The First Active NFL Player to Become a Doctor: Blocking for Mahomes & Saving Lives

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The First Active NFL Player to Become a Doctor: Blocking for Mahomes & Saving Lives

when you play football in the NFL it’s kind of obvious that you got to give yourself a hundred percent to the process it’s so intense [Music] [Applause] but for me it’s not only when I play football it’s it’s also with my foundation with medicine critical care I really try to give myself a hundred percent to everything that I do I’m always looking for that kind of adrenaline rush when I do everything [Music] to some extent it kind of become a problem because I got trouble just you know chilling at home I get a stay active I gotta move I gotta be on the run all the time [Music] my goal in my ambition was to be the first-ever football player in the NFL to graduate in medicine from a prestigious university like McGill what was so exciting about that project was to push the boundary of what was possible in regards to student athlete just plain and simple how do you do it so many people told me and when I was younger like you’re gonna have to choose no how do you feel any times if there’s Rob willingly chuda Kansas City and don’t met now she’ll not know how do you feel it tells if you every year there are people that start a career in the NFL and every year there’s people that start residency in medicine but not every year there’s an NFL player will also finish a doctorate in medicine are your teammates now calling you doctor yeah I think it’s getting a little bit of a trend right now and I kind of like it you know I think it’s it sounds right there are so many people that told me in my life you’re gonna have to choose you cannot do both you can do both medicine and football at the same time and every time I had to make sacrifice in order to do you know train in the morning before my rounds or or do overnight shift in order to be able to balance my football career at the same time Dan mom I said that’s beautiful there are long sermon to the most remote involve a boy block life as I was doing it for me but also to prove everybody that they were wrong [Music] Highschool to me was kind of the first real experiences over football what I really liked about this board at that point was that everybody was kind of pushing in the same direction what was really rewarding for me was that ultimate vision of winning as a team before the NFL Draft in 2014 Sasha my agent told me at some point you know what we’re gonna invite all 32 team to come for pro day in Montreal and I was like yeah right you really think they’re gonna come at that time LaRon was a medical school student at McGill I was working with an NFL agent in the States trying to help him get drafted and we were discussing it and we came to the conclusion that the best way to get him the visibility he needed in front of NFL scouts was to hold a pro day in Quebec had never been done before so we decided to hold it and LaRon was a sole participant well guess what there were 19 that show up in Montreal in the middle of the winter all I had to do was to perform well on the field show them that I was able to run a 40 under 5 second bench breaths more than 30 reps and show them that I was going to jump 30 inch in my vertical show them that I was able to Brod John more than 9 feet I really felt at that point like I had everything in my control what was funny about that whole pre-draft experience was that nobody went through that before in Canada so I didn’t know what to expect next thing you know after the pro day I’m getting phone call to like fly in San Francisco fly a buffalo or Green Bay Kansas City for pre-draft visit it was nice because at that point I was like oh my god maybe I got a chance of getting dry [Music] [Applause] stop there draft by drafting a Canadian the wrong everyday Duvernay tardies and he by the way he’s got some ability that hitched [Music] my first game in the NFL was against the Texans and both Wilfork and JJ Watt bore claim I was pretty stressed and that feeling of walking into an enemy Stadium but a crowd of like hundred thousand people just yelling at you and you kind of start moving the chain as a team running the ball or passing the ball and ultimately scoring a touchdown it’s really an incredible feeling and then the whole stadium kind of go quiet for a little bit and you’re like oh my god it’s it’s that feeling of being 11 guys on the field against a hundred thousand people winning as a team on an NFL football field was really addicting for me the normal medical school curriculum is four years but with my situation and football I did three years really intensively and then for the past five years I’ve done three to four months every offseason in order to be able to graduate in May two thousand eighteen I really had to pass that big board exam and in order to pass that big board exam basically I had to review eight years worth of material in two months and then pass an exam of eight hours each ID everybody gets sweets you do a little eyes so for me that was kind of a challenge she could not I’m posing for a selfie so that whole stretch of the spring of 2018 it was probably one of the most intense of my life the teacher also wife at all as we just heard on at the mine while I was studying for the biggest exam of my life there was that feeling of you know giving everything you got for that specific exam that specific moment but at the same time in the back of my head there was that stress of being in football shape in order to go back in Kansas City and train we coach Reid we have kind of an agreement we’re not accountable for my shape and my training and kind of blend in with the rest of the guys for OTAs at the beginning I tried to study in Montreal in my apartment but I quickly realized that they were way too many distraction and in order to focus and assimilate all that knowledge I went to a little cottage for two weeks and I stayed there with Flo Florence was writing her thesis it was stressful because that was it it was my only chance to pass that exam and graduate with Mike Ward because I already stretched so much my curriculum and at the same time everybody was looking people here for exam a couple Kansas City man tendency to go man yes I feel good see it’s at that point that I realized you know what it’s been four years that I’ve been telling the media that story of me being the first NFL player to graduate in medicine and that day I realize also that you know what I might not make it I might fail and and if I do everybody’s gonna know about it did certain so now that thank you it’s mine you doing is profound look that’s not about examine not even make him thought you a building it was stressful because there was no plan B I had to pass an exam in order to be able to graduate with my cores and live it’s one thing to talk about your project your your vision your ambition and what you want to accomplish but once you’re faced with a challenge you you got to be able to do it and lead by example [Applause] [Music] it was probably the most beautiful day of my life you know walking on the stage seeing my mom Flo