La Cage aux Folles [The Play] ★★★★★

Published by Jan Heaney on

So today is the photoshoot for La Cage aux Folles, and as you can see I am in full drag I am the only one that stepped up to the mark today. *groans and laughter* It’s quite nice because normally when you do a play read through, everyone’s nervous we’ve kind of broke the ice today. We’ll not be able to look each other in the eye on Monday. This is the original play that
spawned so many versions because everybody knows the story, but nobody
even there ones who think they do they don’t know the play. This is the first
time its ever been done in the English language. The story is ingrained in our
culture in terms of The Birdcage… the musical… People are arriving at it knowing an element of the story. I first saw the film of the play, La Cage aux Folles, in french when I was 14 years old with my parents and it
was the first time that I felt validated to be a man who likes other men and so… I just outed myself in public! It’s a fast paced farce, you’ll see a lot less songs but a lot more comedy! Simon Callow really understands France and Poiret’s humour and yet he is so quintessentially
English as well. This is the biggest show we’ve ever done, I’m really excited to be
directing it, it’s got more actors that are even here with me today. There’s 11
actors, there’s a massive stage crew backstage creative team, a fantastic set,
the costumes are insane, there’s about 35 full costumes. It’s mega, it’s epic,
it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal… So, come see this show. Vive La Cage aux Folles! Ooh la la! What was the question? Where’s the champagne?!

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