Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E87 (25 Feb 2020)

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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E87 (25 Feb 2020)

Hello, everybody. It is Tuesday.
That can only mean one thing. It is Tuesday’s House Of Games.
All week, I’m joined by four famous
faces. They’re going to play a series
of quiz rounds and at the end of the week, one of them is going
to walk away with the trophy.
Now, we’ve got some very, very good quizzers this week. If you saw
yesterday, it’s very competitive.
Shall we meet our players? And as we pan along, see
if you can work out who won the House Of Games smoking
jacket yesterday. Hm! Our players this
week are Samira Ahmed, Mr John Robins… Hello there. Hello to you. ..Angela Rippon, and Dom Joly. Welcome, welcome.
John, we have to start with you. What a win yesterday, I think
a four-point win in the end. But it was all the way tense.
Yes, it was. I struggled to sort of get on top
of the adrenaline. Yeah. It’s a bit like Justin Rose
said at the Miracle of Medinah, he just holed that long chip and he
just needed to get on top of it. OK. Don’t let it overtake you.
Don’t let it overtake you. Samira. Samira, a close second
yesterday. How can we overtake John today?
The Answer Smash. That’s often the key in close games, if the person who can
do the Answer Smash. But the rest of the things,
you were laughing. I like the range. Angela, welcome back. Now,
we saw what John won yesterday. Yes. Shall we take a look at
today’s prizes? Yes. We have got the House Of Games
dartboard, the House Of Games pillow
and duvet set… ANGELA GASPS
I know! House Of Games tie, House Of Games
salt and pepper shaker
and House Of Games coaster. Anything there that
catches your eye, Angela? Going to sleep on the Richard
Osman’s House Of Games pillow is… It’s a duvet as well.’s quite a thought. Oh, it’s a duvet as well.
Yeah, exactly. Dom. Some great quizzing yesterday.
Well… Genuinely, I think it might be our
most… Our smartest week yet. There was some awkwardness, I felt,
but we’ll let it go today.
But listen, only from you. Yeah. Such is life!
So, you know, there it is. There was a bit of a bust-up
in the tunnel. Was there? On the way up here. There were
words. There were a few elbows.
Yeah. But for me, I’m not one to make
excuses, but when I came to do this, I possibly went out on a little bit
of a pub crawl on the first night. OK. And it might have affected
my performance, but last night,
I went to bed early. Lovely. It’s been mineral water, a quick two
hours in the gym… Kale smoothie.
..a kale smoothie this morning. I’m ready. Beautiful.
Shall we take a little look at the
leaderboard, as it stands? Yeah. John, obviously,
leads us with four points. Samira, you have three, Dom,
two, Angela, one. Plenty of time for anybody
to catch up. Plenty of time to see who’s going
to win that trophy on Friday. Shall we do it?
First round today is: See what we’ve done there?
We’ve taken House Of Games,
we’ve changed one letter to become Mouse Of Games
and that’s what we do in this round.
I will go along the line and I’m going to give you
the synopsis of a classic novel. We’ve taken a normal classic novel,
we’ve changed one
letter of the title. The good news is,
if that doesn’t make any sense, Samira’s going first.
Oh, thank God! OK. What is this imaginary novel? Oh! Um, Tom Lawyer. Is the correct answer. Well done. Do you get to buzz in if someone
doesn’t get it? You do, yeah. OK. Wow! Look at that! That smoking
jacket’s done something to you.
Stroke a cat as well, huh? Honestly, at the start of yesterday,
you were like…
You were a bit like Hugh Grant at the start. I don’t know.
I-I-I’ll try my best, I suppose.
Does one buzz? I don’t know. Now, you’re like, yeah,
can we like buzz in
if someone gets it wrong, yeah? Just wa-a-ap, there it is.
John, here’s yours. Thank you. Have you got that one at home? I’ve got one. I’ve got…
I’ve got one. But I don’t know whether it could be
the right one. OK. Wuthering Fights. It’s not, I’m afraid. But that could be. It couldn’t.
BUZZER Oh, Dom wins the buzzer race.
Wuthering Weights. Wuthering Weights is the answer, you
change H to W. Wuthering Weights. Oh, I see. I’ve forgotten the thing.
Wuthering Fights, you couldn’t…
I forgot the premise. Yeah. We’re not rhyming with
a classic novel. No. We’ve changed one letter. I know.
