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no no so um I haven’t vlogs I haven’t
done anything on my YouTube channel for a while as you can tell so today is the
first day and I’m gonna be vlogging like I said my whole prep journey this week
you guys I meet with Helen and so we’re gonna go over posing and I start dieting
so that’s gonna be exciting that being said I’m going to show you my leg day
workout today I’ve been playing around with a lot of different variations of
sets and reps and tempos and I just really been enjoying that so I just
finished my leg day workout and I’m just gonna get ready to make my post-workout
meal I’m gonna show you guys my favorite Poppy’s day yeah I clean our skin she
likes stay here comes me honey I’m gonna show you guys my most favorite
post-workout meal it is protein waffles super easy so I’m going to show that to
you and yeah it’s really easy and I’ll leave the recipe in the notes below
other than that I will see you after the recipe after don’t forget you guys to a like comment
and subscribe below hit that notification bell somewhere over around
this video so that you’ll be notified when I do upload new videos other than
that you guys enjoy the video all right you guys the first superset that I’m
doing is a barbell hip thrust is the first exercise now the most important
things you want to remember about a hip thrust is you want to keep that chin
tucked to our chest looking forward the whole time you want to keep all your
weight in your heels and your toes slightly pointed out now with this
exercise I am pausing for one second at the top yes this makes it a little bit
harder and my second exercise I’m super in it with super setting it with is a
mini band abductions now I’m doing 3-way position so I’m going to lean forward
and I’m gonna do 30 pulses I’m gonna do neutral so sitting up and then also
leaning back 30 so 60 total abductions and this is a burner that’s for sure alright you guys now first superset to I
love this one it’s kind of like a bridge trust her but you’re gonna have a mini
bands on and you’re going to bring your knees out to the side kind of like
making a butterfly bomb you’re gonna squeeze your glutes at the top hold for
3 seconds before going back down now key things you still want to keep that chin
tucked in your head looking for the whole time to keep that pelvic tilt
but you guys I superset it that one with a good morning with alternating side
lunges I love these ones now with good mornings
you want to make sure that you keep a slight bend in your knees as you bend
forward keeping that back nice and flat in your core nice and tight now if you
need to use no weight at first that’s totally fine because form here is really
important I’ll write you guys the next one we’re doing is a giant set so that
just means two or three or more exercises so our first one we are doing
our cable pull through I love these these target the glutes amazing now a
few key things about this is you want to make sure that when you bend forward you
drive your hips back you do not squat you drive your hips back almost like a
kettlebell swing so you want to slight bend in your hips and you squeeze your
glutes at the top still keeping your chin tucked to your chest to keep that
pelvic tilt and keep all the weight in your heels all right you guys so for the
next so what a giant set means you guys is that when you do these exercise you
go back-to-back without taking a break until you’ve done all of them this next
one I’m doing is a goblet squat with a side leg raise with a lateral leg raise
this targets the the glute medius and gluteus as well as the glute Maximus all
right you guys now for this last exercise we have got cable glute
kickbacks now I just put my foot in a handle here I lean forward and I kick
that heel to the sky and squeeze my flute you don’t have to go super heavy
with these all right you guys for this last circuit it is a giant set as well
and it is all bodyweight you guys I love this one so what you’re gonna do the
first exercise you guys are gonna do is a Bulgarian split squat bodyweight 30
seconds each side you want to make sure that that knees stay stacked over that
ankle and all that weight is in your heel do a single leg step up on a bench
with a tap back yes it’s cardio and you’re gonna do all the same leg before
moving to the other leg so all right side and from that one you are going to
go right into step over so you’re gonna tap your feet
to each side 30 seconds and then you are gonna repeat on your left side yes this
is a finisher a challenge burner but I promise you’re toned legs are going to
love you after make protein pancakes – I use the code a power mix I love these I
get them from Costco and I just use half a scoop of this I use a full scoop but
beyond yourself vegan cupcake better protein and then quarter cup of egg
whites and then I add water I would say add as much as you like like for
