Let’s Play OBSCURIO! | Overboard, Episode 16

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Let’s Play OBSCURIO! | Overboard, Episode 16

Welcome to Overboard;
Polygon’s board game show. Today, we’re playing Obscurio. This game, from the makers of Mysterium, imagines a group of wizards
locked in a magical library. Their only means of escape is
by choosing the correct doors, using a mysterious Grimoire’s vague clues. This is made much harder by the fact that there’s
a traitor in the midst. Here’s how it’s played. First, one player is selected
to play the Grimoire. For us, that’s Clayton,
who will be off stage for most of the game, acting
as a sort of dungeon master. The rest of the players are given character cards and tokens,
as well as a loyalty card, which is dealt face down. One of these loyalty cards
will mark a player as traitor, who wins differently from
the rest of the group, and must try to hide
their role as the traitor. In order to leave the
library and win the game, the wizards need to choose
the correct door six times. The Grimoire begins a
round by preparing traps for the wizards, but
we’ll explain these traps as they come up. Next, the Grimoire takes a door clue card and examines it without the
other players seeing it. This will be the correct door that the players are looking for. Then the Grimoire draws two more cards and places them in the Grimoire board. The Grimoire attempts to give clues that will help the wizards
select the correct door, but he’s not allowed to speak
or to give any indication as to why he chose those clues. For example, say this is the card the Grimoire is giving clues for. Since it’s got a bird creature, maybe they’ll place one
butterfly token up here, by the seagulls. It’s also got a bunch of spider webs, so another good clue would
be to point at this spider. Once the Grimoire board is ready and the wizards have had a
chance to look at the clues, the Grimoire will ask all the
players to close their eyes. Then, the Grimoire will ask
the traitor to open their eyes and silently select their decoy clues from a book of eight door clue cards. The gives the traitor a chance to obfuscate the correct choice. They’ve seen the Grimoire’s clues and can choose cards they hope the other wizards will select instead. Once this is done, it’s
time for the wizards to make their decision. The Grimoire adds three more
door clue cards from the deck, shuffles them with the correct door and the traitor’s two decoy cards, resulting in six total door cards. The wizards have four minutes to decide which of the six door clue cards is the Grimoire’s correct choice, knowing that two of them
were selected by the traitor. Each minute that passes also increases the number of traps they’ll
encounter next round, so they’ll want to decide
as fast as possible. Once all the wizards have
made their decisions, the Grimoire reveals how many players made the correct choice. Each incorrect choice costs
the team a cohesion token. The wizards start with a
certain amount of these at the beginning of the game, depending on what difficulty they play at. We had 18. And once they’re all gone, the wizards lose and the traitor wins. If at least one player
made the correct choice, the progress counter moves forward and the turn starts over, selecting traps, preparing the Grimoire,
speaking with the traitor, and then choosing door clues. There is, however, one wrinkle. Should the players end a turn with seven or fewer cohesion tokens left, they must out their traitor. In this special round, the
wizards have one minute to debate who the traitor is before they all make their accusations. The person or people with the most votes must then show their loyalty card. If they’re not the traitor, then the team loses two cohesion tokens
for each false accusation. This round repeats until
either the traitor is found or all the cohesion tokens are lost and the wizards lose the game. Once the traitor is revealed, they still get to secretly
select decoy doors, but they won’t be able to participate in choosing the correct door. Now, shh, it’s time to enter the library. – Five wizards. One traitor. Woo. – Oh.
