The NEW and BEST JUNGLE ROUTES Pro Players use in Season 10! | League of Legends Guides

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The NEW and BEST JUNGLE ROUTES Pro Players use in Season 10! | League of Legends Guides

Hey everyone and welcome. Today we have something really exciting for
you. You’ll be learning the brand new OP meta routes
in the jungle. After painstakingly going through hundreds
of different replays of pro players in every single region, we’ve identified the most popular
and effective routes these challenger players are using to destroy solo queue. Before we jump into it, we first need to establish
what’s changed in the jungle that’s caused these new jungle paths to emerge. There are two changes to the jungle camps
that every jungler needs to be aware of in order to understand the new routes. First, is how the small jungle camps now respawn
30 seconds faster, from 2 minutes and 30 seconds down to 2:00 minutes. Because of this, Riot reduced the gold and
experience all of these small camps give. However, while doing this, they also adjusted
the value of both of the jungle quadrants. For those unaware, last season the Red side
jungle was significantly more valuable than the blue side jungle. If you were to clear your Krugs and Raptors
it would earn you 362 experience and 237 gold. Compare this to your blue side jungle, where
if you were to clear your Gromp and Wolves, you would earn 230 experience and 170 gold. This made the Red side jungle more profitable
as it was worth an extra 132 experience and 67 gold. Now, this has changed, as Riot nerfed the
amount of gold and experience Krugs give, while buffing the gold and experience Gromp
gives. What this means, is that your Red side jungle
is now only worth 25 experience and 20 gold more than your Blue side jungle. This has caused the Red side jungle to be
significantly less profitable than it used to be compared to your Blue side jungle and
now they’re much closer to being even in value. The second thing you need to be aware of is
how you can now hit level 3 off of 3 camps in both jungle quadrants. Before, the only way to hit level 3 off of
3 camps, was to incorporate your Krugs into your opening route since they gave so much
experience. An example of this would be taking Red, Krugs,
and Raptors, this would cause you to hit level 3. Now, you can still hit level 3 using Krugs
just like before, but they’ve buffed the Gromp enough that you can also hit level 3 on that
side of the map. An example of this would be taking your Blue,
Gromp, and Wolves. This would cause to hit level 3, which wasn’t
possible before. As you can imagine, this has also helped in
making your Blue side jungle more valuable of a starting location compared to before. So what do all these changes mean? Well, before, starting at your Red and taking
your Krugs and Raptors were so much more profitable than your blue side jungle, that it became
the dominant route that nearly every jungler took. Now, starting at your Blue is just as viable
as starting at your Red, this means junglers can be more much more flexible with their
starting locations and the routes that they choose afterwards. Alright, enough theory, let’s show you exactly
what we mean by this with the new meta routes. We’ll be dividing these routes into two categories:
routes where you’re starting at your Blue and routes where you’re starting at your Red. We’ll begin with when you start at your Blue,
as this is where things have changed the most. Let’s hop into a replay of Korean pro player
Peanut showing off the new route. You start at your Blue, then take your Gromp,
then your Wolves, then your Red, you then look to gank before the nearby Scuttle spawns
and afterwards you take the Scuttle. So let’s breakdown the logic behind this route. After taking your Blue you have to take your
Gromp. This is because the Gromp is worth so much
more gold and experience now. Additionally, it’s what will unlock your ability
to hit level 3 off of 3 camps instead of the usual 4. Next, you take your Wolves. The idea behind taking your Wolves here is
that you’re full clearing one entire Quadrant of your jungle. This means that 2 minutes from now, both your
Gromp and Wolves will have respawned and will be a higher level and give more experience. This is very efficient, since when you come
back to this side of the map later on to clear your Gromp, you can quickly take your Wolves
after, both giving you a big boost in experience. After this we take our Red, this way our champion
will have double buffs and the Red Buff is extremely valuable in early ganks and fights
since it applies a slow on your auto-attacks and a burn for more damage. At this point we look to gank since we’re
waiting for the nearby Scuttle to spawn and by ganking a lane close to this Scuttle it
can help secure lane priority. With this lane priority, your teammates can
