Ellen’s Favorite Games: ‘Scandal’ Secret Showdown

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Ellen’s Favorite Games: ‘Scandal’ Secret Showdown

– Earlier this season,
I had the cast of “Scandal” on the show,
and we played a game where they had to reveal
some pretty dark secrets. The game was full
of surprises. and this clip has some
never ever before seen moments. No one’s seen them.
No one. Till now.
Enjoy. Oh, a lot more energy
on this side. This is the cast of “Scandal.” – Yeah!
– You’re going down! – We’re playing a game
and it’s called– it’s called the
“Scandal Secret Showdown.” We divided the cast
into teams, the White House versus
Olivia Pope and Associates. We’ve asked everyone
before the show to tell us a secret
about themselves their castmates
would not know ’cause they know each other
so well. One person from each team
will come up. I’ll read the secret
and the first person to buzz in, and guess right, and guess
who’s secret it is wins. If they get it wrong,
the other team can steal. We only have
nine cast members. We need one more
on this side. So where is
Carly Applegate? – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I’m sorry. You know what?
I’m a little uncomfortable, but I’m not good
at keeping secrets, so I want to–I want to confess
my secret right away. Excuse me.
– Yeah. – Take it off, take it off.
– Hang in there, folks. – Hang in there.
– It’ll be all right. – Hang on.
– This is good TV. [all cheering] – How did that happen? Hi, baby. How’d you do that? Oh, my God. – Ellen–Ellen–Ellen
always does the best job of surprising everybody else,
so we wanted to offer you a surprise
with another cast member. – I was so shocked.
I was, like, why’d you stop texting me? We had been texting all day and then all of a sudden,
it stopped. – And then it just
mysteriously stopped. – Portia!
– Oh, my God. – Hey.
– All right. That was hilarious.
So there’s probably no Carly Applegate.
That was a fake name or something. Let’s bring up
the first two players. Let’s play the game.
All right. – You’re going down.
– All right. Hands behind your backs,
please. Don’t cheat.
Hands behind your bla–backs. – Behind my black?
– Hands behind your black. – That’s good. I’m ready. I already have one up
on you. – I’m so excited.
Portia’s here. I can’t talk anymore. (all) Aww. – All right. I spend every day–
every single day scared that
I’m gonna be arrested. [buzzer buzzing] – Wow.
– Who said it? – Whose secret is that?
– She doesn’t even know. – She doesn’t know.
– Guillermo. – No. You can steal.
– I think it’s Guillermo. – I just said Guillermo.
– I just wanted to hit the button. – What is going on?
– I don’t think that. That was his turn.
Do not give him another chance. [all talking] Don’t give him another chance.
He wasn’t listening. – I call it–
– This thing is important. – You can play the president
brilliantly. – Don’t ever vote for me. – You don’t ever listen
when you’re the president. – Perfect, right?
– All right, now. You want another guess? – Scott Foley.
– Oh, no. No?
– No. – Okay.
– Who is it? – Is it Guillermo?
– No. – I can’t–
– Wow. Wow. – I love that everyone thinks
it’s Guillermo. – It’s Bellamy.
It’s Bellamy. – No.
– I think it’s Katie. – Yeah.
– No. – Jeff. No.
– Nobody else is left. – Are we allowed to say–
– Katie? Darby? – Yes.
– What? – Arrested for what?
– Anything. – I think Darby’s, like,
the least likely person in America to get arrested.
– I know. – But I’m not.
[laughter] – Racial profiling
at it’s best. – All right.
Everybody back– back to your posts. All right.
– Oh, my God. – Remember when
Richard Dawson would kiss everybody
on the lips? – I know, he did.
– Yeah, he did. – Get it, Guillermo.
– All right. Here’s the next secret. When I was five years old,
I almost set my house on fire. [buzzer buzzing] – Josh Malina. – No. You get to steal. – Is it–oh, oh.
Wait, do–okay. Wha!
– Hit the buzzer. – Oh.
[buzzer buzzing] That is fun.
Kerry. – No. [buzzer buzzing] – Yes?
– Portia. – No.
– Oh. [buzzer buzzing] – Katie. – No.
– We’re terrible at this. – Guillermo.
[laughter] – It’s Tony.
It’s Tony. – Wow.
– I had a misspent youth. – All right.
All right. – Here we go.
– We can do it. – All right. I learned to ride a bike
only two years ago. – What?
[buzzer buzzing] – Jeff?
– Kerry? – No. – You got a look
on your face. – How do you think it is,
Katie? – Guillermo?
[laughter] – I stole a bike two years ago.
[laughter] – But you didn’t
get arrested. All right.
– Is it your turn or mine? – It’ll be yours.
[buzzer buzzing] – Bellamy?
– Yes. [cheering] – Get it, get it, get it,
get it, get it. – Come on, Josh.
Come on, Josh. This is like a grudge match.
Grudge match. – Okay, this is a good one. I sleep with a stuffed animal
every night. – Josh Malina.
[buzzer buzzing] – Yes, Scott.
– It’s Guillermo. – It is.
– It is! – Yeah!
Yeah! – Scottie! The first correct answer.
Oh, my God. – All right. – Here’s another one.
– Portia. – I was once arrested
three times in one day. [buzzer buzzing] Yes, Darby?
– Jeff Perry. – Oh.
– Is it you? – No.
– Oh. – It’s okay, it’s okay. – I want to say Guillermo,
but… Josh. Yes?
– No, no. Darn it.
[buzzer buzzing] – Yes?
– Scott Foley. – Yes! [cheering] – For what?
For what? – What were you arrested–
– Did we win? – What were you arrested for? – How is it you never
told us that story? – It’s, uh, multiple traffic
offenses that I was arrested one in one precinct. They then took me
to another precinct where they arrested me
and the third precinct didn’t want to come get me,
so that second precinct arrested me for
the third precinct. – Wow.
– Wow. – Look what we learned today. And that’s how you play
the “Scandal Secret Showdown.” If there’s one thing
we learned, it’s that no one trusts


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And the way she said:
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Zhibek Abdynutalyp Kyzy · February 18, 2019 at 4:30 am

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Guillermo: "BUT I'M NOT!"


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