[Street Fighter Alpha 2] B-Side Battles #30.5 ft. Mike Watson, Deadlylama @ Super Arcade

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[Street Fighter Alpha 2] B-Side Battles #30.5 ft. Mike Watson, Deadlylama @ Super Arcade

got the altitude so we got pretty vs. out trouble I'll trouble oh we got a Ryu Matt we got a real marriage let's go let's see how this starts talking are we just okay maybe not a real mirror maybe it's just a plot and check just always got a bunch right sometimes you never know ok button chick are those giant CRTs I mean they're not giant but you know they're good size a bra like 20 inches you're welcome thank you thumbs up emoji I'm gonna give you the okay hand emoji I know you can't see it but I'm – ok hand emojis as you can see we're running it old-school over here we got the fucking megaphone and shit we got we got the box re microphone and the speaker but let's get this alpha suit started so we're here ok ok fire probably drop the mic cut open he hits like a truck in this game yep oh look at that deep that's how your donkey this song you don't want to be in the corner you know it's got good control I'll try this guy's good control the car go right now keep the game in with them fireballs to a reversal fire fireball Oh try to catch him on the entire pretty trying to work his way out the corner right now but he's just beep outro peace keeping them in hi South encounter with the fireball we didn't get that on Tyler Foley but still managed to get a nice kept him in the corner throughout that whole time so pretty has to figure out a way to kind of avoid that I'm sure it was pretty hard to help encounter those you know stand your hitch right there give me some ramen nice throw ok that is footing jumps over the super throw and now pretty is looking pretty good to take this round as well but let's see well before okay 1 1 yeah who doesn't like the chocolates now use a bird I've seen some people use themselves from what I know Oh guys nice jump like low can suck my dick looks like that so cool so now I'll trouble is at the corner but now he's trying to talk to his way out of there he traded with the hospital which is good steady without you try to alpha Connor I think Pierce DP that was the feedback okay so now I'll trouble taking him to the corner give me some space nice but circuit it does good damage ok first game going to hell rubble I remember guilty playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 at Anime Expo last year too challenging random people and taking their money move that's kind of a bright day I'll just leave it at that getting back into the second game sweep for printing manages to cross his way up out of there the fireballs Tatsu over the fire Brittney's looking to keep out of trouble in the corner Oh taking them to the other side fireballs everywhere okay sorry mayor so we're gonna be cool ooh that was that was nice that was nice right there okay pretty taking it one one not good this is just the first match to believe the fireball cross so try to do so jump again probably good to try to get something solid whoa DP get his way up in foul trouble nice brendan is going the trumpets not down from the fire fireballs sweep go try to cross the bucket with the supertrain guys pretty throwing out trouble on the court about Bluebell trouble entirely himself I'll close off the corner with the DP oh nice now we're just air to air in here as fireball being thrown gets pretty in trouble right there one ooh every button is free meter right uh I don't know I'll be honest I haven't really paid attention to that I would assume that me of course the obvious medium kick medium punch medium two beers and heavy kick are the buttons that gain you meet her but I'm not sure about life side kick like I said I just started playing this game like I played this game for a total probably like 10 plus hours so far and then those are bench sessions like where I literally said now sat down and played like five hours each so fairly new to the game prepared oh and I got my boy bang going though I don't know plays outfit – it's good to see him play some alpha 2 though versus well given the capital everything vs. and that's Mack will give him capital letters to walk it because we're running the stream now guys everybody ready ain't nobody told me how to run the street all right um do you guys I think I don't know if we're just leaving it like this or cuz usually we do something like this I don't know Mick do we usually leave it like this or do we do this game screen yeah push me Jenny bordered I guess bordered Game three because this is an old game oh okay cool yeah I left it on the other one last one so I was like I didn't know if that was on purpose or not alright so now we are fullscreen boys right here we got bang vs. Mac Mac alt coming all the way down from Vegas to play okay let's see only bank uses Oh No okay thank you sorry we might not it's because they're sitting on the right side but I just don't know sorry cuz you're sitting on the right side but who's like didn't different ports okay there we go some fireballs out just going in with some mac takes that first game right there oh we got the Lakers Ken right here [Applause] [Applause] got Watson and Dino me on [Applause] [Applause] alright guys remember what has to be drugs [Applause] [Applause] all right we back this song is a banger you win this Chas you don't smoke oh my goodness what's up you guys get out Watson coming back yeah Watson and we turn to moose in that way now we hit troll Ren so easy other defenders arcade people just come in played on the whole Watson I'll play on anything what's up guys on the mic right now looks like