Game of Thrones Histories & Lore – The Rains of Castamere

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Game of Thrones Histories & Lore – The Rains of Castamere

When disciplining unruly vassals, most lords
send armies. My father, Tywin, only had to send a singer. There’s no faster way to dull a vassal’s ambition
or any festive occasion than hearing “The Rains of Castamere.” House Reyne of Castamere was an old and proud
house that was slowly sinking back into the muck. Their mines had run dry. Without gold, they turned to a more common
source of wealth. Daughters. Lady Ellyn Reyne was betrothed to my great
uncle. But when he fell in battle, Lady Ellyn sought
comfort in his twin brother’s bed, beating out the other woman he had promised to marry. Then the husband, who had shared his twin’s
wife, shared his twin’s death on a different battlefield. Lady Ellyn flung herself at the new and married
heir to the Rock, but my grandfather Tytos was more kitten than lion. He ran away and told his wife of Lady Ellyn’s
designs, and Lady Ellyn soon found herself married off to Walderan Tarbeck, Lord of another
failing house. The Reynes and Tarbecks should have sunk into
obscurity together, and they would have if not for my grandfather becoming Lord of Casterly
Rock. At first, the Westerlands laughed with the
“Laughing Lion,” as the jovial Tytos was called. But when men realized this lion had neither
teeth nor claws, they started to laugh at him. None laughed harder than the Reynes and Tarbecks. Though Lady Ellyn was no longer welcome at
Casterly Rock, Tytos didn’t refuse her brothers Roger and Reynard Reyne, not even when they
asked for extravagant loans. Thanks to our family’s gold, Lady Ellyn restored
Tarbeck Hall to a splendor she hadn’t known since being cast out of our home. When my grandfather broached the subject of
repayment, Roger and Reynard only laughed. And soon enough, my grandfather was laughing
along with them. Then my father Tywin returned from the War
of the Ninepenny Kings, where he’d seen how the rest of the realm sniggered at House Lannister. Determined to restore our proper place, my
father demanded the immediate repayment of all debts to the Rock or a hostage from those
who couldn’t pay. Reynard Reyne merely laughed when he received
the raven. Lord Walderan Tarbeck chose to ride to Casterly
Rock, sure that he could cow Lord Tytos into rescinding my father’s commands. He could have, except it wasn’t Tytos who
met him at the gates but my father, who had Lord Walderan thrown into a dungeon. Lady Ellyn protested. The Reynes threatened war. And finally, my grandfather broke and released
Lord Tarbeck with an apology, no less. As if bathing himself in shame, Tytos further
forgave all the Tarbeck debts to our house. To celebrate the end of hostilities, Lord
Roger feasted Tytos at Castamere, and the two lords proclaimed their friendship for
eternity. My father allowed eternity to last a year. When he summoned the Reynes and Tarbecks to
Casterly Rock to answer for their crimes, they rose in revolt, exactly as he expected. Their defiance gave him a pretext to call
his banners and ride for Tarbeck Hall and Castamere with an army behind him. He didn’t even bother to inform my grandfather. My father’s army descended on the Tarbecks
so quickly that Lord Walderan had no time to gather his forces, and rode against my
father with only his household knights. Soon his head, his sons’ heads, and the heads
of any man with Tarbeck blood adorned the spears of the Lannister vanguard as it marched
to Tarbeck Hall. At their approach, Lady Ellyn Tarbeck closed
the gates and sent ravens to her brothers at Castamere. She assumed they’d have more than enough time
to muster their armies and break what would be a long siege. My father had trebuchets up in a day and brought
down the keep within hours. Lady Ellyn and her son were crushed in its
fall. When the Tarbeck forces surrendered, my father
put their castle to the torch. Roger Reyne arrived with his army just in
time to see the flames consuming his sister’s home. He charged my father’s camp, hoping surprise
would win out over my father’s great numbers. It didn’t. With half his men dead on the field and a
cross-bolt in his back, Lord Roger fled back to Castamere. The Lannister host arrived at Castamere three
days later. Like Casterly Rock, the seat of House Reyne
had begun as a mine. When the gold gave out, the mine shafts were
widened into halls, galleries, and bedchambers deep beneath the earth. The Reyne brothers didn’t have the men to
defend the castle walls and retreated into their underground stronghold. From this relative safety, they offered terms
to my father to avoid a long siege. My father didn’t reply. Instead, he commanded that the mines be sealed
with stone and soil until there was no way in and no way out. When that was completed, it took less than
a day to dam the stream beside the castle and only two to divert it to the nearest mine
entrance. The Reynes had taken more than three hundred
men, women, and children into the mines. A few guards reported hearing faint screams
and shouts below them one night. But come dawn, the earth was silent once again. And now the rain weeps o’er their halls, with
no one left to hear.


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And so he spoke.. and so he spoke that Lord of Castamere

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I mean it’s good, but it’s no Dornish Master Plan

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And we find out there are mole walkers who the Reynes traded babies to survive and Reyne babies are now pissed at Casterly Rock.

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It’s always odd how people claim that Cersei is a sociopath yet she always had Tywin as; her only parental figure, and her ideal vision of what a leader should be.

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They miss a lot of items of this story. Lord Tywin was not so innocent.

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