Oh, God! Wuthering Fights is…
Anyone that doesn’t understand the premise of this… Yeah, it’s
weird. It’s easy. The smoking
jacket is sucking my powers. Do you know what? I forgot…
I absolutely forgot to mention
the curse of the smoking jacket, which I should have done.
Ah! We’ll get on to that. Angela, here’s a classic novel
described for you. We’ve changed one
letter of the title. OK. Samira and Dom are both…
You have to wait! Oh! This is Dame Angela Rippon.
When…? Will you say? Yeah, as soon as that goes red.
As soon as…
DOM: Yeah, in three minutes’ time. Angela hasn’t even given an answer.
We’re like vultures, aren’t we? I’m trying to work out what the
missing letter is. Mm-hm. What do you think the novel is,
Angela? It’s Passage To India. And we’ve
changed one of those letters. Oh, no! Look!
DOM: You’ve let old Smokey in! It’s… It’s Massage To India. A Massage To India. There you go. Well done. Dom. I won’t get mine. I mean, fingers crossed. (Southern
American accent) I’m not a reader! I don’t read too much.
I don’t read too much book. Dom. Yeah.
What is this classic novel? OK, so I think that’s Match-22. Catch-22 becomes Match-22. Well played. We go back down the line.
Samira, we’re back to you. Your next category is: OK. So, we’re going to give
you a synopsis of a film from the noughties, we’ve changed
one letter of the title. What is this film? Oh, look. These two are on it. Dom’s definitely got it. John is
possibly pretending to have got it. But maybe he’s got it. I know the director
and I recognise all the actors. Um… Do you know the title? That would be the most useful thing.
It’s gone. It’s blanked. Time me out. We’ve got a buzzer race. BUZZER Dom wins the buzzer race.
Is it The Yurt Locker? The Yurt Locker. The Hurt Locker
becomes The Yurt Locker. Well done. John, noughties movie for you. I know the film. I’m trying to work
out what the… Have you got it? I think so. I’m going to time you out,
John, I’m afraid. A buzzer race.
BUZZER Dom wins again. Is it Bill Bill?
SAMIRA: Yeah. Is it Bill Bill? It is Bill Bill. Angela. Let’s see where we are now.
What noughties film is this? It’s got to be Iron Gran, hasn’t it?
I mean, that would be
changing two letters. Oh, no. That’s changing two letters.
So, it’s not, sorry. Shall we time you out?
It’s not Iron Gran, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Dom. Iron Nan. Iron Nan! Oh! Iron Nan, well done
if you said that at home. Dom. Yes.
Your final question in this round. What noughties film is this? That’s Dude, Where’s My Cat? Dude, Where’s My Cat?
is the answer, well done, from Dude, Where’s My Car?
That’s the end of that first round. A very good round for Dom there,
I think. Let’s take a look at our scores. John “The Curse Of The Smoking
Jacket” Robins is on zero. Samira and Angela,
you have one point each. Dom, six points in one round.
Very impressive! Round two is: This is a pairs game.
As always with pairs games, the player in last place gets
to choose their partner. Let’s just check who the
player in last…
Who’s the player in last place? The guy with the smoking jacket?!
What?! John, you’re in last place.
You get to choose who you play with. You played with Dom yesterday.
Who would you like to choose today?
I’ll play with Samira, please. So you stay where you are.
Samira and John are a team. Angela
and Dom, you are a team as well. Now, what happens in this round,
I will ask a question, buzz in, please,
if you know the answer. I will then ask your teammate
to spell that answer. And you only get a point
if they can spell the answer. OK? Here’s your first question.
Fingers on buzzers, everybody. BUZZER
Yes, Dom. Garibaldi. Garibaldi is the correct answer. Now, Angela, nice and slowly,
spell Garibaldi, please. Trying to work out if it’s got a
double R or not. G-A-R… G-A-R… A… Is incorrect.
Oh, it’s double R then. Let’s take a look, shall we? There… Yeah, that’s unlucky.
Well done if you said that at home. Garibaldi, no points there. Fingers on buzzers,
here’s your next question. BUZZER
Yes, Dom. Tennessee. Is correct. Angela… He’s really…
Sorry, Angela! Good luck. Everyone at home is doing what
you’re doing at the moment, which is
thinking about double letters. It’s T-E… T-E… N… N… N… Yes. E-N-N… I-S… No, A-S… It’s not, I’m afraid. Tenn-assee. E-N-N-A-S. I think
it’s E-S, I think, Tennessee. Tennessee?!
