Let’s Play: GTA IV – Cops ‘n Crooks Part 1

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Let’s Play: GTA IV – Cops ‘n Crooks Part 1

Ray: LLLLLLLLET’S PLAY Jack: We are cops Micheal: Who’s we? Gavin: Cooops Jack: Ryan, Myself, and Geoffrey Ryan: Ehhhh it’s a GTA 4 Let’s Play Geoff: That’s the enthusiasm of come to love from all of you. Jack: It’s time to ghost Michael: Well what do you want to do Geoff? You wanna be like let’s play woooo Jack: It’s time to Patrick Swayze Michael: Dude it’s cops ‘n crooks let’s get to work right. Let’s play Geoff: Alright let’s do it Gavin: Lads vs. team Gents Jack: Why are we always waiting on Ryan? Geoff: *groans* Come on Ryan Michael: Oh, I’ll hit ready too Ryan: Hey what Michael still had to ready up Michael: Shut up Ryan it was all you Ryan: I’m the host, I can hit go anytime Michael: Shut up Ryan *all chuckle* Geoff: Find the boss take him out Michael: I’m a fat guy Ryan: Oh we’re all in the same car Jack: Who’s driving? Omygod bear is driving Ray: Who’s the boss Michael: I dunno let’s all hop in. What are we doing? Geoff: I got no fuckin’… Ray: We need a vehicle Ryan: OH GOd who’s driving?!? Geoff: I am Michael: WHAT DO WE DO?!? Gavin: Let’s go get a car lads *all talking over one another* Jack: You’re going the wrong way man Michael: Ray’s got the gun Jack: Look at the mini map Geoff: I have no hud Ryan: You have no hud? Geoff: Oh yea, I have it turned off Ryan: Put your hud back on *all talking over one another* Ray: This is our getaway
vehicle! Get on the bike! Jack: Did you see it? Did you see it? *all talking over one another* Ray: Alright there’s 3 of us don’t get on the bike Geoff: Display, radar.. Michael: There’s a car right here Ray Ray: Get on that bike! Ryan: Aww come on *all talking over one another* Michael: We’re not getting anywhere
trust me, we haven’t got a car yet Gavin: guh Ray: Uhh I found a truck! Michael: Ray, get in the truck Ray: GET IN THE TRUCK Michael: I’ll drive over to you Ray: Get out of the car grandma! Ryan: Woah! We’re missing the door on the cruiser already how did that happen? Gavin: Ups Ray: This guy’s glitched. He’s now un-glitched Michael: Take him out. Take him out Ray Geoff: Did you just kill a civilian Jack? Jack: Go left! Go left! Yea I was shooting at a civilian Ryan: *laughs* Gavin: Wait, wait, where are the badies? Jack: LCPD! Michael: We’re the badies stupid, get in! Gavin: Who’s the badie boss? Ray: Alright here we go Jack: Left! Left Geoff! The Gents: Oh my god! Geoff: This car doesn’t turn for shit Michael: I assume we drive to the little thing on the radar Jack: Run over that gun, run over that gun and see if we pick it up Ray: OH NO *screaming and yelling* Ray: OH MY GOD Michael: AHHHHHH Geoff: *laughing* Gavin: What happened to me? Ray: I’m alright Michael: Fucking shoot him Gavin! Ray: Gavin’s dead! Ryan: I shot him aparently Michael & Geoff: *laughing* Ryan: Turn this thing around! Let’s go! Jack: Geoff what are you doing? Geoff: I’m going! I’m backing up! Michael: Come on Ray! Ray: GO Michael: We lost gavin Gavin: I got damn bipped! *laughter* Ray: Alright, I think we go this way Michael: You got a bipped with shit! Gavin: Ryan just glowed me straight through the window Michael: They are a… they are behind us Ryan: *unintelligible* Geoff: Where’d they go? Jack: Left, left, left! Ray: We need to switch cars Geoff: Left? Ryan: Where are we going? Michael: We need the distance Ray Geoff: Alright. This way? Ryan: *exasperated* Oh my god.. Jack: See the target on your map? Ray: Gavin, try to take them out! Geoff: Oh yeah, so they’re the target? Jack: Yes, see look, I’ll change it, there ok Gavin: I look good in this… Michael: OOHH Ryan: Go to the waypoint man Michael: *laughs at Ryan’s hopelessness* Gavin: Alright how do I get to you guys? Ray: We’re on Uranium St. Michael: Ray, is our back tire out? Ray: Uh yeah Michael: Ok Ray: It’s my favorite album *chuckling* Michael: Dude, we hauled ass outta there Gavin: I can’t believe you glacked me in the face Ryan: I can’t believe it either I just held down the left.. Jack: OHHH GOd Ryan: …trigger Geoff: GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU’RE OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE Ray: AHHHHHHHH *laughing* Ray: We’re all right. Uh oh Jack: Keep going, keep going Michael: Goddamn it Ray Ray: Time for a car switch Michael: Yup Michael & Ray: Time for a car switch! Michael: Ray! Ray, what are you doing?!? Jack: Go straight Michael: I fell through the car. Let’s take separate cars Geoff: NO Ryan: Don’t you all have to get into one? No you’re trying to find.. You’re trying to get too…an escape vehicle Ryan: Oh my god *all talking over one another* Geoff: Hold on! I got this! Jack: We might need to commandeer a car Geoff: No, no we’re fine. We got this. Stay cool Michael: Let’s get the hell outta here Ray Ray: Alright, skedaddle Jack: all right there in front of us Ryan: You found ’em Michael: Oh shit, they’re behind us Ray: Uh oh, uh oh Jack: Alright, there’s Ray Michael: Evasive manuvers Geoff: Take ’em down! Ray: *screaming* Michael: Holy shit he got SMG’d! No! Geoff: What’s left? Jack: Turn around go right, right Ryan: Is your radar still off? Geoff: I thought we just killed him?!? Ray: Why does Geoff have his radar off? Geoff: Isn’t the gahme over now? Didn’t we kill him? Michael: You didn’t kill me! Gavin: Did he say gAHME??? Michael: Yea, he did *all talking over one another* Ryan: Oh we’re on fire! Jack: I’m getting in this car Ryan: Oh shit *all talking over one another* Geoff: Hold on, wait for me Ray: I guess Michaels the boss Michael: There’s a specified boss? Ray: I mean I see a crosshair, I’m guessing that’s you Geoff: I’M ON FIRE *laughing* Jack: Why are you on fire?!? Ohhhh god Geoff: I DON’T KNOW Ryan: Alright let’s roll! Geoff: Alright, let’s go we got this! Ryan: You’re burnin up the car Geoff: I’M DEAD Ray: Geoffs dead Jack: Our tire’s on fire now because of Geoff Jack: Goddamn it Michael: *laughing* Ray: Just make it to the point Geoff: *laughing* Michael: I’m going…. I’m going Jack: Oh god we lost a tire Ryan: Oh no Michael: This car is spin-y Ryan: Come on we can get the boss Michael: Stop spinnin’ around! Gavin: *singing* I’m spinning around Geoff: Get ouT OF MY WAAAY Ray: Excuse me! Ray: scuse me! Ryan: Geoff, you hunt down the other two Ray: Oh we’re good Michael: I’m stuck on a barrel Ray: WHUUUUUUUU Jack: I have no back tire Gavin: I have not been able to find you guys Ryan: Ok let’s take this car over here Michael: Just drive to the fuckin’ objective Ryan: Ow…OH MY GOd I just got light post Ryan: … ted Jack: Ok there goes someone in the fire truck! Ray: Who’s in a fire truck? Gavin: Hayo! (cause who else would it be?) *laughing* Ray: Use the hose Gavin: Sprayin’ the nation Michael: I can’t believe you didn’t catch up. Gavin? Gavin: Yea? Michael: *makes British noises* Jack: Yeah oh I got this I’m gonna take out the fire truck Ryan: Alright Gavin: What do you mean ‘take me out’? I’m bloody puttin’ out the fires of the…nation Geoff: OH SHIT! Ryan: Woah Michael: Oh I made it! Jack: Alright, it’s all good, oh Jesus Christ Ray: Are you at the end? Michael: I’m near it Geoff: Christ almighty Gavin: Am I gettin’ shot? Ryan: Are we shootin’ him? Michael: What’s that Ray? Ray: Get together Jack: Blow his tires out Michael: Yeah all I mean, I didn’t park there I… Ryan: Oh he’s shooting water at us! *laughing* Gavin: Ahhhh I’m fire I have to put myself out! Ryan: Ha ha the fire truck is on fire Gavin: Bail….WHUUUU Gavin: OHHH Ryan: Alright, let’s get the boss Geoff: Alright, Gavins gone, that’s good Ryan: Now he’s back again Jack: Let’s get after the boss…oh, the target moved Ryan: I think… I guess the a crosshairs the boss Gavin: Who’s the boss? Ray: I’m guessing Michael is Jack: Oh he’s in a helicopter! Michael: Ohhhhh Gavin: Get out of there Michael Michael: See ya bitches! Gavin: Michael, come & pick me up Michael: I’m coming Gavy wavy Gavin: I’ll ride with ya Jack: Shoot the helicopter, shoot the helicopter Ryan: I’m shooting it, I’m shooting it Michael: WAHOOOOO! Ray: Did we win? MIchael: OH OH Oh that was close Ryan: He’s not very good at flying it apparently Ryan: Alright, cha, let’s get after it Michael: Oh that was a masterful escape Jack: Are we going to get a helicopter? Ryan: I don’t know, can we? Jack: I think so Jack: Awww Geoff: GODDAMN IT Michael: We won! I got away! Gavin: I don’t know what I was doing that whole time? Geoff: I put like, 4,000 bullets into you Gavin Ray: You got pulverized Geoff: Alright, let’s stay… *unintelligible* Jack: … our fucking tire on fire Michael: I should