Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game.” Preview (runthrough)

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Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game.” Preview (runthrough)

hey everybody today Rado previews a prototype of mine management but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goofs you’ll know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to the city folks where mind management which is a dark shadowy agency full of psychics that are out to control the world mind management has sent one of their best recruiters to the city to try to recruit new agents to their nefarious cause and so one player in this game moves around the city in secret hidden by a shield trying to get as many recruits as he can as fast as he can while avoiding detection now there are in addition to the recruiter always going to be for rogue agents former members of mind management who have broken away because they realize just how evil the mind management is and they are running around the city trying to find the recruiter and capture him before he uh before time runs out or before he gets all the recruits he has come for he or she I should say and there’s a few steps you’ve got to go through before you get going I’ve already done it but just to give you an idea well first of all there are two ways to play the game you can play the training mode which is what I’m going to show you right now which leaves a lot of the more advanced rules out the game becomes shorter you only play up to 1,500 hours or 1,400 hours instead of 1,600 hours stuff like that or you can play the full version of the game and in fact you can actually unlock additional variants which come in the form of cool little comic books with extra elements that you can add to the game but right now I’m just gonna show you the basic training introductory mode which is really a full game in and of itself in the extended playthrough I’ll show you the additional elements get turned on when you play the full mode but anyway so when you’re setting up the training mode the first thing the recruiting player has to do is choose a starting location and market so the rogue agents that are out trying to find me they know this is where I started this is where I was at 1 a.m. and after I pick my starting area and I chose basically one of the center spots so I have a lot of flexibility to move around then I determine in secret where all the potential recruits and I do that by drawing three feature cards from the deck and marking on my own board all of the spaces that match these features so the features I had were palm trees you can see palm trees and monks and pools alright so um the impor important thing is the actual word but all of these cards have kind of a thematic setting as if you were traveling to these exotic locations a nice little touch but anyway so these are the three which is why I’ve circled all five pools all five palm trees and all five groups of roving monks those are the spots I have to go to to recruit all right and so these cards are done also I had to determine what recruiter am I at the beginning of the game before you’ve unlocked any of the other bonus stuff you could be the ad man or pipe girl who I assumed our characters from the original graphic novel series that this game is based on I went on ahead I’m choosing to be ad man which means once per game I can slip away moving two spaces diagonally instead of one normally you can’t do that I’ve been pipe girl it’s the same thing except I move diagonally instead all right so I chose to start here then I found out where all the recruits were and after that I got to spend four hours walking around from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. trying to recruit whoever I could before the rogue agent showed up on the scene and so you can see what I did I was here at 1:00 a.m. which you know coincides with the same spot on the big board and then I went over here and recruited somebody then I add 2 a.m. at 3 a.m. I moved up here and recruited somebody at 4 a.m. I recruited somebody and then at 5 a.m. I recruited somebody it was actually a pretty good start I am right off the bat I recruited four people and you can see there’s another one so next turn I’m gonna want to move up here and recruit at this pool because I just have to recruit 9 people and if I can do that quick I can win um but anyway so I’ve done all this I’ve made notes of it but like I said the rogue agents who show up at 6 o’clock in the morning they’ve been alerted to my presence and they’re gonna start hunting me down all they know is this is where I’ve started they don’t know I went and I’m currently standing right here next to a rogue agents yikes so the players who control the rogue agents decide what areas on the outside section of the board they wanted to be in I went and you know Jen went on it and had two of them right here kind of opposite you know this one’s fairly close to where I started so we can investigate the area around here and then when I put one up here just in case we decide to try and cover that area so let’s see here we’ve done that and now the game is afoot and I indicate that during the