Let’s take a little look. Next question. BUZZER
Dom. Hyphen. Is correct. Angela, for a point for your team,
spell hyphen. H-Y-P-H… H-Y-P-H… E-N. E-N… Yes! the right answer! A point
for Angela and Dom, well done. Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Samira. Archaeologist.
Oh, this’ll be a bit of fun! Archaeologist is correct. John Robins, for the point,
spell archaeologist. A-R-C-H… A-R-C-H… Yeah. E… I’m not very good at spelling.
I would have gone… DOM: I think that’s right.
SAMIRA: No, It’s A-E. Ah! I would have gone EO
every day of the week. A-E. Let’s take a look
at the rest of this. DOM: Of course! Oh!
A-E-O in the middle, no thanks! That’s why I gave it to them,
Angela. No, I would have got that. Oh, would you? How annoying is
that?! Yes, I do know how to spell that one. Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Samira. Pygmalion. Pygmalion is correct.
John, for a point, spell Pygmalion. P-Y-G… P-Y-G… M-A… Yeah. L-I-O-N? Is it L-I-O-N? It is! Well played.
Thank you. Nicely done. That’s a relief, isn’t it? Yeah.
Phew! Well done! Next question,
what’s the answer to this, please,
and how do you spell it? BUZZER
Yes, Dom. Hypochondriac. Is correct. Angela, for the point,
spell hypochondriac. This is a horrible round, isn’t it? Spell hypochondriac. H-Y-P… O… Oh! This… C-H… Lovely. O-N… You’re being cheered
on by everyone at home here, Angela. D-R… Go, go! I-A-C. Whoa! Oh, Angela Rippon, everybody! Well
played! Brilliant! Hypochondriac. Well done if you said that at home.
That was great! Last question in this round. What is
the answer and how do you spell it? BUZZER
Yes, Samira. Kilimanjaro. Sorry. Kilimanjaro is correct.
It’s sort of a blessing and a curse, this round. Yes. It’s awful.
It’s weird, isn’t it? I never know who
I want to be in this round. Kilimanjaro, John, spell that,
please. Good luck at home as well. K-I-L… Lovely. A… It’s not. That’s Kil A-man-jaro,
a different mountain. What do we think? It’s I? Yeah. Kiliman. Yeah, there we go. Then manjaro.
J-A-R-O at the end. That’s a sadistic round. End of the round. Two rounds down. Let’s take a look at the scores. John, you have one. Samira, two.
Angela in second place with three. Dom, five-point lead, eight points. Well played. Three rounds to
go on Tuesday’s House Of Games. Let’s play our next round
straightaway and it is: Now, fingers on buzzers,
everyone, in this round. And at home as well, if you’ve got a
phone or anything with a stopwatch, get it out now because you’re going
to need it in this round. What I’ll do, I will start playing
you the introduction to a song, OK? A famous song. We will then dip
out the sound of that song. You need to press your buzzer
the second you think the first word is sung in that song.
We’ll put all of your times up there and whoever is closest
will get the point. There’s definitely four
people somewhere, recording us
individually? You’re not just making it up?
No, they are definitely
doing it individually. And at home, the second you hear
the first bit of the music, press the starter on your stopwatch
on your phone, or whatever, and then press stop the second
you think the singing begins. OK? Best of luck, everybody. Let’s hear the first bit of your
introduction for the first song. MUSIC: Johnny B Goode MUSIC FADES OUT Angela’s in already. John is in.
Dom’s in and Samira is in. I’ll give you a few more seconds
at home, if you’re still going. Shall we…?
Let’s take a look at the timings. So, it was Johnny B Goode. Yeah.
Let’s see what your timings were. Angela went very early. Everyone else… Almost like
they were copying each other. What have you
got on your stopwatch at home? What do you think about this one? So, let’s have a little
listen to the song and hear when the singing starts. SONG STARTS Oh, we’ve passed Angela. It’s going to be Samira.
SINGING STARTS There we go. 17.15,
Samira takes the point. Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry.
It’s nerve-wracking,
isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Nerve-wracking. And well
done at home if you were somewhere
around the 17 seconds mark. Terrific work.