I came at a good time what's the plan really patiently good there you go don't set up it's gonna do now this you see nope you try to go for a bill right there with 800 native the super-high sweet yeah Wow [Applause] yeah up counter or zero counter yeah so yeah we're using the what's it takes it – oh it's like we're using my board so it's America and alpha-2 board so we got evil Ryu and Barry I don't know if anyone's gonna use them but so oh okay well good luck you're gonna fight dine and losers right now all right let's see what you guys are saying on the chat [Applause] yeah okay this first player looks like ages who's playing right now okay oh yeah yeah oh snap what's up sprite dudes we in the house right now the a two-goal dough is heaps holy some songs are good we're back sorry I know we're moving like I know we're moving back and forth with good stuff right now yeah it's just a whole lot going on right now so alright so now we got yeah we got okay sprite mix I know you're not proud of me I lost my first match your mom got you up a twofer quiz that's that's really cool that's sick your mom's sick right mix I've only been playing the game for like 10 hours I used to play this little time with your hey oh yeah and since I didn't have a Playstation yet I ended up getting the Super Nintendo version of this oh wow yeah so like was it that great but I was able to do a lot of the stuff that I could do in there hey yeah I didn't I didn't yeah but I was able to do a lot of the cool combo okay and yes kiss to elf ethology this is pretty pretty damn good a compilation of the yeah oh it's been that way just keep looking for yeah so the Super Nintendo version the Super Nintendo or not by itself couldn't really handle the game so that it has a special ship in there that gives it more memory and processing powers so people should actually produce it and it's it's bad right well it's not bad either like if you play it and think about like when it came out it's actually pretty cool and they actually have like the shadows and everything when you do the custom combos very first that's pretty cool yeah I'll have to get it that way and actually yes it did have old characters you can pick evil Ryu I think yes it does freeze when I said fight causes for like yeah I mean it's this and yes I can only do so much nice looking bad I'm gonna guess yes although the Saturn version doesn't use the RAM shirt but but yeah it was good the only thing about it is on Saturday in London people liked it but here's the thing the soundtrack is nice it's like a really mastered oh yeah so it sounds really clear but the sound effects in this game are so compressed yeah everything sounds muffled so tight it's like in here you hear like it sounds like three yeah no taste that that was a what – OH – oh yeah yeah I had lot I lost to this adnan right here or I don sorry not aDNA yeah Don I don't know it's Mac versus random mom all right is that yeah random mom I think a down yeah you're right sprightly sorry I kind of rushed it over here so I'm like trying to get get comforted India where did you get that huh okay okay hey dawn yeah I lost it this aid on pretty good Madan I don't have any aid on experience at all so again okay please forgive Oh what side are you on you really here for Vienna vampire so you don't like sprite mix please I came from alpha to N I signed a hey they even have any Sam show and I signed up for that even though I don't play the game or own house the poor kid I'm here to support Gibby yeah I sent up for hopefully turnovers oh yeah to v7 Samurai Shodown imma been supporting we under support that's what we do out here in SoCal we support each other yep well at least like the retro and cool people I brought my super gun oh that's rough man this birdie have to hold down the button to charge that or like this two versions mr. Chargers in the back forward and that was actually unsafe on the unlock and that one hey Don one of the few care because I can still correct his custom Wow from doing that charge that kick is a hazard go back but it I think it's called shark – parkour – I'm not sure yeah it's a hard matchup for a birdie it's not impossible yeah but well he needs to do is he needs every time that a Don does the Jaguar kick I needs to stop it there's a chat is a small window where he can punish it three months and that moved you actually have to like jump and avoid it or try to jump and hit him out of me otherwise gonna keep up walking it and that's gonna keep tipping them away I mean you could go for an alpha counter but there you go that's that's how you want to scale that money goes to play Brady in this game I smack right there shouts out to ya actually actually Maine birdie in this one case oh yeah you so Thomas thank you yeah there's a small window where what you want to do is I kind of end up on top of the man right before he lands fuck yeah hang on sorry for not updating the store that's all good yeah you know you know we out here just doing our best we're doing it old school right yeah sorry we're just getting next the next matchup going pretty good turnout yeah it's pretty good turn I mean the Vegas guys showed up they wanted to come down and play off the – and they they are they are they came mm-hmm they're not afraid they're like that you know it's unfortunate because they can't because they came down all the time for Kayla like they just not coming for other four reasons and won't you glad they're here now we're I'm glad we're playing opposite you know yep yeah so it's good gathering it's also gonna be a kind of mini farewell to random Lama cuz he's moving away from Vegas he's gone back to Hawaii oh yeah Hawaii's a beautiful