put my headphones on Gavin: Oh, me too Geoff: *laughing* Michael: … I wore them. Oh, my helicopter just fell Geoff: *still laughing* Michael: What’s that Ray? Ray: I said “My headphones… Geoff: I don’t want to drive this time *laughing* Jack: I don’t want you to drive this time Gavin: Guys, let’s all stick together this time Jack: Are we still cops? Gavin: UHH Michael: Why? We might get killed that way. Ryan: I don’t know? We might be the robbers now Michael: We only survived by leaving you behind *laughing* Michael: Oh, we’re the po-po Jack: Oh shit, I’m the boss Ray: Alright, I’m shootin’ Ryan: We got to get a car Michael: I’m drivin’ Jack: Here’s a good gun over here I think Michael: *asks Ray a question* Geoff: How do you know if you’re the boss? Ray: Nah, you’re fine Gavin: So, who was the boss that time? Ray: It was Michael Michael: I guess it was me Gavin: HA HA dumb idiot Ryan: We gotta get a car, we gotta get a car Michael: *mocking Gavin insulting him* Fucking dumb idiot Jack: Alright find a car, find a car Ray: Aw dude, San Juan Sound. We have the music turned off, fuck. I can’t listen to the music of my people Jack: I hear police sirens Ryan: Why would it start us as far away from any vehicle as possible? Jack: I hear police sirens Geoff: Yea, it seems like we would have planned better Jack: Ryan, where the hell are you going? Ryan: I’m trying to find a car! Gavin: I like the lack of Sirens Geoff: I see a car up here! Michael: Get ready to glow Geoff: Alright, you guys want me to drive? Jack: No! *laughing* *faint noises of the Lads planning to ambush them* Jack: I’ll Drive, you shoot Ryan: Oh, I found a cop Michael: Is it us? Ryan: No Gavin: Blast ’em! Gavin: WHOOOOOO Jack: Aw shit, shit, shit Ray: *making loud siren noises* Ryan: *sarcastic tone* It’s okay, you guys run. I’ll catch up Geoff: GET IN THE CAR Michael: They’re right there, they’re right there! Glack ’em! Ray: *still making loud siren noises* Geoff: WHY AM I IN THIS *unintelligible panicked yelling* Ryan: Oh my god! Michael: Oh my god! *the gents get massacred* Michael: *laughing maniacally* Ray: *in amazement* Oh my god! Ryan: Wow *laughing* Michael: WOOOO Jack: I had to wait for Geoff to get in the damn car so, I’m sitting there waiting for Geoff to get in Michael: *laughing* Jack: Goddamnit Ray: You guys got lit the fuck up Geoff: I got outta the car and hit a Michael: A cop car rolled up, flipped it’s sirens on, and just murdered you Geoff: I blame Ryan Gavin: Imagine three dudes *unintelligible* cop car *machine gun mouth noises* Michael: It was like a mob movie *laughing* Geoff: Alright, let’s play it again! Geoff: I want to keep playing, this is fun Ryan: Oh shit, I hit turf war Jack: Whydjyou pick turf war? Geoff: Oh no! Cops n’ crooks! Ryan: Technical difficulties Gavin: Ryan, goddamnit Jack: Booooo Michael: *laughing* Ryan: Uhhh, new game. Okay, sorry. Cops and crooks. Jack: That’s a fun game mode man. Do multiple rounds Gavin: That was unbelievable Geoff: Oh my god, that was fun Gavin: Let’s do a, let’s do a bunch of rounds Michael: Just pull up and stop the car *laughing* Michael: *reenacting the last round* There he is! Jack: *reenacting* Geoff get in the car! Jack imitating Geoff: Uhhhh Geoff: I hit Y! Also, they put the car a thousand miles from us! Geoff: Who does that? Michael: We ran around for 20 minutes before we found a car Gavin: Is there any way we can arrest them or do we have to kill them? Michael: I think that’s, that’s what happens. We dispensed street justice Ryan: Uhhh I can’t change options anymore Jack: Oh, you’re not in our game anymore Michael: Oh it’s Geoff now. It’s Geoff Ryan: Oh shit. I’m in some other game Ray: Oh I left the game. *hard cut* I’m ready Gavin: Let’s gooo! Ryan: Alright, everybody ready? Gavin: OHHH Geoff: Let’s do this shit Ryan: There’s no tool tip Michael: That uhhh, that was fun. Let’s do that again. Uhh good job lads Geoff: *laughing* Yea, you guys did okay on that one *laughing* Ray: I like the cops pullin’ up Gavin: That’s gonna be a great shot Ray: Criminal! Michael: Glack! Glack! Glack! Jack: Alright, are we cops first? Michael: Hit the sirens! Hit the sirens! Ryan: Yea, we’re cops. Who’s driving? Michael: Holy shit! What the hell was that?!? Ray: Those cars were fucking each other Michael: They were banging each other. Let’s get a big… car Ray: Michaels the boss again Michael: Yeah yeah boi. What does that even mean? Gavin: It means you da boss Michael: Thanks Gavin Ray: Uppp thanks Gavin Gavin: Pardon me Ray Ryan: We hit very few walls so far, I’m impressed Michael: Did you just run him over? Ray: Yea, he did MIchael: Alright, I’m just going to take this until I find a car if you want to hop in Ray. I’m just going to drive to the street Ray: Alright Ryan: How do they have a car already? Michael: It’s a fucking dump truck Geoff: *laughing* Geoff: So, it’s tough as nails is what you’re saying Gavin: Dude, this thing will never blow Michael: You’re going to get shot in the head through the window. By the way the hood fell off Michael: Gavin goes ‘this thing never blow’ and the hood fell off *laughing* Gavin: Hit the sirens! Oh, we don’t have any Gavin: This thing is slow as chode Michael: Yea, no shit Ryan: Oh god! Geoff: Yea, good driving Jack! Ryan: Kill that guy! Geoff: You’re going the wrong way! Gavin: Ohhh its unfinished! It’s like
speed! Gavin: OH NO Michael: We’re right behind you Gavin Jack: Oh my god! Geoff: *laughing* Michael: They saw us! Geoff: *laughing* *screaming* Gavin: GOD! Michael: We did a no no! Jack: Murder them! Michael: Get out! Get out! Ray: Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Michael: Oh shit! Ray: How am I getting out of this vehicle?!? Michael: *laughing* Ray: Alright! *laughing* Ray: Scatter! *laughing* Michael: I got gunned down! Gavin: ‘The boss has been taken out’ *laughing* MIchael: You ran me over! *laughing* Jack: Holy shit! *laughing* Jack: That was amazing! *laughing* Geoff: That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fuckin’ life MIchael: Imma, I’m assuming you saw us come off the ramp? Geoff: Oh my god Jack: You were like in midair as we pulled up Gavin: I was like ‘the highways incomplete!’ *laughing* Michael: Alright, *laughing* Michael: … let’s not take those next time *laughing* Ray: We’re better off walking Michael: Yea we were better off. Rays like ‘Let’s get some guns’ Ray: Alright Michael: ‘There they are’ Jack: Alright, I’m the boss again Ray: Gavins driving Michael: Aww fuck my asshole Michael: Gavin, Gavin is driving us into a car already Geoff: Alright, guys we gotta stay together Ray: There ya go. He’s dead now. Gavin: Alright let’s go Geoff: Get in a car MIchael: *to Gavin* So when are you ditching the cop car for… Jack: I already hear the cop car! Michael: Are you serious Gavin?!? Jack: They are already here! Michael: They are right there. They are right there Ryan: Oh god no! Geoff: What kind of luck do I have?!? Gavin: What’s up assholes! Michael: Sup bitch! Lads: WHOOOO *unintelligible* Jack: Jump over! Geoff: Jesus Christ! Ray: Hold on Michael: I gotta reload! Ray: That’s not the boss, that’s not the boss! Jack: That’s the boss Michael: He’s back there Jack: I’m stuck on a fucking chair! Michael: He’s in the.. Gavin! Geoff: Run! Michael: Oh my god Gavin: How did nobody shoot him? Michael: I don’t know what you’re doing Ray: Gavin, go to the crosshair! Michael: Go backwards! Gavin: I’m on it! Michael: Idiot Gavin: I’m on it Michael: God, you’re in a fucking forest Gents: *laughing* Michael: Run him over Ryan: Action rohhhhh… Nope Jack: Oh goddamnit Michael: Alright. Oh my god *laughing at Gavin’s horrible driving* Michael: You fucking stupid shit Jack: Get out Jack: What the fuck happened? Ray: Alright go fuck yourself Gavin, I’m getting out of the car Geoff: Woah, Jesus Jack, what’s going on? Michael: Ray, Ray has abandoned the car Michael: YOU’RE HITTING EVERYTHING! Michael: YOU. HIT. EVERYTHING. Gavin: I’m going to the *starts laughing* Ray: I’m the lone *unintelligible* Michael: Oh it’s a sports car! Michael: He’s behind us, stupid! Geoff: I’m getting run over by you Jack: Oh shit, oh shit, cops, cops Michael: C’mere Jack you son of a bitch Jack: Run away! Ow! Gavin: Oh Jack’s the boss Geoff: Get away Jack! Run! Michael: *to Gavin* Yea, he’s on the right Jack: I’m going…. kind of Ryan: BOOOOM!!! Gavin: OHHH Michael: Ryan may have just saved the day Gavin: Wow… I did not see that coming Michael: That was pretty funny Geoff: Let’s get to the where ever! Michael: They’re a, they’re pullin’ ahead of us Gavin: This car is not fast anymore Jack: I don’t have a front tire Ray: