SLICING OUR FRIENDS! 😮(AO and MA play Perfect Slices)

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– [Apple] We’re just chopping
all of our food friends. – [Orange] I’m gonna have
nightmares for weeks. – [Apple] Me, too! Oh, my goodness!
(Orange laughs) (upbeat electronic music) (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Hey, yo, it’s A to the O back again with another game video. – [Apple] And you better grapple with the fact he got Little Apple. – [Orange] Nice, nice rhyme. – [Apple] Thanks, I thought
it was a good rhyme, too. – [Orange] So we’re playing
a game called Perfect Slices. – [Apple] What?!
– [Orange] Uh-oh! – [Apple] Nooo!
– [Orange] Oooooh! I had to pepper you with the
truth, get it, pepper? (laughs) – [Apple] No, no. – [Orange] Oh, no, now
we’re in a real pickle. – [Apple] No, stop it, you’re making puns while you’re chopping up our friends? What’s with that? – [Orange] I know, I’m so conflicted, I’m sorry, but that’s part of the game. – [Apple] You could stop it right now. Why are you, you just chopped up a pig. – [Orange] What the, I
just chopped up a aig. – [Apple] I guess we’re having bacon then. – [Orange] (laughs)
Head to the porking lot ’cause that’s where you’ll find it. – [Apple] Oh, geeze, you guys, why would you make him play this game? – [Orange] I don’t know,
they wanted me to play it, so I’m playing it. – [Apple] Oh, we’re just
chopping all of our food friends. – [Orange] I’m gonna have
nightmares for weeks. – [Apple] Me too, oh, my
goodness, can you believe it? (Orange laughs) – [Orange] I’m going for the high score. – [Apple] What? – [Orange] Well, I mean, while
I’m here, I might as well. – [Apple] You’re a traitor to your kind. (both laughing) – [Orange] Ah no – [Apple] No, not the bowl! Oh no, we’re making a salad! – [Orange] I’m sorry, and you’re buried! – [Apple] You’re a murderer! – [Orange] Utoh, get knife?
– [Apple] No! – [Orange] Oh let’s do it!
– [Apple] No! – [Orange] Wooo, we can
unlock a random knife! – [Apple] You actually want a knife? – [Orange] I kinda want it – [Apple] Oh no, you’re gonna do it! – [Orange] Naww. – [Apple] Yeah, you just have unlocked the same knife you already had! – [Orange] Yeah thanks for rubbing it in. – [Apple] You’re welcome! – [Orange] I was being sarcastic! – [Apple] You’re being super spastic! – [Orange] Hey, plumpkin! (laughs) Oh, sorry. – [Apple] You’re the jack
o’lantern of all trades. (both laugh) – [Orange] No one holds
a candle to me (laughs) (Apple groans) Why am i chopping a candle again? – [Apple] I don’t know. – [Orange] Either way it’s totally lit! (Orange laughs) – [Apple] No! Stop it! (Orange laughs) – [Apple] I’ve had it with the puns. – [Orange] You got room for the mushrooms – [Apple] No singing either! – [Orange] Look I’m chopping up a (laughs) – [Apple] What the heck? – [Orange] I chopped up a witch’s shoe! – [Apple] I hope she won’t need that, because otherwise she’s
probably gonna come and find you and turn you into a toad! – [Orange] I’ll just tell
her that you chopped it. – [Apple] No! – [Orange] Yep, you did it! – [Apple] You’re the one
murdering our friends right now! – [Orange] Yeah but since you’re here, you’re an accomplice to murder! – [Apple] I am not! – [Orange] Wow, check out that stew! – [Apple] Are you kidding me? Why would you do that to your friends? – [Orange] Hey if you got it, haunt it! (Orange laughs) – [Apple] D’oh! (groans) – [Orange] Oh eggplant. – [Apple] I just, I can’t
endorse anything about this game! – [Orange] Why not?! – [Apple] I can’t get behind it. – [Orange] Oh come on! – [Apple] Man, you’re just
murdering our friends. – [Orange] Come on,
you should play it too. Chop to it! – [Apple] No! (groans) (Orange laughs) – [Apple] The puns
aren’t helping anything, that’s not making it any funnier. – [Orange] Oh check out this
guy, he’s bacon in the heat! (Apple groans) – [Orange] Yeah, got that cash
money, honey, you love it! ♪ You want some more of it! ♪ – [Apple] Actually I don’t love it. – [Orange] But you don’t
rind if I keep goin’, do ya? – [Apple] Oh you hit it!
