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Hello everybody is Felix and Lucian here
from the tennis Brothers welcome to a new series of 50 tiebreak to 10 matches where
we will play Junior Pros ATP Pros coaches and even club players all to
raise awareness for our charities which are aiming to help lives of children
through tennis. Cardiac Risk in the Young C-R-Y is a charity that wants every
young person to have the choice to have their heart tested. If you’re aged 14 to 35
and live in the UK – then you can book a free heart screening. The second charity is
Tennis4theworld for helping disadvantaged communities by sending
donated tennis equipment to children who can develop and extend their skills in
tennis and also just keep them off the streets. Please find more information in the link below. If you have any people or
friends who would like to help us – please share this video. Also we are honored to have Marcus Buckland – former Sky Sports presenter
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big THANK YOU to BIDI BADU and HEAD for sponsoring this series – it will help the Charities change
lives through tennis. Please find further information below
the video. Enough said – bring on the next match My name is Moritz Borges. I’m playing college tennis for Queens
College in New York. I’m 19 years old and I love playing serve and volley. And this is
likely to be quite a test for Felix Mischker – the older of the tennis Brothers. He is 16 years old –
Ranked 41 in Great Britain in that age group at the time of filming. Moritz
as we’ve heard is 19 he’s won the second division East Coast Conference three
years running for Queens College in New York. He’s ranked 15 in that conference
he’s studying for his bachelor degree at the moment after which he wants to go
back to Germany and get as high as he possibly can int he national rankings
there. His favorite player is Nick Kyrgios who he says he’s entertaining and
extremely gifted. Standard tennis rules apply in this tiebreak to 10 match – the
players change ends every six points it’s the first two 10. If it gets to 9
all you have to go 2 points clear …and special thanks also to the PMTR
tennis academy in Mülheim and the Ruhr in Germany for the use of their
fantastic facilities. Here we go… A little bit of a shank to open
proceedings. Moritz is making it clear he love to serve and volley. I wonder how
many opportunities you get to carry out that particular duty today. Felix will be
aware of what his opponent likes to do. This just fist up a little… not a bad way to
get off the mark. While backhand to backhand and then the
forehand breaks down from Moritz. He’s giving himself plenty of margin of error. Well there we are
we know he wants to come in and volley whenever he can and it worked for him
perfectly on that occasion there is a broader message to give you during
this tiebreak of 10 series we want to raise awareness for two charities that
directly or indirectly change lives through tennis one of those is www.c-r-y.org.uk…
another big first serve forces the error on the return. Cardiac risk in the
young helps prevent young sudden cardiac death through awareness, screening
research and supporting affected families. For more information you can
press on the top right hand corner of your screen I’ll tell you about the
other charity shortly. Oh well he defended well he moved from
side to side so well and then a sloppy volley one of his strengths and they
change ends at three a piece. Tennis4theworld is a charity based in
the United Kingdom that collects unwanted tennis equipment in clothing
and distributes it to schools colleges and social development projects around
the world. Please find out more about that when you get an opportunity. Talking
of sloppy well you can tell from the body language that Felix is
understandably frustrated by that backhand error. So Moritz edges in front
again. Felix is dual nationality English and German. That was good… pushed his opponent wide..
forced the error. Felix had some wonderful GCSE results back in the summer of 2019, now
working on his a-levels and looking to develop his tennis as much as he can.
Long days getting up at 6:20am every morning to make sure he can maximize the
hours available to him. He’s very conscientious. Nothing you can do about
that though. When the first serve functions Moritz is more than a handful –
worth another look Oh well just missing the mark… Forehand cross court is Felix favoured shot. He works on his serve as much as he can as well. ..again comes off the frame of the racket
to keep Felix very much in touch here. Well he feasted on the second serve
constructed the point well there must have been an element of relief of Felix
as he saw that lob just drop beyond the baseline but they will change ends at
six points a piece. This one threatens to go to the wire…got
plenty on that return like the approach shot here… just for a moment he must have
been a little concerned that it might drop on or just inside the line too much
on it. Moritz needs to keep that first serve percentage up. Terrific shot into the corner… and we
know that Felix favours his forehand side but that was pretty tasty on the
backhand wing… mmm awkward awkward return the slice for head into the net and
suddenly a two-point lead for the younger player.. another error on
the forehand side Moritz is not being able to play the match the way he would
like we haven’t seen a lot of serve and volleying we’ve seen some very
consistent hitting from Felix and it has brought in three match points. Again
doesn’t get the first serve when he wants it. Well he tried to serve and volley there
it doesn’t work for Moritz and it’s Felix
who is triumphant by 10 points to 6 Let’s get some reactions. Please help to
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