It was fast Ryan: Oh ow ow! Geoff: I can’t drive! Michael: Fuck off Ryan Michael: Gavin, I hate your fuckin’ guts Gavin: Shoot ’em up! Jack: I have no tire on my front left wheel Michael: Get the tires Ryan: Come on, come on, go! Michael: *reading the death message* ‘Geoff got ventilated’ Michael and Gavin: OHHHHH Michael: We’re on fire Gavin, we’re on fire *Gavin yelling* Ryan: I can’t control this anymore Jack: I’m going so fast Ray: I am now Moto Cop! *laughing* Ray (Moto Cop): *making motorcycle noises* Michael: Gavin and I are on foot and Geoff is gettin’ away, or Jacks gettin’ away Gavin: Let’s get a new car Jack: Oh shit Gavin: Damnit! Ryan: Oh huh hoh! Jack: Ow! Michael: There’s no cars! Michael: Dude, I like my coat Ray (Moto Cop): Stop in the name of the law Geoff! Stop in the name of the law! Geoff: Stop shooting me! Ryan: Shit Ray (Moto Cop): Stop! Alright… Michael: *sounds of pain as Ryan runs him over* Gavin: God, what’s goin’ on over there? Michael: I got run over Jack: God, Ryan just murdered a cop Ray (Moto Cop): Cop killa! Ryan: Ah, they’re on me! Jack: Aw shit Ray (Moto Cop): Jack is so far away Ryan: How ya doin’ boss? Jack: Oh god. Oh, I’m running, save yourself Ryan: *murdering* Pedestrians nooo! Jack: You were a good henchmen Michael: Where are the fucking vehicles? Michael: Oh, there’s a slow ass truck Gavin: LAPD bitch! Ryan: WOAH Ray (Moto Cop): Oh, later Ryan Jack: I hit a wall Jack: Scuse me people, pedestrians. Oops I just killed a pedestrian Ryan: Did I get your tire? Ray (Moto Cop): Uhhh, yes Ryan: YEAH Ray (Moto Cop): That’s a lie, you did not get my tire Ryan: Fuck! Michael: *laughing* Gavin: Wait, wait, who’s purple? Come pick me up Ryan: ‘Who’s purple?’ You’re all purple Michael: You’re about to get murdered Gavin Gavin: Uh oh. AHHH! Michael: And there are the gunshots Ray (Moto Cop): Ryan is in a vehicle with two shot out tires I think Ryan: Yea I am Ray (Moto Cop): I don’t know where Geoff is Ryan: Ow Michael: Goddamnit Gavin: Geoff is on a bike Ray (Moto Cop): … RNG on this… Jack: I’m gonna make this Gavin: I wish I wasn’t jammed between two… Ray (Moto Cop): I wish you drove better Geoff: Oh Gavins gone! Jack: Nice, good job guys Michael: ‘Gavins gone’ *chuckling* Jack: Henchmen Geoff Gavin: Where the hell is Jack? Ryan: OH GOD! Ryan: Get out of the car, get out of the car Geoff: So where do we have to go through? Michael: You have to drive to the hellicopter Jack: There’s a little target Ryan: Yea, get in the… *unintelligible* Michael: Oh god… Michael: That was some Fast and Furious shit right there Geoff: Good lord Ryan: Ray is hot on your tail though Jack: He’s on my tail? Ryan: Uhh, whoever the boss is Jack: That’s me Ryan: Yea, he passed me a while ago Jack: Aw shit Michael: Somebody’s right up my asshole Jack: Ohhh I just flattened a pedestrian Gavin: Scuse me madam Ryan: And he’s on a bike so, he’s fast Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop Michael: Fuck you Geoff Michael: You gotta die Geoff: Ohhh *dying* Ray (Moto Cop): I don’t a… Michael: Oh shit! I just jumped your corpse! *laughing* Ray (Moto Cop): Did it look cool? Geoff: As long as the boss makes it that’s all that matters Michael: Yea, it’s true Geoff: Something you guys should
remember outside of this game by the way Michael: Yea, absolutely Geoff Michael: Outside this game *as he’s about to run over Geoff* Geoff: AHHHHHH! BAD SPAWN! BAD SPAWN! Michael: *laughing* You didn’t die though Ryan: I just saw that happen Geoff: THAT WAS A BAD SPAWN! Michael: I just fucking mowed Geoff down. He spawned right in front of me while I was driving Geoff: Jesus Christ! Jack: Oh shit, he’s right on top of me…. Ahhh Rays here! Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop! Moto Cop! Jack: Run! Gavin: Kill him! Michael: Take him out Ray Jack: I’m on fire! Ray (Moto Cop): I’m trying but I’m stuck on the curb. I’m unstuck Jack: Jump out! OH NO! Ray (Moto Cop): YEEEAAA MOTO COP! Michael: ‘The boss has been taken out’ Geoff: *continuously yelling* Noooooo! Ray (Moto Cop): Time to end it on a wheelie Gents: Ohhhh Michael: Whoooo! Nicely done Ray! Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop! Michael: Dude, cop of the year. Ray saved the day there Gavin: Let’s go again Geoff: So where do we go? Jack: It changes, it changes Geoff: I don’t see what it looks like on the map? Michael: It’s a, it’s a little envelope Jack: I don’t know if you can see it, but the boss can see it Geoff: I don’t know if I can Gavin: Lads, I would like to apologise for my police car driving Ray: I saw it, it was like a blue square Michael: Oh yea Gavin, you are fucking atrocious Michael: Never drive the car again. Seriously Jack: Watching you drive over that hill was *laughing* Ray: If Gavins driving the car can we all just get out? Michael: That was fine. The ramp was fine. Getting caught in a random forest was a whole other story Geoff: Dude, spawning in front of Michael sucked Jack: Maybe this time they won’t put the cops right next to us when we start Geoff: No shit *Lads talking in the background* Geoff: We’re either a hundred miles away from a car or right next to one Michael: No dump trucks Jack: We still almost made it Jack: Alright, I’m driving Michael: Ray you’re on the ground. On my screen you started on the ground Ryan: This is a terrible place to… Ray: I’m the boss. Protect me Geoff: Why are we here?!? (in this box canyon) Goeff: This sucks! Michael: Alright, there’s weapons on the left somewhere Gavin: Goddamnit Ray: I’m going for the… armour Jack: I’m going on the off ramp Michael: I’ll go look for a car Jack: I need an off ramp Ryan: It’s alright, just don’t crash Gavin: I’ll tell you what we should do. Let’s just hide in the ocean Jack: Cars! Michael: Why is it so hard to find a fucking vehicle? Ryan: There’s an on ramp, there’s an exit Gavin: Ray do you have a car? Ray: I do not have a car Geoff: We have the worst fucking luck Jack: Yea! Ray: There’s a car over there! Ray: Well, it’s gone now Ryan: It sounds like they’re still trying to find a car though Ray: I mean we have the fastest car in the game (this is a lie) Michael: Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Gavin: Good save Ray Michael: Okay, I got a car. It’s a four-door Ray: Hold on Ryan: *laughs* Ryan: Making a getaway in a Sedan Jack: Yea, he’s driving a tank again Ryan: whaoo Jack: Alright *Ray acquires a rocket launcher* Michael: Nice Ray. That’s awesome Ray: I will uh…. alright Geoff: Alright Ray: Gavin Gavin: Yea, what’s up? Michael: Are you, are you gonna drive that? Gavin: I’ll uh, I’ll get your back from afar Michael: Alright, you’re worthless so, that’s fine Gavin: What’s up? Michael: No you’re fine Geoff: Somebody just call us a dumbass m.. y’know what… Michael: Oh shit Ray: Ohh here they come *guns firing* Jack: Alright, let’s do this Ray: Keep goin’ Michael: Is that, is that all of them? Ryan: Gavins at a different… Jack: Yea, Gavins at a… ok shoot out Ray Micahel: Aww crap Jack: Murder Ryan: Whoa Michael: They fuckin’, they set us free Jack: Kill ’em Geoff Gavin: Oh my god, what happened there? Ray: Abandon ship Michael: Ray don’t jump out! You’re going to get murdered! *laughing by the Gents* Ray: I’m gonna die (realizing he has fucked up now) Micahel: RUN RAY RUN! Gavin: Ray, get in Michael: I’LL HOLD THEM OFF RUN Gavin: OH MY GOD *Gents yell as Ray annihilates them with a rocket launcher* *yells and screams of terror* Michael: THE ROCKET LAUNCHER Ray: GAVIN WHERE ARE YOU Michael: THAT IS INCREDIBLE *laughing in the background* Ray: GAVIN GO GO GO GO GO Michael: Team Lads at it’s finest Gavin: Let’s get out of here! Ray: Go go go go! Geoff: Where did that come from?!?!? Michael: Ray picked that up right at the beginning Geoff: Ray what? Michael: Ray, Ray picked up a rocket launcher Ray: I’m the best boss Ray: I picked up body armour and a RPG Gavin: Oh my god Ray: Alright Gavin, drive to the blue Gavin: Alright Ryan: Alright, come on we got to get in a car. Why is there no car? Gavin: That was amazing Jack: There’s no cars in this goddamn city! Gavin: Which way is it? Ryan: I put traffic on high too. Alright, I got a car, I got a car. Get out! Michael: I’ll try to meet up with you guys and I’ve got a sports car Ray, if you would like to swap Ryan: Fuck! He just drove off Gavin: I don’t know if I’m going the right way Geoff: Goddamnit there’s no cars! Ryan: I got a car Jack: I’ve got some cars over here too Ray: Well, I don’t know if I could pull that stunt again. I don’t have a lot of health Michael: That was incredible. Did you see me slam into them? Ray: I did, you were blocking the way. I was waiting for them to pull… Michael: I was trying to like, fuckin’ block the bullets Ray: What the fuck are you doing Gavin: Sorry Ryan: That’s fine, I got a sports car Michael: Where the fuck are you guys? Are you on the highway? Gavin: I can’t get down off this dumb thing Michael: You’re on the highway you idiot Geoff: They’re above us! Gavin: Ray, we gotta jump down Michael: Get down so I can drive you idiots out of here Gavin: Ray follow me Ray: I don’t have enough health to do that Gavin: WHOOO Michael: I’m getting shot at but… Ray: Wait, I got an idea Gavin: Come down Ryan: Oh no Ray: Whuuhhh Geoff: Don’t follow him! Michael: I thought you were gonna fuckin’ die Michael: I swear to god I thought you were gonna die from the fall Geoff: Ignore Michael Ray: Gavin, they can’t get us from up here Gavin: We’re safe up here *laughing* Michael: They’re comin’ for you Ray Ray: Nah, we’re good Gavin: Michael get us a car Michael: I have a car! Geoff: I can’t fuckin’ turn around Ryan: Whoa! Ray: Why am I a fat, why am I a fat Italian? Ryan: You flipped my car though Michael: Yea Gavin: Good job we’re running away from fat policemen as well Ryan: Knock me over Ryan: Nice Michael: Ray, fucking Christ man Michael: I spawned right under you
