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you're gonna be fine yeah 32 points okay at 25 you start getting tickled but that's how it works you guys it's right there wait that's my mouth [Laughter] [Applause] hey what's going on dudes it's Pat and welcome back to another mod showcase guys so today one of my favourite mods has updated gen you're gonna remember this when we go through this door right over here let's go so in here we have new arcade machine alright so check this out they've added prizes into the mod so we can win prizes we can buy them here if you open this up you can buy a creeper plushie you can buy a pig plushie and then a bunch of different minecraft items with the tickets you went from playing amazing alright so not only that before we last play this I believe there was snake was one of the game in Tetris was the other game right yes so now they've added in pong and they've actually added in pac-man to play while you're in my prayer alright so what we're gonna do is have a challenge for every single game in the mod in case you guys never saw the first one so I put a sign above these saying what we're gonna do in pong we were getting the best score when we're at 5 points because we're playing against like an NPC which is like you know the game whoever has the best score while when you hit 5 all right so basically I'm I don't know we're hoping this chest over here grab out some coins okay then so dudes if you're new to the channel and you like awkward people you should probably head over to Jen's channel because I'm not awkward at all but also if you are new definitely subscribe and leave a comment down below I'll be replied to a bunch you guys cuz we appreciate your amazing support and today we are gaming Jen is actually gonna go I think we're gonna do you want me to go first for you you go first alright so Jen's gonna look at my Street and then I'll record her point of view when it's her turn so it says insert coin okay okay I think after wait I think you need to put in your hand and then yes okay so we've got controls and to do this we need use arrow keys to look at controls hit address says use mouse to move paddle up and down so hit left to go back and here we write right you use your mouse oh okay I'm when it's one-to-one okay yeah oh no I'm losing oh oh yeah I hit it really good it's really hard to control this too so you guys know I'm gonna lose to the computer oh I'm losing three to one just use the mouse that's it yeah yeah yeah all right okay so right now he's gained four points he's getting oh and right now by a computer like a computer and it's like a fake pong in Minecraft Oh faster no I don't think so this is wrong this is like the first game ever made in the world I'm losing four to three to nobody right now for four here we go is five okay if I could have a score of five before it that wouldn't be that bad you got this right here we go no you get it so hard oh there's no way he's gonna be able to catch this one it's gonna throw him off wait harder this is so hard to beat him he's so good oh my plant all right here we go huh come on dude all right that was gonna be hard to catch up with was the score okay gents turn and I'm gonna be looking at her continue let me start recording all right Jen is now in control all right put my body in it all right put the coin in your hand and then right click the Machine okay all right you're doing really good that's a good shot okay here we go remember you need to get five points this could take a while all right she's losing 1-0 to the computer hey he seems so controlled and so good yeah that's a good one that was actually a really good one me to get him remember I won five to four he already has three points I do okay three that you can still win all right you're doing really good it's the most intense game of pong you guys have ever seen before oh that was insane shot oh yeah I got him oh my I'm not that would not happen I don't just shoot sounds in the middle just coming out of nowhere alright if you get this point though you're actually gonna beat me in the first game here she goes oh that was so good oh wait I think I got him no he's getting you gotta get you he almost dead right there you almost lost for 300 it's four to four oh that's a good one I think you might time it you have to hit it right at the corner so that way you goes like really far the bullets go crazy alright that's a really good shot scape to get out of game oh yeah alright I'm back in control and next up we are going to be playing on Hard difficulty okay okay all right so I'll insert my coin alright so the controls just so you guys know it's up-down left-right and all that good stuff and difficulty we must switch it to hard mode okay let's do extreme no just kidding I don't want to do it's dream do you want to extreme no okay we'll do hard mode and what you have to do is just hit I think the key is to start and go we just need to hit me so we ready grow bigger oh yeah where does he get the better score so right now we tied the first game I hate this corner oh yeah okay so how can you like lose though okay so if you hit your own part of the snake or if you hit the wall oh okay and it's really easy at the wall when it's like way close on the side like this I'm scared to do this alright very good so you actually have played this game before oh okay was that good no I don't think so yeah I'm doing really good I'm up to nine points you're doing amazing gonna play this out extremely you definitely should have got extreme okay so the thing is I'm getting larger by the second here I'm at 11 points I'm thinking Jen's might be a little bit shorter when she goes QQ 11 13 see the thing is as you get bigger you kind of get in your own way yes boom almost next stomping oh I thought I wish I could like watch you play on the screen while you're oh that would be kind of cool if it was actually like on the