Guess What’s Melting In Reverse (GAME)

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Guess What’s Melting In Reverse (GAME)

– We’re melting some weird stuff. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good Mythical More… – Today we’re gonna watch things un-melt I.e. melt in reverse. It’s gonna make your face melt. – But, first we want to let
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thought I’d check this class out to get more on her level. And you know what– – [Link] A higher level. – Emily has really helped me
discover my personal style. – Which is? – Lumberjack frou-frou. – Okay, Skillshare is also
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to pricey in-person classes and workshops, an annual
subscription is less than 10 bucks a month. Click the link in the description to get two free months
of premium membership and explore your creativity. – But today we’re gonna be
exploring something else, melting things.
– Yes. – And the only thing more satisfying than watching things melt, is watching things melt in reverse. It’s time for (reversed speaking) Prop Master Luca, has melted
a bunch of random things and he recorded it using time lapse, and now we’re gonna watch
the clips in reverse to see who’s better at
identifying what’s being melted. – we’re gonna have 10 seconds to buzz in and guess what melted,
if we guess correctly, we get how many points
are left on the timer but, if we guess wrong the other person gets a chance to guess and
then the winner in the end gets to reverse karate chop the loser, seriously?
– Oh, that’s gonna be great. – Okay. – All right, are you ready? – No, I don’t have my buzzer. – Well, pick up your buzzer. – Okay. – Are you ready? Let’s see the first clip.
– I’m ready. – [Link] What the heck, it’s
a lot of paint involved, What is that? What is that? (beep noise) – [Girl] Link. – It’s a bunch of crayons. It’s a vertical assortment of crayons. – I think that’s right. – [Girl] Correct – Let’s watch it. I got four points. (soft upbeat music) Oh yeah, that’s nice, look at that. All right – Okay, all right no– – Pressure’s on. – Early lead huh, let’s
see that next clip. – [Rhett] Oh, somthin’ burnin’. – Two torches? (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – Oh, you already think
you know what it is? – Marshmallows. – [Girl] Incorrect. (Rhett Laughing) (incorrect buzzer – [Link] Is it some sort of… (beep noise) – [Girl] Link – Okay, it’s a stuffed teddy bear. – [Girl] Correct! – Dang it! – So, all right, I got
three points for that. – [Rhett] Are you sure there’s not marshmallows inside of it? – [Girl] You’re doing real well already. – It’s so sad, I don’t want
to watch that one again. – Did that teddy bear have a name? – Robbie. – [Girl] Yeah, oh you get more
points his name was Robbie. – Don’t give him any more points. – [Girl] Do you want to watch it again? – I’m already in a big hole. – No, I remember last
time we did this like, I got real frustrated. – like this is, coz what
was is happening to me was happening to you the
last that we played this. (Rhett laughing) – Are you getting frustrated? – Yeah, very frustrated. – Are you gonna be opinionated about how to reverse karate chop? – No comment about that. – I think that’s because
was that the same episode? – Well, listen – [Girl] Oh heck yeah! – Whether I win… – See what’s what did it. – Whether I win or lose, it’s looking like I’m gonna lose. I’m gonna be a silent rag
doll and be manipulated like I’m a puppet because I refuse to be a part of a collaborative process of creating a slow-mo
moment with this man. – [Girl] That is the
worst teaser of all time. – So if you wanna see me be a puppet and be silent, immediately I’m gonna
look like a dead fish when it’s happening. – [Girl] That is not true. – You wanna stick forward with that? You can still win don’t have such a negative attitude. – No, no, if I win I will
let you manipulate me. I refuse to collaborate – You’re seething right now come on let’s just be happy. – [Girl] You ready for the next one? – Yeah. – [Girl] Here it is, – [Link] Okay, another burning situation. Well, they’re all melting
I don’t know why I keep saying a burning situation, what the heck? (beep noise) – Oh, did you beat me? – [Girl] Rhett – I think it’s a Stretch Armstrong. – [Girl] Oh boy, it is! – Oh dang, I don’t know
what I was gonna guess but it wasn’t gonna be that. – [Rhett] Look at that! – [Link] Look at that. – [Rhett] Whoa whoa whoa! – [Link] Now, is Lucas breathing in all these Stretch Armstrong fumes? – I hope he is. – Is that why he’s not
