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hey what's going on guys it's pat and welcome back to the challenge games hey guys but today is not the normal challenge James guys we are officially starting a new series on the channel right now what are we doing so Jen has no idea about this so guys you might remember the last few weeks we played a different kind of challenge games everyone survived we did dropper we did explosion we did Pokemon and I was checking those videos and the ones you guys enjoyed the most were the explosion once that is the new series that will replace the trolling games you really like that one right yeah I love that one cuz you know me I love explosions that was just creepy and really really scary so today guys basically this how it's gonna work where to get some awesome items from lucky blocks and that weird of throw explosives at each other to try and kill each other and first person to die ten times is the loser for the day and guys thank you so much for all the support on these videos and if you enjoy this one definitely lik that like button came out of my mouth super creepy today trying to make it knowing super not creepy so lik that like fun if you enjoy it and maybe we will do more explosive challenge games once a week I found a cool way to set up so I think we're about to have some fun in ready Jeff I'm ready let's do this and I just love this world I'm like I'd like this world I have no V team I get that nostalgia yeah yeah totally nice fell gr yeah I like to say it different every time I don't know why alright so over you guys we have some really fun stuff to mess around with did you steal something out of there no how could you I got excited about click damn sorry you back up man you back up check this out dude so for B can we get three noobs for another star we got three missiles we've had these every time just because they're like the biggest coolest ones but a lot of stuff has changed today for Dragon Age we get three dynamite fireworks I absolutely love this one it makes fireworks but it's TNT I just awesome so for cake we do get explosion explosion proof armors got blast protection three probably gonna be helpful today definitely needed sponge we get spiral dynamite we got three of those four saddle we have three dynamite times five and portal frames we get animal dynamite this is axe pretty cool cuz it spawns in mobs that'll kill the other person oh that's awesome so for any chance we can get some of that as well but get more as you can see right there for diamond horse armor we get dynamite times 100 this will blow up the entire arena it's gonna be crazy so for iron against we get small balls for gold ingots we get fire dynamite just another amazing one for five emeralds Suika dynamite fireworks we can also buy animal dynamite with diamonds for pufferfish there's big bombs and for a block of emerald begin enchanted golden apple count and of course we can trade in diamonds for emeralds that was a mouthful there's just so much good stuff alright if you're lucky today maybe you will get lolly hopes they look blocks are used in Isis today we are using the emerald lucky block this is actually one of the blocks that gives you so much good stuff so we're probably have like ridiculous amounts of deity it's gonna be beautiful alright so in here we have a crafting table ten apples and our pickaxe Bob bear lucky blocks five unlock your blocks and ten lucky blocks are you ready for this I'm ready wait job missile what ja missile or a new crossing do it on lucky one I want to see if it blows you up cuz that'd be a perfect sign for today let's do it how you put them down game in Minecraft road even unlucky block bro oh no that's okay just put that on stalkers head this is creepy every step you take I'll be watching you I just love it I don't know why alright it goes through this and I got oh my god so good on the first one I have so many blocks of gold I have golden apples and she had two golden apples but guys keep in mind it doesn't matter like how good your armor is you can still get blown up by a nuke yes it does like a million damage Oh get off the awesome will you do it to that poor cat you're a sick man a sick man a sick sick man I'll take that Jen Oh John yeah yeah what's going on he just got boned oh my god see okay all right here we go Oh Sally I don't remember ever seeing a big slime cocktail Oh beautiful she really likes me are you are you a little bit jello right now yeah you should be I mean if we kind of have a thing it's really painful oh yes oh well never mind it's actually no thank you are you come on sky block right now oh I see I do get some buckets of lava but now he's chasing me seems angry Sally how I thought we had a thing so he misses you Jen I'm extremely high in the air just calm down you'll be fine ready again and do a droppers oh man oh my god there we go that was cool Sally Sally seriously can you like get rid of her or something how could you don't oh how can you do this I thought we had something yes back together I'm not doing that great with the bone wait what just happened why are you like underwater what do you know what is that was a lot of water Sally I got nothing so I actually got a cool weapon to fight you with and your part Sambi right no I heard that you were yeah I know I know he's got some eye on it so this will probably work really good if he kills you in one hit no you're not a zombie I'm not you're not no that's weird all right please be something good okay so well it's a well every wish oh my god oh jeez you might have pulling up an hour you owe me woman you only owe you nothing I don't worry I got a lot like I feel kind of bad about it to be honest I'm doing really bad are you really because this is supposed to be like well that's not it's supposed to in my mind one of the best boxer getting stopped come on oh okay are you gonna close well you know it's fitting we're fitting for today it is the explosive games that's what I'm gonna call from now on the very large explosion I think I just blew up Sally her babies are stalking me now at least she's still alive the children have come out and they're going down the cheese is on you said I could go for some cheese she lives on through cheese all right let's see yeah I got a bunch of blocks and yes oh so sweet how much do I get anyways Oh nine blocks of it I got a super smell – OH what dragon egg dragon egg no it's an Enderman teleport one hit an Enderman to make it