Nikki and Brie Bella Compete in the Tonight Show’s Thumb Wrestling Championship

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Nikki and Brie Bella Compete in the Tonight Show’s Thumb Wrestling Championship

-Hello, Jimmy.
-Hello, Jimmy. -Welcome back…
-Right? How scary. -It was scary. -Yeah, we could be really
creepy. -No. no, you were not — But I want to talk about
this event because this is the biggest —
it’s a giant thing. It’s the first.
-It’s huge. -I mean, “Evolution.” What does it feel like
to be part of this? -Oh, my gosh.
-Wow! -It’s — I mean,
it’s so amazing. You work so hard
to get to this moment. And, like, Brie and I have been
with the company for 12 years with WWE. And sometimes, you don’t even
know if you’re going to be a part of these moments,
but you just want to work hard to get women to these moments. -Right.
-And the fact that I’m going to be there, and competing
against Ronda Rousey and having my twin sister
next to me, I mean, it’s a dream come true.
It really is. -It’s kind of one of those
feelings that it’s like the impossible became possible
and women at WWE never thought this
day would come. And the fact that it’s here,
it’s just a huge honor. It makes us all emotional and…
-Yeah! -Right?
-That’s big. That’s awesome. -Yeah.
-If you think about — -Body slams
for everyone tonight. -Yes, yes. Line up. -Everyone gets body slams
tonight, yeah. I mean, I have two little girls,
but I just think it’s going to be great for them to grow up,
watching this and knowing this. And they’ll just always remember that that’s always
a part of their life. -Yes.
-They didn’t know that there was none of the — you know,
no “Evolution.” -Right.
-Yeah. -But it’s a big deal. I mean, this is like —
this is the championship against Ronda Rousey.
-Whew! -Ronda Rousey —
she’s a tough cookie, man. -Oh, my goodness. I’ve been doing, like,
training like no other, like training like
an Olympic athlete. -You’re really going
for it this time. -And it hurts.
Oh, I’m going for it. -Yeah.
-I mean, I’ve had to change up my whole routine. I mean, I’m in there
with this legitimate fighter, and who is also a judo
specialist, has been to Olympics. And I’m just like, okay,
I didn’t even know how to get out of arm bars,
for one. Because I don’t want
to break my arm. -That’s right. No, the arm bar.
That’s a thing. -The arm bar. You’ve been put in
the arm bar. -She put — did it to me
on the show once and I almost started crying.
-Yeah. -So, yeah.
-Yeah, I wasn’t acting, that was like, yeah.
-And I don’t like to tap, so… -Really?
-Yeah. -But I’ve seen you on a bad day.
I think you can handle her. -Really? Some people —
-What does that mean? -You know. -But Ronda’s been —
she’s undefeated, right? She’s 24 and 0.
-Yeah. And I mean,
I’ve had 600 matches. I might have had 245 losses,
but, you know, yeah, we’ll give her the 21 and 0
or 24 and 0. -Yeah, but after this Sunday,
I think it will be 24 and one. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Indistinct talking ] Can we talk about “Total Divas,”
because we talk about “Total Bellas” which, you know,
is one of my favs. -Yeah. oh.
-What’s happening with “Total Divas” this year? -Well, did anyone see Miami
last night? -I mean —
-You just can’t go to Miami. I mean, well, I mean,
you can go to Miami. -You can. It’s just, you know. -For —
-You just can’t remember it. -Oh my gosh.
-You say that about Vegas, but I’m like, I don’t know.
I think that Miami is worse. -I don’t even know.
-Yeah. Because you get the sunshine.
Oh, you get the sunshine. -It’s been getting amped up in
Miami. -Right.
-But then, we get very spiritual towards the end of this season
and all go to Lake Tahoe,
which it’s beautiful. Has anyone ever been
to Lake Tahoe? Have you been to Lake Tahoe?
-Never. -Right.
-It’s amazing. -It’s gorgeous.
The water is just magical. I end up writing poetry,
and… -Everyone else — -It was like a Kumbaya moment.
-We’re all crying. We’re like lighting fires
in a good way, controlled environment.
[ Laughter ] -I mean — it’s. I’m like,
“What happened to us girls?” -Isn’t that amazing?
“What happened to us?” -Yeah.
We don’t want to fight anymore. We want to sing. -No, because Sunday,
it’s going down. -Oh, yeah, now we want to fight! -Yes! That’s what I’m saying! [ Cheers and applause ] Now look, Nikki,
on Sunday night, you’re competing for the RAW
Women’s Championship at “WWE Evolution.” Tonight, though, there’s another
championship belt going up for grabs.
-What? -Yeah, look at this right here. This is “The Tonight Show” Thumb
Wrestling Championship Belt. -Oh!
-Oh, matches my dress. I better win.
-[ Laughter ] -Here is the deal.
How do you feel about facing off in a thumb wrestling match?
[ Laughter ] -Oh, I’m down. -I’m ready.
-Here’s how it works. The official Tonight Show”
thumb wrestling ring here. Okay, I will be the referee. -Ooh!
-I’ll have the belt. -Nice.
-Okay, here we go. Come around,
I want a fair fight. Okay, just —
I think you actually have to — Yeah, you grab it from there.
-Like this? -Okay, don’t cheat —
-Look, I’m already injured. So you’ll have to —
Oh, my God. You’re injured. Don’t cheat already.
Guys, ready? -So we go like this first,
right? -Yeah, I’ll do the one,
two, three, four. One, two, three, four,
I declare a thumb war! Go!
[ Cheers and applause ] One. Ooh! One, two, three! Oh, the winner! [ Bell dinging,
cheers and applause ] Nikki Bella, Nikki Bella! Wait. I have this little belt
right here. Goes right on your little thumb
right there. -Oh, does it go that way?
-Yeah, perfect. There you go. Look, isn’t that
nice right there? [ Cheers and applause ] Nikki and Brie Bella, everybody. “WWE Evolution” takes place
Sunday night live on the WWE Network.


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