guys and I just see you two idiots running by Michael: AHHH I got run over Ray: Gavin I need you to make sure there is no train comin’ Ryan: BAM! Michael: AHHHH RYAN! *Ryan and Geoff laughing* Ray: Fuck you bitch! Gavin: *high-pitched noises of distress* Michael: Watch your tire bitch Michael: It kept, it was auto aiming on you which was annoying Gavin: Ray, Ray this is amazing *giggling* *Ray then Gavin joins him in singing the X-Ray and Vav theme song* Gavin: We should jump onto a rooftop Gavin: Start some parkour Michael: I keep spawning right under you guys so, either I’m moving with you or you haven’t gone very far Ray: We haven’t gotten very far Ray: Nevertheless, we’re safe up here Geoff: How is Michael still alive? Jack: Shoot ’em Geoff! Michael: Fuck you Geoff! Jack: Goddamnit Geoff! Geoff: Goddamnit! Michael: You dead bitch! You fuckin’ dead bitch! Geoff: That’s bullshit Gavin: Ray, Rays just haulin’ ass down the tracks Michael: UPPP Didn’t, didn’t action roll out of the way! Michael: Jack, Jack did ‘steamroll’ me Jack: *laughing* I got Michael Geoff: Thanks for avenging me Ray: This is a… must be a light schedule on the train today *laughing* Jack: Alright, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a faster car Gavin: Alright, Ray I’m gonna, do you want me to uhhh… Michael: That car saved my life Ray: Uhhh I guess Gavin: Alright Ray: I mean, I’m safe up here Ryan: Ow ow ow *unintelligible* Ray: I’m gonna look at the map… Man, I have a ways to go Michael: You better run Gavin: Lemme find a bike Ray and I’ll get it to you Jack: Alright Ryan, I’m behind you Ryan: BAM! Geoff: HA HA HA that was awesome *yelling* Jack: I’m on top of Ryan Ryan: Ahhh….fuck Michael: Yea Ryan, how’d that work out? Ryan: Woulda worked out better if my teammates hadn’t a run me over Gavin: Oops oops oops! Michael: Geoff, why are ya tryin’ to fight me? Gavin: I am fine Michael: I’m sorry I have to do this Geoff Geoff: Aww that’s okay Jack: There we go *Geoff laughing* Michael: Still haven’t killed me yet Geoff: Michaels unkillable Michael: I just killed both of you and Jack ran away Ryan: I completely demolished him with a car and that didn’t kill him Michael: You didn’t fuckin’ kill me though, you just ran me over Geoff: Michael is unkillable in this game Michael: Yea, I’m pretty amazing Ryan: I’ve already killed him a couple times Ray: Parkour! Jack: Aw shit, he’s in a car, he’s in a truck, he’s in a truck, kill him Geoff: What the fuck why can’t I… Geoff: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? MY GUY WENT RETARDED Jack: Goddamnit Michael: ESCAPE! Geoff: Jesus! *laughing* MIchael: Landed it, perfectly Gavin: You still up there Ray? Ray: Uhh no Gavin: Goddamnit Geoff: Holy shit, what was that? Jack: Michael! *Jack giggling* Ryan: Okay, he’s not the boss. Why are we chasing him? Michael: Cause you’re wasting your time Michael: They’ve been fucking with me the whole time Michael: Did you guys run there yet?
Holy shit Ray, you have a vehicle? Ray: Yea, I uhh decided to abandon that. Oh there goes the whole fucking game Jack: Alright, Michael has no tires Gavin: Ray! Ray: Yea, what’s up? Michael: Tires are for bitches! Gavin: I’m on the tracks Ray! Ray: Are you? Gavin: Get up here Ray: Uhhhhh Gavin: Get up here! Ray: I’m y’know Jack: I’m missing a tire Ryan: Fuck, I can’t get off this thing Ray: The boss needs to escape Gavin: Ray! Ryan: That didn’t work Michael: Oh shit Jack: Is nobody going after Ray? Ryan: Ray is going to get away because I can’t get off the fucking freeway Michael: Dude, you gotta just jump man Ryan: I tried. I actually rammed the road to try to get off. Did not work Ray: I wish I knew the fast cars in this game Gavin: Oh god… OH GOD Michael: I don’t care about your car bitch, shut up Michael: Get the fuck out Gavin: Nailed it Geoff: Wait, is Ray on the ground again? Jack and Ryan: Yea Michael: I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he’s up top Gavin: Just ran over a corpse Jack: Oh shit. I was looking at my mini-map and just drove into a car Ryan: *laughing* Gavin: Ray what are you driving? Ray: A fuckin’ Sedan Geoff: Give me a car! Ryan: Oh come on, come on, come on Michael: I’ll catch up to you Lads Jack: I don’t need a back wheel Gavin: What’s up Ray Michael: Oh shit, what is this Jack: Back wheels are suckers…owwww Ray: This is gonna be a long jump huhhh I’m sorry miss, huhh. Fuck my legs. Combat roll Ryan: Come on, come on, come on Geoff: Where are you bitches? Gavin: What’s at the end of this Ray? Ray: Uhhh y’know Gavin: Comin’ down Geoff: Where is he Ryan: Ugh go, go, go Michael: We’re all so slow at everything Ryan: We’re stopping crime in the slowest vehicles imaginable Jack: Taking the shortcut through the park Ray: How do I get on this thing? Gavin: *laughing at Ray’s comedy of errors* Jack: Alright, baseball field, no big deal Ray: Alright, just gotta get my fat ass up there Ryan: We really gotta upgrade our budget on the police department Michael: Oh shit, that’s an interesting uhhh Ray: Lemme get on, lemme… Geoff: Uhh sorry Michael: I’M HERE LADS! WAIT! NOO! Gavin: Come on! Michael: I flipped my car! Gavin: Come on! Jack: Oh goddamnit Ryan: Michael Ray: Listen, we gotta go, we gotta go Gavin: Alright Michael: I’M COMIN’ BOI I’M COMIN! Gavin: Alright Michael, hope in! Ryan: Get out! Geoff: SHIT Gavin: We’re in this together. Team Lads! Michael: *running noises and panting* Ryan: Get over there! Geoff: I’m on foot! Jack: Shoot him Geoff Michael: I’m runnin, I’m runnin’, I’m runnin Gavin: Jump in! Geoff: I don’t know where he is! Gavin: We’re right down here Ryan: ‘The boss has reached the getaway vehicle’ SHIT *yelling and screaming* Michael: I FUCKIN’ MADE IT! I LANDED IN THE BOAT AND IT ENDED! *laughing* Ray: That was incredible Michael: Alright, great round for the Lads Gavin: What were you doin’? Jack: Fuckin’ Ray blowin’ up the cop car Michael: They were trying to kill me for ten minutes Ray: Yea, it gave me time to a get armor, get down and a… Michael: They spent minutes just running me over… Goddamnit Gavin’s driving Jack: Geoff, you’re the boss Geoff: Oh, okay Jack: Geoff’s on Facebook Geoff: Sorry Gavin: Why are you on Facebook? Jack: The boss uh, the boss has an internet problem *All talking over each other* Jack: Alright Geoff: Mama Narvaez Michael: Facebook friends. Ohh Ray’s Mom poked by Geoff Jack: Where the fuck are you guys? Geoff: Ryan. Protect me Ryan: Yeah yeah Jack: I have a car Michael: Gavin, I appreciate your slow driving Gavin: Were you bein’ funny? Jack: I have a car Michael: No, I’m serious. Like you’re not hitting something every 4 feet Jack: Yo tengo car. Where the fuck are you? Ryan: I’m right here Geoff: Jack, protect me! Ray: Protect me squire Jack: Get in Michael: Nevermind Gavin: oops Jack: Can someone set a waypoint for me? Can someone go to the map and set a waypoint for me? Ryan: Alright Michael: We are just going to unload on them Gavin: I can’t wait. Ooop bonnet Ray: It’s not official Jack: Oh shit Michael: Hit the siren when we come close Ray: Come on Gavin, Jesus Michael: It was head on man Gavin: Sorry Ryan: *chuckling* Gavin: Oh, they’re goin’ this way Geoff: Jack! This is not where we want to be right now! Michael: GAVIN! Alright, I’m bailing now Jack: I Austin Powers’ed us Michael: I’m gonna grab that sports car Geoff: This is a dead end, goddamnit! Jack: Alright, alright