from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. I recruited four recruits by showing it right here here’s the for recruits I found and now the game is ready to go so our little time removes up to 6 a.m. and every hour the recruiter moves one more space and I’m a little nervous there’s somebody right here I’m right here I’m gonna head up north and recruit over by this pool so all I do is I just write a six and that’s it um my game in the standard mode is really all about just deciding where to move to recruit more and to try and stay away and avoid detection one time I can use my mind slip token to activate my special power and do a double move if I feel like the old uh noose is tightening and I need to get away or if I just get myself stuck in a corner because here’s a problem when I decided to move up here to get another recruit like I had to move either north or south because I could not move back the way I came I am NOT allowed to revisit an area I’ve already been to so as you snake your way around you’ll eventually if you’re not careful get yourself stuck in a corner and you can’t move anymore and that’s an instant loss which is why it’s handy – one time being able to skip over a space and that could let you skip over space you’ve already been or it could just let you shake the rogue agents if they’re getting close to figure out where you are say it that was it I am done and now every round every hour after the recruiter goes two of the agents get to go and it’s up to the players to decide you know it could be any order you know but after the player goes you then lay down their marker to indicate they’re not going to be able to move until all four agents have gone now because I’ve got this overhead camera I’ve got them lying down already so when they’re done I’ll actually stand them up to indicate that they can’t do anything anymore until all four inches are gone suet I’ve got to pick one of these four and on their turn again this is only in the basic mode they’ve got more actions later mainly on their turn they have these actions they can move they can ask they can reveal and they can capture which is the way you win the game and now most of the time they are going to be moving and asking you know trying to find new areas to figure out where the recruiter has gone so I got to figure out Who am I gonna start moving can no and the only thing I know is this is where the recruiter started interestingly in the advanced version of the game there we don’t know where the recruiters started you could be anyplace but to make over the fact that we don’t have this starting clue the game lasts longer and the recruiter has to make more recruits so you know it kind of balances out so anyway who is going to be the first agent to get going let’s just start with this one who is closest to me now on their turn they move and they do one of the action so it’s always move although you don’t have to you could stand still if you wanted move and then ask move and reveal or move in capture or ask and then move you know whatever you want to do it in um but for now let’s actually start with asking a question and then after we’re done asking based on what we discovered we might decide to move still who knows so what I get to do is because this agent is standing in this area each area has two distinct features which you know stand out because they’re brightly color they’re not all sepia toned so there’s umbrellas and there’s the Jets a coffee shop so I can ask the recruiter have you ever been to a coffee shop zone or an umbrella zone and the recruiter has to answer truthfully um if the answer is no they just say sorry pal if the answer is yes then they have to mark one of those places that they visited and the the noose tightens so I will go on ahead and ask hey have you ever to a coffee shop right since there I could ask about the coffee or the umbrella I asked have you been to a coffee shop and then the me I look I see there was no coffee shop no coffee shop no coffee shop no coffee shop no coffee shop and no coffee shop and I say tough luck pal either I’ve never been to a coffee shop or if I had previously been to a coffee shop it’s already public knowledge you know it’s already been revealed I mean or basically if there are any coffee shops I should say that’s a better way to put it if there are any coffee shops that I’ve been to that I have not indicated I’ve been then I have to indicate that I’ve been there if there are multiple coffee shops if my path had taken me to this coffee shop and this coffee shop somehow I would have to indicate I’ve been to one of them not both and would be my choice to say which one I’d been at but since I’ve never been to a coffee cup because I went like what did i do I went baby duper deep right how did I go I went Bing bong Bing Bing bong I’ve never been to a coffee shop I tell them nope nothing not a mixed and that may sound terrible oh no I’ve wasted half my turn except No that is incredibly valuable information that means the agents gens agents know that I have not been to a coffee shop by 6 a.m. and there are five coffee shops so that helps tighten the noose and so what you do is now the agent has 15 of these memory