THE START OF SOMETHING AWESOME | Detroit:Become Human – Part 1

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THE START OF SOMETHING AWESOME | Detroit:Become Human – Part 1

(Whoopsh!~) Top of the mornin’, to ya, laddies!
My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome, finally, to
“Detroit: Become Human”! I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time. I didn’t know Scarlett Johansson was in it. Hey! Jack: Ooooh, that’s freaky! How’d you know what’s in my house? Okay, get out of my head, witch demon! But I’ve been very excited about this game for a very long time because it looks cool, the topics that it’s kind of tackling looks really interesting, umm ever since I played the demo of it when it came out and I really really liked that, so I thought I want to play the full game, I want to see what the entire story is, so I’m guessing we’re going to start New Story, It did ask me to pick stuff at the start, it asked me to pick “Casual” or “Experienced” I picked “Experienced” because it said that that was the case of being able to lose more characters or the story was going to be a bit stricter,
things like that. I think that’s going to be a lot more interesting.
If I pick “Casual,” I think I get a lot more do-over’s and I don’t really want that. I want my decisions to be my decisions, so let’s kick it off and start a new story. Yes, okay. Let’s uh-go! But, this is made by the same people who made Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and they’re very story-driven games, very character-driven games, very dialogue-driven games and you make all these choices and everything, so You know I’m a sucker for these types of games, anyway, especially for YouTube, so I’m wondering how… *Coin flipping sound effect* Oh! *Coin flipping effect continues* Hey! It’s my buddy, Connor! This is the demo section! I didn’t know it started off the game like this! Okay, we kinda know what we’re doing here. He’s so cool! I like Connor a lot. Ohh, that’s me, “Negotiator!” (robotic voice): Hello, I am the negotiator,
but you can call me “Connor!” Awh, happy family! Caroline, John, and Emma. (robotic voice): Don’t worry, ma’am!
I am here to save the day! Oh, there was a thing back here. A little fish! Ow! I’m a real person! That’s the kind of conversation that I’m saying. This stuff is going to be really fun, because it’s almost like It’s almost… I don’t know, I’ll get into it in a bit, we’ll just play the game to begin with, anyway. Awh, a Dwarf Gourami. “Leave or save.”
I’mma save the lil’ pooker! [because fish is doing “pook”-sounds] You and me, we’re the same, fish. We can’t feel emotions, and the humans don’t like us. Okay, “Find Captain Allen.”
Ooh, but I want to look at the fish more. I know I kinda have to save the little girl, and everything, but look how cute these guys are! Alright, moving on. Gentlemen! How are we doing? Okay, from what I remember I have to go talk to Allen anyway before I can.. Allen! ..before I can do anything else. What’s the sitch, Kim Possible? Captain Allen? Jack: *reads options* Yeah, you’ve been going a great job so far. But, this is what I’m talking about,
they call the android an “it,” ..because it technically has like, no gender, no personality, it’s just a robot, and they treat them as lesser citizens, so it almost has like a racial feel to it, as well and I think that’s going to open up a lot of interesting story arcs and story choices and everything. And I’m always curious to see how far games go with that, and how seriously they take it, and how they implement it, and video games are a good medium for this type of stuff. Also, I’ve been in Detroit now!
Now I know what Detroit looks like! I know what the people are like, I know what the place looks like. I know everything about it! Well, the street that I was on. Not everything. *chuckles* Okay. He stole the gun! He’s a bad guy! “Deviant took the father’s gun,” sure did. That’s a bad android! What was his name? Daniel? Okay, I’m at a 50% success rate. And I’m going for the hundo. Okay, I want to go into the girl’s room. Excuse me, gentlemen, I’m just going to visit the little girl’s room! Oh, that’s a freaky teddy bear! *laughs* Alright, play this sucker. [oh boi is this daniel from camp camp?] Jack (mimicking video): Hi, Daniel! (Robotic voice): This is a joke, my humor setting is at 65%. Alright, I want to do this properly. When I was doing the demo of it, I was kind of dicking around, but I want to make sure I do this right, I want to make sure…. Can I save Daniel? *music plays from headphones* Ah, Walking on Sunshine! The music’s cool! I mean, not only does the game look amazing, but it sounds great too. Like, there’s a lot of time and effort gone
into the craft of this game. Also, Connor is my dude. Connor’s the man. Robot man, but the man, nonetheless. Ha haa! Call me “The Negotiator” from now on! That’s what I want to be known as! Okay, let’s check these holes in you. I mean, you might be dead, but at least you’re aerodynamic. Let’s reconstruct this bad boy. Did you dropped a.. iPad, right? There it is! Wingardium leviosa! Ohh, It’s so atmospheric and vibey! It’s 9 grand for a robot? That’s so cheap! I mean, don’t get me wron– *gunshots* JESUS! Oooh, nuts. Oooh, nuts. Umm- Okay, don’t get me wrong.