move to help secure the Scuttle if the enemy jungler tries to contest it. After the gank, you then take the nearby Scuttle. Remember, all of your jungle camps were nerfed
in gold and experience, but Scuttles stayed the same, making them a bit more valuable
than before. This is the new standard Blue side route for
nearly all junglers. The one exception is farming junglers. Champions like Karthus, Master Yi, and Olaf
will look to full clear their jungle instead, taking advantage of their fast clear speed
and the new shorter respawn timers on the camps. Now, things aren’t as simple as executing
this one route every single game though. Earlier, we mentioned how the new jungle is
much more flexible and you’re about to see what we mean by that. In this replay, we have a challenger EU West
Rek’Sai facing the pro player Broxah on Lee Sin. Rek’Sai is starting at his Blue and will look
to execute the route we just went over. He does Blue, and then Gromp, remember, Gromp
is mandatory since it gives so much more gold and experience and unlocks our ability to
hit level 3 faster However, he then skips his Wolves, and moves
straight to his Red. Why is this? Well this is how you can be flexible now with
your route. Let’s go back to when Rek’Sai first started
at his Blue. As a jungler, you always want to check the
side lanes to see who appears late as this indicates they’re giving a leash to the enemy
jungler. In this case, the enemy bot lane shows early,
while top lane is missing, this indicates that the enemy Lee Sin is starting at his
Red. This means that both Rek’Sai and Lee Sin are
starting on the same side of the map and will be pathing towards the bot side of the map
together. So Rek’Sai makes a new adjustment, he skips
his Wolves and heads straight to his Red. This way, he’ll still hit level 3 and have
double buffs, but he’ll get to the bottom side of the map before Lee Sin. By making this adjustment, he can then gank
before Lee Sin and getting the first gank off can be extremely valuable when two early
game junglers face each other and start on the same side of the map. That’s not all though, you can even make another
adjustment to this route. In this replay we have pro player Maxlore
playing Elise against Shyvanna. He starts at his blue, looking to execute
the standard route we taught you, taking Gromp, Wolves, Red, then looking to gank. So Maxlore does his Gromp next, since as we
mentioned it’s mandatory, but unlike the last replay chooses to take his Wolves instead
of skipping them, why is this? Well, let’s go back to when Elise started
at her Blue and check the side lanes. The enemy top shows early while bot is missing,
this indicates the enemy Shyvanna is getting a leash at her Red. Just like last game, both junglers are starting
on the same side of the map. So why did Maxlore choose to take Wolves instead
of skipping them to get to the top side of the map faster? Well, the secret is that he’s against Shyvanna
jungle, a jungler that is weak early and well known to look to full clear in her opening
route. So Elise knows that there’s no rush to the
top side of the map since it’s highly likely the enemy Shyvanna will be full clearing her
jungle. This is why Maxlore takes his Wolves as normal,
instead of skipping them. However, then shortly after, instead of taking
his Red, which would normally be the next step in the route, Elise looks to gank mid. So what’s going on here? Well, remember, when you take your Blue, Gromp,
and Wolves, you’ll hit level 3 now, whereas you would have been level 2 before. With level 3 unlocked, Elise now has access
to all 3 of her abilities and can look to gank. As Elise is transition to take her Red, she
checks the state of her lanes. In doing so, she see’s that Ryze is not only
low on health mid, but if we look at the minion wave, we can see how Ryze has more minions
than Camille, meaning it’s pushing towards Camille. Also, take note of how Ryze and Camille are
still level 2, while Elise is level 3. This is another advantage that this new route
unlocks: hitting level 3 so fast. So Elise flash cocoons and lands a kill on
Ryze, that she otherwise would have missed if she didn’t make that adjustment in her
opening route. Before we move onto the Red side jungle routes,
let’s quickly recap. The new standard route when starting at your
Blue is Blue, Gromp, Wolves, into Red. You then look to gank and then take the nearby
Scuttle when it spawns. However, this is highly flexible. This first starts after you take your Gromp. It’s at this point you can choose to skip
your Wolves and head straight to your Red. The benefit to doing this is you can get to
the other map much faster. An example of when this can be done is if
the enemy jungler started on the same side of the map as you and you want to get the
first gank off before them. However, if you didn’t skip your wolves, and