chips this is the only memory aid you’re allowed to have and you can write whatever you want on them put them wherever you want one of them has already been consumed to indicate a concrete thing as part of setup anyway I’m just gonna write 1 through 6 nope hasn’t been there 1 through in the first 6 rounds 1 through 6 hasn’t been there I have eliminated 5 places that the recruiter could have been include no the recruiter cutter still been here or I’m sorry no no of course the recruiter could not have been here so I know this is a no-go space and I know it’s because of the coffee shop right so 1 through 6 so that is some valuable information remember I know that the recruiter moved five times I don’t know where they went but I know they never hit this spot this bought this spot or this and that is starting to help out I’ll put a little C for coffee as a further reminder that what it was so I don’t have to remember that it was umbrellas or whatever although really the important thing is the timer okay so this character could now move if she wanted and I guess she might as well because this I’m not like your Zi doing any good here so we will move up to two spaces on the I’m sorry the recruiter moves one space for turn the agents can move up to two so she go one two and actually go to the scene of the first recruitment or actually we don’t know if there was a recruitment here or not but could move up here could move over here cuz I’m you know and also interesting things you’ll notice these statues normally the recruiter and the agents can only move orthogonal II but these roads mean you can move diagonally through these big Buddha statues so let’s just go ahead and move up one with the intention next time of asking hey have you ever been if you’re been aware of there’s books or tuk-tuks which will help me narrow down the field again all right so that’s one of the two characters who’s gonna move before the recruiter goes again and let’s have this recruiter go one two and come up here and so from here we could ask about books or monks and I don’t know what they’re gonna ask about let’s say well if they ask about monks I’ll be sweating it cuz I’ve been to two different places with monks um but I feel kind of it’s because I it’s hard for me to like pretend I haven’t been there let’s say I am I need a coin I need a coin I could flip – because it’s fifty chance what they’re gonna ask there and but I can’t see a coin to save my life I’m surrounded by games give me a coin room bound of course I pick a game it has fifty bajillion boxes I have to go through will there be any flippable coins in here yeah there are there’s those right so I’m gonna flip a coin to try to emulate the fact that I’m not actually the agents alright so the agents moved over here and we’ll say it’s the skull side if they ask about the monks it’s the lightning bolts whoo they asked about the lightning they asked about books all right so an agent moved over here um and asked about books and again I check out my history and I have never been to any book areas so the agents say hurrah we have just narrow the noose is getting tighter still so let’s mark down one through six oops except uh you know the rules for my prototype suggest that I keep the green for stuff that is temporary knowledge and the blue is permanent knowledge because these if I don’t need this information or I could pick these up because I might need to because I’ve only got so many things I can keep track of one through six B and one through six B and where’s the books where’s the books books 1 through 6 B 1 through 6 and there we go 1 through 6 B for books uh I already marked them all am I missing a book someplace oh here we go way up there in the corner all right so now we know a lot of places that you know and we can start figuring out well ok didn’t come up here might have gone around this way might be down here might be over in this area might be up here might be up there okay you know but you know you guys start wondering what what are they gonna do are they gonna come down here and get themselves stuck trapped or they’re gonna try and stay in the middle are they gonna try and stay close to these monks because that lets them move around a lot all right you so we’re done now we move on to seven o’clock and by the way you will notice that I recruited somebody at 6:00 a.m. but I haven’t told them that yet it won’t be until the end of around where we have these alarm icons that I actually tell them how many recruits I’ve recently picked up which will make more sense in the advanced version of the game because there’s a lot going on there anyway so seven o’clock I’ve got to move someplace else and where am I gonna go well there I mean I gotta get over here and over there there’s over there if I come this way I could come over here that would let me get more movement so I’ll just move over one thing I could do is I could try to move to a place where there are books or coffee or what have you but actually I’m just gonna go here alright uh and so that is where I am and hopefully they won’t ask about umbrellas or Gardens okay so that was that and now the other two agents get to go and let’s see here this agent asks since