Game Of Cards Volume 2 | Neil & Blake Presenter Challenge

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Game Of Cards Volume 2 | Neil & Blake Presenter Challenge

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Yes, another Game of Cards
but I’ve got Neil Donoghue, ’cause you want to get
in part of the action. – I don’t want to get involved but I’ve been made to be involved. I don’t know what’s
going on but we’ll do it. (country swing music) (country swing music) – So, Game of Cards. Yes, we’ve done this before with Olly Wilkins and Brendan Fairclough, one of the biggest dudes
in downhill racing, and Olly Wilkins
– He’s like that big. – Yeah he’s like… and then Olly Wilkins is the
steeziest dude in Surrey Hills. (laughing) More so than Brendan Fairclough. But we got Game of
Cards, and Game of Cards is all about challenging yourself. I got these cards, GMBN
cards, really cool. This is a blank one, I’m
going to give it to Neil, ’cause Neil, what you’re
going to put on there is whatever you want to do to try and defeat me.
– Defeat you, nice. – And I’m going to put one in as well. – Can I put a maths sum on there, or? – You could do whatever you want Neil. Neil, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to win the game? Well, the man with the most cards in his back pocket is the winner of the Game of Cards. – And you win them by
winning the challenge? – Yes, you get to keep that card. – Nice.
– Cool. – We’re here at Windhill Bike Park. We got lots of jumps, lots of big gaps, drop-offs, all sorts of gnarly things. So, time to get started. – Right Neil, I’ve given the
cards to our adjudicator, Liam himself, camera man, zee he. He’s got the cards.
(drum rolling sound) Who’s going to go first?
– Coming for them. – You going first?
– I’ll go. – Okay.
– I’m the guest here, whoa. – Well you are the guest here. – This is scrub. – What scrub because you need a bath? – Yeah (laughing), there’s a smell in these woods. – All right, scrub challenge.
– Scrub-a-dub-dub. – We got this sort of hipped
step down into a double. We’re going to judge on both I reckon. – Oooh.
– Just do one one way and one the other. – Yeah, yeah, you’re going
to have to slub and bleh. – The lowest and the leaniest,
steeziest is the winner. – Okay, okay. (Russian folk music) (Russian folk music) – [Blake] Oh my goodness (laughing) – Whoa, that was a hell
of scrub off that Neil. – I was a bit sideways. – I think, Neil, you
get a second shot mate. If you can land that and hit the second. I’m afraid to say, you’ve
taken the first card. But that’s if he can get it. Less speed. – Ooh. – Ahhh, he got, you got scared, Neil! I would be scared too you know. Like sliding off of lifts,
– I knew I was going to do that.
– quite daunting. (Russian folk music) – Whoof. – [Liam] whoa. – [Liam] Ooh, was that a case? – That was almost a case. – [Lee] Oh wow.
– But it was very sideways and very flat. – I want another go. It looks fun. – [Blake] I thought I
was falling off then. – Yeah, that was a big one here, wasn’t it?
(laughing) (Russian folk music) – Oooh. – Ha! – [Blake] Ooooh! – Neil! – Does a foot plant count? – Nice! – Oooh I’m getting. – Should we go to the judging panel? – Who’s going to get the card? (drum roll) – Yes.
– Yes, I did think so Neil. – It might be a marginal victory, but it’s a victory none the less. – (laughing) Right, give me them cards.
– Almost worth breaking my ankle again for.
– I want to choose a card. Right moving on to the next card. It’s my turn to choose Neil,
(drum roll) I’m going to go for red,
(drum roll) because it means danger,
just like your jersey. (drum roll) – Oh no. (laughing) (drum roll) – Oh no. (laughing) – Trick, that is the name of this card. Trick, I love doing tricks. Neil, I think you’re going to suffer here. – I may do. – I am going to um..
– Do a one footer?. – I could be really hor…
– one footer, one hander? – I could be really horrible.
