Message, dating girl with same name as mom interesting. You will

We have all heard many of these exhortations before. The ambiguity is not just in terms of scholarship - there is much debate as to the correct text of it as well. There are six different manuscripts of the work, located in scholarly libraries across the world such as Venice, Oxford, Milano, etc. Many if not most of these exhortations have found their way into normative Jewish practice. Some that did not actually make it into the Shulchan Aruch itself have been passed down the generations in families for centuries.

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Is it okay to date someone who has the same name as your mom?

Just think you're in bed, you say their name Lucky for me, there are no hot guys with my dad's name! Same name as a sibling is very very interesting. Champ Bailey in 30 times thrown at, 10 interceptions, 10 receptions, 10 incompletions. Originally Posted by KatieElway7.

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Originally Posted by OrangeBlueCrew. This sort of goes along with the idea of meeting the person before you meet the family, because it's not as good in reverse imo. Say I knew the brother or even the dad, and the gal looked like one of them, it just wasn't cool.

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I had that experience a few times. You can't help thinking, oh my goodness, I'm going to give you a kiss and all I can think about is how much you look like your brother, or your dear old pop I liked the idea of meeting a female who had family that lived on another planet Originally Posted by jetrazor My mother in law's brother is named Dave.

Her sister then married a guy named Dave as well. Weird, but it happens. But you want to talk about weird in the supreme: I once dated a girl who had the same last name as me. We sat down and went several generations back on our family trees to be sure that there was no relation, but we still took tons of crap for it, and occasionally we'd get asked if we were brother and sister!

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Originally Posted by Snapping Turtle. That is better than people think you are dating your brother! Hell no.

Really fucking weird because my mom has a super specific name. We've never met anyone with the same name spelled the same way, so me finding someone with . May 21,   Help me. I have fallen in love with this girl who has the same name as my mom.:(I haven't told anyone that I am dating her. She nor my mom knows that they both have the same name. I am confused and I can't figure out what to do. Will my mom think I want to sleep with her?:S I mean I am not sexually attracted to my mom but she's a foxy woman. Apr 23,   Dating Someone with the Same Name as Your Mom or Dad If I found a girl with the same name as my Mom I think Id have to give her a nickname or something. , PM #2.

She'd have to change her name. I found the name funny and figured the thread wasn't really serious. I realize it's cringeworthy, for some reason my humor goes there sometimes, people don't always get it in person stuff like: are you serious?

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Nevertheless, it's really overstepping a line and I felt bad for that, because it's the uncommon name of someone's mom. Volga is the same, we have river Vouga back in Portugal as well It's a common river name.

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RoboPlato said:. Jun 13, 2, 0 0 Tijuana.

Oct 22,   a little. but then again, my husband's best friend dated a woman that has the same name as his mom and she was only a year younger and they looked a lot alike so i guess if you look at it from that perspective, no, it's not weird. Nov 22,   Not to marry a woman with the same name as his mother or the daughter of someone who shares his name, and if done to change one of their names Two people with the same name should not have. My mother's name was so unusual that I have never met another lady with it, and likely never will. My dad's name was very common and one of my sisters married someone with the same name. And no, I will not tell my mom's name because it is literally so unusual that people would be able to find my home address if they had it.

My mom's name is mom. So no, I would not date someone named mom. Distresssss Member. May 21, 1, 2 I have the same name as my SO's dad but it's not really weird or anything. He's a dirty PH whereas I have the V in my name like it's supposed to be spelled.

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Having said that, I wouldn't date a girl with the same name as my mom. Apr 6, 57, 0 0 Vancouver My mom has the same name as my dad's sister. But everyone calls them different names, so doesn't make a big deal. Probably would just call my girl something else? I know a family where they all have the same name. All of them have the same surname too. I'll never understand that, they say it's in honor of their grandpa.

Head of Vengarl Member. Sep 14, 7, 0 USA. That wouldn't bother me at all. This is some Seinfeld shit. IronChef Banned. Aug 3, 93 0 0. A more interesting question is would you date someone with your same name, or sounds the same if you have a name that can used by both genders.


Sparkedglory Member. Nov 15, 2, 0 0. My mom's name is so uncommon that I'll never have to worry about that issue. So I'm good.

Dating girl with same name as mom

But I probably wouldn't. Zombine Banned. Feb 6, 22, 0 0 Fortress of Solitude.

Nov 14,   I have the same name as my SO's dad but it's not really weird or anything. He's a dirty PH whereas I have the V in my name like it's supposed to be spelled. Having said that, I wouldn't date a girl with the same name as my mom. Feb 18,   My dad's name was Senguttuvan. His friends, all non south Indians, would call him His dear ones called him Sengu. He would introduce himself as Senn to associates to avoid the awkwardness around getting the name right. In my 31 years I haven'. Nov 02,   HA HA. I met a cougar one night when my buddy and I were out on the town. Hes giving me the thumbs up of approval but she had the same name as my mom. I couldnt continue, it was awkward. I still get shit for it all the time but I just couldnt go home with an older woman that has the same name as my mom.

The weird thing is that my brother is into girls that look like my mom. Like, the dude has a type and his type is my mom. Jul 27, 8, 0 0.

I dated a girl who had the same first name as my mother. That didn't really affect me - I guess in my mind, I think of my mother as "Mom" not "Betty". But I would be somewhat discomfitted by dating a woman with same first name as my sister.

Zombine said:. Aaron Member. Apr 12, 25, 0 0 www.

My brother was dating someone for a while who had the same first name as him. That seems stranger to me. Mar 9, 6, 0 0.

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How the hell is this a question? Volcynika Member. Dec 17, 21, 0 0. IronChef said:. Rest All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is. Feb 28, 8, My mom's name isn't that common, so I doubt it would happen. I knew a girl with my grandmother's name that I considered asking out for a while.

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What about someone with the equivalent of your name? Paul Teutul was married to a woman named Paula. Could you imagine this happening? NipplesAndToes23 Member. Aug 9, 20, 0 0.

Uhhh, hell nah. Why would you ask a question like that my brotha? Top Bottom.

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