teleport but I really could care less mining fatigue did I really get my own horse this is I have an on dead horse to ride I'm just gonna have to kill myself why do you want to die I had morning fatigue are you alright ma'am what do you make there's an evil stalker I'll get it I'll get the shocker I got it who go kill the Guardian if you want to do something productive that was I saw dude goes I was rude that was rude what you said I was protecting the world from a stalker which is when I saw Jen beautiful look at me I'm gonna take this off it's kinda creepy yeah this creepy I got a date I'm Pig what's the nighttime take a look like do they party hard maybe maybe a little party half an hour hard animal oh my god yeah you're dead you still mean wait what is this well that's a problem you know what actually happened to you John what oh never mind my bones gone oh I was gonna say well you're here but it's not here that's good nice oh I got the same thing again which is not what I wanted wait do you think it might be worth making my blocks luckier and not using this for TNT yeah I think it's good yeah yeah I think I do it all right I agree Oh My Luck is turning around 100 lakh 100 look guys this is gonna be so worth it because this isn't even good stuff you could buy with the gold and sent off 5 100 lakh ones which is going to give me so much sulphur tea and tea oh I got a plus 100 Wow you see mr. rainbow has a block on his head you don't think you might have to kill it take him down quick okay here we go why do you say it's so creepy Oh wok fell off those cool yay alright so I'm gonna give you a far away and open my amazing blocks here we go oh that was cool pigs water and a bunch of blocks whoo alright so give me this yes don't need lapis that's not trade I take you I just got tons of lucky blocks shed you did how many I'm trying to pick them all up it must all be like different amounts of lock oh well some are pretty horrible to be honest you gave me some emeralds I don't know how many I had I have to check the video have to check it I'll give you a pack ok ok alright dudes we're back in again 10 emeralds here you go lady thank you mr. creepy buddy buddy what do you be like that because it that you will pay okay I relax yeah you gotta calm down oh do it I got another storm kills it another star Oh life is good right now alright maybe wait watch me okay watch me open this maybe it'll rain beacons come on potatoes this is good it's not as good at all I got another lucky villager oh you're so lucky potions but it's really not that good and I can help this battle so I'm not gonna grab that guy's gold underneath the well how do I shoot I'm not even a bother making these luckier except for this one cuz it's awful alright so I just want to make one of these luckier because I mean I want to at least have some of this gold these are already pretty lucky so they should be okay here we go Oh big hit I was a genius not to do it to all of them brilliant how many blocks you have left I just got the fresh the freshest Apple that I've ever seen it really says that this is the freshest Apple I like it Thank You world I didn't make the blocks extra lucky I am so happy right now best decision I ever made in my life okay too bad I can't pick up that dragon egg you like a piston how many blocks do you um I think I only have one yes I'm done you're completely done my blocks out of my will if the blazes keep killing me you wouldn't help me out oh I'm a little bit busy right now just take some of this stuff give me their dad me some of these give me some of that yeah stop it oh give me some buddies to my finger so good today I know did you an enchantment table by any chance because I might be picking these up for no reason no I'm just gonna go with you but I'm just going oh I'm right next one oh that's all right so I'll be back here in a moment you killed those blazes for me when you leave please Oh Plus chant there's enderchest in here nice beautiful and oh sure oh I really didn't know that was gonna happen I didn't know that if I broke it with the iron pickaxe they turn back in dub City and again oh I don't have the stuff to make it alright so got that I'm just gonna take this with me and yeah we have a ton of trades to do today don't we yes we do like all the blazes are hanging around the lava rows you can ladies who the blazes please I don't even want to go to you listen I've got some good news guys I just realized I do have eyes of ender so I can actually turn these back into the chest that we lost before all right I killed all the blazes all by myself thank you thank you so much I'm so proud of you right now Jen all right so I have a ton of stuff that I need to trade in so let's check it out so I got beacons which means I am gonna get six nukes Jen what six so 1 2 3 4 5 6 there's just so much stuff to trade in guys this is this is gonna be rough yeah over there hold on I got three of these it's probably your well I I don't think I need to grab anything from any wells okay all right so I'm gonna put that in there and put that in there so I bought the most expensive stuff Jen I had everything I had beacons I had another source and I had dragon eggs today are you serious that's pretty much as long as you feel good so you're not doing that great I didn't do as good as you but you're doing good right I did pretty good the thing is once you start like flailing those explosions just the whole world crumbles no it really crumbles when you do that oh that's fine we don't need a break any blocks right it's okay that dudes still around and even though he was still here oh I had no idea all right so let's check it out so what I need to do probably make some armor to start it off all right time to make my trades hello Ted all right so yeah I'm gonna make a set of armor so that way at least I can survive a little bit longer I think last time we did this I had like barely any armor on yeah let me make my armor first and then I'll go do my trades yeah I don't want to accidentally not make Harbor weight so I can enchant it give me all your garbage oh yeah you can have that if you want it Oh where's that piece of lapis that I left I need to go in chance I think it's around here somewhere I have 10 pieces oh do you want to share maybe why are you telling me do you want me to go get mine or you I'll give you some okay I'm feeling generous today well your name is Jan isn't it yeah that's why they named me Jen because I'm very they knew