How To Remove A THIRD PARTY! | Manifest Removing Competition (Specific Person)

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How To Remove A THIRD PARTY! | Manifest Removing Competition (Specific Person)

Is your specific person dating someone else? Has your ex found a new girlfriend or boyfriend? Is there a third party that you’d like to
remove? Then this video is for you, because today
I’m going to share with you exactly how to remove a third party in the fastest, most
effective way possible! What’s up superheroes! Welcome back to my channel, the place where
we make the impossible possible! I’m Scarlet Grace from I’m a manifestation coach and today’s
video is all about third parties and removing competition! If you’re new here and you want to learn
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below. Today’s video is one of the most requested
videos of all time. It’s about third parties, and competition
and how to get rid of that so that you can manifest your specific person and have them
all to yourself! I’ve been asked about this a thousand times,
in emails, in DMs, in coaching sessions and in my facebook group and I’ve never made
a video to address it until now. So today I wanted to spend some time talking
about the ways third parties and competition are manifested in your reality in the first
place, and how and why you find yourself struggling to remove them, and finally, how to actually
get rid of them for good. So the first thing you need to remember if
you’re dealing with a third party situation or competition of any kind is that you manifested
this. There is no competition, ever, because every
person in your reality is you pushed out. If there’s a third party then this third
party is you pushed out. You are competing with yourself. You are comparing yourself to yourself. Competition itself is just an illusion. It doesn’t really exist. The fastest, most reliable, most permanent
way to remove a third party is to withdraw all your attention from the third party. As long as you focus on them, as long as you
keep imagining them and thinking about them, and worrying about them you are planting them more firmly into your
physical reality. The most reliable way to remove anything from
your reality, including competition in any area of your life and third parties, is to
remove all your attention from them. Stop thinking about them. Stop talking about them. Stop seeing them in your imagination. Just remove any and all attention you paid
to them completely, as if they were never there in the first place. Pretend they never even existed in your life. All things in your physical reality are created
and sustained by your attention and your imagination, and nothing can remain in your reality if
you stop feeding it with your attention and nourishing it with your imagination. If you completely remove all attention from
something or someone they will have no choice but to be gone from your reality. So stop thinking about the third party completely. If you ever catch yourself thinking about
them or if you say anything about them to your friends, don’t call them a third party. Don’t. Just don’t. That will just plant them more firmly in your
reality as a third party. If you have to talk about them or think about
them then call them your specific person’s ex. Like “oh, they dated that person, I don’t
even remember their name, for like…3 days? And that was ages ago. She’s gone now. She found someone else and moved away”. And then go back to completely ignoring that
this person has ever existed in your reality and in your specific person’s life. I repeat that in every video, but to manifest
something you need to focus on the end result you want, and only on that end result. Ignore anything that’s in the middle. And by middle, I mean anything between where
you are right now and having your full desire 100% manifested. If you want to be with this specific person,
then the end result is you two being happily together. Anything that happens before this point is
the middle. The middle is not your responsibility. The series of events that happens in the middle,
the bridge of incidents that will lead to the manifestation of your desire is not your
concern and it’s not your responsibility. You don’t have to figure out the middle. If there’s a third party that needs to be
removed so that you and your specific person can be together then that is the middle. You don’t have to do anything about the
middle. You don’t have to figure out a way to remove
them from your specific person’s life. If you focus on the end, and only the end,
and remain true to that vision of the end, of you two being happily together, everything
that is in the middle including the third party will be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if there’s one third
party or 20 third parties that are in your way, if you focus on the end result you want
and live from that end then everything and everyone in your reality, including the 20
third parties will -without even realizing it- play the part assigned to them and do
what needs to make your desire happen. I’m going to repeat that so that you fully
get it, because it’s important: If you focus on the end result you want and
only that, and ignore any stuff or people that are not part of that end result you want,
then not only you don’t have to do anything to remove the third party yourself, but the