9 grand – that’s a lot of money, but for a FULL robot..? Do you realize how much it is just to get those Boston Dynamic Dog things to work? Oh, save me, Buddha. Okay, I gotta check the dead man. Don’t assault, calm down. I hope if you’re going to assault, you’re gonna a-pepper too. Ding ding, show me where the gun is, sir! As I said, this is all stuff that we’ve done already, so that’s why I’m able to like blast through it. ‘Cause I kinda know what’s happening. So he got Emma, and then the first responder got in, shot him, hurt him, damaged him, then he himself got shot and his gun went over there, okay. 69%! You know what that means! Hah, not enough yet! I’m gonna take the gun. Not ’cause I want to use it, but because I want to use it as a bargaining chip. If I take the gun, show that I have it, tell them truth that I have it and then toss it away, then he might be more inclined to listen to me, to believe me. And trust me. Okay, your casserole is burned. That’s fine. The family was about to have dinner. (narrator voice): And they did have dinner, but they ate a dinner of lead. What the perp didn’t know is that
The Negotiator was on site. This is… America’s Craziest Car Chases. *chuckles* I don’t know. Oh, she got blood on her Yeezys. This music is awesome. *squeaks* Where you going? Look… Okay, the controls are ass. Awh, Emma P., no! Okay, hostage located. Lads, *deep breath* I’m going out! *gunshot* Oh sheesh. [That`s definitely is Daniel from Camp Camp] I’m here to help, the motherfuckers, go away! Oh my God, you’re making things so much worse! Ah, it’s even blowing the water
out of the pool, that’s cool! Uh, calm. Okay, it’s going back up Yes! I have some arms! Okay, bargaining chip! So we got some percent out of that, that’s good. Uh, possible cause. Okay, calm down. Daniel, calm down, bro! *funny voice* Daniel, noooo! Um, sympathetic. Get out of here, dudes! Okay, give me those percents. Yes, uh, trust. Ooo, we’re getting close! Uuhh, that’s not gonna work… None of us do! Reassure. Yeah! Uh oh. Uh oh! *gunshot* Yup… Ugh, Daniel, no, I’m sorry! *frightened noises* It’s so good! I like that it said “software instability”.
Does that mean that… I’m starting to feel stuff now? Hoo-hooh!
Oh, we get to see the flow chart! Let’s see.. ‘Cause this is where you see everything that– Ah, I clicked through it! Oh well, we’d seen that before, anyway. So, everything after this now
is all completely new to me. Woah. Hi! Hi! *Gasp* There’s Daniel at the background! There’s Daniel at the background! He’s in the middle of the window! He’s in the middle of the window. 8,000 dollars for an entire robot!
With that sort of A.I.! Aww.. He’s a cute one! Oh wait, they’re being sold androids BY androids. Oh wait, they’re being sold androids BY androids. That’s weird. That’s weird. Oh, hey. Oh, hey. *Happy gasp* Yay!! Oh, Kara was the one that was in the tech demo. Yay!! Oh, Kara was the one that was in the tech demo. They had like a video that they showed off like their new game that they were gonna do and the and the new technologies they were using and everything, new technologies that they were using and everything. And Kara was one of them! And Kara was one of them! That’s cool- ooh!
Clancy Brown is in this, I didn’t know that. Uhm, Clancy Brown is… Umm, Clancy Brown is.. Mister Krabbs. What a beautiful game. I’m also curious.. because obviously it takes place in Detroit. And I’m curious why they chose Detroit? And I’m curious why they chose Detroit? From what I understood when I was there, I learned that Detroit was a big automotive place years and years and years ago, I learned that Detroit was a big automotive place years and years and years ago, like one of the bigger hopes and like one of the bigger hubs for cars and manufacturing and everything, for.. cars and manufacturing and everything. And it was like a huge, and it was like a huge, big up-and-coming city, and then… big up and coming city, and then.. everything kinda fell apart, I don’t kno-
I don’t really know why? Like the- the economy sort of destabilized there, so I’m curious if that’s why they picked it for this. “I lost my job because of androids”.. Oh. Well that’s… Oh. Well that’s… That’s like reality now. Not because of robots,
but just because of automation. “Written and directed by David Cage.” Okay. So we get to play as Kara now? Oh no, now we get to play as the other guy. Who’s portayed by Jesse Williams. Ooh. What a handsome man. Aw man, all the androids are out doing
all the gardening and everything. And they’re helping the man- aw, this is weird… Fuuuture! [mimicking the girl on the article]
Heh, shhh! I have a secret but I’ll never tell! Hah. Shh, I have a secret but I’ll never tell. Ohh! Ohh! The books are like.. tablets! Oh, bizarre! “Climate Change-Up: How the environment is changing America’s society. Miami to heighten sea wall by further 10 meters.” *reading* So in this world, climate change is like, destroying society- I mean
it’s happening in society now but like, they’re actually taking measures here. Tsk. Tsk. *Reads* *Reads* Huh. Interesting.
