“My Kaposvár” Competition Short Film

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“My Kaposvár” Competition Short Film

What does Kaposvár mean to me? It’s my second home. I’ve been studying while being in dormitory for over 5 years. From upper elementary school to today I spend my weekdays in this interesting city. At first, it was unusual and scary to travel here every week, but within a short amount of time, I started to like the feeling of independence. From time to time, I explore more parts of the city I’ve started to run at the Városliget (Main City Park), which itself is a wonderful place. I try to walk a lot, Visit the local parks, And of course, my old school. And if I have some time, I try some local ice cream shops. These five years I’ve had many good memories, which is why I look at Kaposvár… …as my second home.

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