Solace Crafting – Player Crafting – July 2017

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Solace Crafting – Player Crafting – July 2017

hi this is Kyle Postlewait aka Malkere
from Big Kitty Games. It’s July 2nd 2017 and in this video we’re going to look
deeper into how the unique crafting system in Solace Crafting works
I started game development years ago specifically to try and improve crafting
in games because I loved making my own stuff. I’ve come up with a system very
different to traditional RPG crafting so let’s get into it. Opening the crafting
window first we’ve got professions and categories I can select multiple
professions multiple categories I can select them
all at once or none at all. We’re going to look at sword so I’m going to do
Smithing and Slashing Weapons. Now the first of several big changes to this
system is that equipment recipes in Solace Crafting are not predetermined
now we can make them work for any kind of character at any level so if I select
the short sword recipe here we can start to customize it we can see here the
short sword belongs to the smithing profession and the slashing weapons
category which both have different upgrades I can power up to make all
recipes that are part of them stronger so basically I’ll get better at all
swords instead of just one recipe next to the profession we can see here that
I’ve spent 15 metal out of the 50 I need to spend to level up
there’s no arbitrary crafting experience and this number doesn’t get bigger every
level. If I use 50 metal I level up plain and simple so under my short sword
first I can choose what level shortsword I’m going to create as I
change the level you can see these stats the sword preview changing I’m a level
12 Smith we can see here so I can only go up to level 12 but I’m actually a
level 11 character so I’m going to make this level 11 sword so I can use it
right away tier we can select freely this is the
resource or metal in this case which is we’re making swords that we will need to
use tiers show up about every five levels in Solace Crafting difficulty
is tied to our distance from the start so the further we travel the more
difficult everything becomes and the higher tier of the resources we will
start running into I happen to have tier two metal on me so I’m going to use that
and you can see that has a greater impact on the stats than level does, it
does however not increase the requirements in other words a level one
sword could be tier five metal and a level one player would still be able to
use that so that’s a great way to make equipment for alternate characters next
we can adjust rarity freely. Increasing the rarity of an item requires a blessing.
Blessings are rewarded for defeating champion monsters hero monsters finding
secret areas unlocking achievements and so on, they can be applied to any level
items and have the greatest impact on the base stats of an item they also grant
enchanting slots which are required to enchant our items later but even at the
lowest common we still get one enchant slot I’m going to make my shortsword
uncommon, because I do have a blessing of light so you can see how this system
side steps predetermined recipe and lets us kind of create any kind of weapon we
want with whatever we’ve got I picked shortsword but this works for all
recipes all of these numbers are totally uncapped too so if you are super amazing
it’s possible to craft level 60 or even level 100 equipment theoretically anyway
now I have to explain something here which is the next big change from conventional
crafting systems, and it might sound like a horrible idea at first, but let me
explain why it’s important that all weapons and armours use the exact same
math meaning all one-handed weapons is the
same base damage traditionally in games say a short sword
is a level one items and it does level three damage then say a waraxe is a
level 2 item and does five damage that means that once a level two you’re
expected to use the waraxe even if you prefer short swords or clubs or daggers
you’re more or less forced into using the newer better item. In Solace Crafting
any recipe can be made in any level that way both a shortsword and a waraxe can be level 1 and level 2 and whatever. Some weapons are faster or slower
but the base damage per second is the table across the board two-handed weapons
are different of course heavy armor is different than light armor yes but within
their general categories there’s no predetermined best or better choice
letting you choose what to do for whatever level you are whatever kind of
character you’re making I happen to like swords which is why I’m talking about
short swords but that’s just me. Let’s move on to enchanting. We’ll add my shortsword to my enchanting table and here we can choose the enchanting
categories I’m a level six enchanter we always start out with these six basic
enchants which are the attribute category so if I select strengths here
once again we can start customizing the recipe the enchant recipe I can up the
level I can change the tier resources and I can make it more rare I’m going to
call level 6 I don’t have any higher tier resources. At this point say
between level 0 and level 50 using only the short-sword recipe and the strength
enchant recipe believe it or not we’ve already got over 3 million possible
combinations with just these two recipes I should point out here too that enchants
do not share the same math like equipment recipes. Some enchants are much stronger
than others especially multi-slot enchants and set enchants. Set enchants allow
us to design our own item sets for example the Squire set enchant is automatically
rewarded to any player that spends at least 40 skill points in the Squire tree
which I did we can see here it can only be applied to hand armor feet armor and
main hand weapons meaning that I can apply it to a club, a dagger, could be
cloth shoes, leather boots, metal gauntlets all kinds of stuff depending
on Who I am and what I’m using so my short sword is indeed falls under the
main hand weapon category it’s actually a one-handed weapon meaning I could use
it on either hand but this will turn it into a main hand the only weapon so this
is a great enchant for me to use the squire set enchant however as a minimum
rarity of uncommon so i can’t go any lower than this
i could up it if i had stronger blessings and if my short-sword was
common i’d only have one slot free so this wouldn’t fit on here I’ll put it up
to level six again because I’m level six et voila we have an enchanted
short sword to help me fight evil with you can see here I put a level six
Squire set enchant on it which is giving me strength increased my maximum
energy and this is showing that I currently have two equipped so if I had
this equipped that would be giving me this bonus I actually have gloves and
boots that are already enchanted with the Squire set so if I put this on we’ll
see that I get all the way up to the three bonus now I’m getting agility,
physical skill and defense skill so this is level six
I’m getting 0.98 defense skill whereas my boots they actually are a level three
Squire enchant so I’m only getting 0.53 defense skill bonus you know this is a
set bonus because I’m wearing all three but these bonuses are per item this
isn’t a global one shot they’re different for each individual enchant
and these and other systems within Solace Crafting are really just
designed to shift crafting from a preset path to a system of player preference
allowing a much more personal and unique character there’s still a lot on the
drawing board though so stick with us and by all means share your ideas and
opinions next up in this video series we’ll be looking at combat, leveling,
and skill trees thanks for watching

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Drew Blackwell · October 1, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Crafting and game looks great. Might I suggest the option to name the crafted item giving it more of a personal feel.

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