Ready for the next one? Not really. Here is your next song. MUSIC: Gangsta’s Paradise MUSIC FADES OUT Samira’s gone very early. John and Dom’s in as well.
Everybody in. Give you a little bit more
time at home. What do we think?
Let’s take a look at our timings. The song was
Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio. Gangsta! Samira,
number of the Beast. Let’s find out, shall we?
What are you on at home? Do you agree with Samira? Are you
a bit further on like the others? Let’s take a listen to the song,
see who’s won the point. MUSIC STARTS It goes round again. RAPPING STARTS Oh! John wins the point! 11.1. Well done! Nicely done. Doctor Smoke!
Very nice. Well done at home if you were close
to that. That was good. 11 and a half seconds.
Final song in this round. Fingers on buzzers,
when does the singing start? MUSIC: Easy MUSIC FADES OUT I love this silence! John’s in, Samira’s in. Look at that! It’s so scary when
someone else has buzzed, isn’t it?
It’s impossible to stay off. Let’s take a look at the timings,
shall we? The song was Easy by The Commodores.
John, you went first. And then we’ve got 14
and a couple of 15s there as well. Where are you at home on this one? Let’s find out, shall we? Let’s play the song and see
when the first word comes in. MUSIC STARTS Looking good so far. Oh, here it comes, surely! SINGING STARTS
Angela gets the point! That’s the end of round three.
Let’s take a look at the scores. Two for John. Still in last place,
John. Samira, you have three. Angela still in second with four. Dom, still a four-point
lead, eight points. The lead’s coming down a tiny bit. Let’s see round four, shall we?
Today it is: Now, this is played on your tablets.
Tablets out, please. I’m going to give you
a series of events from history. You just have to tell me the year in
which they happened and whoever gets
closest wins a point. Crikey! Angela, this is my least
favourite round. Is it? It’s always stuff you’ve heard
of, but you think,
I’ve no idea when that happened. That’s how they do it,
the question writers. They’re mean. Here’s your first event.
When did this happen, please? In what year as that, please? Captain Cook first set
foot in Australia. Have a little think at home. It’s horrible, right? Everybody is in. Now, when did Captain Cook first
set foot in Australia? Samira, what do you think? Well, I think it’s late 18th
century, so I went for 1781. 1781 is one of those years
that sounds convincing.
John, where are you? Same century, I’ve gone probably
a bit too early with 1746. 1746, says John.
Angela, what do you think? I’ve got the same century, I’ve gone
sort of in the middle, 1763. 1763. This is going to be a close one.
Dom? I know I’ve got it completely wrong.
I’ve gone very early, 1602. 1602. What do you think at home?
Who are you closest to?
Let’s take a look, shall we? When did Captain Cook first set
foot in Australia?
Who has won themselves a point? That is Angela!
Well done, Angela. Very close. Very good. Beautiful. Next event. When did this happen? When did Salvador Dali die? I’m sorry if that’s news to anyone,
by the way. No longer with us. OK, everybody is locked in.
When did Salvador Dali die? John, we will start with you.
What are you thinking? I think it was quite late,
but I don’t remember it, so I’ve gone 1984. So, 1984, says John.
Angela, what do you think? I think he was a bit earlier than
that. I’ve put 1953. 1953, says Angela. Yeah. OK, ’50s and ’80s.
Dom, where are you? Well, I know he was around in the
’70s, so I’ve gone 1984 as well. Whoa! Just cos I love the book.
Two ’84s. Samira, what do you think? I think I’ve gone too late,
but I think it was really late and I went 1998. ’98. So, all the way from
the ’50s to the ’90s. What do you think at home?
Who are you closest to? Who has won the point?
When did Salvador Dali die? Ooh! ’89! That’s a tie. John and Dom both get
a point there. Well done. ’89. Final question in this round.
When did this happen, please? What do you
reckon at home on this one? That’s hard, right? Well, it is if you don’t know, yeah.
Do you know it? No. Oh. It’s hard, isn’t it? Yeah! Angela, we will begin with you. When did you think
St Andrews was founded? I’ve gone for 1620. Dom, what are you saying? Obviously, I’m 80% Scotch.
At any given time. Yeah, at any given time. Also, this is my favourite year,
1602. I think, if you remember, that’s when I thought Australia
was discovered. Samira, what do you think?
