Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 2 | The Top Contenders

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Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 2 | The Top Contenders

Everyone’s cricket
career starts from the streets. This year the gully
cricket sensation was big.. because there is a
chance to challenge RCB. This is Royal Challenge
Sports Drink Bold League Season 2. India’s largest gully cricket league
which will be hosted by Naveen Kasturia. In this season, we
have team commanders with us to cheer and support their teams. Be it gully cricket
or panchayat elections, uncle has taught his
child only one thing to win. Every person who has not trusted you… from the sulky neighbor
who has always given you problems… …snatch your 70 balls from them. And we will meet
a few renowned gully cricket people. This is our studio
not your sweet shop. They have included
my son Sunny in their team. In the name of cricket,
they make him a wicket. I want today’s kids to move freely and they should be allowed
to play without any obstructions. Hey! From 53 states, 7000 plus teams played fierce street
cricket and grabbed the… …opportunity to play RCB in the final. So come let’s witness the madness and
powerful cricket. Now play and show! More than 7000 teams and
we are still talking cricket. Hey guys I am Naveen Kasturia and this Royal Challenge Sports
Drink Bold League Season 2. Now before we go forward,
let’s fresh up your memory a bit. We started this gully cricket revolution
through district level matches. Then we had state level matches and finally we have ten
top teams amongst whom … …there will be a fight to finish. So let’s have quick meeting with our final teams and their … …team commanders
who represent the state. Mojdis done, necklace done, turban done and finally the
one thing that no queen can do without… …lipstick. Now you must be thinking that I might
be going for a war or some wedding. But guess what,
I am getting ready for gully cricket. Don’t be stunned,
Jaipur is a city of kings and palaces. Religion and culture out here is
royal and aristocratic just like me. And that is why I am the queen of
Jaipur gully cricket team, Captain Nick. My name is Mohammed Arshad
and my team’s name is Jodhpur Royals and I am the team captain. I had seen Afzal Sayed
from my team batting in the recent Bold League match that we… …played in. He had scored a lot. In the next match Sohail
Sayed was playing against the other team and scored 50 runs. I also have in my team Zakir Qureshi and Shahrukh Qureshi
both are real brothers and… …if I send them to play
they will give their 100%. Our dream is to play a match
with RCB and we will fulfill that. So guys just now I designed a program which predicts the winner
of the cricket match. Bengaluru versus… we won’t take the name of
the other team of gully cricket. We follow international standards. Winner Bengaluru! If you think this a fluke,
then let’s try another name. Winner Bengaluru! You get it, we are winning. My name is Venkatesh Padiyal and our team name is Team Mangalore. Pundalik Kamat is
a cool guy and plays well. I know him since 3-4 years. Manoj Malya always has a
smiling face and is always stylish. Raghu is actually an all-rounder
and has been selected in a Ranji team. Team Mangalore can
play against RCB, Kolkata, Mumbai or any team. We can beat them. Name? Nidhi Singh. Work? Team Chandigarh’s king. Why… because Singh is king. We have an extra-large heart, extra-large
Patiala pegs and extra-large sixes. They hit two,
but we hit two dozen. We have both, competitive spirit
and team spirit. And those players I have
found in Chandigarh who will smash all the other teams. My name is Akash and our
team’s name is Ludhianvi Cheetahs and we all belong to Ludhiana. Our team is strong because
everyone in our team is an all-rounder. We have six members in our team and the
senior most player is Harsimran Singh. We call him Chumi in Ludhiana because before batting
he kisses his body in such a… …way that in the next
ball he will hit a six. He is the backbone of our team. The next name I will take is of Mukul and we call him Saand in Ludhiana. Because when he takes
a start it is just like a bull and his bowling speed
is as though he is… …running, that is his pace. We have a challenge to other
team states to be careful of Punjabis as we have never learnt to lose. We roar like a lion wherever we go… so all the best! You need a camera, isn’t it? My uncle has a photo studio
close to my house, pick it up from there. You need a stand, why are you worrying
when will my uncle will be of help to us. He has three stands in his house,
pick up one. You need light for shooting… Guptaji’s daughter is getting
married. Pick up one from there. He has put up many lights. If there is sweet dish over there,
get one plate of that also. We will need clothes; if we are shooting
we would need clothes. It’s obvious. Do one thing the wedding from
where you are getting the lights from, get the Sherwani of… …the groom. What do think,
we Indore people are like this… life hacker number 1. Just imagine, if we can do an arrangements of such a
big shoot, just by snapping fingers… …can’t we win gully cricket? This is the principle of life, no matter how much you shed
your sweat or blood in the end.. …the person who wins
is a life hacker. My name is Pushpendra Singh and my team’s name is KC Club
and we belong to Bhopal. I am the team captain and Sunil is a very tall player in
our team and because he is very tall… …obviously there is
more pace in his bowling. We have Fesal Ahmad
and he is an all-rounder and the only player
in our team who is a … …left handed batsman. Our strategy is to
play our best on the ground and play with full
aggression and play to win. In 1635 Lord Voldemort had said