place yeah but they didn't say something it's expensive so is it yeah don't know you I mean like California's are really expensive okay oh yeah Hawaii okay okay who z-plane quash okay hello that little jingle it's pretty cool I enjoy yes you could totally hear 98 it's super loud you know you know she is she yelling at the top of her lungs yeah yeah so we have killer thinking heat going on we got careful 13 going on loose choice here mr. K left this year a few of the s and K heads giving is here so yeah they're heavy CAD tools right now I'm just waiting on my turn to play semi showdown and we do you know my turn to play also – I already want my first match but yes yes that announcer is late I like to use cheese Udo diamond and Clark or Ralph I use those characters okay same show the new one the new one but we do have SEM sho five special setup and there is Sam show 2 as well so yeah but no the Lalita stamp show right now okay here we go coming up yep hello Sam show – man looking like you did eat using heavy slashes and cancelling into the little ball okay so I guess quash is using charlie and what's the sticky – yep all right so one is keeping it as a fire ball game knowing that Charlie doesn't really have a good sonic game answer yes I agree are you sure that you are standing short so Watson watch your weight figure out a different game plan right now nice what's the recognizing the question kind of defensively right now so there we go I think it's how you ended up coming out the way he wants you got to be careful here we go yeah they're really good they have good yeah yeah from the jump in he could have thought like crunching media chilling like watching super all kinds of he's a good character and alpha 3 but that's any short land that was a good answer with the jump interference cuz it actually the hitbox it's a good thing in this game too that uh there's no Bart crutch meter like for sure if this is up a three that would have like restaurant once it takes a – OH so that's one thing I like about this game is you can actually be a little more defensive in here and wait your wait for the right moment even though you're taking chip damage but yeah okay so we got next up I can hear icing on the background yep okay I think I got the names right I'm pretty sure my glutes and legs up for three do okay I know I saw as you've been practicing whats good everyone this is random game to think Gina's gonna stick with Ken Rosato see maybe that works out nope there's a mistake there trouble accidentally picked again to be a very strong character [Applause] Trading Pierce's slide the revival [Applause] no promise now – still live short pressure sorry I don't know how to change this I know nothing about Oh trouble changing his packets around [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Junot takes into the one Sodom does a great job there slixa good game now coming up is no idea waiting for mr. Ratan aboard I'll make his choices for the next match who seems to be looking around definitely a good game purple hamster Oh trouble versus time is coming up I got a name changes out with just second I gotta figure out these putting work [Applause] all right [Applause] oh look at element coming down I'll trouble maintaining neutral spacing it seems like he's been preparing this all day yeah like dying might still be stuck in one great style anyway yeah chickering's not so baby's a little generous against the shadows when you have a solid yeah yeah you can't do some of your mix ups in here can do that [Applause] spike mix unfortunately I don't think about my breakfast – really no sorry maintaining pressure walking into fire balls two games to one excellent looks like you figured out what dying was was up to towards the end laughs yeah so I'm coming up is wicked element verse is wrote an aboard so far so good so still in tempo right now so I'm pretty happy about that I still haven't play champ show yet but that's because they gave me a body how'd you do against mr. Mac okay no no they don't especially in Vegas we only have one semi Hansa player in your city any pocket tool I and is just been trying to screw around with a friend of yours you stage only happens in the event that someone picks Keith because they are on event mode you can't actually state kind of a bummer we'll find out who is where just a second go on first players checking player homie thank you my lord we're fat whore has a trillions Oh quick button check all right we're tied aboard fishes bleep get out of hand I was playing return of war earlier he has a beer and solid Ken Andrews wicked element often with senior shot off terrible backup for Rose but it's not a particularly good why are you upset our Rose fragments there is actually nothing wrong there is actually zero problem Rose gave me that is why she stopped here right if you have nothing wrong Oh [Applause] where's the rest of sweep CC sweep cease loop then you wait man rob is finally not missing that cop whose mission gets for your earlier all day but note about that skip it off the tire combo afterwards you get a free evening the case you know Jimmy Jam there's nothing wrong sir that's not her yeah I don't blame you sprite make she's a poor she's a wildly round to drop Sodom's got no meter and Rob's got a bunch of [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – this week Rob takes it [Applause] Kimi's adds specialized Rob are you getting Watson [Applause] play this is max and logically it wasn't in to this he was feeling so good and he got hit [Applause] Mack you guys to my inner corner man grab its turbo horn again first game [Applause] [Applause] always watch the push buttons exactly and then you can