– Ooh. – Oh, so spooky. – I’ll take these right off. (players laughing) So, take a gander at these clues here. – Yeah! – Don’t say anything that would let the traitor know. – I mean, the traitor’s seeing the same thing as everybody–
– Yeah, but I don’t wanna be, like, oh, that’s obviously a beetle, and then be like–
– Like, this is what I think is important about this.
– Yeah, keep your shitty leaps of logic to yourself. (players laughing) – Gonna go dispose of these teeth. (players laughing) – Oh, no! – He’s gotta go toss these teeth. – It’s the latest method of
how to get rid of a vampire. – Yeah.
– It took me by surprise. – [Clayton] Wizards, close your eyes! – Oh, wait, hands up? – Yeah. – [Clayton] Wizards, hands up! Just the traitor, open your eyes. The traitor will now pick a card. (jazzy music) You can open your eyes. (evil sound) (players laughing) – Discharge! Into the vampire state.
– Oh, no! No! – And a reminder that
the trap for this round is a much faster timer.
– Short timer, okay. – [Clayton] Ready and flip,
three, two, one, flip it. – Okay, it’s that one, right? – Oh, I mean, it does– – ‘Cause it’s a big circle, right? And that’s what it’s pointing to. – I feel like the
architecture of this light looks very similar.
– Yeah, there’s the double circle similarities there. – This one, though, also, I mean, so the traitor probably
threw in one of these, or two of these three. ‘Cause these are all–
– I actually agree that this one looks perfect. – Yeah, that one’s super– – It’s too good. – Dangerously perfect.
– It’s too good, and it would suck so hard–
– This one has some ring design. It’s too, is that what that is? – It’s just a big dragon. – That’s just
– I feel like it’s – a dragon’s wing.
– more just like the shape of the skylight.
– I think the only other guess would be, like, this one, just ’cause of the focus of the
windows in the first one. – Yeah, I was gonna say this one, ’cause of the windows. – Okay, we got, like 10 seconds left. I’m just gonna commit. – Okay. – Okay. – I’m gonna… I’ll dare, I’ll dare. Love it, I love it.
– Should I commit? – Yes. – Yes. – Good! – Did we get that one in under? – Yes.
– Under one. – [Clayton] However, with this trap, you will still have an additional. So, next turn, you’re–
– Yeah. – So, still add two next turn. – Then what was the point? (players laughing) – [Clayton] Three of you are correct! (players applauding) – We did it!
– Bingo! – Yes! – All right.
– Well done. I will take a token.
– Take your cohesion token. – So, yeah, the people who did not get it. Simone and Karen. – I appreciate you, I
appreciate one of you trying something to make
sure we got through, and I appreciate one
of you being a traitor. – I was trying to take one for the team in case it was that, ’cause
of the window, but, yeah. – I believe and trust you
in as much as I believe. – We’re going out on a limb for you. – Which one of you chose this one? – What a “bird” thing to say. – Karen took the bigger risk.
– What was the logic? The logic was that there
was, like, the window thing. – Okay. – Karen was a fool.
– He’s doing stuff and I thought that might
be pointing to the writing on the rim of the thing. – I’ll just point out
that I was the one who, as soon as this turned over, was like, “Yeah, it’s gotta be that.” And that is something
a traitor wouldn’t do if it was the actual correct one. – I don’t know. Good way to deflect suspicion. – Yeah, that’s true. We’ve seen how you operate. – That would be a bad first move. – Well, unless you were the traitor and know that there’s one that’s so clear. – And put that in… – Yeah, if you were the
traitor and seen all the cards you would know that there’s one of them that’s most obviously it
and what’s even the point? – And you go out the gate with
the obvious one being like, “Oh, I picked the right one.” – Yeah, and then you
make a big fuss about it in this section.
– Establish trust now. – Patrick only tentatively
went with the crowd at the very end, Jenna. I’ll say that you and I both
went on that one strongly and then Pat was like, “Might as well.”
– You just love to cast aspersions, huh? – You continue in loving to do that. – I’m just saying, I’m