he’s right here right from the get-go hey have you ever been to an area with eyeballs and I double-check no I have not okay and now we run into a problem we’ve only got four more of these markers we have a finite number of these that we can ask about so we now know 1 through 7 from 1 to 7 a.m. we were not where the eyeball was all right which actually only two already knew he wasn’t here but we still ruled out eye balls 1 through 7 high ball boo boo boo and of course this helps if there are multiple agents all right so not there 1 through 7 e and 1 through 7 E and I ball all right and so we’re out of them we are out of notes I can’t take any more notes oh gosh they are getting creative let’s say it’s 1 through 6 B / 7 E so this is now telling us about the books and the eyeballs NSC there’s one more book someplace right or eyeball someplace the big eyeballs I’m oh boom couldn’t see it her around that all right so the noose gets tighter still and so now he’s done a search he can go on ahead and look around and I’m thinking they probably didn’t come down here see the interesting thing is I know as of now they’ve never been this space but now it turned 7 they could have been in here because maybe they have visit a coffee cup or a tiki shop so maybe they came down here but I’m gonna assume that they’re kind of going in this area because this is like the biggest unknown area we’ve been so I’m just gonna go on ahead and move one up here with an intent to ask about either tuk-tuks or the monks next turn okay so that was that agents turn and now this agent way up there whoo yo is way off in no-man’s land this agent well could ask about the palm trees or the umbrellas let’s see what they ask about we’re gonna say skull for palm trees or lightning bolt for umbrellas he asked about the lightning bolt he asked about the umbrellas and all right look and I don’t think I have ever been yes I have Oh folks yes I have I just now visited an umbrella spot and so what I have to do is now from from the ages perspective I might have been to multiple umbrellas they don’t know but all I have to do is very casually very nonchalantly just I don’t know put something right there cuz that is literally I have to put it there it’s the only umbrella I’ve been to so far and unfortunately for me it’s where I am right now if they came if somebody moved over here and captured me it’d be over but now they don’t know well in that so now they have to start thinking how did I get here they know I haven’t been through all these things so they start thinking okay we’re here at 1 a.m. 2 3 4 5 maybe 6 7 or 2 3 4 5 6 7 um now if they knew when I was here if they knew I was here at 7 o’clock that would be the death of me but for all they know this could have been and I might have gone 1 2 3 4 I might have been here I think it’s the earliest I can get here right 1 2 3 4 i-i’ve been here sometime between 4 and 7 a.m. right and if I want to hey I could say well they cleared in come on it this way let’s uh let’s not bother with this and let’s say they were here between 4:00 to 7:00 all right exclamation point so if we want a little bit more information we’re actually right because they could be there now I could’ve been there anytime before and so that is the first clue they’ve got about where I am but I might have been there three turns ago so they got to figure out what are they going to do next and I think this agent who has done the ass but hasn’t on the move yet they’ll just go one two with the intent maybe next turn to come down here and instead of asking getting a reveal so that I would have to reveal that yeah I was here at 7:00 a.m. which could be very very scary I need to get the heck out of here but anyway we have just finished the second round you can tell because all the agents are active which is to say they’re standing up although normally this would be when they’re all lying down again just the camera angle and so at the end of every other round I have to reveal if I found any more recruits and I did when I went to space six I got a recruit at this pool so I take a little marker to let them know hey I’ve got five of the nine recruits I need I found one but they don’t know if I found it at 6 or 7 o’clock or this this new recruit and um it is now 8 a.m. and I am in trouble I what am I gonna do what am I going to do well I could bolt I could go on ahead and use this to try and move far away but they don’t know where I am and I am right next to one of these so I think for 8 a.m. I just moved over to the statue and you know there’s nobody I can recruit here and uh you know at least because they’re never allowed to ask hey have you been to the statute they always have to ask about all these other things so at least don’t give anything else away and next turn if I come over here I’ve got another recruit and I’ve also there’s a recruit north of me and there’s actually two recruits so I’ll probably head up this way um plus interestingly they’ve already asked about umbrellas actually an ice should probably have made a note that from 4 to 7 it was we asked about umbrellas when we found the information they’ve been there ok so we have moved and now it’s gonna be time for two agents to go