PHOTO IDEAS FOR INSTAGRAM || Cool And Smart Life Hacks by 123Go! Play!

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PHOTO IDEAS FOR INSTAGRAM || Cool And Smart Life Hacks by 123Go! Play!

We do lots of things throughout the day. Like squeeze out pimples as we stare at ourselves
in the mirror. But believe it or not, even our most intimate, awkward moments can make for a great photo opportunity. Hey, what do you think you’re doing over
there? You’re gonna freak out — this photo of
you is so cool! Let me see that. Man, I look awesome in that! Let’s see if we can get a good shot of Adam
too. Hmm…this is interesting. Here you go! Don’t want to look like Adam in your Instagram
pics? Here’s how to get great photos for Instagram! Ugh, my date was supposed to be here an hour
ago, where is he? Whatever, I’m leaving. Huh? Sorry I’m late baby, my motorcycle broke
down again. Flower’s aren’t gonna cut it this time! What kind of girl does he think I am? I don’t wait around for guys. Chloe? You home? Uh oh, why are these roses doing here? Something bad must’ve happened with Chloe’s
date. But I think I know exactly what can cheer
that poor girl up. Let’s do this. Hey Chloe. Wanna do something creative with your free
time? I’m talking about an impromptu photo shoot,
of course! But how does the umbrella fit int the equation? For this picture hack, make it look like it’s
raining roses! Between the petals and that smile, you’re
sure to get a fabulous pic. Okay, wanna go see how it turned out? With this trick, you bring in the element
of surprise to your shot, see? Pretty awesome, right? Nothing like a delicious treat to spice up
a boring Wednesday. Go and take a bite! Oh yeah, that frosting is absolute perfection. Hey! Looks like someone went out and bought a brand new scale. I wonder how much I weigh? Seriously? Since when did that happen? I guess I could start exercising again. Or I can just pretend to do it… Okay, let’s start with about 10 reps and
see how it goes. Next up are squats! Don’t forget to work out the upper body! Did I lose any weight yet? How did I gain a pound? Chloe? What are you doing over there? I don’t want anyone to think I’m getting
fat and I think I know what to do. Adam? Wanna come here and help me with something? I don’t wanna get involved in whatever it
is you’re doing. You know I can’t resist that look. Okay, fine. For this photo trick, take a photo of the scale so that everyone can see how much weight you’ve lost. But be sure to have someone take off a few
pounds for ya as you go. Now that’s a whole lot easier than working
out, isn’t it? Hey, since when did this sweatshirt get so
big on me? These pants don’t seem to fit me right either. But if I don’t have time to go shopping
what should I wear? Hey, that could work! Have clips like these lying around? Turns out they’re your new favorite fashion
accessory. If you have pants that are too roomy, clip
them from behind just like this. And you can do the same thing with your shirt. The back may look crazy but from the front,
you look just perfect! Now when you take your mirror selfie, no one
will ever know what you did. Unless they walk behind you, that is. Don’t judge me, you’d do it too if you
were taking a selfie. Girls will do anything for a good photo. By the looks of it, I’d say we have a movie
night on our hands! Everyone grab some popcorn and we can get
the show on the road. Aw man, I don’t want to forget this awesome
night. Can we take a selfie to capture the moment
forever? The one problem with group selfies is the fact that our arms are often too short to get everyone into frame. Can your arms even stretch long enough, Adam? See? No one’s ever completely in the shot! How can we make this work without a fourth
person? I know! Give me your phone for a sec. My arms may not be long but my legs sure are! Okay guys, get ready to take the best group
selfie of your life! Ooh! That can’t be good! Please don’t be cracked, please don’t
be cracked… Phew, looks like that carpeting broke the
fall, don’t worry Mayble, you’re off the hook. But we still haven’t solved our selfie problem! Wait a second, could that carton help? If you have an old juice carton lying around,
turn it into a phone stand! Cut the carton down the middle and put the
top half aside. Then cut slits like this on both sides. Also cut a chunk out of this side so you can
see your phone’s screen. And there you have it! A phone stand! Alright guys, third time’s a charm! Don’t forget to set the timer! Yes, guys! Work it! See? Everyone’s picture perfect! These days, looking at your friend’s pics online is just a giant reminder that they have more than you. But hey, you’ve got some cool stuff too,
right Chloe? I’ve got some fabulous jewelry of my own,
you know! This is all cheap plastic! And this looks like it came out of a cereal
box. Okay, maybe jewelry is the wrong way to go. My piggy bank! I’ve got to have some extra money in there! Sounds like quite a bit, doesn’t it? Well, someone’s gonna make it rain tonight! I bet there’s tons of cash in here I can
take a picture of. But first I’ve gotta smash this thing wide
open! Ooh. That has way less cash in it than I thought
it did. Any chance there are some hundreds stick inside
this five? Nope, it’s just a five. But what if a little camera trickery could
turn that five into way more? Let’s get all this junk out of the way first. These may just be pages from a book but in the right position, they can turn to cold hard cash. Quick! Get the camera! Check out that wad of cash! Going through old stuff in the garage can
be a real bummer. Unless you find something awesome you forgot
about. Like this cool magnifying glass! Whoah, I can see all your pores in this thing,
Chloe! Hey! Stop laughing! Aw, c’mon, it’s funny! And now I have it forever! Who needs a fun filter when you can take pics
like this?! Think you could use some of these fabulous
instagram hacks? Be sure to share this with your buddies and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GoPlay’s YouTube channel for more great videos just like this one!


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