Man, look how pretty this is. Can I do the thing as you? Oh, I can. Interesting. Hello, sir! Oh. Oh, hi. Are you jogging with your android? Hah! Heh! Ahh, that’s weird. Ahh, that’s weird. So his- his A.I- his android was like
his personal assistant? It’s so bizarre- ’cause now we already have stuff that- like the Nike running app or the, like a pair of headphones that
you can put on that has like a- an A.I in it that helps you
with your tracking, everything- that helps you with your tracking and everything. But I never thought about having an actual.. personified AI follow you around that
never gets tired or anything. To have like, your water for you. To have like your water for you. It’s kinda creepy in a way.. Aw, look at this all lit up Wow. I didn’t get to- oh god, it keeps freezing up. I didn’t get to see much of Detroit when I was there, so I don’t know if everything is completely accurate but, I assume it’s fairly accurate- wow. “Bellini Paints is not this way.” Oh, that’s kinda cool! ‘Cause a lot of games struggle with their UI’s and tryna figure out a way of keeping the player where they want them, and this actually makes sense, because of course the A.I software in the android would see stuff like this. It can see like objective markers or anything. That’s neat. Okay. I wanna search around. I wanna see everything there is to see. This is very pretty. Officer. Ooh, we have an android police officer. Ooh, that’s interesting. Hello. In-game voice: Hi. Jack: Somebody else said “Hi” as I said “Hello.” What is this? Ah, it’s just a delivery truck. Okay. I’ve to go get paint. Apparently. Oh, yeah! Sing it, dude! Mm! Hmm! “Human music! One dollar to hear music with soul.” *Chuckles* Hmm, human music. I like it. Aw, I would kill for a hotdog! Oh, protest. “Bellini Paints is not this way.” Okay. I’m guessing I have to move foward. I’m guessing I have to move forward. This is neat- oh, they’re little drones
carrying around packages. What’s going on here? Damn. I didn’t even do anything. I never even thought about the religious aspects that would be dragged into this kind of story ‘Cause it’s also… ‘Cause it’s also… I don’t know I actually wanna play the game instead of getting bogged down in all my chatter. getting bogged down in all my chatter. What movies are playing? Annah Mavrick. After Mankind 3021. Invasion. Raken, The Target These could all be actual movies. Wait, what? Hi sir. Wait where’s Bellini Paints? Oh it’s right here. Oh. My bad. *Gasp*
Olivander’s! Can I pick out my wand? Weird. Oh that’s so bizarre. I’m like a Post-mates delivery boy Except everything is automated. It’s like Cause this is what’s interesting. Cause right now we have stuff like Google home and the Amazon Alexa and everything. And you can order stuff through them.
And just get your Alexa to order you stuff and get it sent to your house. Without ever having to click on stuff yourself And that is basically what this is but in a personified human body form. And I never thought to think of it like that. It even the case of when I tell Alexa to turn off the ligths or Alexa to play music of something. I feel bad not saying please or thank you sometimes. Even though it’s just a piece of software and it doesn’t have feelings or anything but that’s the thing. Would you actually be like that if you met robots or androids like that.
That had faces. And the more used to the androids you get and seeing their faces around and knowing that they don’t have emotions That starts to suck the humanity out of people. And I think that’s going to be a really
interesting thing in the game to see how people react because the more androids you see around the place that you don’t have to be
courteous to because they don’t have feelings to get upset. The more you’ll start treating other actual humans like that. Oh I can switch camera angles that’s cool. Nice. And it was the same as the dude was running after the the guy that was jogging and he gave him his water, he just threw the water back to him and kept running. Cause technically he doesn’t have to be nice to the robot because it doesn’t have feelings or anything like that. It’s not going to get upset if he’s not
cause he is doing a service. But I don’t know if I can do that because I don’t know because I empathize with thing to easily. It’s interesting. And it something that’s kind of not completely outside of the realm of reality. This game is very pretty. Wait where am I going? Take bus home. Ok Android Temporary Parking. Oh that’s what they were doing in the little cut scene. That’s weird, everything is wierd. Don’t need an android, need money for food. You can eat the android. oh now I have to walk past the protest. I’m assuming they are not going to like me. Oh shit it’s Jake Gyllenhaal. I-I-I can stand up. Jesus. You job stealer. i mean he already- there was already an android police officer over there. And that is a weird thing to think about as well because what if the androids were the police force. How stringent would they be on rules.