pointing things out. – You love to cast. – I have to make my observations now. – We’re still in observation mode where everybody is suspect and all behaviors must be called out. – In my defense, I am
not wearing my glasses so I’m having to squint very hard. – You gave yourself a handicap. – Do vampires have glasses, ever? – I think their vision
just stays exactly how bad as it was when they got bit, right? – Oh no!
– They do need glasses. – There’s a lot of
inconsistency in the lore, because it’s like they have
super strength, super vision, blah, blah, blah. But then if they cut their hair
it automatically turns back to the style it was when they died? – Is that true?
– Are you thinking of Animorphs? – I’m thinking of Anne Rice. That’s why they look like that. – Vampire lore people
don’t talk about enough is the fact that they’re
obsessed with counting things. – Oh!
– Oh I love that! – That’s the best one! You would leave a bag of
rice outside your front door if they were supposed to come
by, because they’d be like, “Oh, gotta count this rice right now!” – “Fuck.”
– And then it would give you enough time to run away because
there was so many kernels. – [Clayton] This turn, the
library’s traps for you are: Espionage, the traitor will
get to see the actual door; Dark Hallway, red vision
will prevent any colors from coming through the clues; and, because I chose
the double trap token– – No!
– Clayton’s the traitor! – [Clayton] The Locked Doors,
you will have to choose one by one which door you go through. – God fucking damn it.
– I love this! This, combined with Espionage
is… (imitates kiss) – That’s so bad. – The scraffle one? – This is the one where
you have to flip them one at a time and just go in or go out. – So the traitor, this time,
really could just be like, “oh, it’s this one” if
they wanted to cast it off. But, I’ll say, if you’re the
traitor, that’s a dumb move. – Just giving yourself tips, huh? – Just speaking this out so
I can remember how to do this when I start to play. – Just announcing what behavior
Brian wants to undercut the next round.
– Yeah, exactly. – [Clayton] The Grimoire is ready! (all chittering) – It sucks ass. – Oh, I like this. – No, it’s good. – I like this.
– We’re talking orbs, and we’re talking feet, baby. – What did I say about
allowing these things? – Fucking traitor! – Why is pointing out– – Feet?
– It’s pointing at the foot. – Yeah, why is he saying feet? – It’s pointing at the tootsies. – No, that’s pointing at
the butterflies, look. – Karen!
– Stop saying things that it’s pointing to! If he’s the traitor, he’s gonna
choose a bunch of feet pics! – We can all see what they’re pointing at! – No, I do agree though,
but we might disagree. – But you might think that that’s feet when it so isn’t feet. – Karen said, whether this is true or not, that she thought the last one
was pointing at the writing on the circle.
– I said that it could be. – Yes.
– Yes. – And if you knew that she
thought it was writing, you could manipulate her, traitor. – Yes.
– Gotcha. – It’s definitely pointing at feet. I take my previous comment back. – Yeah, it’s all feet. This looks like feet to me, too. – They’re both left feet, baby. – This is feet and then this is a toe. It’s symbolic. – [Clayton] Wizards, close your eyes. Hands up! Traitor, open your eyes and
gaze upon the actual door. (cheery music) Wizards may open their eyes. – So we flip it over and
if you think it’s that one, you have to choose it right then. Then if it goes to the next one, you can’t choose this original one. – The other trap is that the traitor knows which one of these is correct. – Yeah, so they could really–
– Donk us. – Yeah, they could really donk us. The could double-donk us.
– Nice, I love it. I’m incorporating it
into my daily language. – All right, are we ready?
– Yes? – And it’s still timed, right?
– Yes. – Feet, feet, feet…
– Feet! Let me see, survey says feet.
– Show me the feet! – Anyone wanna decide this?
– Mm, no… – That’s a pass.
– Yeah pass. – That’s a pass for me, dog. – I’m choosing this one.
– I do like that. – Can only one person get on each? – No, anyone can go on that.