instead did Blue, Gromp, Wolves, then it’s at this point you can make another adjustment. Check to see if there’s a gank available in
mid lane or on the side lane that’s near your Red Buff. If there is, then you can delay taking your
Red Buff and look to gank them instead. The reason why you can do this now is you
can hit level 3 off of Blue, Gromp, and Wolves, which makes your ganks far more powerful since
you’ll have access to all 3 of your abilities. Now, moving on to your Red side jungle. In terms of your standard route, it’s still
going to be Red, Krugs, into Raptors. It’s at this point, you can make several choices. The most standard follow up is to take your
Blue into the nearby Scuttle, and then look to gank. However, there are two main variations to
this route. First, is when you take your Red, Krugs, and
Raptors, you can look to transition gank mid with your level 3 power spike if a gank is
available. This can then be followed up with a gank on
the side lane taking the path behind the enemy’s Red buff to avoid wards. Or just moving to secure your Blue buff. The other variation is when you do Red, Krugs,
and Raptors and the enemy jungler started at his Red. When this is the case, you have the option
of ganking the nearby side lane. Although this leaves your blue side jungle
open to being invaded, since the enemy jungler started on the opposite side as you, it means
his own blue side jungle will still be alive. You can then invade his blue side jungle after
the gank and look to split the map in half. All of these routes we’ve covered before and
have detailed guides so if you want to learn more about them check out our Jungle Course
on Meta Routes. That being said, there’s one new route that
has become viable on the new patch. That’s when you do Red, then head straight
to your Blue, and then take your Gromp. Since your Gromp gives so much more experience,
you’ll hit level 3 off of this and have double buffs. The main benefit to this route is that it
puts you on the opposite side of the map with level 3 significantly faster than when you
do Red, Krugs, and Raptors. For example, in this replay we can see a challenger
player take Red, Blue, and then Gromp, putting him on the top side of the map extremely fast
while still being level 3 with double buffs. He then uses this increased speed to time
a dive on top lane as a wave crashes. Look at how the enemy Vladimir is still level
1, making it impossible for Vladimir to survive against this. Now, the point of this route isn’t to do some
coordinate next level dive on the opponent, but rather how to execute a gank on the opposite
side of the map you started on much faster than usual. So let’s quickly recap the Red side jungle
routes. Taking Red, Krugs, and Raptors is still going
to be the default meta path as you’ll hit level 3 off of 3 camps while making sure that
entire quadrant of your jungle will respawn together, making for more efficient experience. After taking your Raptors you have three choices. First, head to your Blue as normal, then secure
the nearby Scuttle. Third, is if the enemy jungler started on
the opposite side of the map. You can gank the nearby side lane and then
look to invade the enemy’s blue and split the map in half. There’s one main alternative to taking your
Red, Krugs, and Raptors. And that’s to take your Red, Blue, into Gromp. This is done if you need to get to the opposite
side of the map faster while still hitting level 3 and securing double buffs. Great, so now you’re equipped with starting
routes for when you start at your Blue or your Red, but many of you are probably wondering,
how do I decide which buff to start on? As you can see with these routes, we’re most
often transitioning to the opposite side that we’re starting on. So if we’re starting at our Blue, we’re pathing
towards our Red. And if we start at our Red, we’re pathing
towards our Blue. This means, you want to choose what buff you
start at depending on which side lane you want to gank. For example, let’s say you’re on the Blue
team and in top lane you have two tanks facing each other, let’s say Sion against Ornn. Not exactly an important lane you need to
influence as a jungler. However in the bot lane you have Lucian Leona
against Tristana Alistar. This is a highly aggressive, volatile bot
lane. As such, we’d want to start at our Blue, and
path towards the bot side of the map looking to influence that volatile bot lane. Alright, that’s going to do it for this guide. Keep in mind, this is just the start of the
pre-season and there’s a ton more for us to cover that we couldn’t possibly fit into just
one video. So stay tuned, as each week we’ll be unraveling
all the new cutting edge strategies you won’t find anywhere else. If you have any questions, feel free to leave
a comment below, and as always, good luck, and have fun, on summoner’s rift.


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