And who do they determine is doing wrong and right and all that kind of stuff. Cause I also- we did a little um I did a little quiz thing awhile ago on Smart cars and A.I in smart cars on who it would save on a highway and stuff was in front of it. Can I go in here? Oh, no entry for purchased androids. This game is a lot like the game (movie) I, Robot. I wonder if Will Smith is going to show up? Is this the thing? Yeah. Ooh that’s kind of creepy looking. Oh god, the androids are segregated. this- my mind immediately goes to cause recently i watched Um On a flight on the way home. I watched Hidden Figures. the movie. About the women working in NASA and trying to get equal rights and trying to do the work as well and everything Fantastic movie. I love that movie, I would highly recommend it. But it reminded me of that because in the movie there was segregated areas for like coloured bathrooms and coloured areas where only coloured people could work in. And thats basically what this is kind of like cause the androids and the humans don’t get along. So that’s what I’m saying it’s almost like a racial topic. it’s like we’ve gone a certain degree with equal rights Still a long way to go in humanity in general these days But you go further and you bring in theses androids and it’s almost like you regress as you progress kind of thing. So these types of topics are what’s really interesting to me and I’m always curious how video games handle them and how media handles them and everything cause it’s just a I-I know it’s a fascinating topic to get in to and it’s an important discussion to kind of bring up. Um. And all this A.I. stuff and everything is something that’s gonna happen in the future. And in this I’m assuming there is going to be a section where we talk about like “Android Rights” Things like that. So that’ll be interesting to see. Um. Oh what did I- What did I miss out on? Oh bummer. I got most stuff though that’s important. Oh, now we’re back to Kara Kara’s in the car. Pretty sure this is where Pennywise lives. this game has got some fantastic music. Woah Oh my god that’s gorgeous. Shut up I’m appreciating. Join Todd. Screw you Todd. that depth of field effect is really really nice to look at. Rebuild North Corktown? A better place to live. Seems like they are building a highway. Oh yeah it’s in the background as well. Alright I’m coming in. (laughter from jack as to where Alice is) She was just sitting there Oh this is not a happy household is it? Hold R2 to scan your environment. OH man I have to do work? Collect dishes, activate vacuum cleaner, Check the backyard. Yep there it is. It’s out there. Oh man. Okay got to go to work. Work all day. Hi Alice. Todd, phone. Oh I don’t trust Todd. Is Todd a drug dealer? Alright dishes. Woah So she scanned the dishwasher and found a component missing and just immediately ordered it. Oh future. I get to wash the dishes mommy. Oh yeah. Epic game play. *whisper* Hi Alice. Are you off in Wonderland? Nope she’s gone. Sorry bad joke. I’ll try harder next time I swear. Scrub, scrub, scrub Oh that’s a cut little giraffe boy. fuck’s sake KARA BRING DADDY A BEER. He’s thirsty, I wanna watch the game. Yes Todd. I’m sorry Todd. I’m afraid I can’t do that. Oh my god he is actually watching the game. Here Todd. I wanna watch the game. Who’s playing? Seahawks? Canada? Jesus Todd sucks. Is that a little Roomba? Hey look at him go. You coundn’t have done this Todd? This place is a mess. Jeepers Christ Almighty Todd Collect trash is trash bin. Okay, can I put Todd in there? Todd is Absolute garbage. Oh my god look at all the pizza boxes, take-outs, Plates, Cans, beer, All the pizza boxes over here. Although Todd I must say Pizza and beer. nice choice. Apart from you being human garbage we probably get along pretty well. I don’t like hockey, though. It’s also weird to think that they of course you have Roomba’s and everything that go around you house and Vacuum and all that but it’s weird to think that an actually fully grown human AI android to do the cleaning around the house. Cause you can hire people to come clean your house and all that stuff obviously in reality but when you have an android doing it you don’t really have to be nice to it. To just seeing the interactions. Ooh It’s interesting. And all like the vehicles, the buses and transportation and all are all self driving it seems. Which that I can see happening very very soon in reality. Within like the next ten years. with the advancements in electric cars and AI’s and all that stuff. I’m back. What are you doin’? Oh god, are you blazing? The hell is that? Oh my god. What the hell is that? Todd’s over here getting his soul sucked out by a Dementor. “kay I’m a check the backyard. Hey little Roomba friend. Can we all agree that Father of the Year should go to Todd? Take down laundry. Okay. Wonder if the machinery out there is all. automated as well. The stuff in the background? Hey, Alice. Re-wash laundry. No I wanna talk to A-dog over here. What’s going on dog? Game, Backyard, Weather, School. Let’s plat a game. I want to play a game. *imitating Jigsaw* Okay Hmm poor Alice. Make sure I’m not missing anything. Is that Todd getting high off his own supply in there? Sounds like he’s jerking off. Man. It’s amazing what a depth of field affect will do to visuals. That’s very impressive. Also, why do I have to re-wash the laundry? Cause Todd so filthy I have to re-wash his shit twice? Heh, good one