– Look, the feet! Look at the feet, flying, all right? – I know this is it, but
I’m gonna reserve mine because I don’t want us
all putting our money. – Keep flipping.
– Keep flipping? Okay.
– If that’s not it, then– (Patrick murmuring) – There’s nothing that
corresponds to the feet or the– – I mean, sort of, these little bits… – Patrick, why don’t you choose that orb that seems like a very good choice if you’ve seen this one before. Should we keep flipping?
– Keep flipping. – Ready?
– No. – No orb.
– That head is an orb. – But that’s gonna be a pass from me. – Okay, last one. – Shit!
– Fuck no, that’s not it. – I really hope it’s not that one. – We are done. – [Clayton] Three of you are right! – I feel okay about taking that hit, TBH. – Feet.
– Feet! – [Clayton] Only one trap, next turn. – Only one trap!
– What was the foot clue for? – It wasn’t–
– There was no feet! – Are you crazy? – They’re flipping butterflies! – It’s literally the same exact shape! – I thought you were gas lighting us but now I don’t know what is happening. – That’s flying! – Oh shit!
– It’s literally there! – I should put my glasses on. – We mocked a man with low vision. – I was certain that Pat was the traitor because he chose the orb, but now I just think Pat needs
to go get his eyes checked. – Heck yeah, that’s the same thing; that’s just little butterflies. – Spectacular! – I see, okay.
– I guess I see that there is a foot in there. – Yeah, without the red overlay, I guess that makes more sense. – I just thought that was a robe. – I couldn’t even tell
that it was really feet. I just thought it was a
robe all the way down. – That’s a really good door though. So good clues for that one, Clayton. – Yeah, that’s a good one. – A+ tome work. – I’m too dumb to be a traitor. – I mean, now you have your
defense for our traitor round. – Pleading dumbass? – Yeah…
– Whoever the traitor is needs to step up their game so that we can tell who they are. – Start traiting, man.
– I guess the other way to do it is play really badly and then no one will find out if it’s you. – You still lose that way, but… – You’re a traitor in a Disney movie who does still wanna help out the heroes by the end of it. – You lose the game but you
don’t lose your friends. – That’s true. – Playing traitor as
Kronk is a very good idea. – Tell me Kuzco’s dead. I need to hear these words. – Do you need to hear
all those words exactly? – [Clayton] This trap is Magical Mist. – I hate this one! – Here’s some acting. (coughing) Oh no! – Pat will die by the end of this game. (all chittering) – Get your face right up in there, Pat. Cough on it while you’re in there. – What the fuck is any of this? – Okay, it’s my turn. – Mo says, “It’s my turn
to look at the clues.” – This is not helpful; I don’t know. I don’t know, gang. – It’s obviously pointing
at the feet in the left one. – C’mon now. – Yeah, actually, all I see is feet in both of these pictures. That’s not weird, right. – This is the Quentin Tarantino round. – Oh no…
– Oh no? – [Clayton] Wizards.
– Yes? – [Clayton] Close your eyes. (cheery music) Traitor can close their eye… s. – The one wearing an eye
patch is the traitor! – Whoa! – Fucking game changer. – Unbelievable… – I’m back to thinking
Clayton’s the traitor. – What is everyone’s
opinion about what this is? – It looks like an aquatic warrior man. – Yeah, but they’re both
pointing to water substances. – Kind of like seaweed. – I feel like this one
literally is pointing just at water, ’cause if
it’s pointing at a clock it would be pointing right at it. – Why do you think water? – Because it’s wavy. – There’s a little pool of water. – And there’s rain coming down. – [Clayton] We complete
this discussion now. On your time; get ready. Go. – Okay, chess, dumb.
– No. – Hate it. That’s some water!
– Maybe? – That’s an octopus.
– Potential. – Don’t like that one.
– Definitely not. Fuck!
– Maybe! – Love them.
– Little man… Little man and water. – I like this one because
it also has the golden of the clock. – I have to assume the color
is not going to be prevalent. – This one is the only one