here right now because… – [Girl] Link, more points for you. Lucas is breathing in the fumes. (Rhett laughing) – Stevie! – Yes! (Link laughing) – [Girl] No, Rhett just got three points. So, you’re in the game! There might be a chance
that you’re not going to be a limp fish. – Okay. – [Girl] You ready? – Yeah. – [Girl] Here you go. – [Link] Okay. (beep noise) – [Girl] Link. – Um, this is an ice sculpture. – [Girl] Incorrect. (incorrect buzzer) – [Link] Get your points
man, get your points, get your points. (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett. – It’s a bottle of water. – [Girl] Incorrect. (incorrect Buzzer) – Now, we can both go again. (beep noise) – Oh – [Girl] Rhett – Seriously? I didn’t even know it was going. Now, we can both go again, BAM! – It’s an ice cube. – [Girl] Incorrect (incorrect buzzer) (beep noise) – [Girl] Link – It’s it’s a it’s a bottle of water, that’s plastic, that’s been frozen. (incorrect buzzer) – [Girl] No. – [Link] What the heck is this, what is that? (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – It is like a, it’s a ball. – [Girl] My god! (Rhett laughing) – It’s a water balloon! (incorrect buzzer) – [Girl] No, guys! – Its a crystal ball! – [Girl] Now, you are
literately looking at it. (Link laughing) – I don’t know what that is. – [Girl] Guys you don’t remember this from Craig’s beautiful winter wonderland cage? – [Link] Oh, it’s a snow globe! – [Girl] Yeah, but no
zero points for that. (incorrect buzzer) – Oh, no, but there’s nothing… – There’s a snake in there! – [Girl] Yeah, our snake! – [Link] Well, a picture
of the snake, right? – [Girl] Well, yes. Yes. – [Link] Okay, good. – [Girl] Okay, are you guys
ready for the next one? – I still can’t, I mean that
still looks like a ice ball. – I know what it is now
that you’ve told me but, only barely. – Its the reflections. – [Girl] Okay, here we go and go! (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – It’s a can drink. Do I have to say exactly what it is? – [Girl] You’re already wrong. (incorrect buzzer) – Okay, it’s, (beep noise) – [Girl] Think. – It’s a, it’s a, it’s
a, a can of biscuits. – [Girl] Okay, guys I’m gonna
need you to really concentrate – I’m concentrating! – [Girl] Cause you guys are giving me a lot of wrong answers. Your both wrong. (Link laughing) – I’m sure it was a can of biscuits. – [Girl] It’s anybody’s game here we go. (beep noise) – [Girl] Link – It’s it’s a spray can. Spray paint can. (girl off camera sighing) (incorrect buzzer) – [Girl] No. – You’re so disappointed in us. This is hard girl. – [Rhett] Oh! (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – Pringles! – [Girl] You got it! (correct ding) – I thought it, you know
how a can of biscuits, it has that like spiral
thing, like you pop it open? – [Rhett] You mean, like crescents? Like a Pillsbury… – [Link] Yeah! – [Rhett] Crescent rolls. – [Link] Yeah, like crescent rolls or like cinnamon rolls and biscuits
come like that. Don’t they? – And biscuits? – [Girl] Yeah, but see
when I’m hard on you and, then you get it right
you get more excited, that you got it right. So, that’s why I’m doing it you know. But guess what… – That’s how I was raised. – [Girl] Yeah. – There’s a real positive vibe today. – [Girl] You’re tied, you’re tied now! That’s also exciting! – I was raised in a
performance-oriented household. (girl laughing) – [Girl] Okay, here you
go. Here’s the next one. – I was a latch-key kid. (Rhett laughing) – [Link] Oh gosh, this is kind of flat. (beep noise) – Oh, you don’t know. – I think it’s a flip-flop. – [Girl] Oh, No! (incorrect buzzer) – Oh, gosh! – [Link] What the heck? Oh! (beep noise) – [Girl] Link – Oh! One point! (Rhett laughing) – Oh, shoot, what’s a croc? – [Girl] Yep! (correct ding) – Hey, flip-flop was a pretty
good guess early on though. – [Girl] You actually don’t
have to answer with: “what is”. That’s the wrong show. (Link laughing) – Did you say, “what is”? – I said, “what is a
Croc”, cuz I was like… – “What is a Croc y’all”? – I almost said, “a caboodle”. – [Girl] Okay, here’s the next one. – [Link] Ooo, that’s slimy. What? What is that? (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – Kazoo. – [Girl] Correct! (correct ding) – Oh, dang son! (Rhett laughing) – [Link] You had three
points for that kazoo. – [Rhett] Once I saw the Kazoo hole… – You know your holes. Okay! (Rhett clearing throat) – [Girl] Here we go. Go! – [Link] Oh man, that one got real hot. What is that on top? (beep noise) – Aw aw! – [Girl] Rhett – Jawbreaker. – [Girl] Correct! (correct ding) – Dang! How… (Rhett laughing) – How did you know that? – Because of the concentric
