How To Play “Faded” by Alan Walker | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

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Hello-hello HD piano students welcome to this lesson faded by Alan Walker. My name is Dan I’m going to teach you part one in this video sounds like this three All right, so that’s part one the rest of the sections [2/3] and the whole song [run-through] those are all at So I’ll direct you there when we’re finished if you’re not already there, and then as usual [I’d] like to ask you all a question before I break this down [Allen] Walker I read grew up in norway, so my question is simple How many of you guys have been to norway or would like to travel through norway comment below? Okay, so this intro It’s kind of two distinct sections you have this intro which is almost like a lullaby Type thing and then we have the more traditional vocal accompaniment after that so we’ll start with this intro bit here in part one and That will look specifically at the left hand which is an e flat minor chord? All right, we have e flat g flat b flat and what we’re doing with this chord is we’re arpeggiating bottom top middle top Just like that see if you can play this Then I’ll add some to sustain pedal to blend the notes Get comfortable with that motion in your left hand That’s what makes up the whole intro left hand wise okay, so we have this e flat minor chord Then we jump to a b chord Same Pattern the left hand Let b. D sharpen and f sharp All right, the third chord is an f sharp major. We have f sharp C Sharp, and then a sharp in that order We end on this d flat d flat f a flat and in that order? So let’s see if we can just play these left hand chords make these transitions Before adding the right hand real slowly first [two] and ready and watch and play to the beak or to the [F-Sharp] core The [D-Flat] corn Repeat all that little bit faster Let’s pick up the speed again and one more level Right that last tempo is about where we [need] to be to add the right hand So the melody in this intro is f sharp f sharp [after] [a] sharp D sharp so we’re outlining? kind of an [E-flat] minor chord, so We finish it out Let’s put the hands together see if you can do this with me start slowly three four let’s do that again same thing little faster two three and four and And then that recorded tempo which is 90 BPM [one-and] [two-and] same [closed] the vocals Kickin So let’s look at the other half of this part one where the the lyrics the vocals kick in We start on this d flat minor chord e flats [on] the left g flat b. Flat e flat in the right? play it three times And on the fourth time we drop the top note one Black Key That takes us [to] this beak or f sharp B D sharp [in] the right bees in the left same thing here [one] [two]? [three] and [on] the fourth time drop that top black key down one Next chord is f sharp f sharp to the left f sharp a sharp C sharp on the right one two three four that, one’s straight away, and then we end on this d flat chord D flats on the left a flat d flat f in the right and we do play three and then drop that top node one two three four and [alright], we’ll talk a little more about the rhythm here in a second and that whole thing repeats that that whole chord structure repeat The only Rhythmic I guess thing you should be aware of is whoever played piano on this does kind of an anticipating transitional note every other chord it seems, so On here comes watch the left hand Okay, it seems to be every other you This time we don’t do it on this one. [we] do it on the after do for That’s what I hear in the recording and you’ll probably hear it, too Not a terribly important thing if you wanted to just lay if we as we call them in music [football’s] just whole notes In the left hand you can totally do [that] It’ll sound great either way all right So let’s see if we can play the vocal part not actual the vocal part but the accompaniment beneath the vocal close to studio Tempo which is right here 1 2 where the vocal comes in [to] to do [to] – [-] That takes us to part two Unfaded by Alan Walker my name is Dan and you’re learning with me at HD piano Hd piano comm is where I’ll finish this lesson parts [two] three and the whole song playthrough well We’re together and talking I would like to connect [with] you guys on Social Media on Twitter [I’d] like to see your requests using the hashtag HD requests send us at HD Piano send us your ideas. We’d love to hear what you want to learn on [Instagram] Send us your best 15 30 seconds of performance, okay? we will repost for all our followers to see and Maybe you can even include like your iPad or your computer screen with the hD piano notes falling that would be an incredible testimonial for other future learners to see and Then of course on [Facebook] a thumbs up alike and on YouTube the subscribe button now we love staying [in] touch with you guys feel free [to] reach out about anything and Let’s continue this lesson. I’m faded. [I’m] dan hd piano calm the home of the hybrid piano lesson. I’ll see you for the next one

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