Ryan: Ughhh Jack: I’m a terrible get away driver Geoff: You’ve killed us! Michael: Damnit Jack: No, no, we’re fine, we’re fine Ryan: How do you change weapons in the car? Ray: Cock Sack Avenue. Nice Geoff: Shit! They’re on Cock Sack Avenue! Gavin: Oh dude Geoff: That’s just around the corner! Michael: Ahhh you fucker! Ryan: Uhhhhhh, come on Michael: Dammit! Jack: I hear the cops! Ryan: Oh my god! Jack: Oh, and I’ve rolled her Geoff: Jesus Jack! Alright we’re back up! Michael: The slowest car ever Jack: I hear, I heard the cops Ryan: Oh shit, I got out Jack: Ryan, why’d you get out? Gavin: LCPD bitch! Jack: Oh shit Jack: Ahhhh! Geoff: Run interference! Jack: Ahh ok Michael: HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD!?! Damnit! Jack: It’s all good. Geoff, shoot him Michael: I ran like 10 minutes in the wrong direction Ray: *yelling* Gavin: *yelling* Ryan: How are you not blown up? Gavin: Bail! Ryan: BOOM! Jack: There ya go Michael: ‘Gavin was detonated’ Jack: Alright, we’re fine, we’re fine Michael: Fuck me in my fat asshole, I need a car Jack: Alright Geoff, we’re getting on the highway Geoff: Alright Ryan: Ow Geoff: It’s very important that I live! Ryan: Ow Ray: Is Geoff the boss again? Ryan: I keep getting hit by cars Michael: Yea. Gavin let’s grab this stupid van Gavin: Alright, let’s go Michael: You’re not driving, you son of a bitch Ryan: Ow! Gavin: *chuckling* Cops breakin’ into a car Michael: Oh my god you’re taking forever Gavin: Let’s go Geoff: Alright, you doing great Jack. You’re gonna get a promotion for this Jack: Thank you Gavin: Oh, you’re not gettin’ in? Michael: You just ran me over shit-head Gavin: I uhhh th, I thought you were getting in the damn car Michael: I’m trying. Don’t run me over. Alright, go Jack: This car has GPS so it works out pretty nice Ryan: *laughing* Ray: What station are you guys listening to? Geoff: UHHH Michael: Wow, this thing’s slow Geoff: Don’t! Ohhh they’re comin’ up on our butts! Jack: Well then fire at them Geoff! Ow! Gavin: Where are they? Michael: Turn right Ryan: Catch up, catch up Geoff: Jesus Jack! Jack: Alright, we can not fit through there Michael: Go that way. Or that way. Make a left here Geoff: You’ve killed us! Jack: No I haven’t, we’re fine Gavin: Awww dude we gotta get this Jack: See Ray: Guys, I need help Michael: I’m fuckin’, chh, stuck. I had to climb over my door! Ryan: Aww, that’s a scooter Michael: GET OUTTA THE CAR YOU IDIOT! Ryan: That’s not a bike Gavin: What is goin’ on? Michael: The NPC got in! Gavin: He got back in. Alright, let’s go Michael: Gavin, I’m not in the fucking vehicle *talking over each other* Ray: …. shot my tires Gavin: Let’s go Michael: Alright, go! Ray: Alright, we’re having issues. They got away *laughing* MIchael: Alright, we’re catchin’ up though Gavin: Where are they? I uhh look on the giant map, how far away are they? Ray: Oh, my car disappeared Michael: I’ll check the map Gavin: *mocking Michael* I’ll check the map Michael: They’re… Ray: They’re way out there Michael: … kinda far Geoff: Alright guys, I think we’re doin’ alright. Uhhh Jack Michael: I don’t think you’re going to be able to catch them… Jack: Uhhh, well, ok we gotta get down Geoff Michael: … because you can’t drive Jack: There’s only way we can do this Geoff: Oh shit Jack: *laughing* You ready? Geoff: Yea Jack: Alright, let’s try this Michael: Goddamn, they got far Jack: Alright, we’re going to take a shortcut Ray: … but my car was not Jack: Goddamnit Gavin: There’s the unfinished *unintelligible* Michael: Turn left Jack: Ehhhhh, nope, nope Michael: Shit Jack: Opp, nope, not gonna happen Ryan: Oh my god Geoff: Let’s ju, let’s just jump off Michael: We have to get over there somehow Gavin: What the hell is going on with this road? Jack: I’ll get us down, I’ll get us down Geoff: Alright, get us, uhh shh, I got out on accident Michael: We gotta get on that fuckin’ bridge, they went across that bridge Gavin: Alright, let’s go Michael: Go right Geoff: Jack I’m doin’ somethin’ Jack: What are ya doin’ Geoff, where ya goin’? *laughing* Michael: We have to go right and around Jack: Geoff, where the fuck you goin’? Geoff: I got an idea! Jack: Oh no Ryan: Oh no Jack: Ok, I’m gonna get under… Michael: Fucking shit! Jack: …neath you and catch you Gavin: How the hell do we get up!?! Michael: I don’t know! Try! Geoff: I have an idea. I think this is gonna work! Jack: Alright, hang on, lemme see if I can get down there Michael: Follow Ray! Jack: Hey, here comes Ryan Ryah: Hey Ray: Kyle Phelps! Jack: Well, Ryan just… Geoff: OHHHHHHH Michael: We failed miserably on this one Ryan: Well Jack: There we go, shortcut. I figured out how to get down. There we go Jack: *laughing with Ryan* Alright, I’m down below Gavin: Ahhh tits Ray: I’m on uncharted *unintelligible* Ryan: We gotta get the boss down there though. Where, Geoff, where are you? Geoff: I’M SWIMMIN Jack: *laughing* Ryan: Okay Michael: Geoff’s swimmin’ Geoff: I’m lookin’ for a way up! Ryan: *laughing* Geoff: If anyone’s gotta hand Michael: I jumped outa the car and followed you into the water Ray Ray: Uuppp, I fell back into the water Geoff: Or a ladder Jack Alright, I’m goin’ boss Gavin: Well, there’s a door gone Jack: Uhh, uhh, run, the suit is constricting Ryan: Ahhhh Geoff: Give me a fucking ladder out of this! Michael: Geoff is just swimmin’ around in the water Jack: Alright Geoff, we got a boat Michael: OH SHit, they’re right over there! Gavin: Oh my god! Jack: Opp, I’m in the water Geoff: Oh fuck where’s my car?!? Gavin: LAPD! Jack: It’s the boat, get in the boat Jack: OH GOD! Ryan: No! *Michael and Jack laughing* Jack: *laughing* Well, Ray just murdered my ass Michael: Climb up you bitch! Jack: Oh wow Ray: NOOOOOO! Geoff: Yes! Ray: Geoff’s almost dead! Ryan: Get in the boat! Ray: He’s almost dead! Ryan: Get in the boat! Michael: I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’! Ray: He’s in the boat! He has like… Ryan: Drive away Geoff! *Geoff yelling* *screaming and yelling* Michael: YOU JUST GOT… Geoff: I WAS DRIVING AWAY! *yelling and screaming* Jack: DAMnit! Michael: WHOOOO Geoff: *laughing?* Michael: Team Lads! Gavin: Were they right there? Michael: He was in the boat. He was getting in the boat Ray: He was in the boat getting away Jack: Oh man Ryan: *chuckling* Michael: Holy shit. Three for three, pretty good Gavin: Let’s go again Ray: Let’s do it Ryan: One more? Michael: Let’s, let’s do it Jack: Let’s do one more round Ryan: I should have changed it to the other game type Michael: Yea, oh yea, *unintelligible* Geoff: Ehhh, we can do it later Michael: Ryan Geoff: This is, we know this is fun Ryan: Yeah Geoff: And this will cut together as one good video Mihcael: Alright Ray: And Gavin’s driving fuckin’ again Michael: Why is Gavin always drivin’ the fuckin’ car Ray: Ya know what, I’m just going to do this now Geoff: I’m the fuckin’ boss again Michael: Ray’s abandoning the vehicle immediately Michael: I’m gonna wait until we get to a car and then I’ll jump out Jack: Let’s stick together Jack: I already hear the sirens. Goddamnit Michael: That’s not us Gavin: Our siren is off Michael: Our siren is off Ray: This car looks really fast Jack: Nope, goddamnit… Michael: Fuck, they’re already here Jack: … they’re right fuckin’ there! Michael: Gavin, nice fucking approach you idiot Gavin: It’s not the most subtle… Michael: THERE’S A CAR ON TOP OF OUR CAR! Jack: Alright, you guys save yourself, I’m gonna shoot em’ Gavin: Get. Out. Of. Here Michael: Dude, you are just straight up stupid *police sirens* Ray: *unintelligible* Ryan: Woah Michael: I can’t aim *shooting noises* Jack: Run Geoff, run Geoff Michael: Just go for Geoff Ryan: Just get in the car and go Michael: They’re on foot Geoff: Jesus Christ! Michael: HOW DO YOU HIT THE ONE THING?!? Geoff: There’s no cars on this whole goddamned planet! Ryan: Just hide in an alley or somethin’ Gavin: Yea, hide in an alley Geoff *Gavin and Ryan laughing* Jack: Come on Michael: BETTER START HIDIN’ BITCH! Jack: Ryan where are you goin’? Ryan get in the truck Michael: Gavin go in there you dumbass! Jack: Get in the truck Ryan: There’s a car right here and it’s faster Jack: Get in the fuckin’ truck! Michael: You are a fucking mong Gavin: I’m slippin’ all over the place Ryan: Fuck it Michael: He, he’s stuck in the cracks Ryan: Just go, go, go, go Michael: Geoff’s hidin’ in the cracks Gavin: Is he in here? Ryan: Go save Geoff Jack: I’m gonna save boss Ray: I got him from behind Geoff: DAMNIT! Ryan: Ohhhh Michael: I was just running around Geoff: Why do we always start where there’s no goddamn cars?!? Ray: Ray is the super cop! Jack: Your