say Eddie stun roll talk to the doctor a game that's right there tonight there are big sums yeah every time trade on the two in a hurricane [Applause] [Applause] mangu meters all right logic okay it's not scared he's not scared of just dying taking your time this is where all the meta comes in they both know each other very well max waiting for that fireball oh nice setup I guess dancing around trying to activate so a bunch of red fireballs you know so Game two so you'll notice here I managed season a logical because there's no live monster nothing to worry about [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] fireball pussies don't tell me to kiss a good fucking with him yeah I get he hasn't died yet alright if he wants to learn he'd easily died few more times oh wow down tears and dragon punch trade with you that makes sense air fireballs foreigner pressure last round winner of this moves on Mac he's just saving his meter for a rainy day still playing around with playable Mack is working in the way back beeps Oh for the super overhead and Mack exits are you so turnable no I went over to you yeah I don't play this game if you don't play this game that tends to happen it's a rough one yeah are you Anna for a visa just whatever Oh what are we doing if the brigade's with some eggs we got a you know a retainer bar and winners watching the random lemma and other side of winners that sucks Oh trouble and wicked element coming up looks like random lava does not want to pull watching well if you keep winning yet have to keep playing people that's how it works fuck fuck get the baby whoa when you win cuz I just waited be happy lay the wrong people no I'm random llamas not playing all right look at element okay W man change out trouble real quick just like that one look at element going back inside now trouble sticking with this classic the jump rope [Applause] Vitek are they dumping putting up that does not want to get yo hold up back in SD [Applause] let his little girl right to Newport [Applause] it's just a job six items a pink scooter people have no idea he's actually an amazing [Applause] that man gave one to wicked elephant well L trouble to make the necessary changes it's a very pretty game on the dough 8:05 there's a lot of broken crap in it but it's fun ascetic and there's a lot of people that'll say that this game is broken my office please believable yes it has that to it some more things [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he's not dead yet all right he doesn't care you only keep the only stop TPM when you did light slide oh he's dead now so no more DPS no more DVDs don't worry we could element takes a Tudor logic LV and ages and on the other side losers will see what a mr. Rob wishes to do these commercials are wild what the hell is going on all right screw all my logic LV versus Eddie I didn't realize his screaming was ages [Applause] [Applause] one United covered for comment all right okay I can probably do that he'll do it now having a touch of an issue with button wasn't ready for a dress [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right custom gum was custom home that was incredibly custom yes sometimes you just got to work it out and go game too Oh demon flicks all man a deviation good reaction he picked him out he baited up he was like I'm just gonna do the light version what up now I'm strong for the win baby looks like everything together oh hey just these three sixty like all the beer in the world [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we're not as they age it is my school Peter right right what if I take with agent Roger [Applause] [Applause] what's going on steady drop in all fucking night but I guess enough oh nice second round [Applause] Namah Texas now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] second game why am I not surprised oh my god all right guys stick around cuz I think the next match should be Juno versus the tenable and guess I'll be playing the loser of that match I believe stick around guys this is a b-side battles here at super arcade you know okay [Applause] do that know what kind of work for 20 oh hey what's happening wicked [Applause] and some guys you're filling this oh yeah I'm still in it nice good times say how many people enter know this one Bravo saying is either fourteen or sixteen okay I haven't checked the yeah a challenge bracket so maybe yeah it's probably gonna be Kendra's Ryu or our canvases Rose rose maybe yeah I think yeah or I forget cameras are really gonna come on I mean looks like his go-to caret character for the most part it is for real yeah I think so besides nice anti-air holding on to your pen for as a last resort I'm assuming oh you do what Simon said I think so yeah the complimentary new dojo going on here at super okay turn on it's everywhere it's everywhere folks meter all night almost exclusively on a alpha counter I mean it's that good I support you so why not [Applause] oh I look like a sick girl too yeah go to the corner and get a free combo outdoors jeez I'm willing to bet that they're probably gonna switch Peggy yep it's probably gonna be a lame game of out the counter back and forth dude I hear those really filling up roses meter right here definitely I want to do that [Applause] that low-medium function oh my god so good pundits hit ten seconds on the clock here Juno's waiting for an opening oh wow good read their players here on a kind of resource oh my god nope neither their bit too far Oh waiting for that shit another really good alpha counter pretty good damage lots of reach [Applause] this fucking match what's weird purple hack sir what's going on there what anomalies did you just