GIMME THAT CHICKEN DINNER | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds #9 w/ Felix

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GIMME THAT CHICKEN DINNER | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds #9 w/ Felix

Felix: Chicken dinner or nothing, okay? Jack: Chicken dinner or Death! Felix: Thats right. Jack: They changed all the map now, it says like School and Ruins and Prison. Felix: I know! and the names are wrong! Jack: So fucking weird. why don’t they have *both weirdly say* WATER VILLAGE Felix: WATER VILLAGE, all caps Jack: Taking up half the map Jack: Taking up half the map Felix: There’s an L shaped building that’s what we’re going for okay? Jack: okay, the far one on the corner? Felix: The one I marked. Yes, the far one on the corner. Jack: Hell yeh! Felix: Hell yeh man. Jack: Do we got company? Felix: no, nobody came, i’ll explain anything that happens. We have 1 team, yeah. Jack: Ok. Jack: Oh shit. They’re on the ground already. Fack. Felix: Really? Jack: Yeah, he’s going into that building. Jack: You get ’em? Felix: Yeah, but I don’t know where his friend is. Felix: Get the AK in the bedroom? Jack: yeah, yeah, I got it. Felix: All right, come down then. Jack: Time to Full-Auto this bitch. Felix: Oh there are two of them. Oh no. Jack: Come the… Pewds: Jack! Jack: …fuck on! Felix: What were you doing? Jack: Shooting ’em! He had like blood going everywhere! Felix: What weapon did you get? Jack: Full-auto AK. Felix: Oh, okay then. You’re… I apologize. Jack: Sweet mama Llama! I was like in his face with the gun up his ass! Felix: Did you shift? Jack: No. Jack (softly): Maybe- Maybe I should’ve shifted. Felix: Te ha ha ha Jack: Apo- Apo- Apologies, ehm. Felix (laughing): Did you hipfire? Jack: Well. Yeah, if I was fucking not hipfiring. I wouldn’t have gotten him. He would have been. Felix: Never- WHAT have we talked about this two minutes ago, and what do you do? Jack: Well I didn’t know there were two of them until I was in the fucking room. Felix: I said it was two of them! Jack: When I was in the room! Felix: All right, let’s go on this side, and then work our way up north. Jack: Okay. Here we go. Oh god, there’s so many people here. Felix: Is there really? I haven’t looked yet. Jack: Yeah, there’s like Two teams right next to us, and then there’s a couple over the other side. Felix: Fuck ’em up fam. Jack: Dude, I got this! Didn’t you see last round? Amazing. World class gameplay. Felix: There’s a shotgun on the other side, but I don’t think I can make it, fuck. Jack: There’s no guns in here. Ooh M16. Felix: Uhh, check those warehouses behind you, they usually have guns in there. Jack: Nope, just thre- three pairs of pants on the ground. Felix (laughing): Amazing. Jack: Ehm.. We also have a very long distance to go for the circle. Felix: Do we? Jack: Yep. Felix: Hey Jack, close your eyes bitch. Jack: Ha, can’t fool me. I’m right next to ya. Felix: Tsh ha ha. Jack: You know, you can’t fool me bitch. Felix: Can’t fool me from nothing man and just walking in the ocean.. Jack:Yehehhehyea just brrlbrlblrlblrlrlb! Felix: Get in, boy! Jack: I’m in mannn! Felix: Where would you like to go to this fine evening for some whale watching perhaps? Maybe we got some storks over here in the distance. Jack: Go over there (Sings): Cause baby you’re a fiiiirework! Jack: I like this journey. Felix: (sings indiscernibly) Shut the fuck up, Jaaaacksepticeye. Jack: heheh, yeah, good call. Jack: Oh god, the fucking thing is right behind us. Jack: Eeh. Eeeh it hurts! Felix: How are you this slow? What were you doing? Jack: I stopped in a place to try and loot. Felix: Get innn. Jack: God get in here you fuckin. Felix: You Irish bastard, Jack: I’m focking in will you just drive? Felix: Oh it just glitched out for me. I don’t hear anything. Jack: Yeah same. That’s good. We can hear everybody else We have super sanic speed yes. I hope they don’t hear us we should be the sneak car just beep right when you’re near them This one doesn’t beep Unfortunately the buggy has no beeping function. I know. Aw be so cool. If you sneak up behind people then you just go BEEEERP Jack (radio) shots to the east Felix: Mission failed, please do it, do it. Jack: Mission failed. We get him next time That’s not legit. That did something Give me give me an impression to say. Batman Wait, I could do a Batman (BatJack): Where the other drugs going. Felix: Jesus Christ Why, oh we’re out of gas. It’s like why are we not moving fuck yeah to our southwest and to our south Mother F- Ow Stop hitting me! (Gets Shot) Jesus come on really? Are they on the mountain? Geez they’re hitting like all their fucking shots no, they’re to the Southwest I think Ow! Jesus Fuck. Oh. He got me. Oh he got you. Oh, okay, Jesus Water? Yeah I was just gonna say. WATUH Villageee the- Do the voice (Distorted Jack) WATER VILLAGE hahahaha It’s like the new gimmick Yeah, I don’t know