circles in the middle, man. – Lets keep playing. I didn’t know a Jawbreaker had
concentric circles like that. – [Rhett] Have you ever sucked on one? – [Link] No, cuz I don’t
want to break my jaw. You know it works so hard already. – Well, the tables have
really turned Link. – Man, your attitude seems
to have gotten a lot better. (Rhett laughing) – I just wanted to be competitive. – [Girl] There’s still a
chance. There’s still a chance. – I’m still happy cause
I’ve learned things. – [Girl] Okay. – Hey let’s… – [Girl] Two more. There’s still a chance. – You can easily come
back from seven down. – [Girl] Here we go. – [Link] Oh, that’s real black. (beep noise) – Oh! – [Girl] Rhett – Puppet slash baby doll. – [Girl] Incorrect. – You can’t give two answers. (incorrect buzzer) – Puppet slash baby doll? Those are two separate answers. Choose one. – [Girl] Incorrect, both. (beep noise) – [Girl] Link – Okay, this is, this is, a Barbie doll. – [Girl] Correct! (correct ding) – All right, and who is it? Let’s find out. She have a microphone? She’s singing. This Shania Twain Barbie? – [Girl] Its reporter Barbie. – Oh! – Reporter barbie! – There should be a Shania Twain Barbie. – Hey, look, you’re only
four down, I mean… – [Girl] This is the last one. – I’m gonna win! – You just got however many points. – All comes down to this. – [Girl] I don’t want to make
you guys self-conscious but, but your concentration
and faces are getting more and more intense as this thing goes on. – We’re very focused. – [Girl] Yeah. – My mouth kind of gaped open? – [Girl] Your eyes like,
you’re you look, yeah! I mean it’s a good look. Smoldery looks. Okay here we go! – Trying to put us in a good mood. – [Girl] We’re gonna
play this last one, now! – [Link] Oh, gosh what is that? (beep noise) – [Girl] Rhett – It’s a can drink. – [Girl] Be more specific. – Yeah Rhett be more specific. – Red bull. – [Girl] Oh, no. (incorrect buzzer) – Before you play it,
let’s see it’s 15 to 11, that means I’m down by 4. So, I’ve got a to get 5 points. So, no matter what happens I gotta formulate a guess at the 5. what were we at? – And now, you know that its can drink and I’ve guessed it wrong,
which kind of cheap. – We’re at 6. Okay, so I got to do a pretty quick buzz in here okay? – [Girl] Here we go! (beep noise) – [Girl] Link? A lot’s
on the line here for you. – Is it a sprite? – [Girl] It’s a sprite! (correct ding) (happy cheering) – Yes, yes I’ve found the Sprite! My special can! – [Rhett] I was about to say
it’s definitely a Sprite. Hopefully he doesn’t think about. – [Link] Yeah, yeah I think that’s… – The blue top, you know,
the top turned blue. That’s not Red bull anyway. – All right, so, I get to
reverse karate chop you. Here’s what I want to do. I want it, I want to
forward karate chop you, and see what you what you would do, and then why don’t we
just do it backwards. It’s pretty simple. I don’t, if I, come on if I were to… All right, you’re already dead? So I’m gonna karate chop you, and then you’re gonna go into being dead. So you’re gonna, let’s say you start here and you’re looking natural. You’re looking natural,
looking natural, okay? And then I’m gonna karate chop you. BAM! right here and then
you’re just your head is just gonna crumple and then your eyes are gonna… open it up. Your eyes are gonna close? And then they got, your
eyes are gonna close and then they’re gonna
open and then you’re gonna go further this way and you’re gonna you’re gonna go down like that and then my hand would
be back here, maybe. Yeah, so now let’s reverse that. 3, 2, 1. Come on, come on! This is a power play. It’s frustrating me. Alright, so I’m gonna start here and then you’re gonna come back up your heads gonna be that
way and then we’re gonna go like this and then your eyes are gonna close and then your eyes are gonna open as my hand comes back. That felt good! Thanks for subscribing
and clicking that bell. you know what time it is. – I’m Bethany. – I’m Katie and we’re
cruising Glacier Bay Alaska. – And it’s time to spin – [Both] The wheel of mythicality. – Is that green screen? – It looks like they’re outdoors but it sounds like they’re indoors. – That’s why I’m confused. I believe you were there. Click the top link to watch us guess a bunch of backwards phrases in good mythical more. – And if I know whatever the
mythicality is gonna land. – [Rhett] Up your pin game
with our mythical enamel pins. Available now at


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