me. Put Down. Don’t eat it. Red Ice, acetone, lithium, thirium Oh, Jesus. Todd fucking Sucks. Her little blinky light went red too, cause she was in danger ‘Kay let see if there is anything else to find around here. So that was the stuff he was doing then Red Ice. Two things in here. Report to Todd. Oorrr? Oh I guess that is the only thing. Ooh. God damn it Todd, you knocked stuff down. This place was lovely and clean a second ago. To- could you not. Could you not make those sounds? Can I talk to Alice again? What’cha doin”? What you looking at? Oh she playing a game on an I Pad. Okay Todd. Yeah. You just keep being the winner you are Todd. Clean bathroom, clean Todd’s room, clean Alice’s room. Okay Alice I’m going to make your room Spotless, it’s going to be so good. You’re going to forget all about Todd. Fucking really don’t like that he keeps making that sound. Eeeh. All Sports, No. Tech Addict That might be fun to read, considering the game we are in. reading the article, hey that’s what I was talking about. continues reading the article. And this is it. This is a fascinating conversation cause this is something we’re gonna to have to do eventually. As a car’s barreling down the street it doesn’t know it just detects a body. And it’s up to us to put in rule to say well should it swerve out of the way to avoid them and then move on. Bit if to swerves and there is some one else there, then it has to make a decision. On who to avoid and who to hit kind of thing. Umm. Or does the car keep going down the street anyway And regardless of who’s in front of it, it just plows through And it’s a scary conversation to have. And it is for people far smarter than I am. But, it is something to consider. And then when you start putting “value” on peoples lives. Uh it starts to get a bit creepy. It’s like a Black Mirror episode. Ah sick guitar dude, can I play it? Ooh I can only clean it up. Sick Fender bro, do you play? You play some music bro? What’s your favorite band? Yo, how many songs can youplay, how many chords do you know? Oh Jesus You’ve unlocked a dialogue or action often beneficial. OooOooh So that’ll come in handy when something has to go down. knowing that there is a gun in the house. It also said that he was taking antidepressants. and that is contains an ingredient that causes mood disorders Oh My God that’s creepy. Switch on TV Oh you do even have to press a button Raahg sports, boo. ooh Cartoons. Is that Kubo? That’s kind of cool. 37.5% unemployment. That’s crazy. Wow really living the life here Todd. Bottles of shit everywhere. Though I guess your living habits reflect who you actually are as a person. Human garbage This place looks way nicer now though. You’re welcome. Ventilate. Oh god, I hit my mic with the controller. Anything else? Ooh What is that? Is that a nudie magazine? There was stuff from a bank there I think? Alright anything else? Left. Oh just that book again. Push him down the stairs. Do it. I know you can’t hurt human life, it’s probably in your coding and everything but I think we will make an exception for Todd. She didn’t even have to go in and clean all your shit stains. There’s no bush big enough for you Todd. Clean bathroom. Okie-dokie Arrange bottles. What? I feel pretty Oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and- Android Oh these bottles Was there-? Is there a snorkel Awe that’s cute that means when she takes a bath she sticks her head under water like she in da’ ocean. Mop floor, okay. Oh yeah. This is game play. If only mopping the floor was this easy. Okay. I think I have done everything so far, right? Tidy Alice’s room, clean restroom is there something left to unlock. Oh that’s a cool little fort. Oh and she is actually reading Alice in Wonderland. That’s cute. Oh look at the little drawings on the wall. What’cha reading? I wanna look at her drawing’s Cute. Why do yo- Alice. Alice your a bright young child, why do you have two suns? Are we on Tatooine or something? Alice come on. Your better than this. Hehe. Poor girl. Do you live alone with your dad? Ooh he sucks. Ok I have to ventilate room but maybe not yet. I want a little fort like that. Oo what’s this.? Secrets. Alright I’m a ventilate room, Alice. I hope you don’t mind. Ventilation in progress, ventilation activating, Ventilation complete. Apparently seeing that there is a ledge there, is going to be pertinent later on. Ok talk to Alice. Kneel before your god. Let’s be friendly. Wow, Talkative. Oh god I do. Oooh. Trusted path unlocked. What did she give me? Ohh a key to the box. ‘Kay ‘excuse me Mr. book I got a secrets. A.W Treasures? Alice Wonderland Treasures. Awe. Got to have you clover which’cha. Good ol’ Irish luck. Awe Man, Todd looks so different there. Did they loose their Mom? Her mom. Oh she has blood coming out of her head. Is that Todd? Or some dude that likes selling cocaine to children? That’s me. Oh, Jesus. So Todd hurt Alice and then and Kara stood up for her and Todd beat the shit out of Ali-Kara. Cause he said she got hit by a car. And you can tell that wasn’t true cause it didn’t seem like the truth at the time That’s intense. And I like how as well you can see her that her thing was yellow that was showing her