Fighting the Ender Dragon for the first time. in 2019. (Please turn on subtitles!)

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Fighting the Ender Dragon for the first time. in 2019. (Please turn on subtitles!)

I’m here. I’ve made it. hoo… I don’t remember the exact location but but it really can’t be that hard to find as I remember this stronghold is very very small yep. here we go. (snicker) ooh dude… oh I’m so scared. I’ve never done this before (nervous laughter) oh, I’m so scared! aw, no! (wheeze of anxiety) oh shit haha oh-wait I have to–oh god! I’ve neever done this before haha oh god… I’m gonna-I’m gonna make an, um quick portal… so I can get… the… coordinates… but in the nether, so I can come back here easily in the future oh, oh I’m so scared still. mm. m. I don’t wanna okay here we go!!! aww… oh I’m way off from the main island… ooh god ohoho I don’t wanna get hit off!!! where’s the dragon? ohh there she is. okay, okay… should I just- should I just, teleport? should I just end- ender pearl? uhh! no I don’t think I’d reach I don’t think I’d reach oh im so scared>.:/ fuck off! (loud noises) oh no. oh no I hear that. I looked at an enderman, didn’t I? no, it’d already be coming after me okay okay okay okay yeah, stay over there pls, um,, I don’t know how to hit this. will that suffice? no. that will not suffice. oh no okay… okay yeah I’m just-I’m just gonna– my shield is gonna break (endermen screaming) oh those were my arrows. fuck off with that!! I didn’t mean to dohoohoo all that. um… m I’m-I’m just gonna… THERE we go okay aa nope? nope. nope! (three endermen conversing loudly) no! come on! ugh. (monch) fuck off!! come on!!! please can you not please can you not come on!!!!!!!!!! wha? okay? it just went right through me. I don’t care. ahh ow. ow. fuck! oh that does so much damage! oh, that does SO much damage, oh shit! shut uup! go away!! why??? okay, so, listen-everything’s going great right now. um.. everything is going, swimmingly. and that is the-oh! ow-honest truth. I swear. you can trust me. I have a trustworthy face. (LOUD UNHOLY SCREECHING) ha ha you fucking idiot… ogay you can suck my diiick!!! oh this is gonna-oh I didn’t think this through! but i have a bucket of water what am i doing .-. ah! fuck off! gurl!!! mm! m-m. you’re testin me you’re testin my patience (bucket of water asmr) okay okay okay my hands are shaking so bad I’m so scared!!!! haha! oo I almost hit that!!! that would’a been baad… no I see you, I see you getting close! that’s a nope from me chief. that’s-that’s a no. haha! stop hitting your henchmen! hehe ow ow. thank you. ah! those do a SHIT TON of damage okay so it’s this one and that one over there, I think. I think… I just- (huff) can you go near it please? there we go! okay, she should be defenseless now! hold still for me you weirdo she’s stimming. I’m sorry for being judgmental. (DRAGON SHRIEKING) can y–oOoouooh (more loud ass music) there! there, ow,, you’re a dick. you’re just a dick. THERE we go. I’m so–I hate this so much fuck off endermen. fuck off dragon!!! can you come down pls???? thank you!! (god i am so sorry about the VOLUME on this) not even hit–ueEeeeEE YES!! (gasp) oh, pro gamer! pro gamer! heheh that was a real gamer move ooo OOO OOH THAT HIT! oh that hit!! (inhale) oh, dude.. listen, I don’t need your negativity in my life, so you’re gonna have to die. okay heere she comes. oh lawd she comin I have to finish this I have to finish this right now YES OOH motherFUCKER oh I did it ooooooooh I kno I talk about my nuts a lot but my sack just shriveled up and went inside me heugugugh there we go! (sigh) hoo ogay time to go raid, uhm, the end cities, I guess. I don’t wanna miss this shot because I don’t have a whole lot of ender pearls but, uh, you know I guess I can stop recording now I beat the ender dragon shit! that took me thirty minutes. that took me THIRt y …….. (rip headphones users)

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Chaboii Leopold · July 5, 2019 at 10:30 am

sorry for the low framerate, watermarks, and audio problems. I'll try to do better next time lol

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