IMPACT Wrestling Redemption 2018 PPV Review #Redemption18

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IMPACT Wrestling Redemption 2018 PPV Review #Redemption18

hey what is happening impact Wrestling fans
welcome to the IMPACT wrestling Redemption 2018 review so before we even
start to all of the impact fans please have an open mind during this
review because there might be some fair amount of criticism of this
show so be our first thing first we were presented with the new belt they look
alright they look clean therefore that served their purpose
we are also read it with the new look off the impact zone
it is very WCW circa 2001 buddy looks good it doesn’t look bad at all this was
the first show booked by Scotty Moore in Dunn college and obviously you knew that
Don Cal is one at the spot of being a color commentator so he took that spot
away friend Sanjay Dutt sending him to the bag so the boys of in / wrestling
coming forward are gonna be josh matthews and don catalyst so the first
match of the night IRA star defeating Drago this was
basically a lucha underground exhibition type of match there was a lot of
obviously lucha libre type of spots and always did the right man one in ira star
i was talking to a friend of mine who is a lucha underground fan and he told me
hey these two used to have a lot of matches back and forward during the
episodes of lucha on the ground and that led me to these two thoughts on my mind
number one why I didn’t get any type of knowledge about that feud on impaired
wrestling and number two why should I care about it this is embarrassing this
is not lucha underground and there is a more scenic side of me that is telling
me hey how is impressing able to find two spots
or somebody also styling for lucha underground talent but not to km not to
Congo Kong not to eat 10-page not to follow BA not to your midcard
no we don’t have nothing for you but we have for somebody else’s talent that
didn’t said well with me and I cannot pretend that I didn’t thought about that
next we got impact tag team title match Eli Drake and Big Poppa Pump a Scott
Steiner defeating the Latin American Xchange LAX and becoming the new
tag-team champ this was a lot of fun Scott Steiner had massive heat in the
impact zone he was having a lot of fun he was able to even hit a Frankensteiner
like flipping the bird this was quite fun obviously la yes lost
because they don’t have any longer cornering with them as their manager
because he didn’t show up on K faith next we got the car crash match of the
night Brian cage defeating title mori Desmond Xavier el hijo del Fantasma d JC
and Trevor Lee do you know what you what you were getting into during this match
this was insane a spot fest with obviously the right man
winning Brian cage next we got the match that did not belong on pay-per-view
this was tire ball curry defeating Kiera Hogan this mash killed the vibe of the
pay-per-view also we saw HR plunger I don’t know her now cannot pronounce that
she is like Sony NXT person that they sign I don’t know much
about her maybe she can win me over by time but I’m not like hi or anything
like that on her I rather be hi for winter who is coming back once again
home to Impact Wrestling next we got the X Division title match the champion Matt
Sidell defeating Petey Williams this match was excellent this match was very
very very clean this was a clinic type of match however because the crowd were
kill during the match before this match had no drawn not amount of heat so
obviously this was a good match but the circumstances did not help that spot
next we got the house of hardcore match Ohio Burns’s everything defeating Tommy
Dreamer moose and Eddie Edwards this was obviously the hardcore match this was
the caffeine shot but the impact zone needed to obviously finish the night did
have a lot of heat during the impact zone when people were alive during this
match so after the match Eddie Edwards went dark he was blinded by hate and he
wanted to destroy sami callihan so he tried him to the ropes and he started to
hitting him with a kendo stick however Eddie Edwards was so blinded by
hate that he forget to take care of his surroundings so therefore his wife
Alicia wanted to stop him but he was so crazy that he’d hit her with a kendo
stick so that is the new way of moving things forward in impaired wrestling now
they are doing a loft type of a store and speaking about love angle we got the
Knockouts title match the champion Ally defeating sujeong
on her pay-per-view debut obviously you knew that proxxon slaughter was gonna be
around the ring trying to do his thing and trying to help out so young but that
was not enough ally was able to win with one of those
like package type of fini after the match
Braxton’s order went in and asked to young to marry him but she declined him
and be him up next we got the main event of the evening the impact were title
match we got Pentagon defeating the champion Austin Aries and Phoenix as a
match in a vacuum this man was really good for the starb type of match there
was a lot of crazy and beautiful looking wrestling maneuvers during this match
but as brand building match these was a mistake a big mistake
pentagons jr. is lucha underground talent is not impressing talent you are
aiming for the redemption of the emperor wrestling name why are you putting the
big belts on somebody else’s talent that was one of their biggest mistake during
the heyday why because Impa wrestling have always lack identity and if you
don’t have it entity you won’t have a crystal clear destiny so if I were to
ask you who was the first TNA champion not during the NWA
but during the tini era you will say any because AJ was the golden boy or you
will say Christopher Daniels or some mojo or game store or Bobby Roode of
course none of those people those were you know the TNA talent that is the
second-class citizen type of deal we put the title first on korangal and I mosh
as I love korangal Crangle was never synonymous with TNA the same way
pentagons jr. is not synonymous with in paris IAM that is something that i have
a big trouble with it on top of that pentagon he is good he is really good
but he can’t talk on the mic he doesn’t speak English why would you want a champ
like this you have people like moose you got people fight like a light ray who
have the identity of impressing why don’t you put them over when you’re
trying to rebuild a brand you are caring too much about somebody else worry about
your own stuff this is something that I have a big trouble in I cannot pretend
to rock that under the rock or something like that put that under the rock I must
be crystal clear with you my audience and you might disagree with me and that
is okay you are allowed to be wrong but Pentagon jr. should not be the impaired
wrestling champion in Pearl wrestling a wrestler from Impa wrestling should be
the champion if you care about your own brand if you care about somebody else’s
brand and you just want to be the salad bar of professional wrestling
then go ahead put the title whatever who walks on the front door of in Paris and
put the title on Jeff because he’s in the crowd every single table put a belt
on him Alissa’s loyal we don’t know how long he’s painted gonna be in emperor
sling he is he just a flavor of the month this is gonna be doing the same
stuff Alberto used to do who didn’t want it to be
there at the end of the day this flower troubling question we need to build a
brand if we don’t have a face and naming a face we don’t have anything at the end
of the day because there should be someone that you associate with
embarrassing who is that is it there is no longer with us he styles no longer
with us who is mr. embarrassing it is move wait
when you put the title on him it is he like Drake why don’t you put
the title you have to put a title on Pentagon there was no other better way
by the way that also lead me to another crazy type of train of thoughts today I
was doing a wrong thing I was reading the dirt sheets right and the dirt
sheets were saying that is P double insider they were saying hey the
original plan for in Paris in residential 2018 was to put the belt on
Alberto a patron but Alberto didn’t show up during the lucha underground versus
in paris new show so that leads me to two questions first of all i built on
proton royally fuck in per se in he if he was booked to be the next champion he
put like a big knife on the back of interesting in each of the fan who
supported him myself included in number two that mod is the water why why am i
talking about did embarrassing put the title on pentagon because of his ability
or did he put they put the title on him because he was maxing it and that murray
up the water because it sounds like that hey we just want some latino to be your
champion so finest the first Latino who’s over give the title to him that is
something that goes against my morals I will never support
that type of deal so that added a lot more cloud into the state to the scenic
part of me it feels like the more we change the more we stay the same back in
the day we had the problem of the impact management not trusting the empowering
tenant and putting over the world wrestling entertainment talent now it
looks like they’re doing the same thing but we lucha on the ground I just don’t
want that I just want the impact talent to be always be at the top of the food
chain because they are the loyal people that
you build take a banner of that draws your talent that is the only thing that
I will ask for the new owners and Booker’s to do this is all I have to say
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next time