consistency I like going to be a little bit runny for when it’s for them on the
waffle and it kind of fills up if it’s too thick it’s like clumpy and it
doesn’t fill up the full waffle time so yep let’s do this like I said you can do
the consistency however you like I like mine a little bit runny I do spray it
with a little bit of olive oil cooking spray and I’ll show you when it’s fun
let’s do not mine my dirty waffle maker we use it so much that’s what it looks
like like I said if I pour it all of it on it would have overflowed so there’s
one and it’ll cook another probably bigger one than that and I will show you
guys what I put on ends all right okay so now what do I put all my waffles so
um I’ll use a Costco’s berry frozen berry blend and I just that’s pretty
like half a cup I put a half a cup and I D thought in the microwave so it’s nice
and warm I’ve got whole banana here yes I put a
whole banana this is like so Micah I don’t know if I was telling
you guys I’m really playing around with how I cycle my carbs in really raining
up about nutrient timing and so I’m having the majority of my carbs after my
workout that’s just when what I feel my body thrives on my workouts are a lot
better and then throughout the day I have carbs but not as much so I probably
have close to a hundred grams of carbs here in my meal like maybe maybe maybe
maybe like 65 to 85 grams of carbohydrates here I don’t know I’ll do
the macro posted in here to be honest I don’t really measure
I just eat what I feel feels good for me so I have also got Walden’s farm syrup
here don’t be judging how much I put off now
the only thing you have to watch out about Walden’s farm syrup is yes it’s
calorie free but it’s got its got lots of sodium in it so I usually just put
this on top and then I take my berries and I just dump those on there like that
and then I take my banana and I make it all pretty make it all pretty like that
oh no that is necklace actually slash post-workout of Champions here we’re
gonna eat this and it’s gonna taste food and then I’ll tell you guys where I’ve
been out what’s been going on and yeah enjoy my workout let me know if you have
any work over quest let me know what you think of the workout leave your comments
in the comment box below don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel and hit that notification bell so you are notified I feel like I sound
like a hillbilly no and yeah you guys everything that we talked about today –
like reps sats tempos if you’re not sure what all those are this can go – for my
blog on my website I’ll put the links below and I explain everything there so
everything if you’re gonna like what’s the superset what’s the drop set
the Imam what’s it about oh what’s up tempo it’s all there for you guys okay
let’s eat my dog she sits here when I eat or when the kids eat and she will
look at the kids or me and see she looks to the ground drop me some scraps please all right guys I thought I would take
you along with the first few bites of this with this my daughter’s little my
little pony plates man I thought it was the perfect fit so what does this taste
like it does look like it gets wrapped in syrup but it is the berry juice and
the syrup that’s honest I like my soul all right are you guys now it’s time for
some real talk now that I’m dead and feeling good and her butts food off my
face yeah so I fell off the face layer no but it felt like it I had I just
really went through a dark time you guys like really bad so I just decided to cut
up social media so that’s where there’s no videos posted there is no podcast
done I just I just was going through such as like mental darkness that that
stuff was making it worse you have such a perfectionist personality and I went
down the rabbit hole comparison on top of feeling down already and it was not
good and so I had to find my way out of that I had to shut everything off I had
to spend more time with God I had to think about what I really want to offer
you guys and I was getting so hung up goodness it look like crazy Chris pretty
because I worked out to my hair super Gracie um okay
real talk focus um so I really had to think about you know what I was okay so
I did a cool to help me understand how to grow my
youtube channel of what to offer you guys oh my gosh you guys there’s so much
to like how to use Instagram how to use Facebook that it can get so overwhelming
that you’re like oh I didn’t do this writer I didn’t take this right to the
point where I can’t even create because I’m so worried about doing all these
things right and in the right orders and stuff like that and here’s the thing
that’s not me I can sit here and give you a list of the top 10 tips to do your
workouts right or something like that but at the end of the day that’s just
not me and I can do that in such a different way I still vlogging but me