learning or taking in information. but it was flashing red. Like she sensed danger. ‘Kay nothing else here. I have to ask Todd for new instructions. It’s cool I’m back Todd-o Oh no. Mmm, don’t do it Todd. No don’t- Don’t you fucking dare you piece of shit, Oooagh Seeing parents be shit to thier kids is like a big no-no for me. Oh, I missed something. Clean first floor. I missed something here. I did get these though, the yellow ones. so it’s cool to see the stuff you unlock like the very important stuff shows up as something different so Hopefully the stuff I missed isn’t anything to worth while. Hey my boy’s back. Where is Connor? I miss Connor. Holy shit, that’s a nice house. Markus Also, That’s cool Well everything here like the technology is cool but it is also creepy when you think about it. It’s like- There’s a thing called Amazon Key(?) I think where you get a smart lock for your door and Amazon employees can unlock it and leave your package inside and then re-lock your door. Which I just think is ooo Oh god no. I’m not letting anyone inside my house. oo Who’s a pretty boy? Who’s a pretty boy? This my house? Take care of Carl. Wake Carl upstairs. I could but look at all the downstairs there is. Oh my god even the birds are androids Oh I was so busy thinking about humans and androids that i didn’t even think about the possibility of animal androids. No that means that there are android puppies going around. I don’t wanna think about that. Oh thats the creepiest thing so far. Ooo slidey door. Oh god camera. Aah, food. Big old pot of coffee. Oh I shouldn’t’ve pick this up Oh I only have to take it to the dining table. I thought I was stuck with it. My god, this is a fancy house. Carl Is this your TV? Dude this place is dope. You even got a giraffe in your house. It’s blocking the steps but Where do you want to go Markus? Where does you heart want to flutter free? Oh hey haha. Cute. I just saw giraffes recently. Before we went on tour, we went to the zoo. I love giraffes they’re so cute. Giraffes, Hippos, Elephants. Anything else to look at? Pia-pia-piano piano da-da dun dun dun-a-dun. SAIL I’m supposed to be waking Carl upstairs and I’m just walking around his entire house. Woah Carl’s House is awesome! Oh yeah not it make sense why I got paint. He’s an artist. Oh wait there was something else to do at this table. Clean. Frickin’ Carl keeping the place all dirty. Who does he think he is? This house is awesome. Whoa, look at the garden Even to the point were the slit through the glass is slightly different than everything else around it. Daaaam quantic dream Do you want to paint Markas? That’s an interesting topic, If- an android could paint, something Because a lot of art is like- Imagination or interpretation. So, Would an android actually be able to draw something? I mean, obviously it would be able to copy something, but would it be able to like- Think up of something? Something new? Cause obviously an A.I. doesn’t have imagination. Cause I don’t even know if it has creativity or anything like that. Think I got everything. Also the lighting in this game is very, very nice. Like from the chandelier or- glass balls, the little crystals- Tah the the banister- reflections… to the marble to like the- The translucency of the skin and the subsurface scattering that is going on in his face. It’s Highly impressive. Everything actually feels like the texture it is. Beautiful? Oh, I want to look at the skeleton bones. It’s a leopleradon, Charlie (Charlie the Unicorn, reference). wait where the hell is his-? Oh, there is a door down here. I was about to say where the hell is his room. Oh… Good morning, Carl. oh (game) haha(Jack) I know that actor dude. Can’t remember who- what his name is but I must be an elephant. Also I’m not– to keen on my camera and my- Like, I wanted to move my camera left but you can’t because you have to take the thing That kind of thing. I’m not to keen on it being both the same button. He has a really cool voice, the Carl dude. Demonic voice: They didn’t hurt you did they? Very deep, gruff voice, I like it. Also in this sense, androids are really nice If old people had someone there to take care of them. That doesn’t get stressed out or exhausted or go through emotional distress. that they- old people don’t have to feel embarrassed to going to the bathroom in front of that’s really nice. Especially of they have someone there to talk to and listen to and just regale stories to, an- Someone who is not going to get bored of it. *Intreated* Hmm! Ha, WEEEEE! Haha~ Who’s Leo? tah-hahah, Imagine if your andriod just started doing this? (laughter) WHEEE. (laughter) Ah, we have fun here. I made you breakfast! Oh imagine an android cooking your food. The food would be prefect every time. aw, and they would make such good stuff! And you wouldn’t have to cook it yourself. spending so much time getting it wrong. *kiss sound**Deep voice* magnifique! Oooh good dirty bean water. Ooh, mines all gone. Mines empty! I want some dirty beans! Mmm, What could we do? wan’t to play piano again? That’s a cool tv. Find something to do: Piano…Book, Oh, there’s something over here. OOOO! Let’s play chess! That’s a weird chess set. Ah, wait.. It