see right now Oh goddamnit I think I gotta put you know again alright good times or no wait are we gonna do oh okay so llamas gonna play wicked element here next and then I'll probably play my mind doctor [Applause] oh never mind I guess I'm up in okay stick around guys I got my match next one [Applause] [Applause] all right we back I'm here joined with Mack one of the people that came down from Vegas to play alpha 2 thanks for sticking around in a WoG old man games here never mind them go play vampires [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right now I'm back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank You purple hamster yeah still in it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's something [Applause] yes like yeah up accountants are kind of weird to get used to because they're like half ler you know oh yeah that Eitan damage Oh we all know why you're here stop the sprite mix is because I played he played me like a Chumley but you like all the love that alpha twos can get lately yeah it's never been a game that we've been supporting for a while out in Vegas yeah kind of part of our regular you know like a mainstay is always alpha to marvel to and TMNT oh it's like the three games and we always get like a solid at least probably like one like 14 players and things which ro Vegas for an old game like this yeah it's pretty crazy yeah they're having that many players are regularly and at least came out with about what six of them today nice almost twenty yeah yeah I definitely appreciate you guys kind of running out here oh yeah well here just got a combo breaker yeah and if I if I um if I come across her Rob is nice enough in 1702 board one day I'll I'll have a set of Tuesday and I'll be able to bring it yo hold on but dude you know that there's an alpha team this for you so check it out sprite mix is actually I think a moderator of the output to discord so I actually don't know the if you search on Street Fighter Alpha to convince cord will go up here in this yeah begin up a quick link there and chat and if she drops a link I think because of the stream is on so that's why I'm just like everybody if you want to light it alpha to discord greatest brightness is Twitter or base on no shouts out to of putting some on trades it's wicked oh yeah shall subscribe mixing all the other moderators and check check this out that's a hypothesis too much you know but he was one game away from you're gonna see that a good business oh yeah night be we on said barb you on said that discord is on the SRP we appreciate it [Applause] is the best version and no problem be long okay that's what I thought but I do know that the making an appearance tonight we got two of them he was definitely saying he was gonna stick with a eight on this entire war McGee's actually been playing it pretty consistently ever every tournament in Vegas yeah the cool thing actually about mythology too that I like is if you have a ps2 with a actual hard drive in it one of the fat it actually has like an install feature so then all the games like load really really fast cuz it's all essentially load right on that hard drive nice well I have a fat ps2 so I'm gonna have to do that yeah I've been bagging on it honestly is thirtieth on HD display too much input lag well well for this game there is no training mode so I think you can use out you can use a prowl for 3d and all the other games that it has training mode for sure I think it's a viable option the other options it's the easiest yeah for the games if you play these games and they have training is the easiest training mode because everything else requires you to do like FBA or it takes a while to set up and if you can't understand it yeah you have to break up the PS to the adapter yeah and you're welcome that's the easiest way you always get the player it's always traveling there's games I'm like okay I was kind of coming into that I knew [Applause] just like what's up everything he's a the the hope here for Vegas last guy left the me into brackets like go out to Vegas Craig say to with you guys sometime Wednesday 300 people still play that you don't think the guy in that picture is probably only person no check it out I was on dude fight kids always packed with like at least 20 some people playing a 3-4 in Brandon's like you know Brazilian people but you know they still playing a dude look I'm I'm not I want to try a three because there's always the argument of then a to smoke and this and that and a three is better or a two is or a threes this and that and a twos the the best the better one and I'm like I love so far I'm loving 82 I love playing it I love the speed I have I have to dive into a three to really understand it and try to make an opinion like some of the mechanics are the same between but there's a lot of different additional mechanics are part of a three yeah you know I think thing one like people talk about like Street Fighter 3 like second impact versus third yeah yeah I I really want to sit down and actually play alpha 3 and to see how it plays it feels like cuz I love watching it it's amazing but I just haven't done it yet so but I'll try it and then I'll get back to with my opinion that nobody ok but yeah well they they only had like the heels crumpled up or the PSP's I was like yeah one that had that Ingrid was an alpha because they had like Ingrid Eagles yeah young like Ingrid I in alpha 3 though I'm probably like I don't know I I'd like I love our Mika and her designing that game so I would kick her watch 10 years she's in alpha 3 PSP papers broken that's the real shit actually we need a bigger hosting here Piper let's go yours later like still kicking