Mynor Lopez · April 24, 2018 at 1:45 pm

good show overall love the new background for Impact and crowd was more into it. Taya and Rosemary should have been fighting there or maybe they could have had a womens tag team match oppose to Taya vs. Kiera, there was no story to it other than a womens exhibition match. There is a part when they go to LAX and Santana is talking on the phone the person who called to say that Konnan wasn't going to be there because something happened to him Santana called him King which is Rey in spanish I don't know maybe we soon see a surprise in LAX, but overall I was happy with the show. I thought Fenix would end up as the champ, guess I was wrong. I am anxious to see how this will develop in their tapings this week.

Coolman952 · April 24, 2018 at 5:35 pm

Can't believe Pentagon jr won.

Hugh G Reaction · April 25, 2018 at 12:08 am

Pentagon is the real belt collector he is currently hold 9 different titles.

george brice · April 26, 2018 at 7:23 pm

From what I heard this is not a spoiler but a rumor that rosemary got injured that why you didn't see her

george brice · April 26, 2018 at 7:35 pm

As for taya valkerie vs kiera hogan that matchup was a setup for Tessa Blanchard debut dude I know you not crazy about but check out her indies stuff you will be impress as for kiera hogan I don't think she not bad as lot of people said or at times make her out to be to me she had potential she just started just give her chance she could develop

george brice · April 26, 2018 at 7:49 pm

Bro you good and I have no problem but I got to disagree with you big time I think impact did got their redemption and I think pentagon a very good pick he has that star quality and that mystique I admit I was surprise that they let him win it I thought Aries still champ but to me impact this is the best direction that they have been in a long time look at the talent that they have in the locker room despite them losing bobby lashley and ec3 who were kind on their way out as for Alberto el patron and Tyrus one was a p.I.a. that mean pain in the ass and Tyrus he was worthless nothing less but to me d'amore and callis are doing the best job that any management was doing I liking what these guys are doing and as far as the whole put on your homegrown talent here my response talent is talent folks fuck all that b.s. just give it some time right now they really truly starting to stir the ship so people enjoy the ride while it lasted stop bitching and complaining

george brice · April 26, 2018 at 7:53 pm

Oh and another thing people were bitching and complaining when Aries won the belt on YouTube saying oh why they gave to a wwe guy when mfs forgot Aries was in impact for long time oh well damn if you do and damn if you don't

Antonio Chasten Lost Son of Krypton · April 27, 2018 at 5:24 pm

Good review of the show. I have to disagree with you about the LU talent being pushed. Aerostar/Drago was last minute. IMPACT has a strong working agreement with AAA which owns LU. The IMPACT/LU show from New Orleans was well received from the fans. That match was supposed to have been Pentagon Jr vs Fenix but because Alberto El Patron no showed the WrestleCon main event, he screwed the company and their main event for Redemption. On the fly, management decided to replace that match with Aero and Drago. Putting the belt on Penta was mainly for buzz. The guy has a cool look and is over like a mofo. You know when Stone Cold Steve Ausitn is a fan, you're over. He also happens to be one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet right now. It was a smart move in my opinion. It got people talking and more wrestling fans who didn't particarly watch the show anymore or ever….saying that they were gonna check the show out on Thursday. So those fans that didn't see the PPV hearing that is was good on top of Penta being crowned new World Champ created buzz and interest in the product and now that decision has people wanting to check it out. Seems like it was a success to me.

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