allowed me look at it and it unlocked one of them. So I wanna see what other options there are. My heart is kind of set on chess. though I can’t really play it on my own. Does the piano say “Quantic Dream” on it? And see I can’t manipulate the camera now when I go over to it. Cause it’s gonna make me play it. What was this? Books I don’t want to read a book I wanna play chess. I did the other things already. Sit down. Are you gonna play against your self? Speed chess. Oh. Um… I’ma win! Let’s fuck this old man up. Ah, don’t beat yourself up, Carl. (Laughter) Damn straight, Carl. I like that mentality, good for you. Although, can an android actually do something after the owner is dead? Or do they just get recommissioned? And reassigned? But damn straight. The world doesn’t like you when your different. But a lot of the world doesn’t like it when you conform either. So Why not be different? Why not do the things=you want to do? And screw the world. Just be what you want to be. Otherwise you can spend years conforming to what society wants and still end up unhappy. So why not do some thing that makes you happy? And risk it? And live a little? Also, that’s awesome! Oooh! You’re drawing a big boy! Wow. Oh, I already cleaned the studio..woops. That’s a cool picture. oh. Look at him go! That’s a nifty machine you got there Carl. Is there anything for me to do? Carl, I don’t got nothing to do! I did it all. I’m too good at my job. Carl, what should I do? Just wait? I guess so. It’s trash! I like it, I think it’s cool. *Gasp* We get to see my question! *chuckles* This is exactly what I was talking about. Paint up a storm. Find a subject to paint. Paint Carl’s painting. no, that’s just- *Chuckles* Plagiarizing. Paint Statue.. Paint desk??? Lets paint the desk. Oh that’s weird. Do you think it’s just like- a printer. Like Sonny in I, Robot, just (imitating the noise a printer makes) Oh we’re gonna see- *Cheesy announcer voice* Does the robot man have an imagination? Toon in next time on Detroit: Become human! Come on Tin Can Man. Androids, Humanity and Identity. I’m going to make him draw Identity. Cause I think- Oh, Androids, Despair, Doubts, Prisoner. If that stuff is there then it’s already in his head. Lets draw androids. I wanna see what his interpretation of who or what his is will be. I’m doing the thing! there we go Jesus, this touch pad is all broken. Squish, squish, squish, brush, brush, paint, paint, paint. What ya paint Markus? DAMN Hi?? Oh, that’s Leo.. He’s drugged, isn’t he? He’s got clean veins for a- for a start. hmMMmm.. Awkward.. Oh! We did it. 5-56% completed? Aw man! What did I miss?? I missed some stuff at the start… Activate birds, there’s two other things at the start.. Ummm. Serve breakfast, I did. Play chess. Oh! these ones i was obviously going to miss, because there was play chess, plain piano or read book. And then the outcomes… From thoughts, will determine the two middle ones. and then- oh yeah, an then interpreatate- IN-terpreting- My own painting, was the other I was obviously not going to get everything on the first try. Eh, that’s fine! It’s all about carving your own path! And sticking with it! And I am happy with the way things are going now. But! I’m going to leave episode here! This first episode of the game. This game is awesome. I like this a lot so far. I like these types of games anyways, but this one is really well done, the visuals are outstanding- the acting in it is really good. The voice acting is really good. The sound design is really nice. Like the soundtrack and eveything. There’s a lot of care and detail that have gone into it. I like how things are progressing. I like that I have like well so far I have like three different characters that I’m playing as and each one is coming to their own understanding of who and what they are and what humanity is in their own scenarios. So Connor went through it Brutality. He went through it like- showing how Humans treat androids and how androids treat humans back. To the extremes, to the fact that they are killing each-other. Um, Kara was finding out the minutiae of humanity on a smaller scale- Between familial relationships And- Markus was also figuring that out, but he is also figuring out through creativity. So I’m interesting to see where these things will go. And Markus obviously, Well it seems like his caretaker is going to die soon.. Um… and then it is up to Markus to figure out who or what he wants to become after that so. Very Very interesting. Some really neat topics to discuss and I hope they go full force at them. And I hope that they actually um I hope they actually go into them and figure out the ins and outs of everything like that, cause I’m very interested to see how they handle different scenarios. But So far Like it alot. But for now- Thank you guys so much for watching this episode! And if you LIKED IT- PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! Like a boss!! And high fives all around Waposh, waposh. But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes in the next video!!!~~~ ( outro music ) I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe “I am everywhere, everywhere~” I’m Sorry Dave I’m afraid I can’t do that.


