Game Theory: How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?

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Game Theory: How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?

Diamonds may be a gamer’s best friend, but just how much money would Minecraft’s diamond armor actually be worth? Pull out your ****! Cuz Game Theory’s getting bejeweled! Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory!!! Where we mine the interwebs to craft mind blowing episodes on your favorite video games! Mine the interwebs to craft episodes, God! Terrible puns aside, if this weeks episode looks a little different it’s because I’m on location scouting for information for an upcoming episode That may, or may not be about Assassin’s Creed… So today we’re featuring the editing
talents of fellow game theorists Ronnie Onnie Edwards host of Digressing and
Sidequesting another excellent video game over-analysis show! also on this channel! If you haven’t check him out yet ,watch his episode on the Wii U’s gameplay it’s my favorite I told him to find a
happy balance between our two visual styles so if you love it great if not
well it’ll all be over soon anyway even if you live in a console gaming cave
chances are you’ve heard about the pc sensation minecraft and the literal
jewel in its crown diamonds these blue beauties are the prize ores
that keep players glued to their screens for hours digging deeper and deeper in
the hopes of finding that one elusive vein or they just switch to creative
mode and spawn a couple hundred either way finding enough enables you to make
the strongest items in the game picks swords and what we’re interested in
armor. So being the Curious George of gaming commentary that I am I wanted to
find out just how much money a suit of armor made entirely of diamonds actually
would be worth. And more importantly, would it be able to protect me from a sword or
an exploding block creature? Diamonds may be forever but your attention span isn’t.
So enough with elegant intros let’s get to the research. So we’re going to find out how much
diamond armor is going to cost us we need to figure out how much diamond we
actually have to do that we need to get a sense of the minecraft world scale according to the creator of
the game each block translates to 1 meter tall with each block face in its
original low res graphical style measuring 16 pixels by 16 pixels with
one meter divided along 16 pixels each individual pixel is going to equate to .0625 meters since minecraft a three-dimensional
world though we need to know the volume of each cubic pixel so we take .0625
and cube it to get point .000244m^3 now hold on to that number it’s going to
be important in a second. We’re interested in diamond armor
specifically so we need to find out how many individual pixel blocks make up a
full set: helmet, chestplate, shoulder coverings, and
leggings. Now i’m no professional modder, but from
what I’ve been able to calculate through Photoshop skins and the like the helmet is made up of a
172 pixel blocks the chest plate 186 shoulder pads 116 for 2 and leggings at
144 somewhere around 618 pixel blocks is a fair estimate 618 x .000244
cubic metres per block means that the armor is made up of .15 cubic meters of
diamond. Since gemstones are measured by their weight and the density of diamond
is 3,510 kilograms per cubic meter that’s 526.5 kilograms of gemstone or
1,160 pounds that is one a heck of an engagement ring but no jeweler in the
world can possibly handle a stone that large Ha they wish so we need to break it down into a much
smaller scale carrots the standard of measuring
gemstone weight it takes 5000 carats to equal
one kilogram meaning that our suit of diamond armor in Minecraft would be an
astounding 2,632,500 carats to give you some perspective the
Cullinan diamond is the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found it was
3100 carats or probably the diamond more people are familiar with is the
Hope Diamond a beautifully cut gemstone weighing in
at a whopping at 45.52 carats needless to say our sparkling suit put
these dinky diamonds to shame so now that we have some numbers back to
our initial question how much would diamond armor actually be worth well as any jeweler will tell you it’s
not just the size of a diamond that counts the price of a diamond actually depends
on the four C’s carat cut clarity and color we’ve already covered carat and the cut
of the diamond armor is actually pretty plain so it won’t be adding any
significant value clarity is ranked on a scale ranging
from flawless to included with lower scores meaning that their imperfections
you can see with the naked eye that make the diamond to cloudy or unclear looking
at diamond armor in Minecraft and the clarity is pretty bad you can’t see
through it at all so let’s give it the lowest score of i 3
so a rough estimate for a colorless diamond that’s cloudy and lacking a
fancy cut is 1615 dollars per carat or if you’re in the market for a
full suit of armor $4,251,487,500 you think that’s a lot we haven’t even taken into account that
last C color notice that the diamonds in Minecraft
aren’t clear and radiant like most diamonds were familiar with instead they’re tinted blue this comes
from a small amount of boron or a large amount of hydrogen being present when
the diamond is forming this imperfection actually makes them more rare and thus
much much more costly where the going rate of a cloudy nearly colorless
diamond was 1615 dollars per carat a cloudy blue minecraft diamond would cost
around thirty three thousand five hundred dollars per carat which means
that the final price tag for a shining new suit of diamond armor weighing in a
2.6 million carats is 88,188,750,000.98 cents so congratulations you just dropped more
than the gross domestic product of Rwanda on a shiny new body suit think
you’re ready to handle some creepers now well think again minecraft Steve because
you’re wearing a crappy piece of protection you see diamonds may be the hardest
natural mineral on earth but hardness and toughness are two separate things diamonds and other gemstones are all
crystals and crystals by their nature have a regular atomic structure that’s
what defines them as a crystal this predictability make them beautiful but
it also gives them a lot of cleavage for planes worth of cleavage in fact we’re
not talking about the pamela anderson Bermuda Triangle brand of cleavage here
we’re talking rocks and minerals because of the parallel arrangement of atoms
diamonds have multiple cleavage planes or directions in which you can slice
through it causing it to split this means that in some directions they’re
extremely difficult to break but in others it’s easier to do them well pamela
anderson in Minecraft with armor being flat and blocky the cleavage planes
would all be a 90-degree angles meaning that one strong straight slice
from either the top or the side will easily cut through our billion-dollar
bodysuits wasting hours of mining and crafting so in short diamond armor kinda sucks
as armor it weighs thousands of pounds and falls
to pieces if your cleavage gets hit but on the plus side and a net worth of
eighty eight billion dollars it’ll make you 11 billion dollars richer
than the world’s richest man so it may not be all bad but then again in Minecraft what are you
really going to spend your money on anyway a giant gold statue of yourself oh wait
nevermind i already crafted that from the hundreds of blocks of gold i found
while searching for my diamonds well you know what they say Mo Money mo
problems LOL!!! Anyway, it’s just a theory. A Game Theory!!!! Thanks for watching!!!!!


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