anything about gimmicks. Yeah, Mr. Soundboard. I don’t dabble into that shit. I just like to be funny by myself. Your videos just non-stop all you hear is AHHHH uhhhfucking tree I’m going into the building. METEORSTRIKE. Oh, God. There’s a guy right next to me Stupid water! He’s in the building. Oh my God. They’re fucking burst-fire. Got him got him Nice. Oh! there’s a guy here Oh there’s two of them fuck there’s a guy in the container as well. (Felix interrupts) Stay hidden. Jack: Come on, one’s down Nice, dude. Just saved my fuckin ass Felix: WOO! Jack: I’m so close to Dead I Was just contemplating. I’m like where the, where’s everyone Jack: Oh thank God first aid. Felix: Well done Jackie boy. Thank you, my dude. Hi, fam. I need to stop saying fam No Just embrace it as soon as you start, there’s no way to end. Yeah, it was the same with suh dude. I just I just said it so much, and then it became unironic DEH BEH Hehhhehuh Felix: *Strange Singing* I really wish more people were dead Hahaha, alright first. Let’s make a battle plan. Game plan, isn’t it um You say that just naturally now as well, because you’ve been in britain for so long What do you mean what? I say, I don’t even realize. Innit. Innit. Oh yeah imagine is too obvious innit Okay, if we head to the fucking mansion. I think people might know. Felix: INNIT. OOHH HELLO LITTLE BOYS Jack: HELLOOOoo! Felix: WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY HELLO LITTLE BOYS Fuck. Did you get him? How do I miss. He fucking knocked me! Are you fuckin serious Felix. It’s OK I got you (repeat) You better take them out I’m not seeing them dead. There’s no one’s dead yet. Whereshisfriendwhereshisfriend right next to him should be Oh God, there’s guys up to the East. Crawl to me Jack there’s guys up- CRAWL TO ME JACK. There’s guys in the water tower I’m going to get picked Felix. Go on without me Why did you have to fucking die? UM well somebody wasn’t ziggin when they should have zagged okay? oh What are you doing? Haha, okay, but I’m dying at an alarming rate. I’m comin Just don’t get hit by the car Hahaha that would be so fuckin funny, okay, they’re up at the water tower up to the east See that big giant tower where your yellow marker is right on that. Oh oh I see I see. There at the bottom of that. I see them. I they’re walking and shit, but they got hit by another team. Thank you Mother of God you you heal up really quick. I’ll loot these guys real quick, and then we get the fuck out He’s gonna. Leave me here out in the open Yes, yes, I am Beep beep *car honks* Beep beep mo’fucka! *gets honked back at* They’re honking back at us That’s cute. That’s super cute! Network lag detected Noo *crash* Disappointedd. Player unknowns battlegrounds everybody um six million Copies sold in 12 hours We can do it everyone’s going to go to the hospital like idiots and we’re just going to shoot a bang bang. Are you ready? There’s guys to your light coming down where you are. Oh, there’s two teams right where we are. mmkay We’ll work our way at the opposite direction like the pussy boys we are :^) Not pussy it’s called tactics and strats Thank you. I’m waiting forever for someone to tell me that EUGH HEKGH ew Shut up, okay. I have a condition 🙁 Oh God, oh God they’re right next to me fuck. What are you doing over there? I was looting the building right next to you Where am I then hm? You ran all the way back over here. See what I said, I said we would work our way back like the pussy boys we are. Oh I getcha. Know your place, bitch>:( jeesus Felix: *Donkey sound* Alright wherewaswas was it one guy. Yeah. He was just shotgunning me back her we were at that building that you first went into I’ll keep an eye out Felix: *sings* Making my way downtown walking fast Faces pass and I’m home bound. Jack: At least I got a medkit. Felix: nmenmenmen Jack: Oh OH someone here Someone here someone here, okay. Are you sure it’s not me and the other person? No no definitely. I just saw him Okay, where are we talking here. Eh coming into the building where I am Felix: You scared? Jack: A little bit? Okay, well he’s not on the right side of the building He was coming from the north. He was like right next to this building. I don’t know if he actually came. Felix: *weird noise* Exit on the south. It’s safe. I’ll cover you This is risky Okay I got him you’re fine. Come over here. It was the offices. Oh there he is. There he is Why did he hit it? I have fucking no idea. He hit the door So I assume he’s in the building now. Yeah, he was the complete opposite side of that building when he came by I’m lagging. Oh I hear him. Well, I’m outside. Oh, okay that’s you then but I don’t have any visual. Same af Felix: Do you have an AR? Jack: Nope Wanna just bounce? Could do Or we can move in on him. I don’t know if he has a friend with him or not. That’s the thing You never know. We have to move- we have to move now anyway. Just