jacksepticeye · June 17, 2018 at 5:09 pm

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Pie Pierrot · August 19, 2019 at 1:46 am

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Pie Pierrot · August 19, 2019 at 1:56 am

Also it's interesting to see Jack take his time with this part and yet slightly stressful because I keep worrying that Todd is gonna yell at him. When I played I tried not to dawdle too much because I was afraid Todd would yell at me. I was physically and emotionally abused as a child so this section in particular was hard for me.

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But things like the police would never be fully replaced by robots based on the fact, people like talking to humans, and trust humans, in my village people refuse to use the self checkout incase they replace everyone, which won't happen, as its a big thing people like, being able to talk with staff. Well staff in shops I don't think would ever be fully replaced, as there are alot who like talking to the staff, I will use self check outs when buying only a few items, but otherwise I go to the people

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Sure…except Spooner was the ONLY character against the robots, and the conflict was actually ONE robot rising up and forcing the others to rise up with her–thus removing their choice in the matter, and the question posed was, "could A.I.s/robots EVOLVE to have emotions?" Whereas, this game is all about choices and poses the similar (but different) question of, "what if robots had emotions, and if so do we have the right to treat them like property?"

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Imagine Markus asked Carl "Should I orbital strike Leo?"

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Before I met you, I hated being me coz all I talked about is Fantasy and thinking about my learning difficulty.

I beat myself down over it coz it's me.

But YOU, Jacksepticeye, you make me feel ok and normal.

So, I say thank you for your positive things in life and people… while you play video games!

Stay amazing!



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