her ass he's just like way these are the games like he's sitting all right I'm just gonna gonna warm up real quick two weeks before this all I need everybody I got we gotta run that sometimes assigned a secret ingredient you know her Capcom fight her Capcom fighting jam song is so good you know I was upset like as I keep to me to play this game I get more good did you see somebody can do and that I've been taught to do this crouching medium kick into fireball right now okay so before we get into this next match what they don't know we get pretty much none of us play fighting game long enough to listen even till now right I love buying like intricate fighting games like unique shits here like I don't care I'll buy it if it's obviously if it's like not overpriced right oh and Capcom fighting Jan back in the day when I saw the cover I only got you and when I bought it I booted up I saw like maybe like Humpty characters isn't per whatever genre it's like 5 to 7 like 7 characters yeah it is fucking bullshit and then like but even then I knew like I like the design of Engraving like the dinosaur Leon it's good nowadays I'll still purchase fighting Jam again and let me find a copy of my downloads and I'm probably playing so meaty but point is I love to buy it it's like unique fighting games and Capcom fighting gems one of them and I remember thinking to myself like man scheme looks like shit but it's a cool during that generation where they're trying to just reuse the 2d sprites but yeah it's like 3d back yeah it just made it look like real orbits man sprite mix yo that's actually another game my bought 2 was ex3 plus I bought it and I played it I beat the story mode and I thought to myself man this game looks like fucking trash so I put it down after that I bought it for like 10 bucks buddy X 2 X 2 plus is amazing cyber bots ooh cyber BOTS is a great game sai baba's the Craig Hanson random Lama wrote an abort or wrote an I don't know what the lore is like Oh super Tim I love believe me Sega said so far I have fucking like to just what I don't even know what these findings are came to us just random ones I I think I know why because if he was like China throw fireballs and then it marks an alpha conversant the real here's I have to get knocked up by to Vegas players that I play all the time any guy I wouldn't I would have played guy if I didn't car just suddenly a lot more before the start of it I'm not good with guys but I kind of get his basic movement but I like playing guy I just didn't there's lots of keeping the Vegas hope alive yeah I'm the lone few that plays Charlie there's that into checks chexquest yeah he got second a combo breaker all we losing to justin wong is like you know people that plays the games for a long time so Rose though yeah roses wifey material but tomato like it's hard you know I agree some I'm but I like I like the colors too although I will not I only like her blue and green color her pink and gray ones are kind of yeah you know I saw that in switching up Chumlee Chumlee Chumlee while fitness a to chun-li outfit is lit yeah yes I like round whoa we got some real well it's breakfast but birdie that was playing earlier on the bike because he got some nice [Applause] grinding air normal stuff Oh yeah what's in the corner look at that pressure that's why it suddenly has a good anticipated the Jaguar or jumping Chad it's three out of five leaves they were doing this last one was who's the finals they did two out of three okay uh this will be another two of the three but this is grand finals right here so okay that's coming from okay oh here we go myself gonna get her away from whatever mama comes to Chumlee what stick step back and then walk forward to just be out of ready to dump punished yeah got him what the sweet [Applause] that is it what's on the chip Watson is our Jim there we go guys Watson we were all joking to the I know he likes to lie and wait for these sort of games to come up pick up some llama represent Las Vegas oh yeah yeah I don't start here so we have our regular monthly South Las Vegas you do like a six-game line up okay so I guess so thus far is it was 2 3 right y'all it's 2 1 right now Watson so Watson would be 2 1 oh that meter was too short yeah yeah only what like yeah cheddar Keith or or you could say you know jaundice maybe but then I have a giddy bangles someone who's been there [Laughter] and any shitting on full meters you can do it oh nice yes step back from the fetching the forward and then walk forward to punish – yes yeah chuckling so he knows that so that crutch you poured and tiny short those are gonna be yeah the official okay okay and just like dad – Dex and Manny you know


Harrytmik · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

Gentleman's game.

Mike Malone · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

I was 22 when this game came out. My friends and I would play this for HOURS at home on the Sega Saturn and at the arcade (Family Funtime Arcade in Granada Hills). We became known at the local arcade for our skill in the game. I was quite known for using Birdie, Chung Li, Adon and Ken.

sai76 · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

Why don't they compete in Street Fighter Alpha 3?

Rich Harris · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

God I used to love alpha 2 this game used to be extremely hype when I was a kid.

sainttrunks1982 · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

Dumb move at the end, Zangief could have used his his level 3 Grab and won instead there easily. 2:19:07

ClackMan · July 12, 2019 at 3:10 pm

140 min 4 non sHoto matcHes

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