DEMON CHILD HORROR! | Emily Wants To Play TOO (React: Gaming)

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DEMON CHILD HORROR! | Emily Wants To Play TOO (React: Gaming)

– (screaming) No! (door creaking)
– Doh! AAH! Jesus! – Do something.
– (doll shrieking) – AHH! Oh, [bleep]! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Emily Wants to Play Too.” Ooh, is this a scary game? – “Emily Wants to Play Too.” Labib doesn’t want to play, though. – Yeah, I played the first one. We were a pizza delivery man
in the first one and you go and deliver pizza,
and then you can’t leave. You kind of have to solve this murder. – I watched the gameplay
from Markiplier and it was terrifying. You have to do certain things
with certain dolls or toys in the household,
and it’s a certain– if you get it wrong
one time, you’ll die. – (FBE) So today, you are playing
the pre-release teaser demo for this upcoming sequel.
– Do you see this? This is the look of fear. – (FBE) This time, it’s 6:00 a.m.
and you just finished throwing a party. You have to work
tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., so we’re going to give
you three attempts to simply get some sleep,
get ready for work, and leave. – Does it sound that simple? Getting sleep in general,
in life, isn’t simple, so I’m sure in a horror game
it’s not that simple. (door shutting)
– Aaah! [Bleep] this door. – So I just threw a party
and my house is [bleep] trashed. I don’t like that already. – I just want a flashlight
so I can go in my bedroom and go to sleep. – Oh, did you see that shadow?
Look at my guy. He’s got a sweet hat–
(cup toppling over) (chuckling) Ooh, that’s scary. (cup toppling over)
– Oh shit! That was just a cup. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– Brother. Do I have to go in that art room?
Do I really have to? – That’s way too [bleep] dark. (laughing) I don’t
want to go that way. – (groaning) (moaning softly) Okay, I made it. – Yo, Mother Teresa, save me. My own shadows are freaking–
(cup toppling over) [Bleep], man. – Okay, these are
some creepy pictures. No one just has pictures like that. – Oh, is that my bedroom? Thank God! Okay, please go. Go. Go to sleep. – Ahh, my bed. I did it! How do I wake up?
(alarm clock blaring) [Bleep]! – 3:00 a.m.? What is this shit? – I need to shower
before I go to work. That’s a great idea. – Can I just sit in this corner?
You don’t need a shower. You can just stay smelly, dude. – I need a [bleep] flashlight. [Bleep] you.
Oh, is that it? Is it? (clicking flashlight)
Woo! (cups toppling over) – Oh my [bleep] god.
(door slamming) OH! (mumbling) There’s a shower. – (breathing anxiously)
(squeaking noises) When it’s dark–
♪ (music box playing) ♪ Aaah, what do I do? (knocking over beer can)
– No, no, no, no! – (chuckling) Why do
I have this in my shower? Why is this green? – All right, jump
in this nasty-ass shower? (shower curtain rustling) I for sure have a staph infection
from being at this house. (shower running) – “The water’s kind of gross,
but I’m using a lot of soap.” Thanks for the update. – “Now, where did I put my car keys?” Okay, so he’s not just gonna
wonder about the jingle? (clicking noise) (object rattling)
(door creaking open slowly) – What the [bleep]? AH!! (screaming)
No, no! (shallow breathing)
(keys jangling) ♪ (music box playing) ♪
– Oh, bye. I’m outta– AAH! No! Where’s the stairs? – Where’d I put my car keys?
Right there. (keys jangling)
Right there. – Please, I just want to go to work. Please, leave me alone. (cups toppling over) Aah! Aah! – (doll) Mama!
– [Bleep] you and your mom. (flicking switch) – Holy [bleep]. “Let her in.” I’m supposed to do the opposite
of whatever that shit– DAH! – (doll) Mama!
– Shut the [bleep] up. I just need to go to work. (knocking over beer cans) – No, no, no, don’t–
[bleep], fine, wash dishes because it’s a mess.
(sink running) – And look at that.
The lights are [bleep] off. – I’m back to using my flashlight. (approaching footsteps) (mannequin snarling)
– NO! No. How am I supposed to stop that? – I remember I was supposed
to run from him, but he’s not moving. They’re not–
(approaching footsteps) – (mannequin snarling)
– AAAAH! Hoooo, that was
one of the worst jump scares I’ve had in a long [bleep] time. – Okay, I can leave for work.
(cups toppling over) Go!
(floor creaking) Sprint, sprint, sprint.
You’re not sprinting. – Turn those lights on. All the lights are coming on. (uneasily) Aaaah,
there goes the [bleep]… (shrilly) Aaaaah! I don’t like that. (approaching footsteps) AAAH!
– (mannequin snarling) – (laughing) (clicking flashlight) – I don’t know where to go. – Oh, I don’t care. (approaching footsteps)
[Bleep] no! (clock ticking) It’s a fuse box. – (sighing) So I have
to go to an attic or something, or a basement? (crickets chirruping)
(birds cawing) – (mannequin snarling)
– AAAH!! (panting sharply) Yeah, I don’t think
I can do that anymore. (shallow breathing) – Uh, uh…
(heavy footsteps) Uh, uh, uh… (flipping switch)
Oh shit. Oh shit. Do something. – (doll shrieking)
– AAAH! No, [bleep]! (flipping switch) (shallow breathing) – What the hell? Oh!!! Noooo! No, no, no, no, no, no! – (mannequin snarling)
– (screaming) Oh my god! (alarm clock blaring)