– One hander. – No footer. – I’m going to do a big hungout no-footer. – Really? – Yeah. – Or I can make it really
hard and I go to the step up and I do a flip, ’cause they
probably want to see that. So a no-footer has to be no foot. You can just go no-foot. Needs to be a big one. – This is the blast from the past you know I haven’t done
for about 20 years. – Well that’s not good Neil. (Russian folk music) – [Liam] Oh my God. (laughing) (Russian folk music) – Oh! – [Liam] Oh! – Have another go Lee, Neil,
cause we’re all friends. I’ll have another go. And I’ll spice it up a little bit. Yeah, it hurts my groin though. (laughing) I need to do more yoga. – (intense heartbeat sound) (record scratch sound) – Ah! – [Blake] Wow! – Safe to say I’ve lost this one. (Russian folk music) – [Liam] Yeah! – (Russian folk music) – [Neil] Whoa! – Neil, that was sick,
I reckon the next go, you can get them, flailing around like a stripper, for sure. (Russian folk music) (fart noise) (Russian folk music) (fart noise) – [Liam] The winner of the trick, Blake of course.
– Oi, yoi, yoi. Well done.
– Thank you very much. – Very good.
– I am stoked with you. – You did that trick, you
haven’t done it in like 20 years. That’s like how old I am. (laughing)
– Okay, it’s not. It was good fun, though.
– That is good fun. – I reckon we should do more, Neil. – That’s the only one I’m going
to do for the next 20 years. – Well, okay, I’ll be 40 then. (laughing) Next trick I think it’s your
turn to pick the cards, Neil. – Right. (drum roll) Oooh, Gap. Well, we may have seen
one over there that may or may not be possible. Or do we think outside the box? Let’s go and have a look. – It’s all up to you Neil. – Come on let’s have a look.
– You picked it. – Where is it?
– Down here. – It’s down there? Is it over there? Neil, what have you got?
– Faa. What have you found? – It’s a fresh triple over
here, which oh, a rider coming. – There’s a rider coming.
– See a few triples there. – But look if you jump past the last one, there’s like a fourth landing. – A quad you say? – Yes. – A quad, e-boy should be able to bomb it. – Eyo!
– Oi! – Ah kay, now. So you want to take off from here. – It’s a one foot take off,
so you’re going to have to hit bombing. – [Liam] How far do
you reckon it is, Neil? 30 foot? – 30 foot? – 30 foot. 30 foot. And then pa-boom into the quad. – Yip. – Should we do the triple first, and then quad?
– Yes. – Or you just going Hammertime?
– I don’t know. Look what’s after it a hip? (upbeat jazz music) – Oh! – [Blake] What do you think Neil? Perfect! – Oooh, he did it. – [Liam] Nice! – Is that a clear? – [Liam] I reckon. – Why? – [Liam] What was he saying there? – Guys, super hard today. – The corners are a hard bit. – [Blake] I was quite nervous of being buckeroo-ed over the bars. If you haven’t watched that video, how to stop getting bucked, it’s linked. Just in the top left hand corner. – All right, I don’t know which side. (upbeat New Orleans jazz music) – Oh you (beep) it. – [Neil] Whoa! That wasn’t as far as the first go. ( rubber sound) – Oi! – Ah! (upbeat New Orleans jazz music) (upbeat New Orleans jazz music) – [Liam] It’s about the same. – [Blake] Faaa! – So we’ve gone about the same each time. So this time we’re having a sudden death. Liam’s going to lay the
camera down on the landing who ever jumps first on to
the last go, is the winner. – Sudden death, please. (upbeat New Orleans jazz music) (drum roll) – Oooh, Neil!
– Nice. – It was the like by this much. – It was good fun though.
– It was good fun. – Another good fun challenge, another one. Let’s do another one. – My turn to choose. Neil I see the card, I can smell cards. Neil, my friend, it’s my turn to choose and I’m going for this one here. (drum roll) – Ah cool. – Ahh, yes! And we’re not going to
move from this area Neil, we’re going to do the manual. – Yeah, I like that.