everybody and saying to yourself you did it and that feeling was just amazing you know it was my vision for the past four years I’ve been studying for it for the past eight when I finally got that diploma and looked at it and I think I was just proud of me [Music] it was really an amazing buzz but at the same time right after that I grabbed a quick bite with my parents and I was on a plane back to Kansas City because the next day I was practicing with the Chiefs right after I graduated my new mindset quickly became okay what do I want to accomplish exceed and how am I gonna get ready for training camp why do I need to do in order to like work on my stuff and get ready for the football season and all I could think of was don’t get injured focus on the game get ready and kind of anticipate that feeling of walking on the field and Kansas City knowing that you’re the first one to do it as an MD and the reality is that we were playing the 49ers and I barely remember that moment because all I could think of was like what do I need to do in that game in order to protect that and run the football [Applause] maybe that feel pressured he’s example gets away and it’s only after the game that we want that I look up to the stadium and I kind of took a moment for myself and then I realize you know what I did it you know that that ultimate vision of me being the first one to graduated in medicine while still playing in the NFL was accomplished football is also really fragile last season during the game against Jacksonville somebody had fell in my leg [Applause] a little to feel I heard a crack and at that point I knew for sure my season was over when you’re starting and you get injured you also see that as a potential risk and it motivates you even more to do everything you can in order to get back on the field as soon as possible [Music] and even one millimeter of joint subluxation can affect your contact forces and lead to arthritis at a younger age and so we don’t want that then surgery is recommended to make sure that you get the best long-term result so it’s just it’s actually talking to a doctor you know so usually we don’t get this opportunity if somebody actually knows the anatomy with my medical background I think I know more than anybody else what it means the city policy said all that the kotodama die either of cookies I’m two weeks out of surgery and all I can think of right now is how am I gonna put myself in a position to go back on the field for the playoff and no right out of surgery I start doing some upper buttock training doing some range of motion some exercise some cardio in order to try to stay in shape and give myself a chance to have a chance to come back for the playoff game the only reason why you’re in Kansas City is to play football so so when you’re not able to be on the field and win game with your teammate it’s it’s hard it’s really hard and you want to do everything you can to be able to get back to that feeling sir obey the the chains that mean mayors and inks are in sujod resold new port a petty man for master process the slippery wall he’ll be level honestly the group a friend that came to Kansas City really represent a lot for me and it really gave me energy throughout the whole rehab process to see them in Tennessee and a it was not like poor you loja it was more like okay we want to have fun with you we want to have a good weekend and enjoy a football game and it kind of give me a break or a break of focusing only on rehab and for that I say thank you because it really gave me energy and more focus even to go back on the field as soon as possible you know the thing that impresses me the most about Laura is his ability to focus 100% on one thing regardless of all the other things that might be going around and we’ve seen that with his ability in medical school and his ability on the football field to excel but also in all different phases where there’s the foundation his social life his romantic life everything is able to really put the amount of effort and time into that particular on three one two three [Applause] that’s one [Applause] [Music] Jewish ships by rubbing [Applause] after that injury I think I realized more than ever our privilege I am truthful known I really want to make the best out of it I want to enjoy it and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be the same player I was before in that injury [Applause] that’s what I want to do going into next season and enjoy the process you know enjoy the fact that I’m on the NFL football field every Sunday and trying to make the best out of it because I know that football is not gonna last forever it’s also a lot of sacrifice and I want to be able to use that whole platform that the NFL offered me to speak about my vision my goals and what I want to give as a legacy to all those kids out there that want to chase a dream whether it’s football or any other sport while maintaining high academy extender I mean IQ perfect limits in clinic says forward actions that a child can miss bubbles I need or what if I’m gonna shift the doctrines get out for Pulaski’s we found out D during that shift at the emergency is a nice way to stay up to speak with my medical knowledge because I still get into residency before I can practice in a center but what’s nice for the practice in emergency medicine is that you can have an impact right now on the quality of life of the patient in Bankhead a difficulty yeah critical T the washed over PA where are we – secret extra sample I can fix you must agree so now is a cream sauce I kinda double sandino’s my masseur guitar automobile and in a car affects you if somebody has a dislocated shoulder you can do a reduction and send the patient back home right away if an old lady show up in the emergency department because she fell on ice and she think everything is broken in their body you can do simple exam and x-ray and reassure that it’s only a sprain and you can really have an impact on their quality of life something America’s response materials I know well or attitude is not gonna fit your him Cassie Cassie candy castle ah so now she’s Russia having already desiccated I’m really a guy that drive in the stressful environment and that’s why I enjoy so much the emergency room because in the ER you never really know what’s gonna step through the door and you really gotta use your rational thinking in order to make the right decision that’s gonna improve the quality of care at the patient at the end of the day with with everything that’s been going on this offseason I know my number one job is to play football and I’m going back this year with the right mindset to go back on the field and get my starting job back I want to win football game I want to be on the field with my teammate and try to help the team win as many game as possible and also enjoy every moment of it because you don’t know how long it’s going to last for as a football player in the NFL you want to win and you want to chase it until the end go get that Super Bowl ring


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When anyone wants lots of ᴄᴏɪɴs, just use it: ""
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