keep an eye on your back. Okay. He still only has a shotgun It’s true What we need to get a car? Let’s run to the sunset There was this question on would you rather meet Jennifer Lawrence or Harry Potter? I mean uh Katniss or Harry Potter? Harry Potter Yeah, pretty obvious innit. He stared death in the face and lived Who’s that? Voldemort. He’s not death His name litrally has death in it Felix: *high pitch* Yeah, but you know. Jack: And he tried to kill Harry Jack: Twice. Felix: *YEEPACHING* YEEEPACHING Harry did die and came back to life. That’s pretty fuckin badass Yeah, that was pretty lame to be honest. What you just get a free card? Oh Harry rock on Excuse me. He worked very hard over six years to accrue some items that gave him the support system that he needed Jack: hello *car honks* *still honking* C’mon be respectful so they can beep back. HOH OH YOU WANNA GO? HOeruhrh. They’re not beeping back 🙁 cuz they’re scared I can smell their fear Jackaboi. Jack: *distorted* Beep beep motherfkers ha ha ah OH oh Are they gonna get out, come on get out. Yeah they are, they are We’re fucked, man. Yeah especially since I don’t have a AR Watch me get picked again randomly Ohp, shots, shots up ahead of us. Oh right ahead of us They were trying to enter Should we shoot em? We need stuff Uh I Can’t- I’m not really useful in a fighting situation right now. Oh that hurt. fuck you guys fk off At least we’re in the circle I’m worried that- for some reason it’s going to go towards the bridge yeah, we are not equipped for a bridge game Well I don’t think it’s gonna Jack: I told you the farm- Felix: It’s very unlikely. Felix: it’s going to be in the farm All right, we’ll make a decision Based on this circle you were right yep, I would really like an assault rifle please game What do you have a shotgun, and in micro? Yeah? Yeah, that’s really bad. They’re fucking worst weapons I could have. It’s two close range weapons Jack: Yeah. Felix: You know what the shotgun is not that bad. I don’t underestimate the power of the shotgun. What do you think of this? *crashes into wooden building* Niceee All right you’re just a regular old bad ass They don’t call me regular old badass for nothing. We got pretty good spot right here the problem is that you don’t have. Yeah, I can’t like I’m fucking useless to you What if you check those buildings down there first? The red ones? Go down there. Yeah, and check the shed *Jack falls* Oh God. Felix: Check everything People are going to be distracted by the drop I think We can hold this spot where we’re sorted. There’s a team over that going for the package. This is where I die I think- I really think you’re fine. There’s a lot of shots ohp fuck That’s not far from me- is that you firing? Yeah. Oh, okay Jesus. There’s literally nothing Okay, well hurry up over here. That is okay. You’re fine I’m going to drop a bunch of shit that I can’t use just in case you need it. Just suppressors and shit as well Keep the suppressor just in case Because I have a suppressor as well. We might run into people later in a bit I have good healing items if we need them so. That’s good Shots to our Southwest. Surprisingly not a lot of people here. No, and there’s very few left alive as well I see guys coming in Northwest 300/330 far away. They’re far away, Let’s put the sniper to use Sorry. WOAH what the fuck happened? Jesus christ. My character glitched through you Did you walk into me? I was proning and then your character just started levitating over me Fuck sake you fucked up my shot man. I didn’t do shit! Alright, let’s jump yep There’s a team right by us this guy in a Ghillie suit I can’t fucking shoot him Cuz I’m Garbage Anyone if they’re not coming in you know they’re coming in Those stairs, bitch. They’re Gonna Marni Get me I do lemon what’s happening Jesus It went outside. Are you kidding me? You think these are just downstairs it must be Not hearing any footsteps. I had them they’re outside No, that’s you so you’re walking. Yeah. There’s guys to our 285 They just got down. There’s a team over there Who are winning the circle here now? We’re not okay. These guys are all annihilating each other That’s good Yes, I think I hear them. Yeah the way that’s a guy right underneath um launch of those guys just What’s wrong with my fucking game? I knock one of the guys, but I don’t know where they a guy the way He’s right there. I’m gonna fuck me. He’s a level three moving on that’s it. Oh Well, then yikes damn it that’s something a guy with no gun I’ve know abou stirs left the Op his friend Yeah, he did. Yeah They’re on the other side of the building they’re running in now. You’re gonna have to route I would stay on the balcony because you can get a shot on them close that door and Then it’s in the building okay here, okay? They’re on the other side of the building on your right where I died okay. It was another team Coming in as well, so they might