– All right, let’s do this again. – (FBE) I’ll give you a hint.
– Okay. Yes, I need a hint. – (FBE) You’re gonna
want to pay attention to any books that you might
find lying around. – Oh, okay. – I’m shaking. I can feel it now. I have so much adrenaline.
I can feel it in my stomach. (door slamming)
– (gasping) Shit, bro. Come on, I just need
to take a shower because I stink. – Is that the Bible? Oh, “Secrets on Books.” 1976, I feel like
that’s gonna be helpful. What’s on that book?
(chime) All right, “Choose Wisely or Fail.” All right, so the secrets
are on all the books. – I’m just leaving.
Screw this. I’m out of here.
(shallow breathing) No, where’s the car keys? “Time is Key.” So sprint. – (doll) Mama!
♪ (music box playing) ♪ – Can I just take the headphones off? (beer can falling over) – Aah, no, no, no, no, no. What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do? What do I do? – (doll shrieking)
– AAAAH! [Bleep]! [Bleep] this game. Yo, what do you– how do I win? Nah, I’m done, bro.
That’s it. That’s a wrap. – Oh, there’s Emily and I’m supposed to look at her. Let her in, so do
I got to close the door? What the [bleep] do I do? – (Emily giggling)
– OH!! – (Emily giggling)
– NOT FUNNY! – “This Book Loves You” by PewDiePie? No way! – Wait, does that say
“The Psychology of REACTing” by the FineBros? That’s amazing! (laughing) – That is so adorable.
Thanks, guys. You guys are cute. – This is the dopest bookshelf
I’ve ever seen. (floor creaking)
– I hear a [bleep] doll walking away, walking closer. (chime) AH SHIT! [Bleep] you! Oh my god. – I hear a clock.
(rustling noises) [Bleep].
(chime) (clicking flashlight)
(clock ticking) Oh, the clocks.
There’s a lot of times. (rattling noises) – No, no, no, no, no! Where’s the key card?
Key card? Key card? (chime)
“The Answer is Near.” Okay, uh, shit,
shit, shhhh… shoot! (rattling noises) – Uh, what the [bleep] is that? A key card’s required,
but I don’t want a key card. I don’t– I don’t– I don’t want that. – (doll shrieking)
– OH! [Bleep] me. – (moaning) You’re killin’ me, Smalls. (squeaking noises)
Emily, come on. Just…
– (doll) Mama! – People want their– AAAH! No! (door creaking) ♪ (music box playing) ♪
– Aaah, [bleep]. (music box stops) I stopped it, I think. Shower.
(shower running) (sudden bang)
It’s a bad noise. It’s a bad noise.
(twisting shower handles) – (mannequin snarling)
– [Bleep]! I knew it! – (FBE) All right,
so here’s another hint. Maybe you don’t need to do
what the game is telling you to do, but time is important. – Okay. How do I get out? – Okay, here we go, fam. (clicking flashlight)
(squealing) – “Time is Key.” (gasping) The clocks. – Here’s the time. All right, what time is it? 6:00. – They all are– uh, 1:00 p.m. Maybe we go set the alarm? – All these clocks are at 4:00,
so there has to be four of something. Maybe it’s the fourth picture? – “Choose Wisely or Fail.”
I have to choose the right picture. – “Choose Wisely or Fail.” Time– time is key,
which is at 1:00. – These have dominoes. Does any of these have four? Ooh, okay, let’s try this.
(chime) (gasping) Yes! (chime) (chime)
– Oh, look at that key card. Now that I got it, it’s going to try
even harder to kill me. – Four is key. Good, so that one.
(chime) Ah!
(chime) Okay, I should probably go now then. (heavy footsteps) (sighing) I don’t want–
we’re not supposed to let her in. – I swear, if it gets me right before
I get through that door… (door creaking)
– Doh! AAAH! Jesus! What the [bleep]? (alarm clock buzzing) – It’s 3:00 again? Why? Do I have to do this again? – No. No, no, no, no, no. No.
(turning off alarm clock) It’s a nightmare? – “I keep having that same nightmare.” It was all a dream? (keys jangling) – All right, I have my keys. All right. Was that just a test? I think it’s just
I gotta just leave. “I shouldn’t leave yet”? No, we probably should. “Why leave?” Because I want to leave! Just leave! – “I feel like I should look back
once more before I leave.” (laughing) No. – Whatever. Wait, do I have to walk back? – “I’m going to be late.
I need to leave.” Yeah, okay. (door shutting) – This is scaring me. – Did I go to work? What the shit? – How do I– do I crouch? Oh, it’s a door. – (gasping) Okay. (exhaling)
(door slamming) AAAH! (door slamming)
– Oh– ah, [bleep]! Damn it!
(clicking noise) Dah, it knocked! (knocking at door) – Aaaah! No! – Dude.
(rattling noises) Oh, I don’t have a flashlight. (approaching footsteps)
– AAAAAH! [Bleep]!
(heavy footsteps) Where is–?! Oh, it’s so evil! – Is that it? I want more! – This was one of the scariest games
I’ve ever played. I’ve never legitimately screamed
out loud at a game before. – I liked the getting scared,
and also the puzzle of it. I love puzzle horror games. – It’s a great game if
you’re in it for the pain and all that. Not for me. – Thanks for watching us play
Emily Wants to Play Too on the React channel. – Subscribe or Emily will find you. – Bye, guys. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers. Thank you so much for watching
our early access gameplay of Emily Wants to Play Too. Thank you so much for the devs
who gave it to us early. Let us know down in the comments
what else we should play next? Happy Halloween!


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