third party will say and do exactly what needs to be said and done for your desire to manifest! They will actually help your desire to manifest
and they won’t even know they’re doing it! That’s because they are you pushed out. You don’t need to fight them off. All you need to do is to stop focusing on
them completely and to fully focus on the end result you want instead. Now I know that in some cases, you may have
particularly vivid images in your mind of your specific person being with this third
party. For example maybe you went to a party and
your specific person was there with the third party and you saw them kissing passionately,
and the image is burned into your mind and you can’t help it, you keep replaying it
over and over and it turns you into an emotional mess every time. If you’re dealing with that kind of traumatic
memory and you find yourself struggling to completely ignore the third party because
of that then here’s what to do. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make this
into a daily practice because this would just mean you’re focusing on the third party. Which is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing! Do this just once for each traumatic memory
of that nature, so that it stops replaying in your head and so that you can more easily
start to completely ignore the third party as if they’ve never been there at all. Here’s what you can do. And this is an NLP practice, by the way: Bring that traumatic scene to mind vividly. For example, let’s say it’s a scene of
your specific person and the third party kissing. Bring this scene to mind very vividly. Now imagine that you have a remote control
and you can press pause to freeze the scene. After you press pause, in your imagination,
use your hand to push the scene in front of you. What I mean is go from this scene occupying
your whole mind to seeing it in front of you. Just imagine pushing it forward and it becomes
a scene playing on a TV set. Now I want you to focus on the third party
in this paused movie on the TV in front of you, and I want you to see it lose all color slowly. I mean the whole of them, including their
hair and clothes. Like applying a filter to a photograph, see
them gradually turn from full color to black and white. Then, imagine that they start moving further
and further away from your specific person and as they are moving away, they start to
become more and more transparent too. Do that slowly, until they are so far away
and so transparent that you can’t see them at all anymore. When they are gone, then step through the
TV screen into the scene. As you step into the scene it unfreezes. Now you are in the scene with your specific
person, and they are kissing you instead at that party. Do this with every specific memory you may
have that haunts you, and only with those memories. I repeat, don’t turn this into a daily practice,
or you will be focusing on the third party, which is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. This practice is to remove the emotional impact
that seeing them together had on you, so you can start ignoring the third party effortlessly. And if one specific memory happens to have an auditory part that is particularly triggering, like for example in the scene where your specific person kissed the third party before kissing them maybe he said “I love you” then you can remove those words before you edit the visual part. For example you play the scene and you hear him say I love you and then you imagine that the volume is turned down so that you can barely hear it, and then you turn it down even more and even more until it disappears completely And then you proceed to make the third party black and white and see them moving further away and becoming transparent, ok? Now if you’re dealing with a third party
situation and especially if this kind of situation is common for you, if you’ve had to deal
with third parties before, if you have to fight other women or other men off your specific
person all the time then that is an indication of a scarcity mindset. That means that somewhere in your brain you
have beliefs that are manifesting competition and struggle and third parties in your life. So ask yourself, what do I believe that makes
this third party thing a reality for me over and over? Ask yourself, what makes this specific person
appear so incredibly precious and perfect to me and so unattainable? What do you believe that is manifesting this? And make sure to do this process before you
do the NLP exercise I just described a minute ago, where you freeze the scene and make the third
party transparent, because when you have memories and pictures in your mind about a situation
that is bringing you pain and emotional turmoil that’s actually a good thing because it
helps you figure out EXACTLY what it is you believe that is manifesting that kind of thing
in your reality. That emotional turmoil is helpful, because
when you bring to mind that scene of them kissing at that party for example, you get
really upset and then you start thinking all the stuff that’s the limiting thoughts we
are looking to identify here. Stuff like I’m not good enough, I always
fall in love with people who don’t love me back, he’s too good for me, she’s so
much hotter than me, she’s so much more successful than me, I’m boring, I’m a
failure, I don’t know how to keep a man, I’m not enough for him and stuff like that. So pick a nice horrible memory or scene or
