Creative Writing Competition

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Creative Writing Competition

hi guys so as you can tell by the title
our friends the Ooks are looking for 10 awesome creative writers so the question
is are you up for today’s creative writing challenge so this competition is
international there will be 10 winners and if you don’t know what an OOK is let
me explain so ooks live in their own little Ookiverse although I must admit I have seen
them hanging around on Instagram and popjam and their ookiverse which is the
little land where they live it’s over on the Ooks app now see the description for
links and let me tell you this app has a lot of going on within the app you can
create your own little Ooks character by choosing things which are related to
your personality so you start by choosing your Ooks nickname and you can
choose anything that you like so I think I might go with fizzy and say your
favorite color was orange and your favorite animal is a monkey
I think Fizzy would like some pancakes YUM let’s have a look
this is fizzy giddy now I think that fizzy
likes video games gaming and finally who would fizzy it like to meet hmm I think
this character looks really fun so let’s meet the alien are you ready for the
ooks one-of-a-kind creation oh look at that that is our fizzy ook so there are
colouring pages and tasks the complete which you can turn into a story and
then choose to have it printed and this is what ooks book looks like now these
are so cute and basically it’s your own personalized story including your own
Ook and personally I think these are so cool how awesome now I know you guys are
really creative and the good thing about this giveaway is that you don’t need to be
the world’s best writer to enter just give it a go so to win a gift code to create
your own personalized Ooks book here is what you need to do number one like this
video to help us thank ooks for providing this giveaway for ten lucky
subscribers number two subscribe because all my giveaways are for subscribers
only so remember to hit that red button inside turns grey and number three write
in the comments first line of a story now you can be as creative as you like
or as simple as you like and just have fun with it because like all my other
giveaways this giveaway is open to all of my subscribers now what I’m going to
do is pin the ten winners names as top comments on this video and next weekend
now guys before I go I have had a big buildup of packages because a lot of
people have been sending me stuff to give away to you guys so I’ll give you a
sneak peek I feel like I should because there is a lot of stuff here and even
stuff like you guys have requested so so thank you for people being
active and let’s see what we have got Wow look at all of this you can’t even see
me any more now I’m not going to give you guys a
full run-through but I can see something squishy in there some
accessories but I guess you’ll have to wait and see now I’m not going to keep
you any longer but there is still time to enter my new Smiggle giveaway and
slime giveaway so you can go check them out and if you don’t really know your
way around youtube if you just type in Ambi C slime or Ambi C Smiggle and they’re
sure to come up so thanks for watching I hope you
enjoyed remember to turn on post notifications for my new giveaways
coming up very soon good luck on this giveaway and I’ll see you later

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