– Manual. – We like manually. – We’re going to manual. Might set the challenge, we’re going to manual all through that and the furthest through
probably over there here, wins. – Okay. – And we’re only going to get one chance. – Oh. (upbeat music) (laughing) – Oh my life. – [Blake] Oh my goodness. – I was so committed
to the first go there, I was not failing, but
I almost fell so bad I went over the front. (laughing) – [Blake] Oh my goodness me, I nearly pooed in my pants for that one. – I mean I still got it someway. (upbeat music) – Well who won?
– I don’t know. – Let’s see it. – [Blake] Let’s see the replay on that. (cello music) – Yeah I like it man.
– [Blake] Manual. (sine tone) (upbeat music) – Ooooh, Neil, I got it. – Well done. – I’m glad you saved that because that would’ve
been a horrendous crash. – Right, card, I got three cards.
– I got one. (exhales)
– Next challenge. – I think it’s your turn to choose, Neil.
– It is. – We’re at the step up the famous step up at
Windhill Bike Park, cool. There’s the cards. Oh, it’s my challenge. So I’m getting beat quite bad here. – This is going to work quite well. – Hopefully for me. It’s the maths race. – Oh! – Right,
– We need to start up there. – Yeah.
– We’re going to get a maths problem you have to solve, get the sum and you can only drop in when you’ve got the right answer. Person to land first, is the winner. – (claps) Okay. – I have got an A Level in maths. – I have, I didn’t do A Levels, and I got a C in maths. Oh no, D maybe? Maybe an E, I don’t know? – Okay, so Liam’s set the maths problems, we’re going to have to solve them. – He is the mathematician. – When we get the right answer,
if we get the right answer, then you drop in. – How do you know if you
got the right answer? – Liam will shout, correct or wrong. – Ah, easy. – [Liam] Sounds easy. – [Liam] Three, two, one, go! (pressing music) (pressing music) – 60 – 60 (buzz tone) ( pressing music) – 8 (buzz sound) ( pressing music) – 175 ÷ 5? (pressing music) – [Liam] (laughing) ( pressing music) – 17 1/2? (buzz sound) ( pressing music) – Oh mine’s so easy 6. (ding sound) (laughing) – Yeah! YEAH! (laughing) – [Blake] Yeah! – Dammit, I’m baffled.
– It’s mine. (laughing) 175 ÷ 5 is? (laughing) 31? 175 ÷ 5 (pressing music) – [Liam] Come on Neil, hurry up. – [Blake] What is it?
– 30 it’s 35. (buzz sound) x 2 is 70. – [Liam] Yeah!
(ding sound) (laughing) – Divided by 2. (laughing) – Huuup. (laughing) – [Blake] My God! (laughing) – I was thinking so deep and hard, and then I was like
(laughing) hang on a minute, that’s super easy. Six, it’s just a big circle. Pie, is that what Pie is?
– No. – The student gets, see I
do the maths, I got an A. – Quick maths.
– Quick maths, boom! – 2+2 is 1. That is quick maths. Neil, I’ve got four cards. – I have the one and only,
does that mean I’m a winner? – You’re the winner, oh yeah number one. (laughing) The one with the most cards wins. – Ah, well done Blake. You absolutely smoked me.
– Thank you very much. That was a lot of fun.
– Yeah, it is super good. The first Game of Cards I’ve ever done. Something you could do with your mates. So go and get smoked by
your mates in the woods. (laughing) I pushed myself more than
I have done for a while. – [Blake] Oh! Oooh! – See now that’s where it is, you start to learn how
to do stuff on your bike just by messing about,
challenging yourself. It’s a shame over jumping this step up wasn’t one of the challenges. – (laughing) Because you
would’ve won that one. – Huuup! (laughing) – [Blake] My God! – You went so deep Neil, you went so deep. Right, if you want to stick around and you are not subscribed to the channel, don’t forget to hit
the globe to subscribe. – Yeah, thanks very much. Neil has 1.24 million already, that’s amazing, unbelievable. Thanks very much. If you want to see the
Christmas Game of Bike from here you and Sam Reynolds,
– Yeah. that was a good one. Click over there for that one. – Yeah, and if you want to
see the actual Game of Cards, the first one we did, click over there. – Nice. – And see you next time.


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