(Orange laughs) – [Orange] Oh no, I hit that block. – [Apple] Yeah you hit it! – [Orange] Yeah, I just
said that Little Apple. – [Apple] But did you
know that you hit it? – [Orange] Yes! – [Apple] But did you really know? – [Orange] Oh, now look at
that it’s so brew-tiful. (Orange laughs) – [Apple] NO. – [Orange] Get it? ‘Cos we’re making brew? – [Apple] Aw, that’s
actually kind of cute! – [Orange] Thank you! – [Apple] No, not you, you
the coin with the hat on. – [Orange] Hey po-ta-to! – [Apple] Stop killing the potatoes. – [Orange] Don’t be a tater hater! – [Apple] No, I’m saying don’t kill them, how am I being a hater? – [Orange] Hey I don’t car-ot all (laughs) – [Apple] Nooo!
(orange laughs) Are you gonna just keep
doing this the whole episode? – [Orange] Uh, yeah, it’s
like, totally my brand. – [Apple] Yeah, good point. – [Orange] I mean what were you expecting? For me to start making
inspirational speeches while I play games? (both laugh) – [Apple] That’s not a bad idea, sometimes people just need a pick me up. – [Orange] (shouting) Piggy! – [Apple] Okay, you
didn’t need to yell it. – [Orange] I did! And
if you don’t like it, you can hoof it on out of here (laughs) – [Apple] Oh brother. (Orange laughs) – [Apple] Again? – [Orange] We’re staying on brand – [Orange] I’ve got to stay on brand! – [Apple] Thank you. – [Orange] Yo check out
this, it’s a fun guy to chop! (Apple groans) Oh no, I chopped the board again. – [Apple] Good! (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Oooh sparkies! – [Apple] Hope you chop
the board every single time – [Orange] I hope you sit on a thumbtack! – [Apple] Ach! – [Orange] The size of
the bowling ball! (laughs) – [Apple] What? That thumbtack
would be bigger than me. – [Orange] Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Got that finish line! Winner winner chicken dinner! Ooh what’s in your stew? – [Apple] All your murdered friends, that’s who’s in your stew. (Orange laughs) – [Orange] What? – [Apple] What?! You know what! – [Orange] Hey Little
Apple, who came first? The chicken or the eggplant? (laughs) – [Apple] Not funny, not funny! – [Orange] Doesn’t matter
now he’s already chopped up! (Orange laughs) – [Apple] Oh you’re so
mean, I can’t believe it. – [Orange] (shouting) Piggy! – [Apple] Ow! You don’t need to yell it in my non-existent ears. – [Orange] What, I’m just
making sure that you saw that I chopped the (shouting) piggy! – [Apple] Stop it! – [Orange] What’s up cucumber,
it’s knife to meet you! – [Apple] Man, you’re kiddin’ me. – [Orange] Ah, (laughs) look at this! – [Apple] Stop it! – [Orange] Gettin’ that high score! Look at this! – [Apple] Don’t do it! – [Orange] Whoo-ee killin’ streak! – [Apple] Ah man. – [Orange] You love it – [Apple] I’d like to apologize to all my food friends out there. – [Orange] Oh that’s nice
that you’re apologizing for being lame. – [Apple] I’m not being
lame. (Orange laughs) You’re the murderer! You’re murdering people. Stop murdering our friends. (Orange laughs) What? – [Orange] Whoa! – [Apple] What? – [Orange] Check this out. – [Apple] What’s even happened? – [Orange] I got a golden
opportunity to chop up some gold blocks here, nice. – [Apple] How? How is this even chopping gold? – [Orange] What? – [Apple] Like how sharp is this knife? – [Orange] I don’t know
what you’re talkin’ about. I’m still choppin’ food! – [Apple] What? No, you’re chopping gold. – [Orange] Yeah, it’s 24 carrots! (laughs) (Apple groans) – [Apple] I hate you. I hate you so much. (Orange laughs) How did you know man. – [Orange] You love it. You love it! – [Apple] Seriously, who is
serving up a bunch of gold bars to be chopped up by an orange? – [Orange] I mean, who
else would chop ’em up? – [Apple] I don’t know. – [Orange] Like, the Muffin Man? Shrek? – [Apple] Whoa! – [Orange] Whoa, yeah, we’re
baking coins up in here! – [Apple] What is even happening!? – [Orange] Well we took those
gold bars that we chopped up and we melted ’em down into coins. – [Apple] Why wouldn’t you
just use the gold bars? – [Orange] No, that’s crazy, you’re crazy. – [Apple] You don’t have
to make them into coins. – [Orange] (shouting) Piggy! – [Apple] Please stop doing that. – [Orange] Hey Little
Apple, I know carrotay! – [Apple] Stop it. – [Orange] (laughing) Get
it, carrot, carrot-ay! – [Apple] Yes, you don’t
have to explain it I know it. I know exactly what you’re saying. Stop it! – [Orange] I have to explain
everything so many times, it makes it funnier. – [Apple] No, you actually don’t. – [Orange] What, what the!? – [Apple] You broke it! – [Orange] Oh!
