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Hey guys it’s Ro! I got a lot of requests from you guys to play
some more video games on my channel, and as most of you know, I
am traveling so much! I just got back from a bus tour where I lived
on a tour bus for a month, and I’ve been flying to different cities for
so many different meetings. So, a lot of my video gaming has been done on my
tablet and my phone. I’ve been playing a lot of app games. And
I wanted to share with you one of my favorites that I have been playing lately,
it is so cute! It’s food related, big surprise! And it is called World Chef, it is super fun,
and you build your own restaurants, and you unlock little different chefs, and
I love it! It’s free to download. I wanted to show
you guys what I’ve been working on and also how to play the game! Here’s the little icon, it looks just like
my dad, same stache! Now let’s get started! Bewp! Alright, here’s my restaurant, when you
start the game you get to name your restaurant, I named mine Mangia, which
means “Eat” in Italian. As you can see, we’ve got a long line of
customers outside, they’re hungry, they’re ready to nom-nom-nom! Let me show you around, over here is the
dining area, where all of the little tables are set up. Over here is where I have all of my chefs
that I’ve unlocked. This is the event space where we have different
parties, birthday parties, weddings. And then over here is the prep kitchen where
we make sauces, meats, cheeses, breads. Out back is my vineyard where I’m growing
grapes, making wine, champagne, dream come true! Next door are the markets
where you can buy all the ingredients that you’ll need. And next
to that is the cooking academy, where you can level up your chef’s recipes. Oh and there’s a little bunny! Boing-boing! Alright, that was a quick tour, and now I’m
gonna show you all of the different chefs that I’ve unlocked. Starting with
our teppanyaki chef, he makes Soba Soup, Nigiri Sushi, and California Maki.
There’s also Miso Soup, but I can’t unlock it yet until I’m level
34. Right now I’m only level 27. And then we have our sushi chef, which makes
the same things, but he’s got his own flair! I love how all the chefs in the game have
their own cooking or baking flair. It’s so cute, I love it! Next door is one of my favorites it’s our
cupcake chef. You know I like the sweets. She makes strawberry cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes,
and chocolate chip cookies. And when you click on each one, you can see
the different ingredients that each recipe will need. And, I’m working
towards those vanilla cupcakes! But I haven’t unlocked those yet, I’ve
got to get to level 38 first. Here’s my French Chef, he’s making lots
of Crepes right now, but as soon as I get to level 30, he’ll be making some
filet mignon, my favorite! This is the grill chef, I like to call him
Bill, he makes hamburgers, cheeseburgers and steak tartare. For appetizers we have our Antipasti Chef,
she makes bruschetta, carpaccio, which is a meat and cheese tray, spring salad
and a truffle risotto! Next is my best friend, he’s my BFFL, he’s
the pasta chef! He makes a pasta quatro formaggi, which is
a four cheese pizza, a pasta bolognese, ham pizza and pasta carbonara,
yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! And then next to him we have the pizza chef,
which looks like my dad, he is my favorite one in the game, look at his little
mustache! Oh my god he’s the cutest! And I love his little flair, spinning that
pizza, put on those toppings, and bake it up! Mangia, mangia! Here’s my Mexican chef, he makes tacos,
stuffed peppers, chili with rice and nachos, as you can see, I love nachos, he’s
making all nachos. Netflix and Nacho night! That’s my Saturday! Here is my Spanish Chef, he’s making tapas,
potatas bravas, omelettes, and paella, oh, such a romantic! My Indian chef makes onion samosas, chicken
tikka, and beef vindaloo. Yum-yum-yum! Last but not least is my Arabian chef, as
you can see, I have him making flafels, and I’m only 1 level away from
unlocking couscous. So, those are all the chefs that I’ve
unlocked in the game, but let me show you some of the ones I haven’t unlocked
yet! We have the Vegan chef, the Hawaiian barman,
who I hope is gonna be making some yummy tropical drinks. The Chinese chef,
which I love because I lived in China for a year, I can’t wait to see
which recipes she makes, yum-yum-yum! And the German chef, who apparently dislikes
turtleneck sweaters. In the game you can unlock different styled
tables and decorations for your restaurant, like some of the ones you’re
seeing here, doo-dee-doo-da-doo! And then here are some of the different decorations
that you can hang, I’ve picked up some of these, you can buy them
with coins that you earn in the game. You earn coins by serving tables, throwing
events and selling items, so there’s different ways to get coins. Right now I have
about 90,000 of them. Let me show you some of the decorations I
have around the restaurant. In the entryway I have a marble statue, and
some rose vases, pretty pretty to look at, we’ve got a little wine cupboard. And then I’ve got a cherry blossom tree
and I picked out a few other items to just kind of spruce it up, give it a little
jüge here and there. A little guitar on the wall, pretty silk curations,
anything that I could think of to make the place look cute! And in the dining room I even put up some
flower garlands. Doong-doong-doong-doong! So pretty! So that’s the basics of my restaurant, and
now I’m gonna show you how to play World Chef, one of my favorite things about
the game is that it’s not stressful! Guests in the restaurant are very patient
waiting for their food, so you can play at your own pace, and I am also a huge
foodie, so I love all the diversity of food from around the world. And, I’m pretty sure I have eaten all of
the food that is in this game! Now let’s make some drinks with my barman,
he makes one of my favorite drinks in real life, espresso, yes please! Just need some coffee beans to make these,
and he’s got some pretty amazing flair! Look at him! Shake-shake-shake! Shake-shake-shake! Oh my goodness! That is skills! No way! Is he? He’s pouring it off of his head! He is amazing! Bartender and Barista all in
one! Now I’m gonna show you how to make a dessert,
we’re gonna go over here to our cupcake chef, and I’m gonna make a strawberry
cupcake. I’m looking at the ingredients, it looks
