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Somewhere out there far away… …someone has built a town. A town, where you can live… …work… …do business… …and which can be governed. A town is dynamically growing and developing. Each player has an influence
and can contribute to its elaboration. Buildings and stores constructed by players cost resources and run out of supplies over time. You can buy land and build your own house. Within town limits or elsewhere; wherever you want. Purchase whole islands, play with luxury tools, concentrate on yourself and improve your skills. Real life based work and
contract systems will help you gain a stable income. Service equipment with vehicles
and work privileges are at your disposal. Find a suitable job, make private contracts with other players or execute ‘high-risk’ state contracts. When it comes to power,
there is no one more powerful than a mayor… …and each player has a chance to become one. Expand and improve infrastructure;
provide electricity; build ports, hospitals, police stations. Find new towns in other parts of the island and don’t ignore other players’ needs or things just might go crazy. Hire other players to form
a dedicated team and the sky is going to be the limit. In case you’re not interested
in government affairs, you can try yourself in business. Start your own production by opening a factory. Build a rental warehouse to store goods, everything that can be bought, mined, produced or captured. Trade through your own or other player’s stores Track demand and deliver goods to car dealerships, gas stations, food shops and other third party marketplaces. Find an oil source,
start fuel production and open your private gas station. And don’t worry about the land.
There’s plenty of space for everyone! From steep rocky mountains
and dense tropical rainforests… …to arid deserts and sand dunes. An impressive vast open world
is available for your exploration. Explore the environment by land, water or air. Get into challenging situations
and find a way out of them. Meet new players,
become friends or make enemies. In pursuit of income,
you’re free to choose your own way. Get things done unnoticed
or take the chance and go all in. Want to play dirty? Be ready to face a heavy response from those players who want to maintain peace and order. Whether you prefer to
play on your own or team up with friends. Be on the side of the law or against it. You’ll always have a way to succeed. Explore vast, open world,
build your dream house trade and do business. Run for mayor! Serve the community, hire or be hired for work. Do cargo transportation… or just go nuts and live as an outlaw! Subbed by XYCephei.

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XYCephei · July 15, 2019 at 8:18 am

English/Turkish subtitles/captions have been added. Enjoy!
İngilizce/Türkçe alt-yazılar eklenmiştir. İyi eğlenceler!

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