guys, we, we started like 10 feet away from you guys Ryan: I know Jack: What the fuck Ryan: We started, last time we were the fuckin’ cops we started on a fuckin’ overpass a mile and a half away *Michael and Ray talking in the background* Geoff: Alright, one more Michael: You better pull your shit together if you want to win a game Geoff: Jack’s got time Michael: Well, we’re not done yet, we have a turn Ray: *unintelligible* Geoff: Oh yea Michael: Let us beat you first Geoff Geoff: I can’t believe I was in the fuckin’ boat! *laughing* Jack: You were in the boat Gavin: Why didn’t you just drive away? Ryan: Alright, who’s drivin’? Jack: Ryan, you’re driving Gavin: I have never been the boss Ryan: Alright cool Michael: Uhh Ray you’re the boss Geoff: I did drive away Gavin Ray: I am the boss Michael: No you didn’t. Well, you got in, you got like an inch, and then I killed you Ryan: Can somebody set me a waypoint? Jack: Yes, I got it Gavin: Do waypoints from other people show up on your thing? Ryan: Yea Gavin: That’s cool Geoff: Yea, welcome to GTA Ray: We are uhh in the refineries, there is no vehicle to be found. So, I’m going to take it out on this gentleman. You fat fuck Michael: Uhh we a, we are going to get glacked real soon Ryan: Well, we started in a really bad place Michael: You started with a car though Jack: Don’t worry, I’m, I’m gonna call somebody Ryan: That’s the direction Jack: I’m gonna call… Geoff: Call Burt Reynolds Michael: Where’s his gun? I want a gun Jack: Click in left thumbstick Michael: Oh there it is. Aw hell yea Michael: I, I got the muscle boys Ryan: Alright, here we go Ray: Gavin is way back there Michael: How are you behind us? We’re just on foot Ray: Alright, we got a vehicle Michael: Just hold the A-button dude Gavin: Oh you have to hold it? The Gents: Shhhhh Michael: Yea The Gents: *whispering* Jack: Nice Michael: Gavin, you get in and … fuck Jack: Scuse us Ryan: Woah Jack: Police, police Ryan: Why are you murdering the innocent Michael: I wanna wait here for them Jack: He’s on a bike, he’s not innocent Gavin: Just shoot out the window Michael: I can’t shoot on this, wait, yea I can. From the back seat Geoff: Did you just say ‘he’s on a bike he’s not innocent’? *laughing* Geoff: Alright, where are these bitches? Michel: I’ll have to jump out Gavin: Yea, we’ll just jump out Jack: Alright, I’m keepin’ an eye on them Jack: Ryan, go right, go right, go right Ryan: Go right? Jack: Right, right there Ryan: Okay, why am I doing that? Michael: Gavin, you’re driving into a wall Jack: Because they’re flying, they’re in the sky Ryan: They’re in the sky? Jack: I don’t know. K, yea follow this, yea follow this road Michael: The hell is Jack talking about? Gavin: Ray, I’m gonna protect you Ray Jack: See, see ’em on your map Ryan: Yea Jack: Ok Ray: They’re behind us Gavin: Are they? Michael: Are they? Ryan: That was a bad choice Geoff: Oh my god Ryan! Jack: We didn’t need that tire Michael: Why are you turning around? Ryan: Did we lose a tire? Gavin: Oh here they come! Here they come! Michael: Sup bitches! Ryan: Oh no Michael: BOOOOM! *cries of frustration and Geoff laughing* Michael: See ya! Jack: Goddamnit! Ray: Alright, get back in, get back in Gavin: That was unbelievable! Ryan: Oh my god Gavin: Alright, let’s bail, let’s go Michael: Woooo! Ray: Alright, d’ya see the waypoint Gavin? Gavin: Yea Ray: Follow that Michael: *laughing maniacally* Gavin: I just saw their flaming car come screaming out of the alley Gavin: That was amazing Ryan: Well… Michael: It’s so perfect that they came down that narrow alley Gavin: We’re gonna lose this tire Lads Geoff: And there’s not a single fuckin’ car within a hundred miles again! Michael: Ray, you should probably stay with us since if you die… Ryan: Why don’t we spawn near cars?!? Jack: Look it! There’s no fucking cars! Ray: That car, has uhhh, one wheel Ryan: Oh, there’s a car Geoff: This game… Jack: Bikes, bikes, bikes Geoff: This game… Jack: Get the fuck off your bikes! Get off your bikes! Okay, I got us some bikes Geoff: This game fucking hates us Jack: Ryan, Ryan, I got you a bike Geoff: Hey, lemme get on the back of somebody Ray: Ehh that’s fine Ryan: Got ‘im Michael: Little swervy but… Geoff: Who is that? Ryan, I’m gonna get on your back Ryan: Alright, do it Michael: That was awesome Geoff: I’m gonna ride your tail Jack: Geoff, are you riding *unintelligible* Geoff: Yea Michael: Take it nice and easy Jack: Goddamnit Gavin: Ohfh Ryan: Alright Geoff: God! Michael: Just, a, casual, … Ray: RPG is so OP Michael: … casual stroll Ray: Yea with uh nothin’ , nothin’ to see here Michael: Nothing crazy Gavin: Opp sorry Ray: Gavin, are you fucking serious Michael: Jesus Christ! Gavin is fucking us over from another car *laughing* Michael: He’s ramming into us Michael: Should I just shoot out his tires? Ray: Nah Gavin: No Gavin: Oh god! Ray: Upp, later Michael: Yup Gavin: Ooop, that’s bad Michael: I can’t… Ray: I’ll leave you to deal with that Gavin Michael: I can’t aim backwards Jack: What just happened Michael: Oh yea I can. There we go Gavin: Uhhh hide Ryan: *unintelligible* Michael: No, don’t kill our boss, Gavin (this is a ruse) Ryan: *laughing* Michael: Alright Geoff: Alright Ryan, you got this Michael: … oh yea, I just saw ’em hop up Jack: Turn on your sirens Ryan: I really wish we were in a car Michael: We a, we’re looking very good here boys Geoff: We are going very, very slowly Michael: We’re at a very good speed Ryan: This is the maximum speed for this vehicle apparently Geoff: I think we’re missing a tire Michael: I think we’re pullin’ away Ryan: Yea we are Jack: Press up, press up, and you can go faster Ryan: Oh god! Geoff: Oh shit! Michael: I just saw ’em fuckin’ t-bone a truck on a motercycle Geoff: We survived it! We survived it! Ryan: Fuck Jack: Alright I’m about to pass you guys. And I passed you Ryan: Do it, they’re right in front of us Jack: Oh shit, they turned Gavin: Where are you guys? Michael: We’re driving to the point… Ryan: Fuck! This thing is fucked, we need a new vehicle Michael: …but they are right behind us Geoff: Alright Ran: Yea, they are pretty close Gavin: I’m comin’ Jack: Move! Oh come on Geoff: There’s no vehicle! Ryan: *chuckling* Jack: Just get out of your car, get out of your car. You’re under arrest Gavin: WHAAAA Ryan: Missed Michael: I can’t even see them anymore Gavin: Did I not get ya? Ryan: Nope Gavin: Oh Michael: They’re fuckin’ with Gavin Geoff: Goddamnit *all talking over each other* Ryan: This AK-47 is not really doin’ anything Geoff: This vehicle also sucks Ray: The vehicle we got isn’t that great either Geoff: Shut up Ray Michael: It’s swervy Ray: Alright Ray: Scuse me sir Michael: *laughing* Bitch Jack: Well, this mini-map is fucked Michael: Bitch ass bitch Ryan: The mini-map is fucked? Jack: It said there’s an alley when there’s not an alley Michael: Gavin, we’re probably not going to wait for you Geoff: Alright Michael: Since you’re behind Gavin: AHHHH Ryan: *laughing* Michael: Ray I think we just, okay, especially since you’re dead now too Ray: Oh yea we’re not *unintelligible* Ryan: I don’t know why it didn’t give me credit for that Gavin: My corpse got run over Michael: Get off Geoff: Where are they!?! Ray: Upp sorry Michael: *laughing* Fucking shit Geoff: Do you have them Jack? Ray: This car is even worse in uhhh, grass Jack: I’m, I’m working my way towards ’em Jack: I do not have eyes on them right now Michael: Are you just shooting while you’re running? Ryan: Where’s our fucking choppers? Why don’t we have eye in the sky or somethin’ Ray: Me? No Michael: I though you were Ray: Upp, somebody’s close Gavin: Diamonds in the sky? Ryan: Yea Gavin: Guys! Ray: Gavin, hurry up Gavin: I’m here Jack: What the? Really? Ray: Gavin Jack: Are you kidding me? Gavin: Guys Ray: Come on Michael: Wooo! Ryan: Oh my god Gavin: Guys, I’m comin’ Ray: Come on Gavin Michael: Gavin hurry up Gavin: *sound of pain* Michael: *unintelligible* in the water Ray: Opp, Gavin gotta go, sorry buddy Jack: Alright, I’m gonna get ’em *yelling* MIchael: Ray hang on Ray: Nope upp sorry Jack: I’m gonna get ’em *drives car into ocean* goddamnit! Michael: You left me behind too Ray Geoff: DAMNIT Ray: It’s alright, we win, we win Geoff: I was shooting the fucking thing! Jack: I was, I just drove out into the water Ray: I was waited for Gavin and I just see two purple things and I’m like uppp time to go Michael: Jack just drove into the water Ryan: Ohhh Michael: Alright Ray: Well that was fun as fuck Michael: Fucking awesome game type Jack: Alright, that was pretty awesome. We gotta do this again soon Ray: LLLLEt’s stop! *logo sound*