I think it’s a lot earlier. OK. I went for 1390. Oh!
1390, says Samira. John. I’ve also gone earlier cos
I know the earliest like Oxbridge colleges are 12th century,
so I’ve gone 1401. 1401. That’s a great number, that.
Yeah, really good number. So 1390, 1401 and then
up in the 17th century there. When was the oldest
university in Scotland founded? Oh! 1413! John, well done! Very nicely done! So, one round to go.
Dom went into a very early lead and has kept that lead all
the way through. Has he kept the lead going
into the final round? I hope so. Let’s see what
he has to protect here. So, a four-point lead Dom has,
then. Nine points. Angela, you’re second with five.
John into third now with four. And Samira on three. One round to go. That final
round, as ever, is Answer Smash. Quadruple lean forward.
Look at this. This is what I like to see.
Fingers on buzzers. A point for a correct answer.
A point off for an incorrect answer. I wish you all the very
best of luck. Your first category for
today’s Answer Smash is… Those will be the pictures. Here we go. Good luck, everybody. BUZZER
Yes, John? Steve Crambo. Steve Cram and Rambo, Steve Crambo. Well played.
APPLAUSE Lovely start to the round.
Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Dom? DOM SIGHS Sorry, I’m going to have to…
Denise Lew… No, sorry. Got to buzz straight in
if you know it. BUZZER
Yes, Samira? Denise Lewis-sh You Were Here. Denise Lewish You Were Here.
DOM: Oh, my God! Well played.
APPLAUSE That’s so hard to say. Next question. BUZZER
Yes, John? Steve Redgravenclaw. Steve Redgravenclaw… is correct.
APPLAUSE Steve Redgrave and Ravenclaw. Getting closer now. Next category. CONTESTANTS SNIGGER Come on, everybody.
Those will be the pictures. We’re going to see some pictures
of tools. Nice! There’ll be clues underneath. BUZZER
That is John Robins. Plungerry and the Pacemakers. Is it Plungerry and the Pacemakers?
Very good. It is, well played.
APPLAUSE Plungerry and the Pacemakers.
Plunger, Gerry and the Pacemakers. Next tool. BUZZER
John? Clampersand. Is it clampersand? DOM: Oh, God, yes. It is. Well done. Clamp and ampersand.
Clampersand. APPLAUSE
You’re good at your tools. Lovely. Next category. HOOTER No more categories. You had a
four-point lead going into that one. I know, threw that away. You lost a
point and John got a few. Did I? Yeah. Of course! Oh, no.
It’s all gone. Let’s take a look. Dom has been
leading from the beginning. Has he managed to cling on
in that final round? Who’s our winner on today’s
House Of Games? It’s a tie. It is a tie between John and Dom. Well done, John. We go to a tie-breaker. We don’t?! We do. How does this work?
I’m scared now. We’re going to do one
more Answer Smash. Oh, no. Fingers on buzzers. If you buzz in
and give me a correct answer, you’ve won today’s show. If you buzz
and give me an incorrect answer, your opponent has won today’s show. The category for your
tie-break is… OK, so that’ll be the question.
There will be a clue underneath. Very best of luck to you both.
It’s been a brilliant show. We decide it with this. BUZZER
Yes, Dom? Jay Len… No… Oh, God! Sorry, Dom. No. Incorrect. Did you know the answer? Doesn’t matter if you do or not. Doesn’t matter, because
you’ve won anyway. It was Jay Lenola Gay. Enola Gay! I knew it as well!
Jay Leno and Enola Gay. Jay Lenola Gay. Our winner…
Well done. The Comeback Kid, the Smoking Jacket
Boy, the curse has been broken. Our winner today,
John Robins, everybody. APPLAUSE Let’s take a look at your prize
choice, John. What would you like from these? I’m actually going to
go for the tie, because I have a shortage of ties. House Of Games tie, John Robins. Well done, sir.
APPLAUSE Weekly leaderboard. Let’s see how
we’re looking after two days. Two wins for John, there.
That’s a big surprise. We have three days to go. Some very,
very good quizzing today. Good quizzing on Monday as well. It’s going to be a very, very
close week, I think. Thank you all so much. See you again
same time, same place, tomorrow. We’ll see you as well, same time,
same place, on House Of Games. APPLAUSE This feels like if I did it up too
quickly, it would catch fire.

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