and anyway so I just really got in my head and it really got in the way of me
creating so that’s kind of what’s been happening lately I’ve been really
focused you guys on my Fit Club on all the ladies there that’s if you don’t
know my online gym and home workout programs meal plans and I’m really
focused on creating content there and workouts and really amazing meal plans
easy meal plans and tons of workout so January we’re going to do 12-week bikini
body challenge that’s gonna be so awesome I have so many good workouts
I’ve been learning so much about building glutes from Brett contrast I
don’t know if it’s near my booty but I bought his book I followed him for a
while now and I’m learning so much that I can apply in my own programs so many
tips so I’ve been applying them on myself and they’re working amazing so
yeah I’ve just I’m reading tons of magazines oxygen magazine fitness stuff
researching YouTube everything I just I want to learn as much as they can to
give you guys the best knowledge that I can that being said just being myself to
not you know just being like fun fact Sally just being able to show you that I
am a mom I’m a business owner I’m in the baby stages of growing my online
business it’s been hard how exciting the hardest help I’m just
getting in the beginning stages of doing competition prep because I compete March
14th so all these new things that I’m having
to learn learn how to grow my youtube channel learning how to do social media
and still stay grounded and still be careful to not get sucked into the to
the what he called the world wind of what everybody thinks that you should be
and do and stuff and so really learning to Center myself taking time really
learning what’s important it should being able to be open and
sharing with you guys is what makes me happy and it’s what you guys respond to
most moreso than you know my my workout demos and stuff you guys like to see my
life and hear me talk and so that’s what I integrate for you unless you guys ask
otherwise I will do otherwise but that’s all that’s going on right now you guys
my husband’s gone away for a couple of days which I miss him dearly because I
don’t sleep when he’s gone I have to I went to got my youngest at midnight a
broader in bed because I couldn’t fall asleep so I’m excited for him to get
home like I said I meet with Helen Thursday for posing and and diet and
then I really want to take you guys through that whole journey this will be
my second time competing in the wellness division it gets brought to Canada
through in the CPA 2020 so that’s where I’ll be starting back at the beginning
if I go a BB a or C BB F I think I get to go to Nationals I can do Nationals
and so she thinks I should try both so that won’t be until June but that’s all
that’s going on right now you guys they just want to give you an update I hope
you enjoyed the workout give that recipe try let me know what you think it is one
of my favorites I have every time I work out every time I come home I have it it
seems my milk I’ve got berries everywhere and I will
put up the map cause it’s not as bad as I thought it was it’s almost 500
calories or 400 it was only 62 grams of carbohydrates or 68 and I thought it was
way more than that so that’s how important it is to use my
Fitness help because sometimes you think you’re eating way more than you actually
are and you’re not hitting your serve macros I mean I hit my Mac closest his
meal but I thought I was like eating way more than I was until I put my goodness
help so that’s just no little tip for you if you’re really trying to enhance
your workouts and see your goals use MyFitnessPal try try cycling your carbs
around your workouts your highest mount I can’t eat tons before my workout it
ruins my workout I can’t eat on an empty stomach that being said that’s why I
like to workout me afternoon later morning now if you don’t have that
option at least have a protein shake or some BCAAs before you do your workout
and never work out on an empty stomach with no food fasted your body will burn
a little bit of fat but guess what it’s going to burn all that hard muscle that
you tried to put on that you’ve been trying to put on so I always have
something in your belly that’s why I like the afternoons because I’ve had
some food throughout the day even if I haven’t eaten for like a couple hours I
know that I’m gonna see stuff go so that’s all you guys I’m waiting for my
kids to come home and that’s that’s about it that’s it for this vlog today I
will see you guys soon bye


Hannah Dawson · December 7, 2019 at 11:51 am

Thanks for watching VLOG #1 of getting ready to hit the stage! I hope you like the workout and post-workout recipe.

Pilar Krol · December 7, 2019 at 11:58 am

Hey Hannah ♥️ i always love your video because you always include God in your progress! Lots of love from the Netherlands 🥰😘

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