and we’ll have this agent go first and he’ll move and then instead of asking he could ask about umbrellas or he could ask about Gardens but instead that agent you can lie down sure you’re gonna be all tuckered out is going to reveal remove that step token and I have to say when I was there yikes so oh I don’t know uh yeah I was there at some point you know maybe maybe I was here at 7-7 Dada and now the agents oh they can taste it I was literally here last round and they know it they know I am standing here here here here here no they well yes they okay no see so I was here at 7:00 it’s 8:00 now so I’m here here here or here and now I’m thinking why did I go here this is the obvious place I would have gone to because it gives me more flexibility to move around and I’m you know so if I kind of zigged I could have come over here and that’s probably the last place they’d think to go alright so they know that this guy is tuckered out and so they would like to to move and fortunate I do have one going for me they can’t get here yeah because they can only move two steps oh yes this one can one two oh that person you go there oh yeah and I see this person we can check over here one nobody can check up there and that person Oh folks if I had been thinking I would have realized this was a deathtrap because of course they were going to check that so just to make sure just so you can see some awesome actually good strategy let’s say I went this way because otherwise it would have caught me alright so another agent gets to go and this agent will go boom boom diagonals it’s so powerful to move diagonally here oh by the way everybody’s lying down sorry alright so they’re all lying down this person has moved to there and they in you know they can’t ask about this but they are gonna try to reveal I’m sorry oh no not gonna try to reveal they’re gonna try to capture um-hum and if I’m there they win the game so they say we’ve come to the thing to capture and I say well tough luck you missed me and so they have gotten a new bit of information I was not at this spot at 8 a.m. so I must be here here or here so but again they want to make a note of that they gotta give up some of their old notes and so they will say eight I know I was here okay so that’s two and it is now my turn again because we move on to 9 a.m. before these two get to go and you know this one will probably come over here and search for me and this one well I mean this one will probably search here or here because I could have been one of those two places of course I’m there and if they’re thinking about it they might realize oh why would he why would I go there of course I’m probably there so they’re talking like themselves you know unless I really played mind games with him and it was really ballsy and moved down to this area specifically because they would assume I’d go to that place cuz that would have been the safest spot because they couldn’t reach me right anyway though so I get to move again and now that they are so close because you know they got this it might be a good time for me to do a slip and and that slip means that I would move two spaces skipping over one space alright which means I could jump all the way over here or I could jump you know normally I wouldn’t be able to come back here that’s the thing or yeah they knew I’ve been here at some point so they know I can’t walk I can never step into this space or this space but I could use the mine slip and jump down over here and Zig when they think I’m gonna zag or I mean these ones can’t reach me those guys are offline for a while I could just very calmly you know just very nonchalantly walk over here to this spot and get another recruit which is what I will do because I’m here to recruit um right so it is now the agents turn is these two they’re both gonna go and um right so I guess this agent just just to be thorough will because yo alright so I was here and so I’m se now I could have come down here and I could be down here the the nooses is slipping away they don’t know where I gone they took a shot I wasn’t here I was so now because I was there I could be here or it could be over here because we’re on turn 10 now uh-huh you know you don’t be fooled by these don’t look at these and think I’ll never go there the only thing they know is I can never go to this space or this space and they know that I wasn’t here so they know I went here here here which means now I could be here here here or here or here I’m still somewhere around here and that’s a big area so what they could do they could just go around and try to get lucky and capture me they could assume I just took the safest route since if I come here I would’ve been an idiot which I was um or they could start trying to tighten the noose again right because they might want to ask about well I mean you know they can come over here and ask you like this person could stand up and come over here and ask about torches let’s say now if they were to do that they need to stop and think what is the likelihood that will give them good information because here’s what they know they know I was here at one o’clock I got over here at seven o’clock it took me a lot more than four steps so