like we are low on flour, so I’m gonna head over to the market, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! And purchase some flour, there we go! Now
we can make these, now we have all the ingredients! I’ll go over here and put in some orders,
as you can see some of the recipes take awhile, like this one takes 2-1/2 hours,
so it’s a good idea to make these ahead of time for your customers. While the cupcakes are baking, we can go check
on our tables, see what they’re up to! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Looks like this table is done, they just finished
lunch, they’re like, “Thank you very much!” And they left a little tip, collecting them
coins! We have new customers coming in, we have a
cute little boy, oh! And Nana and a dog, I guess we are a dog friendly
restaurant now, that is a new rule! Come Nana, sit down, and once they’re seated
you can click on the table to see what they want to eat, and what you gotta
make. Also if a customer ever comes in asking for
a food you don’t have yet you can always turn them away, so they aren’t waiting
forever and open the table for someone new! Let’s go ahead and see what everyone else
in the restaurant is looking to eat. This group is just waiting for some truffle
risotto, this guy is happily eating already, they need a few hot chocolates,
1 onion samosa over here, a few omelettes for them, 1 chocolate chip
cookie for them. They also want chocolate chip cookies and
stuffed peppers, now let’s take a look at the events that we can do at our restaurant. Right here it shows 3 to choose from, starting
with Wedding, a Pool Party and a Birthday. It also shows you the required
dishes to complete each party, I’m interested in doing… A birthday party! Which calls for some hot chocolate and a bunch
of sushi, so let’s head over to our sushi chefs, to see what they got going
on. Ah, we have plenty of nigiri sushi for the
birthday party but I will have him make just a few more. And, actually looks
like someone in the diner is ready to be served, so let’s go over here, and bring
them some food, here you go! Oh look, here’s the little server, doo-doo-doo-doo! Bringing the food, here you go guys! Happy
faces all around yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! They’re having a good time! Alright, back to party planning we are actually
going to start the party, and see what orders we can fill right away. We have some of the California Maki, so I’m gonna give them those, and then it looks like we need to make a little bit more sushi and hot chocolate. Let’s get this birthday party going! The epic Birthday Party is now taking place
next to the awesome infinity pool. We’ve got dancing, we have a big cake,
presents, and I just want to check we still need to make a few more sushis and hot
chocolates. And while the chef is making those, I’m gonna head over to
my vineyard, just to check out the wines. There’s our winemaker, looks like he’s
making some wine right now. We’ve unlocked white wine, and champagne,
and the next one will be at level 30, we will unlock red wine, he’s doing a little
wine tasting, making sure it’s right, swirling it around. And then up here
is where you grow and pick the grapes, like a little farm. Hmm, what else? Oh yes, there’s a social
aspect of the game, you can login on Facebook, and you can connect with friends
to exchange food and ingredients, it’s pretty neat! You can even check in on your friends restaurants,
to see what they’re up to. There’s also this little chef button down
here that shows you what a restaurant could look like if you’re level 50. This
is World Chef, he’s a global superstar chef apparently. And it looks like his restaurant, oh this
is neat! So he’s divided it into different food themes,
each little restaurant has their own space, oh this is so cool! This is not
what mine looks like at all! I just have 1 big dining hall. This is a neat
idea! But I like this because it gives you different
ideas of how you want to lay out your space. Got a little wedding going
on. OK, back to the game! Now we’re gonna check up on our birthday party.
It looks like we just have to deliver the last bit of sushi, and then
we are going to complete the party! Ta-da! For completing the birthday party we’re gonna get
gold coins and stars, which are like experience points which help you level up.
And look, everybody’s left the party, and look at that! We get a little prize! For
completing the event. Oh, so it’s at the truck, so we have to
go over, doo-doo-da-doo! To the truck, to pick up our prize. We’re gonna open it up and see what it is. It’s…. Essences, these are great you use
them to level up your recipes. It looks like we got beef, coconut, vanilla,
now we’re gonna head over to the academy, and it looks like we can level
up 1 of our recipes. Oh, it’s gonna be a grilling recipe, so
I’m gonna click on him, doop! Our 2 star hamburger has now become a 3 star
hamburger! Woo-hoo! Gold stars! And, oh! I just got a little notification
on the left side, the world chef, you’re gonna want to click on him, I’ll
see what he has to say. And offer in the social market has been bought,
ooooh! I have some ingredients over there that I’ve
tried to sell, let’s see… What sold, what sold? Ooooh, my pasta sold!
Woo-hoo! I made some coins! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Let me see if there’s anything I want to
sell, I have a lot of flafels, I’m gonna sell some flafels, see if those… And then, I’m gonna see if there’s anything
I’d like to buy. Hmmm, hmmm-hmmm-hmmm! What to buy, what to buy? Looks like there’s a lot of meat, tomatoes,
Egg, I got lots of eggs. Don’t need those, maybe some meat. OK, I’m gonna get
a steak… Alright, I’m gonna buy this. Wee-hoo! Alright, back to my restaurant! So those are all the basic features of the
game and how you play it. I had so much fun showing you guys my restaurant
and what I’m building, If you guys play the game, send me a screenshot
of what your restaurant looks like, I would love to see what you have created! If you guys are interested in playing the
game, I’ll put a link down below where you can download for free. And a big thank you to Social Point for teaming
up with me to make this video, I absolutely love World Chef, I’ve been playing it
like crazy! And, if you guys have a favorite chef from
the game, you should leave me a comment, and let me know which one is your
favorite. My favorite one was the pizza chef, because
he kind of looks like my dad, Papa Pizza! Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!


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