that cricket is a gentleman’s game. Gentleman means Babumoshai. B for Babumoshai,
B for Bengali and B for Bictory. The gully cricket match could
be at the back lane of Eden Garden or at the football stadium. But the winner will
only be Babumoshai. How many more formulas do you need? when we are only
going to be the winners. Our Bengal, golden Bengal,
hail Bengal, team Kolkata! Hi, I am Argha Dey and
belong to Asansol West Bengal. I am the captain of Duke of Hazards. Apart from me in this team
we have Suraj who is very funny. My friend named Deepak is also there. Rishi is there, Rajiv is there, Santanu is there and we all
came together to form this team. We have won the Kolkata
state championship of Bold League. Now our next target is the RCB team. My name is Lalit and from childhood
I have been very passionate about cricket. My name has passion in it… Lalit Shokeen. Don’t tell me that I can’t
get a score to show you. Be it gully cricket
or panchayat elections, uncle has taught his
child only one thing… to win. How many parties are
there in this cricket… only 9! I can set them by
just moving my stick. You have got an
opportunity to accept loss; uncle’s heart is very
soft he can forgive you. And if you want he can
transfer the forts in your name but don’t hassle with us… … As our win, is for sure. My name is Ashish and I
belong to Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. My team’s name is
Yamuna Nagar Super Kings and this time we are representing… …Haryana in RC Bold
League and I am the team captain. Actually I and my friend Biru have been playing together
since the last 17 to 18 years. Our next member who got added
was Jhonty. He bats well and can
pull the short ball well. I feel after Ponting he is
the next guy to do that so well. After that next is Sachin
who belongs to a farmer’s family. When we called him at midnight
he said I stand with you all. After that comes Ganguly who was a good player with left hand
and we felt our team… …needed a lefty batsman. After that comes Panday,
he has had good progress, good bowling,
overall strength is good and … …he has passion and aggression
and plays with his heart for his team. So this is our small team,
Yamuna Nagar Super Kings. So what did we learn? We learnt that gully
cricket gives you that training which international cricket will not… …be able to give. Correct! Now the next team commander
who will be introduced … is very,
very, very involved with her team. She is very, very busy yet
she manages to take time to be there. You can never doubt on the walk
of a cheetah, the vision of a falcon or on the cricketers of Maharashtra. Because this is the reign of Peshwas and they have taught
us only one thing… to win And we will win this for sure
because #THATSWHATPESHWASDO. My name is Satyam and I have come here
to represent my Pune team Pune Go Getters. My entire team is
filled with all-rounders, they are great with bowling,
they are great with batting. Vishal is the senior
most member of our team. Harsh and I are like brothers and
he is a very good player. His character is also like that,
he is a body builder. We had just come
to play for fun but then… …we won. So that way
our whole team was formed. When there is fun then
all of us are mischievous. We are so strong that we can defeat
anybody because we are champions. This is a fake pirate. But this
is what a real pirate looks like. You might have thought that
pirates are only in Caribbean. Huh… Wrong guys, because we are
the pirates of Vishakhapatnam. And we will win this gully
cricket by hook or by crook. So all teams, hands on the deck,
this is your pirate speaking. You can quit now or lose later because you maybe the dragon
but we are the Gladiator. My name is Prabhu Ram Megatri
and I play for Walter’s XI team. I open the bowling and our captain
is Durga Prasad and he bats. Gautam is a bowler, Shyam
is an all-rounder, Chinna is a batsman. First they go and set the target after that we stay at the
same distance and in the bowling… …department we bowl
well and win the match. Our team strength is that no one will
take any tension and play well. There are 2 types
of people in Lucknow, one are normal type of
people and the second Nawabs. And above them are people
who are Nawabon ke Nawab who is known as Farhan Khan. So it is a simple thing, be it biryani or sherwani
we will make our enemies sweat. Don’t fly so high or else
we will remind you of your granny. Wow, wow! And your granny will also say that the prince of gully cricket
are the sons of Nawab from Lucknow. My name is Ajay Kumar Pandey, I belong to Kanpur and
our team’s name is Landmark 11, Two years back I met all of them. Our team has Neeraj, Akash, Ashish,
Ravinder, Mukeshbhai. We all play together. Our team member Akash, plays like a kid. Neeraj is a good person and very royal Then comes Ravindra
who never removes his cap, I feel the day he gets
married, he will wear… …his cap at that time also. Then comes Mukeshbhai,
he is a Thappa and we call him Thappa While playing a match we all
are very effective and very good. Royal Challengers Bangalore, get ready as Uttar Pradesh team is coming
to give you a… …strong competition. Now you know all our teams, so pick up your pom-poms
and cheer for your favorite team. Okay forget pom-poms but definitely put your
game phase on because in the next …episode of Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League
Season 2, we will have knockouts. It is knockout time so
which team will challenge whom? We thought we are on
top but they put us in bottom. The guests for our third
episode are a bit angry. This is their daily scene, they play cricket every day
and every day break the windows… …of the house or drop vegetables. They may hit us, and give us
bad words like stupid, dog or a fool.


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