Game Theory: The SCARIEST Part of Hello Neighbor…the BOXES!

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Game Theory: The SCARIEST Part of Hello Neighbor…the BOXES!

*Knock Knock Knock* Oh hey, Welcome. I am so glad you were able to make it to my big housewarming party. Come on in. Come in. Come in. Oh, don’t worry about taking off your shoes. This is all just a bunch of animated cutouts anyway, for an opening joke. Not like you’re going to be tracking dirt anywhere. Let me show you around! Here, on the first floor, we have the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, behind that door over there is the nightmarish hellscape of my tortured childhood memories. *Door closes* We don’t go in that one. Now, let’s check out the second floor. Watch your jump. they may look a bit small, but don’t worry you’ll be just fine for some reason. *clink clink clink*
Up here, we have a great room, My security office, a room dedicated to my everlasting regret over my dead children’s birthday the room inexplicably filled with water a room dedicated to my everlasting regret over my dead children’s birthday, and the room inexplicably filled with water … Isn’t it quirky? I like to think this house has personality. I know, I know. It’s a little bit big for a family of two … Oh, and careful of those boxes. But I think we’ll grow into it nicely and just you wait until Distorted]
B A S E M E N T *Classic Game Theory’s Intro* Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory! Where today, it’s back to the basics. Back to overthinking things that nobody in their right mind would ever want to overthink. It’s January, it’s cold, Youtube is threatening to implode on itself. it’s time for something good so sit back relax and let It’s time for something good. So sit back and relax and let MatPat Matpat guide you through the absurd physics of box stacker simulator 2017, oh wait you’ve never heard of it i don’t know Maybe you missed its release last, year sandwiched between mario odyssey And snap six or maybe you know it by its other name hello neighbor you see today is a bit of a Personal episode for me i know one who watches our livestream saw steph and i play a lot of hello neighbor last Year, and sure the game wants You, to think that the villain is our mustachioed neighbor or the bespectacled shadow Man but no stand side wedding tux bowser in moulton freddie because villain of the year 2017 were these simple stupid Cardboard boxes you trip over them they fill up your inventory, and worst of all you Gotta, stack them in two unsteady stairways just hoping praying to reach, new Sections of the house being a hundred percent real here if the neighbor put a giant stack of boxes in front of the door to The basement i’ve been, like, nope, not dealing with, this you keep your Damn secrets so after the months of headaches these things have caused Me over 2017 it’s time that i get my revenge in what is? Undoubtedly the pettiest lamest and nerdiest, way possible by proving that they shouldn’t Be able to function the way that they do in the game could a human the size of our awkwardly proportioned protagonist Use these things to platform his way through this pads peril get ready because, by the end of today’s episodes you’re Gonna, be the life of the party able to wow Your friends with the finer details of the industrial fabrication of the mightiest of moving devices the humble cardboard Box wait make sure you put that one as the headline on your online dating profile to begin today’s episode austin From the science you, may know him as the guy Who shouts a lot for easy humor rather than writing witty jokes already figured out How big the cardboard boxes are in hello neighbor for his video on the architecture of the house so um hey captain shouts a lot Can i borrow the box math that you used for your hello neighbor video [austin] NO! you were mean to me! i’m date, my twitter account, with, more hot tanks calm down there scream Oh, need i remind you that you started a Hashtag protest because i merely suggested that you swear less in your videos so you could not get demonetised plus you do shout lots [Austin] okay!!! I Really, do just default to shouting The infos in your inbox all right so we know From austin’s in-game milk carton measurements that the boxes are sixteen inches by nineteen inches along one side from this edge here, we can see that they’re corrugated cardboard Boxes which is just fancy way of saying that it has these up-and-down sign wavy like ribbons of paper inside of them these things are called flutes and were invented back in 1856 as a liner for tall hats to help them stand up no joke anyway a few years later they started being used in boxes To, greatly, reinforce the strength of the box without, using that many more materials but just how. Much they reinforce the box depends on the Classification of the flute there are six common types of flute a flute b flutes c flutes efj lutes f flutes and pam flutes no, one likes the last one each letter classification refers to a different number of waves in the paper per foot so by counting i Was able to determine that the neighbor is using specifically a fluted boxes which, have much smaller tighter waves thereby Making, these boxes much more crush resistant than the other classifications that have much taller waves, we can Also, tell just by looking at the box that it’s a single walled Construction the stronger double walled varieties would have a piece of fiber board in the middle Separating two layers of flutes our boxes don’t have, that lastly how, the box is folded please and how Strong it is this particular form of box construction, is what’s called a regular slotted container it’s just Some flaps that you have to fold in and tape shut this type of box Is the one that you’ve used to move like dozens of times and if you think that’s a big no duh moment Well consider this as i was researching the industrial manufacturer of boxes i found that there are over twelve different Box folding patterns in just lists of basic designs it’s crazy how, many different ways you can make a Box out of just some simple folded paper Each one with various pro and cons anyway with all of that information in hand we have everything that we need to