machine that would be an amazing update but it would probably be like impossible to do all right oh that's what she said here we go it I am up to Oh 22 Jen I tried to stop but I don't think you're gonna beat that I don't think you're never gonna lose I think I'm just too good I'm gonna go past 30 weight I'm gonna hit 30 pretty easy guys I'm a professional that's me okay she's kidding me right now which means it's fair game for me to tickle her when she goes all right so I'm gonna hit 30 right now okay tickle me and see if you can make me mess up okay I have 31 okay all right so you know what you need to do you just insert the coin yes all right so jelly did you put on hardmode no all right yeah you have to be in hard mode because if you don't what's gonna be on like normal or slow okay difficulty high or should I do extreme do you want to have a chance all right you're the star and here she goes okay how do I do it okay you're gonna be fine yeah 32 points okay at 25 you start getting tickled that's how it works right there collect your cursor I think you lost that one I've got a whopping two you should try to collect your own cursor in the game all right well I'm gonna play the next one this one's pac-man and I'm such a pac-man master I will only get one life while you get three okay all right okay here we go and insert my coin the control of this normal guy it's pretty simple let's just go there settings though okay there's no settings so this is actually one of my favorite games I used to play this all the time growing up so I'm pretty good at this one Oh cherries they're worth more points alright so I only get one life alright so I'm gonna go across this way brings you the other side if you get you know you're supposed to eat them when they turn green I mean blue you get extra deploy all right so I don't want to grab those I need to get towards the top pinky what are you doing pinky so the smartest ghost they all have a different knob a is the red one the red one by far can might chase you easier oh no all right so you get more points some more of them you eat wait this is so cool this is legit the actual game guys alright go past this 3000 yes I really wanna get two of them though oh no oh no oh no they're all after me and I have no way to stop them now alright so I just think these last couple over here Oh pinky what are you doing he's onto you all right there we go there's two more pinky the stupidest I have no idea I just know that Reds by far the smartest one I'd say no hear it victory this is amazing the way it works okay so basically I don't think it is gonna beat the first level but we're gonna find out all right so I'm getting both of these guys I'm at 4500 right now c'mere my friends can you believe that we're literally playing pacman like there's no difference to it it's like they actually were able 5709 be okay that's really good all right gents turn let's do this I got thirty one two kids from tickets from playing I got a lot of tokens I'm watching Jen why did you scream when you grabbed the signal healthy [Laughter] right I gave you three lives see that's why I had about 5,700 points so you need to do well when Oh more of them the more points you get the problem is you use all your giant pebbles already and there's no way to stop them now you have to collect the rest of everything play a common actually beat this level okay you have a chance of whether you have half my score already I just collected remember you can go to the opposite side of the screen by going through the gateways okay get one more for you do see you have four lives first my one yeah I don't fit you're gonna be this level though it's hard the whole bottom is done at this point down okay alright so for this one um okay so the control I'm so good at Tetris I'm really really good dad no so this is what's gonna happen with Tetris okay so the up button is going to rotate and everything else is just normal directions okay okay alright so we will go to start and to make it interesting do you wanna start at level 5 or do you wanna start level 1 5 all right we'll start at level 5 so it's gonna go pretty quick okay all right here we go and I'm gonna set up for a Tetris that's how you do it like a box guys should we do it like that okay dad oh no I'm getting all the same block all right so we go like this and I'm gonna set up for perfect Tetris any time this is called a risky move for the highest score all right so we go down right there you're doing really amazing all right so this is perfect so um yeah I'm gonna go for it I just want to make sure that I don't kill my so all right so I got three attachments is actually getting four blocks in a row and that is the point of my existence right now okay this is bad but I got this one oh all right we go like that and then put this one here and then we said lop seat the thing is at level 5 I think you're gonna panic really bad yeah yeah I know it was a horrible decision all right Oh tickle I haven't even got a good score yet all right oh it's rising up no it's fine see okay put you right there put it in the hole and we are almost back down how you doing good all right so pretty happy with how things are going right now all right sue covering my eyes and all kinds of distractions all right I'm getting the whole back open she's trying to distract me it's not working she's actually hurting me at this point I have over a thousand points so far so good and everything all right I'm not even doing well me any like really bad blocks but you're not dying Moo ooh you're really distracting me going this what have you just get all the way back down to the bottom okay and then win this Oh perfect block followed by a perfect block oh yeah head back down all right we go like that and then we'll put this little bit oh that's the perfect law just 1700 all right now I'm going like all the way back down we'll put this one right here and