that I think resembles a shore as well, but… So this points at something in the water. – Like a combatant. I’m leaning towards that because of that. – Me too. – I really like this and I’m going for it just because of the curve of the shore makes me feel good.
– I’m gonna double-up on this one, because again,
all I’m getting is water and that’s the most
central part of this one. – But less so than others. – Do we wanna split things up, then? – Don’t move other people. – Then we’re gonna have a
lot of bad on the board. – Okay, I’ll choose this one just in case! – [Clayton] Sorry. – Okay, well let’s keep talking. So it’s definitely not this one
and definitely not this one. – Here’s the thing,
this one has little man which is what that
first one is pointing to and also a bunch of water.
– That’s true, yeah. – That’s why I’m leaning towards this one. – I feel like… I’m gonna commit to this
one just so we spread out, ’cause there’s so many things
that have water in them. I know it’s not these two. – Definitely not those two. – It makes me feel like I’m wrong. – No, commit to it. – I think it’s good. We need to have our bases
covered ’cause this is a hard one and we’ve done so well before. But do we think this is the most good one, that we should put two people on it? – I feel like that’s the one. – I don’t like it, but
I’ll go with you guys. – We have decided. – Done. – [Clayton] Two of you are correct. – Damn it!
– All right. – That’s good news. – Only three mistakes.
– Everyone saw me take that bullet for the team, right? – Yes. – I was dubious that the
traitor was doing a good job but as we slowly drain away… – We’ve only got three
more rooms to get through. – The traitor’s gonna have to
get really dumb really fast. – If we’re really good, we have two rounds before it gets to traitors circle and I have no idea who the traitor is. – I don’t either. – What does this thing do again? – [Clayton] That is one of your traps; it is the Seventh Door. – The Seventh Door!
– The Seventh Door! – [Clayton] Also known as the Great Room! – The Great Room!
– The Great Hall. – [Clayton] Once again, you’ll
be going the Dusk Hallway. You will not see any color. – No!
– Dang. – The Dusk Hallway is my
least favorite hallway. – Oh man… – It does feel like something
has silenced our wits end. The Dusk Hallway. Faye Dunaway in the Dusk Hallway. Faye Dunaway’s not an old enough person to be called on for that.
– No, but it’s fine. – Who was I thinking of? Faye Wray. Faye Wray and the Dusk Hallway. – Yes. – There was a silent film
star called Faye Wray? – Yeah, she was in “Godzilla”. – King Kong.
– King Kong, thank you, Karen. I’m glad we have a
professional movie-knower. – It’s this other big man. – I’ll let someone else get first dibs on putting their face right in there. – Interesting.
– This is really hard to see. – I cannot tell– No, I get it. – These prompts seem simple. – They seem very straightforward. – Yeah, I feel good about it now. – Two very talented people. That’s what the prompt is. – I didn’t think the
first one was a person! – I think all dragons are talented. – But we will not continue to speak of it. – Okay, you’re right. – Yes, two men. – [Clayton] Wizards, close your eyes. Traitor, open your eyes. (cheery music) Traitor, you can close your eye. – Again?
– It’s so weirdly ominous. – I like to imagine the
traitor is just opening one eye to make it even more spooky. – To make it quieter so
you don’t hear both eyes. – Like Spongebob blinking. – [Clayton] The wizards
can all open their eyes. (all chittering) You have seven doors. – Okay.
– Okay! – Seven doors for seven people. – So it’s like a ghostly dude and a Drago. – [Clayton] Who’s ready;
three, two, one, go. – Okay, okay, okay! – That’s just old man. Ghost men. A guy is there. – Why is it all fucked? – None of these are anything, guys. – These all suck. – Yeah, this sucks shit. – God damn it, Clayton. – I like this one; I like
St. George type deal. – This looks like a dragon-y thing. – Or is the knight about
to go fight a dragon? – I think that does fit the
best because of the knight. – And it’s like they’re more hunched. – There’s very similar
posture in all these ones, like this person’s hunched in the chair, this person’s hunched in the stairs. – Well, I think this is