The Great BOI · January 11, 2019 at 2:50 pm


Maxwell Howig · January 14, 2019 at 5:48 am

14:24– aims pistol I to the sky, fires repeatedly and screams "AHHHHHHHHH". Well, thank you Keanu Reeves.

Cy Brunel · January 20, 2019 at 7:37 pm

My PS3 took a shit on the same day Anon hacked PS Network and my GTA4 disk is still stuck inside my console since 2010. I sure miss playing Cops n' Crooks, best online game mode ever. I was ranked #9 and had played 13500 rounds, holy crap !

iamjohnporter67 · January 20, 2019 at 8:45 pm

To this day this is a whole lot of fun than GTA 5's online.

DasVERMiT · January 26, 2019 at 9:03 am

Still watching this classic in 2019!

Storm France · January 28, 2019 at 12:37 am

Within the first minute you can just tell these were happier times for the guy…somewhere after gta 5 the mood shifts and you can really feel it here. I know there must be a video where you can pin point the change.

Billy Dunn · January 29, 2019 at 11:46 am


Nick Gaydos · February 1, 2019 at 4:14 am

wow i miss this achievement hunter so much :'(

music cartel · February 7, 2019 at 11:18 pm

GTA 4 are cool

Lukas Jotkela · February 13, 2019 at 6:36 am

2019 anyone?

Arthas Menethil · February 17, 2019 at 5:45 am

The good 'ole days

Arthas Menethil · February 17, 2019 at 5:49 am

I can't help but feel that they had a lot more fun the games they played back in this time period. They still have fun, but this feels like a more raw and pure form.

Obi Wan Kenyatta · February 17, 2019 at 12:34 pm

Almost 6 years old 🙁

Saber1347 · February 19, 2019 at 5:34 am

As a dude who was watching since these videos came out and seeing any new content just saddens me because nothing is like it used to be same thing with Rt stuff, they can’t recapture the energy

Thomas Travaglione · February 22, 2019 at 11:40 pm

I remember watching this the day it came out. Good times. Since then I’ve invented a drinking game. Drink everytime AH blows out a mic.

Jose Gonzalez · February 27, 2019 at 10:42 am

These gta 4 videos is how I found AH. My life was so different back then 🙁 17 years old in high school no girlfriend nobody to worry about other than myself. Now I have a house a wife and two beautiful little girls. I love coming back to these older videos. They give me nostalgic memories that I adore. I love my life now but oh how I miss how simple life was back then.

Shadowrealm99 · March 1, 2019 at 7:37 am

When this came out I was in 8 grade. I would come home and watch this on my polaroid tablet. Life was good. Im now in my second semester of college missing the good ole days. AH is great but, I dont think they can beat the way things were in 2013

Michael Vick · March 8, 2019 at 4:35 pm

The glory days

Kid_Manta · March 14, 2019 at 7:09 pm

Every time i think of gta 4 i think about this mode. Ridiculously fun. One time the crook swam all the way to the destination and we just stood there with a thumb up our asses cause we couldnt shoot him.

Trey Kristensen · April 2, 2019 at 5:37 am


Noah Kaiden · April 4, 2019 at 2:14 am

Gavin: in a firetruck

somerandomdude23764 · April 16, 2019 at 9:39 pm


Elad3000 · April 20, 2019 at 1:20 pm

Why does this game look so much better than GtaV in 2019?

Andrew Zing · April 21, 2019 at 8:06 pm

So Jack actually hates this game type and he's been hiding this for like 6years.

LPMike · April 22, 2019 at 12:16 am

I remember when this first posted even when GTA V didn't come out yet.

Dylan Howard · April 22, 2019 at 1:18 am

AH in its prime.