scenario that you’ve been tomerting yourself with and see what kinds of thoughts come up. And write them all down so you can flip them
into something empowering and use that as an affirmation until it gets planted
into your subconscious fully. I’m good enough. I’m more than good enough, I’m absolutely
awesome! He feels so lucky that someone like me is
interested in him. I’m successful. I’m such an interesting person. I always get what I want. Men fall deeply in love with me and only want
me. He only has eyes for me. He can’t stop thinking about me. I’m the most incredible woman he has ever
met. He feels blessed to call himself my boyfriend. Now something else you can do is ask yourself
if you tend to think in a specific way when it comes to this specific person or in relationships
in general. For example are you generally jealous or insecure
when it comes to your specific person? Do you constantly worry that they’re gonna
leave you or cheat on you or find someone else? If this is how you usually think and especially
if this isn’t about this specific person only but any specific person you ever wanted, then
this points to something in your past that is creating this insecurity and this fear
of competition and of being abandoned. So ask yourself, when did this first start
being an issue in my life? And again, a negative memory helps trigger
this, because when we are confronted with something we have been dreading then our brain
starts thinking about all the reasons we just knew things would go horribly wrong like this. When something bad happens, our brain helpfully
reminds us of all the previous times the same thing happened, and all the times we suffered in exactly the same way. Which is hell to go through, but incredibly
helpful when looking for the root cause of a limiting belief of behavior. So you can use a negative memory you haven’t
dealt with yet to trigger your brain into starting this series of negative thoughts
and memories, so you can identify them and remove them. For example, maybe the reason you have always
been insecure and afraid that your specific person is going to leave you and find someone
else is because when you were 5 your dad left you and your mom because he met another woman and you haven’t seen him since. So you’ve internalized this and you’ve
spent your life constantly worried that this kind of thing will happen to you the same way it happened to your mom. Or maybe someone cheated on you years ago
and ever since then you cannot fully trust anyone because you are expecting to be betrayed
like that again at any moment. What you can do is when you have identified
what the event was that started this kind of insecurity or negative thinking or negative
expectation, you can take that event and use the revision technique to revise it and turn
it into a positive experience instead. I have a video that explains exactly how to
use the revision technique and I’m gonna link it in the description, but essentially what you do is you decide what you would have
liked to have happened back then, and you create a new scene, a new version of that
event that is your desired version. And then you play it over and over in your
mind for as long as you need until the new version of that event feels like the real
version, what really happened, instead of the original version. For example let’s say that when you were
in college you went to your dormroom one night and caught your boyfriend making out with
your roommate. And ever since then you cannot trust any boyfriend
or specific person around other women and around your own friends because you are contantly
afraid that this kind of thing will happen again. Now what would another version of that event
be? What would your preferred version of that
event be? Maybe you entered the room and in this version,
only your boyfriend was there and he was waiting for you with tickets to a sold-out concert
of your favorite band that he secretly got for the two of you and he spent 2 months working to find the money or those tickets. Just to surprise you for your birthday or something. So take this scene and replay it in your mind
over and over, until you get to a point where if someone asks you “what happened that
night back in college?” the new version with the concert tickets pops into your mind
right away instead of the version where he was making out with your roommate. So if you want to remove a third party then
find what limiting beliefs and what memories you have that are manifesting them in the
first place and change them, and then completely and utterly ignore the third party’s existence. Don’t think about them, don’t talk about
them and don’t even call them a third party. Pretend that they are already gone. Pretend that they’ve been gone for such
a long time that you genuinely have forgotten they ever existed. And by the way, everything I’ve talked about
in this video you can use for any type of competition. It’s not just for third parties. So maybe you have a competitor at work, or
anywhere else. The exact same principles apply. Don’t try to push them out of the picture. Stop focusing on them. Withdraw all your attention from them, focus on the end result you want and
they will disappear from your reality. Now if you liked this video then give it a
thumbs up, share it so other people can watch it too and if you haven’t already then
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