that I would be generous your parents yeah we talking about right now I just realized you know I this whole building was made of emerald so I have to grab every single one if he said I can't mind cuz of the mining 50 oh that was just cruel that's a problem isn't it there's a villager at a hole I didn't even put him in here does he have anything good he does have lucky potions but it's it's not good it's to do from before okay I need to mine this up guys so be back in a second alright guys I got my stuff and I'm about to enchant all my arm hopefully I'm gonna get something epic oh I can achieve my armor too cuz I got nether quartz or today oh you did yes I did alright so I'm thinking I'm just gonna grab whatever will help me a little bit so I'm breaking I'll go with that let's go chest plate protection – that's pretty nice um let's go with the pants we're gonna get um flash protection that's the best thing I yeah alright so let's go with the boots finally I am gonna get protection – not bad I did really good on a jack so I could not get any grenades or any of the real good powerful stuff today you know last two episodes though that we did this you got all the powerful stuff I never got any of that it's probably best I don't because I usually end up killing myself it's so very true as it is I mean if the animal dynamite right there let's see what is the easiest stuff I could grab from here I'm excited with the animal dynamite alright so I have like go to 2838 about 140 oh my god 191 emeralds that's a lot guys so basically I can trade in my emeralds for umm dynamite fireworks I could trade in my feud up at least I could do this trade in my head alright so I'm gonna give you father those dude and I'm gonna take three of those right there I'm gonna cheer my gear do you need some lapis there you got yours I got mine number sir okay alright so at 63 that which means I can keep three of these for myself and I get six fees from all bombs is gonna be happy what that's right yeah not cool all right so I got those and for gold I'll do a little bit of math to get the fire dynamite and all the one but I'll be back in a second and I am be stacked full of stuff guys all right dudes we are ready for battle ambi of a fresh new world the other one there was water everywhere I didn't want anyone hiding in there so are you ready for let's get this started so when you die ten times it ends but if you kill yourself I mean that does count as a death so be careful yes I would be very careful as careful as I can be all right I'm actually to start this like standing right next to you no please don't all right three are you seriously and by the way when we die the battle doesn't end we can fight the other person as they're running back from the spawn point oh yes we can okay are you ready I'm ready all right you're seriously doing this maybe it's over for you Jay no okay I hope not I think one of those guys check this out well chance running back I have missiles nukes animal dynamite dynamite fireworks small bombs more dynamite firework fire dynamite I have my zombie slayer I even have one you have a lot of stuff this one's here right now right yes I'm a little bit nervous now hmm all right so we gotta play the smart dude oh my god no oops two to one man huh Oh God oh where are you where are you there you are die you're so crazy sort of move oh my goodness here we go it's two to one this will it'll settle in a moment no way you could live through this oh there we go all right it's three to one now okay I'm just stepping up Oh your beds are broken right that's your fault that happened you know wait seriously where are you yeah I'm chillin do you see me no I can't find you anywhere you're lying I hear is that you that's you over there did you live yep oh geez kick in what'd you just say slim pickins yeah died all right if something Bad's about to happen above your head I'm like you know you don't want to let God take like the best openness will she survive stupid what I knew this was gonna happen I knew it my head is so itchy I may drown you may drown I'm good do you see this I mean a little hole hole be created I'm sorry why I didn't do it on purpose how do I even get out of here no idea oh my god you crazy all right four to one I'm living for to one right now okay I'm underwater all right we need to switch our spawn points because you can't be in water because you don't take damage from explosions let's move it all right truce for a moment teleports you wait I'm not in the best area either all right all right let me just I'm just getting out all right right here is beautiful small point bulb us okay four to one we have a ten-second grace right now Dan six three two one go you're fine why am I so itchy during this it's nerves I think oh I've been thrown to the air it's four to one okay I'm looking this is Jen is it about it oh you are yes I am I'm alive you're alive I'm alive how do you feel I feel alive it vigor ated oh oh no yes oh it's five to one I love the nukes but I have a radiation sickness now yes Ruby oh man that's from you you know you business you dismiss that was everything you threw your flying it's still 10 deaths all the radiation sickness is really good to me now oh it's really bad good oh nice five to one okay to reach with us it's really embarrassing I have an idea there we go no okay I'm dead you didn't die nope – five internet poisoned five – – okay still five – – oh I can't believe you're alive are you seriously hiding from me right now oh my god you're dead it's sixty two seven two three oh I just threw it wait oh my god 74 is right oh you're about to die no I'm perfectly fine okay 84 94 94 yes 9 to 5 missile it didn't kill me all right Santa 5 is over yeah okay do you want to see what the world looks like yes I want to see that was so intense it was unbelievable so guys if you enjoyed this video definitely crush that like button and crush it like a beast if you'd like to see this series again do it with your face that'd be amazing but don't hurt your poor face doing it man we killed this world no it's so bad I love it do you see the arena we were only here for like two seconds Chad I know there's so much that I couldn't use there in the battle so much destruction like I really actually like the animal one because it off so cool but yeah guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely subscribe and we will see you next time peace out you


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