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The cheating rumor resulted in one huge miscommunication thanks to Jax, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz. For example, Kristen learned what James actually told Jax and the other guys while watching the episode. Kristen also said she is mostly mad at Jax and Sandoval for instigating a totally unnecessary situation, which put both she and James in bad positions, especially since they are both dating other people. Katie's mind was also blown about how everything actually played out. She tweeted Monday night, "Confusion! I was told one thing and then watched this episode and then [exploding head emoji]. So here's what went down during Monday's episode - and this is all according to Jax: After a drunken night out in Playa del Carmen, James and Kristen were hanging out in the hot tub in Jax and Brittany Cartwright's suite.

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Rossi Joe Montegna and Strauss Jayne Atkinson have totally hooked up: When viewers and Garcia and Reid saw Rossi and Strauss exit the same hotel minutes apart, it was the first visual allusion to their romantic relationship, but, according to Messer, this isn't some new tryst. I was so excited when I saw Strauss walk out of that hotel that I jumped out of my seat and yelled, "I knew it! Just be respectful ;. So are Rossi and Strauss going to be dating next season on Criminal Minds? ADAM: The couple's hotel tryst in the finale was executive producer Erica Messer's way of hinting at something she's always known: that Rossi and Strauss had gotten biz-ay in the past. As for a possible coupling in the present, Messer seems a little more hesitant. She's not going to be Wife No.

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