pointing to the piano, not the guy. (all chittering) – I thought it was pointing to the guy, but I thought it ’cause if he was a ghost, but none of these is ghosts. – I also feel like this
is the correct one. – The only other one is that one, ’cause it’s a guy that also is a dragon. – What is a dragon doing in that? – We have, like, two
seconds, so everybody choose. – All right, go now or
we’re gonna get more traps. It’s Pat! – We’re done. – [Clayton] You did it. – As in what?
– Did we do good? – [Clayton] None of you got it. (distorted cries of dismay) – Okay.
– Good job, traitor, whoever you are. – Traitor round! – Boy… – [Clayton] You will have one minute. Then you must point on a count of three. – Ah, oh boy.
– [Clayton] Get ready! Go. – I don’t feel like anybody’s
been steering us wrong, in particular, and I
don’t know how to choose. – I feel the same way as Pat. – It’s gotta be Patrick! – So aggressive, but he
has also not been wrong which makes it hard. – Okay, let me lay out
my points for Patrick. – Except, for the last
round, we all sucked. – All right?
– Yeah. – I feel like Patrick would
have done a better job with the feet as discussion
if he had been able to see that they were not actually feet, okay? Because it was so obviously– Like he also had seen that was the one where he had seen the correct one, and if he had seen that the
correct one had the butterflies and the orb, I feel like he would have
absolutely chosen that one. – That’s a lot of “ifs”. – That is a lot of “ifs”. – That are proven if you are the traitor. – I do think it’s Pat, but I
can’t make an argument for why, really, ’cause I don’t
have a strong argument. – It’s either Pat or maybe Simone, because Simone has been very quiet. – Simone has been definitely
quiet for the whole thing. – Which is the best
way she’s ever played– – That’s true.
– Yeah, and she and Karen have the most tokens. – [Clayton] Time to vote! – It’s gonna be Pat, sorry Pat… – [Clayton] Three, two,
one; point at someone. – That’s two people for
Pat, one person for Karen, one person for Simone, one person for me. – [Clayton] There is only one majority and this is for Pat. Pat are you the traitor? – Yeah. (whooping and hollering) – Good instincts, Brian. – How dare, both of you! I mean, I wasn’t accused
of anything, but– – How dare you not
believe your compatriots? – Yes! – Wait, I have a real question. – Yes? – Were you only opening one eye? – No, I was opening both eyes. – That was a Clayton special. – [Clayton] Your one trap
this round is Dark Magic. Pat will get to choose four
cards instead of just two. – Dabula, Dabula, Dabula! – But now we know we can
really trust each other and we don’t have to… Also, we can only get a maximum of… Oh, no… I guess we could all be wrong. – Yeah, we can still really fuck up. We do still have a couple
rounds to get through. – We have two more doors. – We can absolutely lose. – Yeah, we can still really donk this up. – At least we now know that
we can trust each other. Non-traitor fist bump. Hey, get the fuck out! – You snuck in there! – Let’s try to get
everyone’s cups at a table when you’re toasting. – But not you!
– But not the traitor’s cup! – Do your families do that thing where you have to look
people in dead in the eye when you toast them? – No? – I had a friend in
Scotland who insisted on it and if I just tapped it, he’d be like, “No!” And he’d stare at me
and I’d be like, “Okay.” But the problem is I’m not
coordinated enough to do that without sloshing it everywhere. – It makes it very frightening
to go around the table and be like– And then someone else is coming for you. – Do you go downstairs
without looking at the stairs? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I think I do. – He’s a vampire, though;
you can’t trust him. – He floats down the stairs, actually. – This is only something
that really caught me in the last few years and
I can’t not look at steps or I think I’m gonna fall. – I’ve never thought
about it and I’m worried you just put a curse on me. Karen has just cursed all of us and also anybody watching this. – Some people be like that. – So, the entirety– We can talk, because
