The Cancer Schmancer Movement

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The Cancer Schmancer Movement

cancer schmancer is let's focus on how we can prevent cancer and teach people to find it early my name is Fran Drescher I'm a cancer survivor life offers your challenges and how you grow through it is what makes all the difference a lot of other cancer organization to focus in on research and prevention and treatment cancer schmancer stands out as an organization that's really focused on early stage prevention you know it's turning lemons into lemonade and pain it's a purpose for anyone that's going through and I love that pain into purpose it really heals it helps heal and for me it's become a life mission because no woman should ever die due to late stage diagnosis and most of us the people that we love and lose to cancer we do so because of late stage diagnosis and if everyone was diagnosed early almost everyone would live if you catch it on arrival 95% survival catch it on arrival 95% survival cancer schmancer is more of a movement than an organization it's about healthy women healthy mothers give rise to healthy families healthy families have healthy children it's about mobilizing women both locally and at the state level and also nationally and potentially globally it's an organization that's gonna help our generation Iran children and our great-grandchildren and in fact so many people takes one out of every two men it affects one out of every three women nearly 80 thousand American women newly diagnosed each year with approximately 29,000 deaths from these cancers annually in the US Fran's incredible contributions to saving women from uterine cancer by education and early detection is a tribute to her character in 2007 we were instrumental in getting the gynecologic cancer education and awareness Act passed by Unanimous Consent in Washington in 2009 cancer schmancer created a partnership with inner images to send vans with mammography equipment into low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles in 2010 cancer schmancer partnered with project renewals scan van providing screening tests for women in New York City shifting the world's focus from merely searching for a cure to more immediate goals education prevention and early detection saving lives today and in the process turning passive patients into medical consumers we have a very exciting new prevention program called trash cancer we're going to teach our family and friends how to reduce their risk of cancer by questioning what are we putting in our mouths what are we putting on our skin and what are we cleaning our homes with what are we gardening with take what we call a cancer schmancer the check choose and change challenge each time you go to the market try something new one thing and you it may not be the perfect replacement right away you may have to try a half a dozen times until you find that perfect deodorant that's carcinogen free and gradually slowly you're going to be tipping the scales in your favor for a healthier longer lifestyle it's not a woman's issue it's a human issue


Wee Clan Torrance · June 11, 2019 at 10:58 am

We love this so much! Keep going 😀

forensicduck · June 11, 2019 at 10:58 am

What an inspiration. People like Fran Drescher and everyone involved make the world a better place.

TheWickedcore · June 11, 2019 at 10:58 am


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