Solve today’s theory because of a little thing called the edge crush test you see boxes are used all over the place but most Prominently in warehouses so smart engineers quickly realize that the most important part of a box’s functionality Was how much you could stack on top of them enter the edge crush, test or? Ect where engineers take a, strip of cardboard and see how Much weight it takes to crush it it’s like the hydraulic press channels on youtube but, way? Less exciting because you know it’s cardboard, each box gets assigned with a number denoting how Many pounds of pressure per square inch they’re able to withstand before crushing 50 50 pounds Per square inch along the edge 30 to 32 pounds Per square inch along the edge and so on and so forth and if you stop and look at it most boxes have These right on the box i mean seriously i just looked in my house and found a stamp on the bottom with all its different Qualities including its ect rating so the next time you got to bring something in for show-and-tell Boom collective kindergarten minds blown in the case of a single walled eath fluted cardboard, box, like the ones that We found in the game 32 pounds Per square inch is the industry standard So that ladies and gentlemen is our magic number now it’s important to note that the ect is measuring per square inch? Because pressure is measured over an area and while boxes are very thin they Do have a width boxes of this size, with an e fluted rating are almost always 3/16 of an inch thick something, we can, actually double check with Some quick pixel measurements with that number locked into place the last details that We need, are the weight of our character and the size of his shoe the average adult Male weighs in at about 166 pounds but we’re Gonna drop that a bit because our protagonist Is pretty skinny despite that freakishly large head of his so i’m gonna say that he’s About 150 lbs is a few more pixel measurements and we’re able to determine that our character’s foot is just a little over 10 inches long or about a size 7 shoe which is Kind of small you know what they say? about guys
With small feet Rights that they have a greater likelihood of crushing cardboard boxes because the pressure of their weight is displaced across fewer square inches Don’t i know it and with that, we can finally get our answer to 10 inch long feet standing on a box edge 3/16 inches wide, means that when our protagonist standing on the box he’s exerting pressure over an area of? 3.75. Square inches 150 pounds of weight over 3.75. Square inches gives us the final total 40 pounds, per square inch of pressure well over the 32 pounds Per square inch most single-walled regular slotted a fluted corrugated cardboard boxes array that, haha Busted get dunked on i knew you were nonsense boxes i would teabag you right now but i just Scientifically proved that you would get crushed under my weight long story short, my quest for petit nerdy revenge is at its end i am? Vindicated i’ve gotten the monkey off my back, by demonstrating with, science how A fake [Austin] Hey Matt
Virtual box that could not and would not work [Austin] Maatttt
as a platforming device in this game and would instead get Crus- [Austin] Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt [Matt] What!!? Geez there’s no need, Austin to shout and we talked, about this. [Austin] you have not taken gravity into account Excuse me [Austin Starting his Lecture] gravity unlike almost every game in the world except for assassin’s creed instead of having higher gravity Hello, neighbor has lower gravity if you, use wall paper a stopwatch and some pixel measurements to check how Fast you fall in the game it’s clear that Gravitational acceleration is four point six three seven meters per second That’s under half of Earth’s normal 9.8. Meters per second squared of Gravity [Matt] but, less than half of earth’s normal gravity Means that the protagonist is no longer putting 150 pounds of force on the boxes but instead 71 pounds spread that across the 3.75. Square inches, means that no no [matt regrets life] nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 19 pounds per square inch That means he’s? Well under the crush test rating mm-hmm No, i refuse to admit defeat what about if we assume he is stepping out of the boxes one foot at A time then the weight is all on one pressure point jacking the whole thing up to 38, psi the box Fails until you consider that some a fluted boxes have Psi ratings as high as 40 which, means it is 100% plausible that these boxes are staying strong, baby, so what you’re telling me Is that in a game where you use wall sconces as platforms, where you use photograph records to shrink trees Where you are expected to freeze a room filled with water By putting a globe in a refrigerator then placing it on its stand in a completely separate Unconnected part of the house that in a game this ridiculous that the creation Manufacture and behavior of boxes are a hundred percent Physically sound
[Austin] Yuup AAAARRGGGHHH [Austin] There’s no need to shout matt
[matt] the boxes beat me again i can’t win i hate this game i hate this game [Austin] yeah you have covered the umbrella. That thing is ridiculous [Matt] never again, never again, well maybe once or twice more to cover the umbrella Physics and then one final theory to tie up all the lore in this game but, never, again, with the boxes no you and the FNAF fan ARE NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE At in the meantime…. REMEMBER! That’s JUST A THEORY AAAA GAAMEE THEOORRRYYY, thanks for watching 😉 Sux to failed in a boxes theory huh, Matt? xD