he’s, like, who cares? (depressed piano) – Or the color red. – But I thought we chose
the knight last time. – Yeah, but it’s the full circular… – So it’s like they three knights. And one vague handle. – Specifically the center one. – That’s weird. – Also, it’s a different door, this time. (all agreeing) – The second one is
“Guardians of Ga’Hoole”. – Thanks, traitor! Way to be a pal! – [Clayton] The other wizards do not need to put their hands up. – We can just be chill. (cheery music) – All right, Dracula,
you can close your eyes. Your job is done. – Good enough, Dracula. – That’s exactly what Van Helsing said when he killed Dracula. – I don’t get to go into any
more doors anymore, do I? – No. – Then I get to eat this! – A little treat! – Treats for Dracula. – Okay, we ready?
– We are ready. – [Clayton] Three, two, one; flip it! – Interesting. – Is that a sword in his hand or is that just… – Big dagger. – Which ones do you think you
would have chosen, Patrick? Which four do you think
are really good options? – This is compelling
and this is compelling. – This is compelling just
’cause of the knight-likeness. – I think this, ’cause of the face. – No, I feel like that can’t be. I was gonna say this one, I feel like this one’s really good ’cause of, again, the circle. – This one has the same
brass as the other ones. – The choice of this being the helmet… – It does have the same brass as it, so we shouldn’t choose it
because Pat pointed it out. – Unless Pat’s meta-gaming us. – This is reverse psychology.
– Yeah, reverse psychology. – I also think, like the lighting, maybe, is what he was pointing
to as the whole thing. – If you guys are in
for that, I’ll do this. – Yeah, go for that one. – No… – Karen, maybe you can go for that one. – We don’t have that many tokens. – Quick, choose. – Okay, well we’ve got a whole next round. – [Clayton] I’ll count this. The bell is right. – Interesting technique. And also thank you.
– I’m just being nice. – Woo! – Okay, okay, okay… – Karen, I’m glad you
hopped on there with me. – You got it. – Good instincts to not trust Pat extra. – To double-un-trust him.
– Yeah. – Can’t fool me, Pat! – Do you every worry hidden role games are deteriorating our work relationships? – Yeah, for sure. – Good work everybody! We’re gonna get this one. (all laughing) – All right, this time we
really don’t listen to Pat. – Well, here’s the thing is,
we just have to get this one. Or do we have to get one, two? – We have to get this
one and the next one. – [Clayton] Your trap is
the United Butterflies; I will be forced to put
both of my clues on one. – Oh, okay. – That’s not the worst. – United Butterflies…
– United Butterflies threw me. There are four people who can vote and we have four tokens left,
so as long as we’re not wrong. – Vampires don’t have votes yet. – Vampires should have the right to vote. – It’s a contentious issue. – I don’t know if I want vampire opinions. I don’t know if I want
1800 vampire opinions. – Oh my god… – That’s unfair to 1800s
people, but they’re all dead, so their identity doesn’t matter. – 1800s politics are still alive and well. – Oh fuck, god damn it, Karen! You’re so right. – Not saying? – Interesting. – Oh shit, okay…
– I love it. – Okay, yeah, I like that. – That’s crystal fucking clear. Y’all are gonna have an
easy time with this one. – I hope so!
– Oh no. – Good luck! – I really… I’m so afraid.
– I love traitor Pat. – Because, like, there’s more
of you than there is of me. I’m just gonna be happy for you anyway. – I love traitor Pat so much. I love this energy you are giving. – [Clayton] Wizards, close your eyes. (cheery music) Wizards may open their eyes. – All right, are we ready?
– Let’s do this. – [Clayton] Three, two, one; go. – Okay, nope.
– Nope. – Definitely not. – What if there’s just no axes. – Oh shit.
– That has a knife. – This is an ax.
– Yeah, that’s it. – Oh, shit, but this
has knives, two knives. – But they’re both axes.
– You’re right, okay, sorry. – But that does make me worry… If I saw that there was a
