advantage again oh you want to go with her Nia and Charlie sitting in a tree
I’m just kidding they’re too heavy on your marks get set
Oh Charlie the jokes are running down here comes here she goes over the
halfway mark perish by Charlie gets up very close for any present while
Charlie’s doing thinks I’m pushing her here lady meets Nia these competitions
of world’s strongest engines have been absolutely fantastic to get Charlie room
eliminates me and record time and the final battle in this round has Lexi who
is actually new track master and Yellow Rheneas who’s old track master once
again he’s the last guy to go let’s see how he does on your marks get set go
hey it’s coming down here’s Lexi she’s coming down the line and she crosses out
way mark button and now for this is pushing hard on her
and he is going very difficult oh whoa Lexi tries to fight back at the last
moment ultimately Rheneas man he’s just doing awesome third round of
competition semi-finals we have four boy engines cue girl engines Rosie and Molly
representing the girls salty Percy Charley Renea representing boys Liam who
do you want go first you are Rosie I’m looking to make you go
first this round another old track master bath
rosy vs. yellow corneas this should get aggressive on your marks Get Set rosy
the pink engines looking to be about halfway Rene it’s having to pick up an
advantage and he’s not pushing on Rosie oh wow look at the aggression Rosie says
happy Valentine’s Day I may be a little smoochy those fruits Yoko Venus your
hands calming my head really well Rene estate on at least Rene’s makes it three
in a row unbelievable that was a very close booty
is great at just holding the competition they’re lifting them up but ultimately
it was Rene’s head over through her next battle let’s say was old track master
these are the best battles has Molly the last girl the last female representative
will take on salty the dockside diesel and see if she can keep girls alive
on your marks get set here comes Molly diesel yep and will it stay for Molly
she’s got salty she’s underneath now the sector’s back tire is off the
track specifically it’s a tender that’s prisoners diesel being lifted looks like
it’s a Valentine’s Day smooth from mowing and she’s just pushing on them I
think she’s getting a little bit of palms right there but she is absolutely
oh wow what happened so these can you throw it up and pushed off both these
Molly’s still standing here protector still going I think that Molly
wand looks like team girls are going on to the fourth round the finals if you
will and the final battle will see boy against boy new track master versus new
track masters hyper glow Percy takes on Charlie on your marks get set mercy is rushing down Charlie’s coming
up to meet him looks like Charlie or mercy so he has a little bit of the
advantage you’re crazy very impressive that he is eliminated charlie hyper go
Percy just being very aggressive eliminates our past champion Charlie
ladies and gentlemen welcome to the final two representatives of team boys
one representative team girls and the only new track master is hyper glow
Percy Molly versus Renee as yellow versus yellow all
track master versus old track master this will be the first competition on
your marks get set looks like a pin a deadlock looks like Renee s ollie is in
this disposition before attending that’s feeding her Wow Renee it’s his wheels of
slowdown control it of the advantage I lifted up her Nance whoopee enough go on
we’re not you sure your bow detector stolen they’re still badly bruised II
getting involved way too aggressive it’s more difficult the scene the crowd is
going very excited this is just very rough Molly what a well-fought battle I
thought Rene’s was going to win now and Molly and more poorly Molly’s tender end
up winning that on your marks Kat’s at Lawson here comes Bercy very
aggressive all but for Danis that’s pushing on Percy another on you talk
about their track wow what a pound one looks like Renea
getting very aggressive on hyperbole pussy I got blue that’s hyper go Percy
just be pushed around and he is creepy the feel bonus Rheneas unbelievable
fresh shot that lost a ball he has ended up defeating hyper go Percy and here it
is the final race for it all if Percy wins that we have a three-way tie from
ollie Winston she is today’s Champion on your marks get set go Percy crossing it
the mall is now being aggressive these old track patches are pushing on
the very best of the new track passers it’s the tender pushing ball pushing
– whoa Percy – go Percy you better fight top it’s gonna be all over we’re gonna
have a new champion yes finding would be those wheels
turning not one China ultimately though it looks like what’s gonna happen
Valentine’s Day special and it’s a Hollywood and as is a Valentine’s Day
tradition here’s a random cow presenting the trophy to today’s big
winner Molly I think Renee is mine to come in second and I think hyper glow
person came in third if anyone was wondering thank you both so much for
watching guys

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