pick each other. Oh yeah, nice. Oh There are third round on the field Jeremy. Oh, Jesus Christ I you have to heal up really quick and that no no no don’t throw anything heal heal heal Heal heal heal and then you have to jump down right away, dude. I just threw a fucking amazing molotov, okay? Chucking out jump down. That’s the only option you have literally I guess these guys to do to the fucking guilty yeah You’re not in a circle, all right? Ha ha ha ha as I was jumping oh Dick oh, there’s two af keys right here really Russian oh Sorry, you can chuck I wanted to kill us. We kill them. I’m a major. Oh fuck ah I got played We got place another that’s how it’s done ah here. So we’re not looting at all nah You’re crazy, man Seeing me your best car ride song oh we got a quiet car. Oh No sound needed on the road again. I can’t wait. You don’t road again No, fuck Are you fucking serious? I’m coming. I’m coming for you. Jay. Did not hear anything Right there in the building. I was in the one. I started the raid was waiting for me then yes funny. Huh, siren ah fuck Shit, he’s right behind the truck What the fuck? Don’t Die Jack. What a fucking break What were you doing? That was so easy? I know I joined out I fucking I don’t know Side, I’m Gonna go military base Yeah Mommy in the 13 – come on Rob We’re going for it Yeah, this is going to be a military base, and I think it is 100% All right, this is not good And these we’ve the water whore back. We don’t know one there when M24 and yeah, it’s really nice take that take the backpack then we bounce I Was eventful really nice that’s really fucking nice that worked out nicely. Oh It did yeah, I always wondered people watching these are like what the fuck you looking at Usually you just see stuff shimmering on the distance like it’s so hard to see enemies mmm especially if you’re streaming at 360p Don’t shoot us a big boys Don’t do it You should book it tonight. Oh Blue is fuck are they shooting you yeah shots coming, okay run into one of the trees over here I want to make a break for it because I don’t want both of us to be in the same clothes And just heal up first, but you’re fine see where I am that’s where you covered You should probably make sure a brake to the rocks over there. Yes, I’m going to do it We’re not let me sweat it Yeah um Well, we’re not anymore, but they have to move as well. I just don’t know where they are. I would love to snipe them Yeah, I can’t see any shots If you back up a little bit Let’s go Where the fuck is he I just think you’re fine if you run because you will be covered by that house So we just run it through the rocks oh He’s right there. He’s up the wall. It’s at the front of the house the small Wall for the three Windows are Written trade house that wall yeah. He’s right there. I like him oh Come on, baby. He care for me God my hands are getting sweaty At the left side of the wall yep Okay, I do not want to get too snuck up on Another package coming up on the hill. I have any Me behind it Did they shoot you yep? Are they shooting it? Yeah, they’re at 15 fuck The other guy shot me now over there. I’ve screwed from cover from all sides so We’re over the difference bed. Yeah, I’m hungry so I go down in the at 15. There’s two trees at the Edge of the Hill That was a headshot. Are you kidding me? Yeah over there your luck. There’s a guy in there. You can see him The right to run now way. I’m worried if this guy’s got me pinned down. I don’t know what to do Is there anywhere I can run where you are where it’s safe no? because either the guy in the front of you is going to get you or there’s a dip that you can hide in where the Other guys can’t get you, but he’ll probably have shots on you To run. This is right there where that rock is in the distance. I see it You might be you okay? Behind a tree behind a democrat. Yes? Last other wall nearby is another team man. I see there’s a lot of people I know We’re in eleventh. Oh Well if they look down the hill it you know it’s easier to pick them out. Oh, you don’t love Come to poppy ah The Headshot Fucker I shouldn’t if they’d hit it. I was oh it just ended. I was quick ah That’s good game that key again. He


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Elijah Daniel · September 3, 2019 at 7:59 am

His aim in that first one tho

kiran M M · September 4, 2019 at 3:28 am

U both r fuckin pussy

DaSavageFox 01 · September 8, 2019 at 5:10 am

you had a fucking shotgun why didn’t you use it

noobmaster 69 · September 11, 2019 at 10:57 am

Water sheep lives in water village

Seth Sigmon · September 20, 2019 at 3:08 am

Plz show I will do anything

panda girl · September 21, 2019 at 10:17 pm

WATER VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exterminator shaman · September 28, 2019 at 9:26 pm

Karma for killing two afks

Bence7314552 · September 29, 2019 at 6:03 pm


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