then there yes I'm doing so good if I get all the way back down to the bottom I'll just end it there it'll be your turn okay okay all right so we can put that over so can it go on forever so I hope you're watching to figure out some cool things you can do to try to gain some points okay I'm watching that's too cute right yeah I feel it's going so quick Oh perfect block boom almost all the way down what am i score two thousand thousand one hundred all right perfect block go like that I'm sorry I'm not really lucid Jen let me put this one here because this next block is here and remember in the top right it shows you exactly what block you're gonna get so that way you can plan ahead of time with your move and make the right decision you don't really get that much time though to think about what the next move is gonna be no this place put this one over here oh that's the perfect block look because it fits in right over there you can just stop now a place play again right a couple more blocks let me just see if I can get a little further down okay oh yeah there we go I'm back down to the bottom baby and then whoo alright I'm just gonna get my thousands well you're not gonna get 3,000 but what's a is what I have to be you have to beat three paths if you could do that you are rose yeah okay Stewart yeah alright so up rotates remember okay oh yeah oh wait you probably shove it underneath it no okay no sandwich that right there horrible it fits on top of the other one you're fine don't if you relax just calm your calm your mind you can fit that one underneath panicking perfect okay calm yourself I thought you said used to play this you're really good maybe you did not know you said all right you're not doing that bad for the blocks that you've got okay wait I want to put too late it's too late to turn back now those blacks know I'm doing pretty good yeah you got um 200 points sweet and since you've made no rows yet your first row yeah my first row guys we've comments down below what games should they add next and what's the next arcade game it should be added into this okay what am i doing maybe Frogger would be cool my god I'll be so good I remember way back in my day I was how many tickets do you have yet I have 55 all right I've got to know everybody go right okay so luckily for you it's only five to buy I only have 20 I was counting my coin it's only five to buy little creeper and it's three to buy the little pig so we can buy those okay I'm gonna buy the pig and the creeper so check it out guys look you can get little plushies we can put them around the room oh yeah you can put them down that is so cool they should add in all the different mobs and animals yeah a little pac-man oh my god they should add the stuff that was like from this that would be so cool I'll be amazing I can't afford a diamond but I can almost afford so oh I can afford enterpreneurs whoo so this is actually helpful in an all-white craft world you might add or pros eyes of ender so you could find and all kinds of cool stuff but I'm generally didn't get that ready oh by the way guys actually make coins I believe it is made out of just gold so all you're gonna need is some gold nuggets to make those and then you can play until your heart is content that was so much fun I love pac-man you did really good in pac-man actually I feel like you're making fun of me and I actually think I did pretty good no I really didn't think you did good if I said you did good at snake that I wasn't making fun of you or tetris one row anyways hope you enjoyed the video we had a ton of fun today every day is definite subscribe to her youtube channel also leave a comment down below right now here I'll be replying to a bunch you guys as we appreciate your amazing support and we'll see you dudes next you


Elliott Scattone · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

They should ad super Mario bros

Deku Girl 56 and BlaketheSnake · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Flappie 🐦

The minecraft Gods · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Do more mod videos

The minecraft Gods · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Do more mod videos

savage personality · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Pat:intensly pressing the buttons
Pat:why are you screaming im the one playing the game
My dad: stop screaming at ur phone .

Alan Najera · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm


Xs HuskyBoiii · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

I'm a HUGE TETRIS GUY and I was yelling at the screen for them to do full screens and L/T spins

Michael OToole · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

They should add in temple run
Please do!!!!

Californ26 · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

I think you should plays games and get tickets to get weapons and then fight

Shaun Dicky · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

I am Also 11 years old!

Shaun Dicky · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

I got 50 points playing snake in hard mode and I just started to play it!!!!

Hasan Eid · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Shark bite

Scott Pushee · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

IL try them!

Gabe Josh · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm


Noemi Ocampo · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Jen:im so gud at tetris
(after pat)

CECEL plesarda · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm


Belinda Afeman · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm


Landontube · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

They renamed snake to slither.io.

nabil ahmed · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm


Wolfee8 doge · May 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

They should add centipede as a game

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