they can assume I probably took some kind of circuitous route to recruit all these people and so they might think well hey there you know maybe he went one two three four five six no because he was here at seven one two three four five six seven oh yeah no okay so they could figure maybe I went like this and if they figure I went like this and they kind of know because I wasn’t here for the first six turns if they figure this was the path I took then they know if they ask about pools to find out if I went here and if I’ve ever been to a pool I won’t tell them I’ve been to this pool I’ve tell them I’ve been to this pool and they already know I’ve been to that pool so that is useless information if they want to know whether I’ve been say up here well then they might want to ask about Birds because if they think this is the path I’ve been on and they ask about Birds then I will have no choice but to say yes I’ve been to a bird’s and it’s right there and they’ll have me you know dead to rights so can this person ask about birds I they can’t get down here to ask about this bird right and so oh this one can this one asked about Birds or there no all right okay this one can so this person is going to stand up I’m gonna go diagonal diagonal to a place we’ve already been okay yeah I’m gonna ask about Birds have I ever been to a bird space and again we already know the answer I have and I have to say boom okay so now that means they know I can never go to this space again and I couldn’t come back here so they know I didn’t go here or here they know I’m here or in one of these spaces so that was good information which means this guy wants to move up and start trying now now I can walk right through them and it’s only if they spend the time to try to capture me so what do I want to ask about hmm well they now want to find out if I’m a man over here or if I’ve been over here or over here because they figure well hey I was at seven I didn’t move to eight so this must be where I was at eight now it’s nine o’clock I’m in one of these spaces so do they want to ask they could ask about eyeballs again because I can’t tell them no about the same eyeball you know I have to tell them right so do they want to ask about yeah this person will stand up come over here and ask about fountains yes so they’re asking I’ve ever been to a fountain and if I look I have not I which means they now know I haven’t been through one through seven because of the eye and I haven’t been here one through nine about the fountain so oh boy folks I’m gonna have to get out of here pretty quick so they right because if I could tell them of another eyeball or another fountain I would have that I’ve been to but I haven’t been to any other fountains and so now they know I am here or I am here okay they can’t be sure which and I will reveal in the meantime I got another recruit and so this could potentially depending on what they’ve learned this could be information about which way I went to if they could figure out where I’m recruiting they don’t know I’m recruiting at monk’s pools and oh what’s the other one I forgot what the other one is but the the third thing but if they did then they would have even more information to go on to figure out which way I’m going now I’m getting to the point folks where I think I am gonna need to bolt because if I use my move you know they think I’m here here and if I move too that means I could jump over here I could jump down here the last place they know I can’t jump here but I’ve already been there um but if I’m over here I could jump over here right under their nose and they wouldn’t even know it or I could jump over here that would give me a huge amount of space if I use it and now might be the time because they’re really getting close and that’ll really help me reset but remember yeah while they’re hot on my trail and it’s gonna be hard for me to you know if this had been a four I’d be a little bit better off they got really lucky finding that seven but I can still get away I only have to survive a few more hours or well I have to find four more operatives so I could head north get another recruit here and then like do a double jump over here they won’t hopefully won’t know where I’ve come come down here and get a recruit and go down there and get a the last recruit that’s a possibility so I need to be thinking about what am I gonna do next because again the noose is tightening and it’s 10 a.m. and I’ve got to decide what’s next where am I gonna go and folks I don’t think I’m gonna show you that because hopefully that gave you a pretty good idea of the basic training mode for mine management and now if you’d like to see how the full version of the game gets a lot bigger and a lot more complex you can hit that I in the top right car screen go to the extended playthrough or instead you can go straight to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one


Justin Kelley · March 3, 2020 at 7:15 pm

What was up with that interruption at 15:26?

Derrick Hwang · March 3, 2020 at 9:42 pm

Thank you for the preview! I've added it to the Mind MGMT entry at PnP Paradise: www.pnpparadise.com/set2/mind-mgmt

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