Justis Dorma · April 22, 2019 at 10:38 pm

I missed this, blown out audio, Michaels laugh, rays off handed comments. Life was simpler

alojz300 · April 23, 2019 at 12:23 am

going back to this after the new video

thedudeguy121 · April 23, 2019 at 2:53 am

20:09 don’t mind me

careverga420 · April 23, 2019 at 4:26 am

who is here after watching the new one?

T-REX Harris · April 23, 2019 at 5:17 am

Jack’s favorite game mode btw

Joe Bean · April 23, 2019 at 5:51 am

Who's here because of the latest let's play?

nick sanford · April 23, 2019 at 7:45 am

Miss y’all. 2019 is different.

Maxwell Howig · April 23, 2019 at 5:27 pm

Haha, he points hit gun up in the air and screams while firing repeatedly!

joel 56 · April 24, 2019 at 2:08 am

Ryan: B O O M

Vivian Kurayami · April 24, 2019 at 10:40 pm

I love how almost six years later I still can almost recite some of the things they say from memory; it's like a song you've heard countless times. Mostly back this time to compare if the physics in the latest Cops 'n Crooks (4/22/19) they played is anything like this because it seemed like they were driving on Vaseline on the PC. Either they were more used to it on the 360 or something about the game physics is different on the PC.

Joel Birchall · April 25, 2019 at 8:51 pm

2019 ??

hellaflush 240sx · April 26, 2019 at 7:36 am

Videos like these makes me wonder how Gavin even get achievements.

Hunter Kuhn · May 1, 2019 at 11:26 pm

The good ole days when it was just this six, now it’s people I don’t care about. Ray took the spirit of this channel when he left

acemedia · May 3, 2019 at 7:21 am

oops forgot to watch this today

Deathshadows117 · May 6, 2019 at 2:22 pm

This was and still is the best 🙂

Plague Doc · May 9, 2019 at 9:34 pm

6 years ago? I've been watching u guys for what 8 years now?!

Bam Janssen · May 11, 2019 at 9:40 pm

Ryan the cop blasts a random civilian through a windshield

(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) · May 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

isnt the gUAAyM overn ow?

Evan Thompson · May 17, 2019 at 1:06 am

not gonna lie this was in my recommended today 6 years later and im fine with that

rodisodd · May 19, 2019 at 7:08 pm

Wow…have not watched any AH content in yrs. Used to when Ray was around and the videos seemed fun and chill.
Only reason why i decided to go back in time was because I watched a recent Off Topic Podcast with Ray, and just felt like having a good laugh again…
So many good memories, these old videos are top tier quality 😌👌🏽

Auraya Frost · May 21, 2019 at 5:53 pm

Michael spawning, turning, and seeing the two shadows of Ray and Gavin running along the rail tracks is one of my favourite AH things ever

xXsilentvatoXx · June 1, 2019 at 6:07 pm

Damn it’s been six years already. I remember watching this before I went to school.

Christopher Toennies · June 9, 2019 at 2:01 am

6 years later and the dump truck ramp scene is still one of the funniest things on youtube

Odd Oxygen · June 20, 2019 at 3:06 am

Its been so long since letsplays were this funny. RIP brownman

Justin Williams · June 27, 2019 at 6:14 am

“Ray’s gonna get away because I can’t get off the f-ing freeway.” -Ryan

Red Axer · July 3, 2019 at 5:44 pm

Are we just going to ignore that epic ram Ryan did to save Jack?

JBadAss98Gameing · July 5, 2019 at 8:26 am

2 years before gta 5 was finsished, a bunch of youtubers found gta 4 online, and made it so damn popular, that gta v became multiplayer oriented. Why? Well, all the youtubers would be playing it…

xXMr0LinkXx · July 10, 2019 at 4:04 am

Gavin used to be a LOT worse. He's still bad nowadays, but nowhere near as bad as this.

Dominic Christopher · July 12, 2019 at 12:48 am

watching this in 2019

GraViTyAboVe · July 13, 2019 at 8:02 am

When you come back to the good old vids it's … Perfect

Worgenfreeman MS · July 16, 2019 at 1:00 pm


von Dadash · July 17, 2019 at 8:18 am


Bayshore ‘239 · July 18, 2019 at 12:07 pm

i miss gta 4🤧

Grimpy · July 20, 2019 at 3:32 am

Its been too long

scorched · July 22, 2019 at 5:27 pm

man this used to be the shit back then i would come home from school and watch this

Eric Wlezniak · July 28, 2019 at 2:18 pm

Anyone trying to verify Jack's comment on never winning a C.A.C. game in 2019?

Daniel Thompson · July 29, 2019 at 5:48 pm

God damn memories I miss ray and I miss gta 4

Forrest RedFox · August 1, 2019 at 6:36 am

That double dump jump into the street is truly my favorite ah moment ever I think. It’s just fucking flat out funny

Forrest RedFox · August 1, 2019 at 6:49 am

Michael “were in a fuckin forest” Jones

Maxwell Howig · August 2, 2019 at 3:10 pm

9:00. Gavin: "this is slow as chode". HAHAHAHAHAHA

Dill7 · August 3, 2019 at 3:39 am


robert costello · August 3, 2019 at 5:05 pm

Anyone back 2019 😊

Jarl Balgruuf · August 4, 2019 at 4:32 pm

Every year or so I come back to this video, and skip to 8 minutes or so to enjoy that hilarious moment over and over again. Such nostalgia

Owen Bradley · August 10, 2019 at 8:46 pm

Ray: Gavins dead

Bobby Tarantino9 · August 16, 2019 at 5:43 pm

20:11 😂😂😂😂

Sabconth · August 17, 2019 at 5:54 pm

Still incredible to this day.

The best AH team.

God I miss this!

SpartanXIII · August 22, 2019 at 2:43 pm

I miss THIS level of Let's Play, where it's just whacky bullshit and people having a laugh.

Planned spots just don't have the same impact as chaos does.

Mr. Ultimate · August 29, 2019 at 5:16 am

This is such an old timer for me reminds me of the good times
I was thinking about it and I remember when I watched these for the first time. I was a kid and I was genuinely worried since I knew I shouldn’t be watching it. I watched these guys play Minecraft and stuff but GTA? I was just a kid so I thought I was doing something wrong, but it was so funny. Now as a young adult, man I look back on these vids so fondly.

The More You Know · September 1, 2019 at 10:53 pm

34:03 all unknowingly shitting on the same vehicle

JoshOG · September 3, 2019 at 6:09 am

Anyone else going back through the archives of classic AH for some nostalgia in 2019?

Lewis roper · September 4, 2019 at 11:26 am


Mark Surfas · September 6, 2019 at 12:00 am

Over 6 years old and still fun to watch.

Turtle Jergle · September 8, 2019 at 3:30 pm

2019 anyone?

Rosaline Way · September 10, 2019 at 9:40 am


Solomonjaro · September 11, 2019 at 2:23 pm

Such a good series!

TheBandit025 · September 13, 2019 at 12:38 am

I can't believe Jack hated playing this game type

Sabriel Maestas · September 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

It's been 6 years now fuck I remember watching these videos from my school's iPad in middle school RIP the good days

Galaxynt · September 17, 2019 at 2:52 am

Anybody here in September 2019?

Mace-Yoshiman · September 18, 2019 at 1:40 am

Why was this never put into GTA 5?

MassiveSnitch · September 22, 2019 at 12:45 am

Revisiting this in 2019. One of my favorite AH videos and one of my favorite game modes in any video game ever.

Conner of Dill Creek · October 4, 2019 at 4:41 pm

28:03 Ryan’s rocket deflected back at him.

Sophie · October 6, 2019 at 1:50 pm

the good old days <3

Isaac Gonzalez · October 7, 2019 at 3:12 pm


trashedscatter · October 10, 2019 at 6:50 am

And Jack hates this game type..?

MiniBandit007 · October 14, 2019 at 3:40 pm

6 years later here we are

Zach Schoeneman · October 16, 2019 at 5:38 am

24:06 SHIT they're on Coxsack Avenue!

Ramon Robles · October 21, 2019 at 5:37 pm

I miss this I started watching them when I was 14 and now im 22 but these days were so funny

TRIGGA_HAPPY_232 · October 23, 2019 at 2:56 pm

It's been 6 years since this let's play came out and is this the funniest.

Wayne Payne98 · October 27, 2019 at 9:44 am

The single greatest game mode in GTA multiplayer history, yet they haven't brought it to GTA Online. Why?

Levvis · November 1, 2019 at 2:46 pm

this let's play is stunning

Hillside Heathen · November 3, 2019 at 3:22 am

who controls the camera in this video?

DavidS Videos · November 3, 2019 at 11:47 pm

Back for some of the best let’s plays made

crying taco cat · November 12, 2019 at 5:12 am

I cannot believe it's been over six years…

eminorud1 · November 15, 2019 at 6:39 am

Bro this was 6 years ago???? Wow. What a golden age. Crazy how you dont notice the golden days till theyre over. So much has changed with them, the world, and me. Im going to cry just wow im so happy

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