YT LEE도영 · January 22, 2018 at 2:25 am

mat: I HATE BOXES!!!!
Xbox: wut?

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Isaac DeRan · July 3, 2019 at 10:40 pm

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Jacob Cowley · July 5, 2019 at 12:23 am

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me: lets matpat do all the work
mat: that was hard!
me: once work is done, place boxes in front of door.
mat: IM OUT!
me: lol all mine.

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Austin:don’t talk to him

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Chinchilla_Fandoms · July 12, 2019 at 8:15 pm

Isn't the protagonist a child or teen? He looks about that age, and so he wouldn't be as heavy as a fully-grown adult, meaning that the pressure would be even lower, if you've taught me as much as my actual science teacher.

sonis jaloma · July 13, 2019 at 2:52 am

I love game theory. Funny and so damn interesting

Hayden Farrell · July 13, 2019 at 4:05 am

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MatPat Has Left the Chat

几 ㄩ 尺 丂 乇 ㄒ ㄖ Ҝ ㄚ ㄖ · August 9, 2019 at 10:24 pm

Dear MatPat, today i have something to say about the hello neihbor theory there is something you did wrong you've played hide and seek hello neighbor right you've played till the end correct and there are other clips in the game there are many very important for one clip there is one thatbplay a keynrole in thestory of hello neighbor the sence play where the son and the daughter get into a fight on a borad he smacks a very similar doll we find in the hello neighbor gamea red haired doll with a very specail teal poka-dot dress (key-this doll and the sence sence is very important to how thebneighbor acts tword the player) and guess what that very speacial doll is the mother of the childeren and the wife of the neighbor. So after the doll has been knocked out of her hand the son throws a fit and then we saw how she died she wasnt killed on a rollercoaster she was pushed off the edge and died. Oh yeah im sorry about the bad spellingni was doing this on my ipad.

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Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but if the boxes are empty, why are they taped closed? Does anyone seal an empty box?

So, if the box isn't empty, than couldn't the contents of the box help resist crushing the box? Couldn't that help you stack the boxes and climb them?

Do you ever open on of the boxes in the game?

gijs jonkheer · September 10, 2019 at 8:30 pm

to be honest, engeneers pretty much always calculate with safety factors between 2 and 5, meaning that structural components such as boxes would be at least 2 as strong as what they are rated for in order to garanty that non of the boxes will fail due to unforseen parameterchanges. in other words, the boxes will fail probably somewhere about 3 times higher loadings due to them being cheap (meaning a higher safety factor doesn't drive up the costs too much) and not likely to be relied on in dangerous situations(meaning the safety factor doesn't have to be as high as 5 or more).

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Probably both.

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