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ladies and gentlemen It;s your boy, ShadyShae
the one and only hello Kawan!
nama saya shadyShae the one and only today we have a react sea to a duel Uriel 10
Tara Malaysia vs. Indonesia are you ready guys
Subash yep mari get some will I go subscribe subscribe yeah so this guy is hype
I’m saying when I say height money there are people that come in and just give
you moved here you know once it coming to give that
energy like he’s got the floor his brain goes to that singing dance in this world okay I’m just gonna find out what the
title means okay translation doesn’t say anything this
guy’s is like getting really into his field it’s so much look okay Indonesia hey no no no no no wait
just wait wait let’s take this back take this back again take this back take is
well okay keep the mood light yeah 300 you know these 300 oh this is sparta okay guys please let me know what you’re
talking about you never know what they are saying out there I know they’re
happy themselves but I really like to know the words that they use it because
I love the formation I love their energy I love how they’re you know like they
say Tim bonding not coming together to be like guys were together and this less
half of ourselves like the 301 crazy we just do that with that oh you don’t good
tough well let’s think about me that’s what I did oh is that everything now so short so
basically it’s just a year I was expecting to see like some action you
know like like like them doing like some pop-up fight in you know like training
like compositing trainings not just yell boy this is quite interesting uh so very
interesting it makes us see the lighter side of the army beautiful beautiful
maybe that’s more American yo you know if this is how the army is
enjoying the army right away I can join the army right now if it was clapping
and then Ajala who drink drink drink drink drink King Kong okay okay go amazing amazing amazing guys they’re
hailing us in as a dozen men clapping having themselves get into energy
I feel of this awesome it’s more of like Tim funding so bring all the soldiers to
give up because they all come from different backgrounds even in same
country but coming together you know to fight for the same cause getting the
pain the rigorous trainings that a difficulty but then bring them together
to have that bond that’s the governor so they understand another new guys we’re
still one to get me I will one I care about you kept by me when I
brothers-in-arms Brothers in Arms shall of you bundle OCD you put the new
military on this broth broth a clip of G so I’m quite interested in things like
this arrow is super shitty she is the one and only guy is good up quickly suka
mm gonna start like button subscribe she won
you like that like the shine in my way you are

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