– [Apple] You broke it! – [Orange] Oh no. – [Apple] Now it just
starts right over again – [Orange] Yeah for a
second there I thought I was going to lose my knife. – [Apple] Yeah that wouldn’t
have been a bad thing. – [Orange] Yeah, but then I’d have to use something else to cut up the food. – [Apple] Yeah but, I mean, like what? – [Orange] I mean if you’ve got some spare TNT laying around,
I could totally use that. – [Apple] No. Don’t say it! – [Orange] (shouting) Piggy! Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Apple] No, I said, “Don’t
say it, don’t say it”! – [Orange] Why, I have to. It’s kind of a pig deal. (laughs) – [Apple] (groans) I hate
you so much right now. – [Orange] What, you don’t
like my piggy excitement? – [Apple] No, in fact, I do not. – [Orange] Well you can’t hog all the piggy excitement to yourself. (laughs) (Apple groans) – [Apple] I’m not hogging
any piggy excitement. I have no piggy excitement. No piggies! – [Orange] You’re a pig party pooper. – [Apple] There’s no such
thing as a pig party pooper. – [Orange] Yeah there
is, pig party pooper. – [Apple] No pig party pooper.
– [Orange] Pig party pooper! – [Apple] Meh – [Orange] Hey what’s up little buddy – [Apple] It is kinda cute. – [Orange] Why thank you, I sure try! – [Apple] Not you! (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Okay. Win a prize! Okay, whoa. – [Apple] What do you get? – [Orange] I’m picking this one, what is it, gimmie gimmie all these gifts. – [Apple] Oh 15 coins! – [Orange] Okay going for this one – [Apple] Next briefcase – [Orange] And then,
briefcase number three. Whoo-ee, what’s it gonna be? Ah only got 5 coins that time. – [Apple] ok – [Orange] What’s that
thing that I got down there? What’s that thing? – [Apple] It looks like a playing card. Like a King card. – [Orange] Ooh, let’s play Go Fish! – [Apple] I don’t think that’s an option. – [Orange] Wow, check it out! I’m choppin’ ’em up with a playing card. – [Apple] You are, this is so weird. He looks really happy about
chopping up this food. – [Orange] Well he is,
he’s having a good time. Just like you are, huh Little Apple? – [Apple] Yeah, something like that. – [Orange] Yeah, we sure have fun. – [Apple] Oh brother. – [Orange] Come on, hop to
it and chop to it, yeah! Choppin’ ’em up with a playing card. – [Apple] How the heck are you even chopping up food with a playing card? – [Orange] He’s a very
sharp individual. (laughs) – [Apple] No, no sir, that’s a hard no. – [Orange] Yeah, look at all them coins! Oooh, I can get a knife! – [Apple] Why are you happy about this? – [Orange] What, you don’t
like (shouting) knife! – [Apple] Oooh, ahh, where? (Orange laughs) I just hate it when you say that because I always think that
there’s a knife coming. – [Orange] Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean? When I (shouting) knife – [Apple] No no, where, ah! – [Orange] In the game? – [Apple] Oh, stop doing that! – [Orange] Stop doing what? I’m just telling you there’s a
(shouting) knife in the game! (Apple groans) – [Apple] Seriously every time you do that I look behind me because
I’m just expecting – [Orange] You’re pregnant? – [Apple] For a knife to
come down and chop me. – [Orange] (shouting) Piggy! – [Apple] Okay, okay, okay. – [Orange] Hot lava! – [Apple] No, don’t
even start that either. – [Orange] What? Hot lava? – [Apple] Don’t.
– [Orange] Hot lava! – [Apple] Don’t. – [Orange] (screaming) Hot lava! (Apple screams) – [Apple] Okay, I am done. I am done watching you play this game and murder our friends. – [Orange] No, no no, don’t leave yet. – [Apple] Why? Why should I not leave? Tell me one reason, give me
one reason why I shouldn’t go. – [Orange] Because (shouting) knife! – [Apple] Yeah, really
funny, I’m leaving now. – [Orange] No, (screaming) knife! – [Apple] What? (both screaming) (metal clanging)
(chopping sounds) (both screaming) – [Apple] (screaming) Get out of here! – [Orange] (screaming) Oh no! – [Apple] (screaming) Come on Orange, we’ve gotta get out of here! (upbeat electronic music)

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