The Rules of Collegiate Wrestling (NCAA College Wrestling) – EXPLAINED!

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The Rules of Collegiate Wrestling (NCAA College Wrestling) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Collegiate Wrestling.
Collegiate Wrestling, otherwise known as college, folkstyle, scholastic or NCAA Wrestling, is
a form of wrestling that is very popular in the United States.
Wrestling matches are contested between two people on a rubber mat, that measures a maximum
of 42ft in diameter for college and 28ft in diameter in high school.
The start lines are 3ft apart and have different coloured start lines for each wrestler.
Each wrestler is tagged with a different coloured band around their ankles.
The object of the game is to wrestle the opponent and win by either pin or by points. To win by pin (also known as winning by fall)
you must get your opponent onto their back, so that their shoulder blades touch the floor.
If you successfully pin your opponent’s shoulder blades to the floor, the referee
will tap the mat and you win the contest automatically. This is known as winning by fall, or winning
by pin. If neither wrestler can pin each other, you
can score points tin win the contest instead. But before I explain how to score, you must
understand the positions of a wrestler. This is the neutral position, this is where
both wrestlers are on their feet and facing each other.
This is the defensive position, where one wrestler is on his hands and knees and generally
on the bottom. This is the offensive position, where one
wrestler is above with hands on the waist and forearm, and generally on the top.
These two positions collectively is known as the referee’s position.
There are 5 main ways of scoring. If you manage to take your opponent down onto
the mat with control over them, this is a takedown and is worth 2 points. Whilst in a defensive position, if you manage
to get away from the wrestler or get yourself into the neutral position, this is an escape
and is worth 1 point. Whilst in a defensive position, if you manage
to come from the bottom and take control of your opponent on top, this is a reversal and
scores 2 points. Whilst in an offensive position, if you almost
pin your opponent, and are in a dominant position with control, the referee will start counting
down. This is known as near fall. You get two points if you hold the wrestler
in this position for two to four seconds. You get more points for holding the opponent
for longer, and this is denoted in the table on the screen. You get 3 points if you hold the wrestler
for 5 seconds in high school and 4 points if hold for 5 seconds results in injury and/or
bleeding. 4 points if you hold the wrestler for 4 seconds
in college. And if you do something wrong, the referee
may award Penalty Points to your opponent. There are numerous ways this can happen which
are denoted here. But the most common penalty is stalling – where
one wrestler repeatedly prevents the other from scoring by avoiding action or intentionally
protecting a lead by moving out of bounds. A wrestling match is contested in three periods
of 2 minutes each. If someone doesn’t win by fall, the wrestler
with the highest score at the end of 3 periods, wins.
If the scores are tied, extra periods are played to determine the winner.
That’s the bare bones of Collegiate Wrestling, but there’s a few other things you’ll
need to know before watching or contesting a match. For example:
Start Position: At the beginning of the first period, both
wrestlers start in neutral position. At the beginning of the second period, one
wrestler is given the choice to start in either an offensive or defensive position, or to
defer his choice until the third period. At the beginning of the third period, the
other wrestler is given the same choice. Technical Fall.
If one wrestler accrues a 15 point advantage over their opponent, the referee will end
the contest immediately and that wrestler will win by technical fall.
Win by Decision or Major Decision. If a wrestler scores 1 to 7 points more than
their opponent at the end of 3 periods, this is known as winning by decision.
If a wrestler scores 8 to 14 points more than their opponent at the end of 3 periods, this
is known as winning by major decision. And as previously mentioned, winning by 15
points or more results in a win by technical fall.
Win by Default, Forfeit or Disqualification. If the wrestler cannot continue during the
match, the opponent will be awarded a Win by Default.
If the wrestler fails to appear onto the mat before the contest, the opponent will be awarded
a win by Forfeit. If a wrestler accrues too many penalties or
is banned from competing further by the referee, the opponent will Win by Disqualification.
Riding time (Time Advantage) – (In NCAA only), If a wrestler is controlling an opponent
in a way that prevents an escape or reversal, a running clock will count how long he is
in that position. This is known as Riding Time. This happens with both wrestlers, and
at the end of three periods, if one wrestler has a time advantage of at least one minute
more than his opponent, he will be awarded a bonus point at the end of the third period.
This could be the difference between winning, or not.
That’s a lot to take in, but once you’ve watched wrestling for a while, the rules will
become clear. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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but in the meantime – enjoy Collegiate Wrestling. Ninh Ly @NinhLyUK


MrRara2000 · May 6, 2017 at 7:04 pm

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Ice meme van · May 6, 2017 at 7:15 pm

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Ninh Ly · May 6, 2017 at 7:35 pm

Ninh explains – The Rules of Collegiate Wresting (College Wrestling). Also known as NCAA Wrestling, Folkstyle Wrestling and Scholastic Wrestling, this is a variation of wrestling that is very popular in the United States of America.

Watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how to wrestle in college amateur wrestling.
Learn about takedowns, reversals, escapes, near fall, pin, riding time and more.

Ninh Ly · May 6, 2017 at 7:37 pm

PLEASE READ: This is how long it took me to make this video.
(3 HOURS) – Research and finding decent footage.
(1 HOUR) – Scripting
(1 HOUR) – Recording Audio, Editing, Fixing Levels and EQ
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(1 HOUR) – Soft edit, editing timings, re-find new footage for missing examples.
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(2 HOURS) – In screen graphics, animations, transitions.
(1 HOUR) – Encoding, uploading to YouTube, editing closed captions, adding tags, custom thumbnail, updating on website, pre-load on social media.


Please bear this in mind before you make any asinine suggestions on sports that no-one cares about.
Do you even need an explanation of the rules you're suggesting? Because most of you seemingly already know what they are?

Unfortunately I cannot magic these out of my ass in 20 minutes, so please be patient. I am working on them.

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It's so interesting that there's so many wrestling variants. Even high school wrestling is a little different than college I believe.

Which wrestling variant had that weird mid-match ball lottery thing with the blue/red balls after 0-0 periods? It was one of the Olympic ones. The Olympics almost cut wrestling out because of that!.

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c a t · February 11, 2018 at 5:04 pm


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My buddy wrestles for our school and I’ve gone to all the matches but I have no clue what’s happening. Hopefully this will help me understand more

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