knife there, I don’t know, I guess maybe I’d point to something else. – Oh shit… – I do think you guys are right. If we wanna diversify, I
can put mine somewhere else. – Why bother? I mean..
– Hmm… – We can afford one loss. – If all four of us go
there and it’s wrong, then all four of us get offed. – So we should all four not go one anyway. – I think we should do two and
two, ’cause if we lose three that’s gonna really…
– No, no, no… – I think this is right.
– We’re done. – [Clayton] Three of you are right. – Good job guys.
– All right! – That was good strategizing, gang! – Good strats! Wow, we’re actually playing a game well. – Yeah, you’re gonna get this. (all laughing)
– God damn it… – Pat’s saving all of his
bad energy for this last one. – Oh no.
– We don’t know what the final trap is, ’cause
Clayton wouldn’t let us know. – The mysterious final round. People who can raise one of their eyebrows without making their forehead
wrinkly are really lucky. – Am I doing it? – No.
– I like forehead wrinkles. It just makes it even more intense. – You have different
wrinkles from me and Pat. Because we’re biological siblings we have the same forehead wrinkles. – That’s a very different vibe. – It’s getting there. – I’ve gotta train a little bit harder. – Yes, I’m getting a
message from the tome! – [ Clayton] You have Dark Magics; once again, the traitor will four doors. (sighs of despair) – But it’s the final room! Is there a special thing? – [Clayton] I will tell
you that in a moment. (Brian cries out) – Just tell me! – The madness of Poe is setting in. – We’ve got a raven and Simone! – [Clayton] This trap
is called the Watcher. So long as you are in this last
room of the progress marker, the wizards cannot talk. – I love it. – [Clayton] Absolute silence,
including our traitor. Wizards, close your eyes. (cheery music) All right, wizards,
you may open your eyes, but you must remain silent. Prepare, ready, go. – [Clayton] Ah, sorry, you may
not communicate in any way. – Oh wow…
– Oh! – [Clayton] You’re all ready. I’m going to count and
on the count of three, I want you to all place
yours at the same time. One, two, three. Hm… (Clayton chuckling) A shame. (players gasping) These wizards are trapped in the library until the end of time! – No! – Actually, I was already
in grad school, so… (players laughing) – Good final clues, Patrick. – Yeah, really good! Wait, so which one was it? – Unfortunately, one of you chose right, but because three failed, you
ran out of cohesion tokens. – Ah shit… – Just at the door,
Eric Andre, “Let me in!” – I won something! – Good job betraying us, Pat! – If I would have chosen that one… – This has been Overboard! We’ll be back soon! – But soon by, like, 2020, ’cause we’re taking a small break. My friend in college was obsessed with those old samurai paintings, where they have the super intense ones. He was like, “Is that
possible to do in real life?” And so he spent all of his life trying and now he can do it really well. So we all tried to do it as well. – [Clayton] All right. – [Patrick] That’s just
Jack Black’s regular face.


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"What" -Me.

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Moosedraw · November 6, 2019 at 7:25 pm

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Hannah Mao · November 7, 2019 at 12:47 am

Here is a poem, inspired by The Raven.

You are the raven to my Edgar Allan Poe

My memories made manifest, my sorrow and my woe.

You’re standing at my windowsill, tap-tapping on the glass

But I can’t survive another night of melancholy sass.

Raven, how you mock me with your single word of grief

So I’ll throw the window open wide and keep my message brief.

I wish I’d never met you, my distant darling dear

For when I conjure up your face, it brings me near to tears.

Stop haunting me, my darling, for this at night I pray

But perhaps for my sins, this is the price I have to pay.

And though we are apart, that will soon not be the case

For I’m running out of reasons to remain here in this place.

Living here without you is exceptionally tough

But I will join you in Death’s sweet embrace soon enough.

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